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Best school life manhwa

Mercenary enrollment is undoubtedly one of the best manhwa out there, if you’re here, then you probably, loved reading it and now searching for a manhwa that can give you the same level of thrill as mercenary enrollment.

So in this article, I have put together a list of the best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment.

So, without any further delay let’s dive into this journey.

14)The girl from random chatting

The girl from random chatting

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Shounen, Harem

Length: 120+ Chp

This is a story of a high school boy jun woo who hates school(no one likes school) and he didn’t even have many friends, the only time he enjoys was the one that he spent on his mobile chatting with strangers.

The story starts with a random chatting where Jun-woo becomes a friend of a girl, and the twist is that she is turn out to be his classmate.

This is a good manhwa based on a slice of life and high school.

Conclusion- A good manhwa with a different plot, good to add to your watchlist.

13)The World Is About Money and Power

best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, thriller, and slice of life

Chapter: 35+ Chp

One day when the main protagonist Gunwoo Dahn was falsely accused of getting admission to the school because of his father’s good connection, because of this incident his father got arrested, and now he has to enroll in a different school.

In this school, gambling is very common, and children can also buy marks with money.

How will be his life in the new school?

Conclusion- Overall a good manhwa with story-based on a corrupt school system.

12)True Education

manhwa like mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Delinquents, School life, Drama

Length: 55+ Chp

In this manhwa, our main protagonist was not a student, but a high school teacher, yes you read it right.

He hates bullies and always looking for the opportunity to teach them a lesson.

Conclusion- if you are from a school where teachers beat students, then you must watch this. A good manhwa with good art. This will be a good read for people who like to read something different than a usual story.

11)Metropolitan System

metropoltan system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Harem, Isekai, Reincarnation, Martial Arts

Length: 350+ Chp

Jian Bai is our main protagonist who is involved in many illegal activities like gambling.

One day while escaping from a casino, he was involved in a truck accident, but he didn’t die properly, what is meant by properly?

His soul traveled to a parallel world.

It is not a typical high school manhwa it also has the concept of a parallel world.

Read it, if you want to know how will he live his life in the world?

Conclusion- A good manhwa with a good plot and many twists. Will be a good read if you like isekai and the reincarnation genre.

10)Boss in school

boss in school

Genre: Action, School Life

Length: 115+ Chp

The story focuses on Seth Kwon, an extraordinary fighter from his birth but he never fights in his childhood because of a promise he made to his mother.

But one day his father died and leaves a note for him in that he said his last word to him, what he wrote in his last letter? read manhwa to know.

His life completely changes when he has enrolled in a school just like Ijin from mercenary enrollment.

He has many similarities with mercenary enrollment.

Fight scenes in this manhwa are worth reading, I highly recommend you to add this one to your read list.

Conclusion- A good manhwa with great fight scenes, will be a good read if you want to enjoy one-sided fights similar to Mercenary Enrollment.

9)Rooftop Swordmaster

Rooftop Swordmaster2

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Tragedy

Length: 90+ Chp

It is a story of a very weak boy Se Young who was bullied every day by his rich classmates, even when one day his parents complain about them, they didn’t get punished because of their parent’s influence.

After taking a lot of beating from his classmates Se Young got admitted to hospital for 9 months.

But his life changed when he was discharged from the hospital, he get to know that his parents commit suicide only for the sake of justice for Se Young.

He was scared to go out of his house because of this, and he want to punish them all by himself.

If you want to know how he will punish them, go and read it.

Conclusion- good manhwa where a weak boy becomes an overpowered individual in order to seek revenge.

8)Study group

study group

Genre: Action, Comedy, School life, Martial Arts

Length: 135+ Chp

The story is about Gamin Yoon a normal boy who only wants to clear an entrance exam of a renowned university and get admission into it.

But in his current school, it seems impossible because his school is filled with students who don’t care about studies, all they care about is fights.

Can he survive all of this? will he be able to go to a new university?

It is one of the best manhwa with a very good plot and premise filled with very good fight scenes.

