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Squid game

Korean drama Squid Game is undoubtedly is one of the best thrilling dramas out there, people like it because of its amazing storyline and plot twists. It becomes so popular in a very short time period.

It is not easy to find manhwa/manga that can give you the same level of thrill as the Squid game.

But you don’t have to worry, to solve your time I have put together a list of the 11 best manhwa/manga like Squid game.

So, without any further delay, let’s make your manhwa life thrilling

Beyond Good And Evil

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Action, Crime, Gore

The story is about Mikio. You can’t tell if he is a protagonist or an antagonist.

One day called he gave the invitation to his school friend for three days camp in their old school abandoned building.

Every one of them accepts his invitation, but this reunion will not gonna be as everyone expected.

Mikio Yumesaki placed traps in the school, so if anyone tries to go outside he will be killed by these traps.

Now they have no other choice than to take part in the experiments designed by Mikio, which he wants to perform on humans.

Overall, a good thrilling manga not on the same level as the squid game, but will definitely give you thrilling moments to enjoy

Alice In The borderland

Alice In The borderland

Genre: Supernatural, Horror, Survival, Suspense

The story of Alice in the borderland focuses on three friends Arisu, Karube, and Chōta.

They were high school students who got bored by their current life and, want some thrill in their life. Their request got accepted all three of them transferred to a post-apocalyptic gaming world.

They were greeted by a woman who tells them that they have no other choice than to play this game of survival.

Suicide Island

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game
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Genre: Horror, Seinen, Psychological, Mature 

Lately, there are a large number of suicide attempts in Japan. It is difficult for japan government for treating non-successful suicidal patients as it requires a large sum of money, and Japan government is not willing to do so.

The government asks a question to the patients whether they want to live or not.

If the answer is no they are sent to an island. On this island, they are free to end their life the only thing which is prohibited is escape.

The story of this manga focuses on Sei, a 20-year-old boy, who attempts to end his life through a drug overdose.

Overall it is one of the best psychological thrilling manga like Squid Game.


Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Seinen

This manga focuses on Takahisa and a group of university club who decides to go to an island named Kichiku island in the search of ruins but after reaching there, they are attacked by a large number of people who were wearing a pig mask.

Now there life is not going to be the same anymore.

Overall a good manga with thrilling and psychological moments like Squid Game.

Killing stalking

killing stalking

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Thrilling, Drama

Written by Koogi, Killing Stalking is one of the best psychological manhwa that got a lot of attention in its initial stage.

The story of this manhwa focuses on Yoon Bum, a mentally ill boy, he is a very quiet guy who had a crush on a very handsome and popular guy named Sangwoo.

In a short period of time, his crush becomes an obsession.

One night he decide to go to Sangwoo’s house while he was outside, but what he saw totally shocked him.

He finds a woman tied up in the basement of Sangwoo’s house, before he can do anything, Sangwoo reached his house, what will he do with Yoon Bum.

Warning: I don’t recommend it to you if you are not 18+, as this manhwa deals with very dark themes like rape, gore, torture

Abduction School

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Horror, Psychology, Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural

One day a group of people was abducted and when they open their eyes the fids themselves in an abducted school.

This school is not a normal school but filled with monsters, now they have to fight in order to survive this deathly situation.

If you want to know who will survive and how will he survive? , I recommend that you should try this manhwa at least once.

Overall a good horror manhwa, will be a good read if you are looking for something like Squid Game.

Abyss Rage 

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological

Abyss rage follows the story of a blind boy, interesting right?

Shinobu is a blind boy who lives a normal life by the support of his teacher and his girlfriend named Mikito.

But one day a strange guy appears who defeats both Shinobu and his teacher, and takes away his girlfriend Mikito with him.

In order to take his girlfriend back, Shinobu climbs up from the despair and finds himself on an island where only criminals reside, now begins the story of survival and revenge.

Overall a good story, if you liked the Squid game then this manga will not disappoint you.


Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Drama, Psycological, Yaoi

Want to know the difference between love and obsession, this manhwa will explain to you. The theme of this manhwa is very intense.

The story of this manhwa focuses on Dohyun a 28-year-old man for him his life is boring.

One day he was kidnapped by a guy named Jungho who hold grudges against him.

Dohyun’s past is not leaving him, after this kidnapping incident he finds himself in a warehouse.

Jungo continues to take advantage of him.

Warning: only for 18+

Overall a good and intense manhwa-like squid game.

Battle In 5 seconds

Best Manhwa/Manga Like Squid Game

Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen, Sipernatural

The story of this manhwa focuses on Akira Shiroyanagi, a high school student who likes to play games and eating konpeito candy.

One day he got dragged on a battlefield by a girl named Mion after that Mion tell every gathered member that they no longer exist in the real world.

Some kind of powers are given to them and now they are test subjects.

Akira decides that he will use his powers to become stronger and then he will destroy this whole organization.

Sweet Home

Best manhwa like squid game

Genre: Horror, Post-apocalyptics, Psychological, Drama

This manhwa revolves around Cha-Hyun Soo whose moved from his older house to a new apartment after his whole family die in a car accident.

 After moving into this new apartment he realizes that people around him start to turn into monsters.

Just a few of them didn’t turn into monsters and now they have to do anything in their hand in order to save their lives.

Sweet Home is undoubtedly one of the best thrillings and psychological manhwa out there, storyline, plot, and art this manhwa is great in all aspects. If you want something similar to the squid game then you can’t miss this one.

The best thing is if you don’t want to read manhwa you can also watch the Korean drama adaptation of Sweet Home by the same name.


sweet home

Genre: Action, Horror, Psychological

Bastard is a manhwa that is a must-read for everyone if you want something thriller and mind-blowing.

Story of this manhwa revolves around Seon Jin a high school student. Despite being a successful businessman his father is a serial killer, a psychopath. Seon Jin helps his father to dispose of dead bodies and because of this, he hates his father.

One day his father set eye on a girl who is Seon Jin’s classmate, now he has two choices, help his father or save his classmate, what will he do?

Bastard is the manhwa that will leave a different impact on your mind, with every new chapter, this manhwa getting more exciting.

This manhwa is full of thrill and I am sure you will definitely enjoy reading this one.

Also ReadBest school life manhwa.

So, with this our article of best manhwa like Squid game ends, I hope you liked it. If you have any suggestions for us please leave your opinions in the comment section.

Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends, so that they can also enjoy something thriller just like you.


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