15+ Best anime like Fruit Basket: Must Watch List

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best anime like fruit basket

Fruit basket is undoubtedly one of the best Romantic comedy anime with the addon of some sweet fantasy, and if someone has watched it, then it is sure that they will search for something similar, even I will also look for something similar, but it is not that easy to find the best anime that will give you the same level of excitement as Fruit Basket.

So, in order to solve your problem, in this article, we have put together a list of the best anime like Future Basket that you will definitely love watching.

Without any further hindrance, lets’ dive into this amazing journey

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Supernatural

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.1

Nanami Momozono, an ordinary high school girl wants to live a normal life. But because of her father, she is unable to do so. He was a gambler, who has taken a huge debt on her name, and because of that, she was kicked out of her house by the debt collectors.

While sitting on a bench in a park Nanami Momozono helps a man who is chased by a dog. After helping him she finds that the name of that man is Mikage. She explained her situation to him and in return for her help that man offer her to live in his house. She accepts the offer instantly as she is homeless for now.

After reaching the home, she was shocked because she learns that the home is not a normal, home but a shrine, and Mikage is used to be the Earth Deity of the shrine and she was there to become his replacement.


1)Both anime have supernatural, romantic-comedy

2)In both anime, the main protagonist was in a need of a home.



Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy

Length: 20 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.6

The story of this anime focuses on Raku Ichijo. He is the Highschool student and also the only heir of the Yakuza family. Despite that, he only wanted to live a normal life with his crush Kosaki Onodera without being involved in his family matters.

But life has a different plan for him. As the Yakuza clan and Beehive clan decide that they will put their children in a relationship to end their long-time conflict.

Now being forced by his family Raku has to pretend in the relationship with the daughter of the Beehive family, Chitoge Kirisak.

In his childhood, Raku had given a pendant to a girl and a promise with her. He also searching for that girl and hope Kosaki Onodera will be that girl.

Who will be that girl? , let’s find out.


1)Like Fruit Basket, Nisekoi also features a love triangle and an enjoying one.

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi no Todoke

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life

Length: 38 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.0

The story of this anime focuses on Sawako Kuronuma, a 15-year-old high school girl. Everyone in her class is fearful of her because of her appearance, and there is a rumor in her school that she can see ghosts. Despite all of that in reality, she is a very sweet and lovely girl.

One day she encounters the most handsome boy in his class, Shouta Kazehaya, who begins to talk with her. Kazehaya used to be the center of focus for all girls in the class.

After meeting him her life changed completely as she gains the courage to talk with people, and make a new friends. She gives the credit of all the changes in her life to Kazehaya for giving her such an opportunity.

Slowly and Gradually, the flower of love starts to blossom between them.


1)Both anime follow the same romantic-comedy story.

Senryu Girl

Best anime llike fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice Of Life

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.4

The story of this anime focuses on Nanako Yukishiro, a 16-year-old beautiful girl who can not speak. She used to communicate through 17-syllable-long poems and 16-year-old Eiji Busujima who used to be a delinquent in his middle school but now he is not a delinquent and, now turned into a new leaf due to his newfound love of senryu.

Despite his threatening appearance, Busujima gets well along with Nanako as a member of the literature club.

Despite that Nanako cannot speak yet they both don’t face any problem in communicating with each other. 

Will the flower of love will blossom between them or not? , let’s find out.

My Love Story!!

My love story

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Length: 24 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.9

Written by Kazune Kawahara, the story of My Love Story focuses on a high school boy named Takeo Gouda, but he is not an ordinary high school boy because of his muscular body and height that makes him the tallest student in the class. Despite that, his heart is much larger than his muscles.

Unfortunately because of his appearance, there is not a single girl who shows any interest in him, while on the other hand, his best friend Makoto Sunakawa is a very handsome boy. Makoto can easily steal the heart of a girl because of his looks including all the girls Takeo has ever fallen for.

Takeo’s life takes a huge turn when he saves a girl named Rinko Yamat from being molested and falls in love with her immediately.

He suspects that Rinko might be interested in Makoto, so he didn’t confess his feeling to her. With his own feelings for Yamato growing, Takeo unselfishly decides to play cupid for her, despite his own desire for his own love story.

Can Takeo find the love of his life? , let’s find out

Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, fantasy

Length: 26 Ep 

MAL Rating: 7.5

The manga of Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits was written by 

Midori Yūma in 2016.

The story of this anime focuses on 16-year-old Aoi Tsubaki. She was abandoned by her mother at a very young age. She possessed a special ability by which she could see “ayakashi”—spirits from the Hidden Realm.

Her grandfather who has the same ability grew him up, but one day he died. Now Aoi has to independently take care of her life. She only knows cooking skills as the protection from the spirits that she usually keeps at bay.

One day while Aoi is walking she saw an ayakashi who is asking for food.

After giving food to that ayakashi, she was kidnapped by him and transferred to the realm of spirits. Where she learns that her grandfather was in debt to them in she will be used she collateral of the debt of her grandfather of one hundred million yen. To pay the debt of her grandfather she has to marry the ogre god Odanna.