Conclusion- Overall it is a good a and one of the most underrated manhwa. I highly recommend you try this out.

7)Medical Return

Medical return

Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts, School Life, Slice of Life

Length: 140+ Chp

The story focuses on Kim Jihyun who was a disreputable surgeon, One day when he open his own clinic in the hope to change his life but things got worse, he got into a lot of debt because of this he had to sell his properties.

But like ” Second Life Of A Gangster ” he got a chance to go back in time re-live his life.

In his new life, he starts to study hard to change his life, he doesn’t want to face the reality of his previous life again.

Conclusion- Overall a good manhwa with a great plot, mc want to become a world-class doctor.

6)Second Life Of Gangster

Best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Crime, School, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance

Length: 100+ Chp

Oh Joong Seok is a 41-year-old gangster and also protagonist of this manhwa, he has done many bad deeds in this life.

One day while dying he who cursing himself for all of the things he has done in this life.

After dying, he got a second chance to live in which he decided to live this different from the previous one.

Conclusion- Overall, it is a great manhwa with a great plot, so if you are looking for an action manhwa you can opt for this

5)I’m a middle schooler becoming a Demon lord

Best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life

Length: 20+ Chp

In this list, it is a very different story, which focuses on Myoung Seong-Joon, a demon prince.

He comes to earth in order to clear his last exam to become the demon king.

Since he doesn’t know anything thing about the human world, he always does weird things according to humans.
Will he be able to adapt to human society and pass his last exam?

Conclusion- The plot of this manhwa is completely different from any other manhwa in this list.

4)Weak Hero

weak hero

Genre: Action, Drama, School Life

Length: 160+ Chp

The main character of this manhwa has a very weak appearance.

He may look frail but his unorthodox fighting style leaves everyone in awe.

One day when one of his classmates decides to bully him but ou main protagonist beats him to death, and due to this everyone got surprised.

In both Weak Hero and Mercenary Enrollment, our main protagonist has a very weak appearance, due to that everyone underestimates them.

Conclusion- Overall a good story with a good plot, if you like the story of mercenary enrollment then you should definitely read this.


Best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Drama, School Life

Length: 360+ Chp

It is a story of Park Hyung Su a fatty boy and always bullied by his classmate.

Then one day everything changes after waking up, he got surprised by looking at himself in the mirror, he become a very handsome and attractive boy.

His old body still lying on the floor, he gets quite surprised by looking at his old body.

One of his bodies always has to sleep.

He decides to use this new body in the daytime and an unattractive old body in the night.

Conclusion-Lookism is one the great manhwa I’ve ever read and I highly recommend you to read it.

2)Manager Kim

best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Thrill

Length: 5+ Chp

Kim was a special force agent who leaves his daughter.

But in his daughter’s eyes, he was a very bad father who cannot even take a stand for his daughter when she get bullied by his classmates.

And one day when his daughter was kidnapped by a group of people we saw a very different side of him.

Conclusion- Overall a very good manhwa only has a few chapters but you can read it every week when a new chapter is released.

1)God of Blackfield

best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, Reincarnation, Betrayal, School Life

Length: 100+ Chp

Kang chan is a top-class mercenary named God Of Blackfield by his opponent, but one day on a mission, he gets betrayed by a member of his team who killed him by headshot.

But one due to some mysterious reason after three years woke up in the body a high school boy, his name is also Kang Chan, after getting bullied form his school mates he tried to commit suicide by jumping from a building.

Now Kang Chan is on a mission to find and punish the traitor with his own hand.

Like Mercenary Enrollment our main protagonist is very badass and never shows mercy to anyone who messes with him.

God of Blackfield is one the best manhwa you should read

Conclusion- very good manhwa with great story and art, as it comes to first place then you can understand, it is a must-read for everyone reading this post

With this, our list of best manhwa-like Mercenary Enrollment ends. I hope you liked it. Leave a comment to share which one is your favorite and the one you are going to read?

Don’t forget to share this article with your friend, so he can also read amazing manhwa.

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