Aoi refuge this offer immediately and after negotiation, they reach the conclusion that now Aoi will work at his inn to pay the debt.



Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice Of Life

Length: 25 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.1

The manga of Toradora was written by Yuyuko Takemiya way back in 2007 and got an anime adaptation in 2008.

The story of this anime revolves around Ryuji Takasu, a boy who lives with his mother and likes to do housework. Despite his kind nature, because of his looks and evil-looking eyes, he is always misunderstood by his classmates as a delinquent.

His life was going easily, as he was in the same class with his crush Minori Kushieda but his happiness is short-lived. One day he encounters the most dangerous girl, Taiga Aisaka, who happens to be the best friend of the Minori. Throughout the school, she is famous by the name – “Palmtop Tiger”.

One day by a chance Ryuji finds that Taiga also has a soft side as she has a secret crush on a boy named Yuusaku Kitamura. Yuusaku is the best friend of the Ryuji. So, Ryuji and Taiga make an agreement that they will help each other to get together with their crush.

One Week Friends

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Length: 12+2(special ) Ep

MAL Rating: 7.5

The manga of One Week Friend is written by Matcha Hazuki.

The story of this anime focuses on Yuuki Hase. He recently get the courage to approach her crush, Kaori Fujimiya, and ask her to be his friend. Kaori is a quiet girl who doesn’t have many friends in class. 

After some time, when the end of the week is approaching, Kaori starts to push Yuuki away from her. Later she reveals that her memory resets every Monday, and she forgets about everything. On this concept I have a question if her memory resets every week then how did she give her exams as she is in school, a pretty good question right?

Despite learning about the secret of Kaori, Yuuki remains his friend, and every Monday he asks her, “would you like to be my friend”.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem

Length: 24 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.7

The story of this anime focuses on Fuutarou Uesugi. She was an academically gifted student. Despite being academically good her life is not easy as her mother has died long ago, he doesn’t have any friends, and above all of this, his father has a lot of debt on his head due to this, the financial condition of his family is very bad and she has to support them.

One day after lunch break in his school he get in an argument with a new female transferred student over his seat. On the same day, Uesugi gets a golden opportunity to clear all of his debt as a wealthy Nanako family offers him to give tutoring to Itsuki Nanko, and for this, they are ready to pay five times more than the market price.

Uesugi accepts the offer without any second thought as he has nothing but debt on his mind.

But horrified when he learns that Itsuki Nanako is none other than a girl he confronted earlier in school. 

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Length: 11 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.0

The first day of our main character Narumi Momose is not that great, as she misses her alarm and finds herself running late for her very first day of work at a new office.

While catching the train, she promises herself that no one in her new workplace will ever know that she is an otaku, and she will work there as a competent woman.

Her plan doesn’t go smoothly as she encounters her middle school friends who ask her whether she is will attend the upcoming Summer Comiket or not. Two people witness their conversion, but luck is on Narumi’s side as both of them are otaku like her.

As they meet after so much time, both of them decide to go for a drink so that they can share their life incidents. Narumi tells him about her sad life, how his ex-boyfriend break up with her only because he doesn’t want to date an otaku.

After listening to Narumi, Hirotaka suggests to her that why she won’t try to go on a date with a fellow otaku. Precisely he is hinting for him as he promises to her that he will always be by her side, and always support her. Shocked by his proposal Narumi accept the proposal immediately.

Thus two fellow otakus start dating, and the flower of love starts to blossom between them.

Maid Sama

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Length: 26 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.03

The only boy’s school, Seika High famous for the boys with rude behavior has recently become a Co-ed school. Despite becoming a Co-ed school, the population of girls in that school is very low.

In between all of this, Misaki Ayuzawa has become the first female student council president, and it isn’t going to be easy right?

Among the boys, she was known as “Demon President” because of her strict disciplinary style.

Despite that, our strict girl has a secret-she works as a part-time maid in a maid cafe in order to help her struggling family to pay the bill, as the financial condition of her family is not good.

For a long time, she succeeded in hiding her secret until one day a boy named Takumi Usui walks into the made cafe and finds out about her secret. He was the most popular boy in the school because of his looks. Instead of revealing her secret in front of the whole school, he keeps the secret to himself, even becomes a frequent visitor to the café.

Why he doesn’t reveal her secret? obviously, he takes a liking to Misaki because he finds her interesting.

Will the flower of love blossom between them or not? , let’s find out.



Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice Of Life

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.63

What you will do if one day after waking up you receive a letter from your future self, will you believe it or ignore it? , what if the incident in that letter starts to come true.

Naho Takamiya’s sophomore year of high school doesn’t start as she hopes. After waking up late, she receives a letter that is addressed to her. She receives that letter from her future self-10 years in the future.

Obviously, at first insight, she doesn’t believe that it is true, but after witnessing several incidents in that letter starts to come true. She doesn’t leave with any choice other than believe this letter is really from her future self – from Naho at the age of 26.

The letter tells her that her life is filled with regrets, and she hopes that her younger self could prevent the mistake she has done.

The content of the letter has something to do with the new transfer student named Kakeru Naruse. She must have to be extra careful about that boy, as he will commit suicide and Naho will regret this all of her life.

Now along with the guidance from the letter, Naho decides to protect Kakeru as for now, they both are alive.

Will she succeed in preventing the suicide of Kakeru? , let’s find out.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural

Length: 24 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.08

Our main character Chise Hatori was abandoned at a very young age by his parents because of her strange behavior, as she can see otherworldly creatures. At the age of 15, she is desperate to secure a place to call home. For this, she is ready to sell herself in an auction as a slave.

Despite all the murmurs, the man named Elias Ainsworth who is a magus bought her in that auction for a good price. He bought her because he could feel all the energies coming out from the body of Chise with just one touch. Instead of a slave, he decides to make her bride of him.

After the auction, Elias uses teleportation magic to go to Elias’ picturesque cottage in rural England. After reaching there, they were both greeted by fairies.

It is a bit of a similar fruit basket as the main character in both anime is searching for a home, the story of both anime is romantic with supernatural touch in it.

Hotarubi no Mori e

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Romance, Supernatural

Length: 44 Min

MAL Ratings: 8.32

The story of Hotarubi no Mori e focuses on a 16-year-old girl, Hotaru Takegawa, who got lost in an ancient forest while going to her uncle’s house.

She gets exhausted by roaming in the forest and now wants help very desperately. Hotaru was thrilled when she saw a boy in a mask in reality it is a forest spirit named Gin.

Gin tells her not to touch him because of she does, he will disappear forever. Gin leads Hotaru to the exit of the forest and warns her not to return to this forest, but She promises that she will come again with a gift.

Hotaru starts to visit Gin frequently and both of them become friends.

Now the end of summer vacation approaches and she has to leave for her studies, but she promises him that she will come to visit him every summer vacation.

As the years passes Hotaure gets mature. After seeing her Gin wishes that he can touch her. Gin takes her on a date to a forest festival hosted by the spirits.

The end of the movie is tragic and you will surely get tears in your eyes after watching this, so without wasting more time, go and watch this anime film.

Similar to Fruit Basket, our main protagonist fall in love with a spirit/or someone who possesses spirit.

Ouran High School Host Club

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Reverse Harem, Romance, Comedy

Length: 26 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.17

The story of this anime revolves around Haruhi Fujioka. She gets admission to a prestigious academy because of the scholarship. In the hope to find a quiet place to study she opens the door of Music Room #3.

Things don’t go as she planned, as she finds herself stumbles upon the Ouran High School Host Club, led by princely Tamaki Suou and five other members. Her first encounter with them wasn’t smooth as in a desperate attempt to remove her from the host, she breaks an antique vase worth 8 million yen (approx $80,000).

Now to repay her debt Haruhi become the errand boy of the host club and it will not be that hard for her as she has a convincingly masculine appearance. After a while, she gets promoted to full-time male host.

It will be a good watch if you are looking for an anime like Fruit Basket as both the shows are about a girl who finds herself in a strange situation with a group of boys.

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Fushigi Yugi

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

Length: 52 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.63

While Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo are in a library come across a strange book, that is emitting a red light. After that, they find themselves transported to a different world.

Yui returned to the real world almost immediately, but Miaka becomes the Priestess of Suzaku.

Now in order to return home, Miaka has to gather the seven Celestial Warriors of the god Suzaku in order to summon Suzaku who will fulfill her three wishes.

In this world, she falls in love with Celestial Warrior Tamahome so instead of going back home now the desire of living with Tamahome is getting more stronger day by day.

Yuki once again gets transferred into this world as a Priestess of Seiryuu while she was finding a way to help Miako get back in the world. This time she has jealousy of her as she doesn’t like that the bond between Miako and Tamahome is getting stronger.

You will find the features of this anime very similar to Fruit Basket and will definitely gonna love it.

Spice And Wolf

Best anime like fruit basket

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.24

The story of Spice and Wolf revolves around 25 years old merchant named Kraft Lawrence. He sells various goods from town in order to earn a living. His main goal is to earn enough money so that he can open his own shop as he has 7 years of experience in trading.

When one day he stops at Pasloe. He encounters a girl named Holo who offers him to be his partner if he eventually takes her to her northern home of Yoitsu. At the first glance, Lawrance recognized her ability to evaluate a person’s character so he accepts her offer.

One of the best anime out there if you are looking for something similar to Fruit Basket you guys will definitely love Spice and Wolf.

So, with this, our list of the best anime like Fruit Basket comes to its end. I hope you liked it. Share your opinion in the comment section and also comment your favorite anime from the list.

Don’t forget to share this article with your fellow otaku friends so that they can also enjoy the best anime just like you.


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