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Produced by Wit Studio in 2019, Vinland saga is one the best-underrated anime ever produced. The only sin Vinland saga committed is that it got released in the year 2019 you know what happened in the year 2019, right?

2019 is the year when anime like Demon slayer and Dr stone also got anime adaptations, and as they say, “win for one is a loss for other”.

Anime fans got so excited about Demon slayer and Dr stone that they have forgotten about this gem named Vinland saga.


Vinland Saga is a historical genre anime that is set up in the time of Vikings.

This anime follows the story of a boy named Thorfin his father got killed in front of him, by taking him hostage by a man known as Askeladd.

Now Thorfinn seeks revenge for his father’s death.

I don’t think, I have to tell you more about this anime because if you are looking for something similar, then you had already watched this.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s start our list of best anime similar to the Vinland saga.

1)Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki

Genre: High Fantasy, Sword, Historical Fantasy, Sorcery

This is a historical anime that focuses on political welfare, dreams, betrayal.

Arslan Senki follows the journey of the crown prince, Arslan, whose father lost his kingdom because his most trustworthy person betrayed him.

Please answer in the comment, what should be the punishment of betrayal?

When his father lost the kingdom, prince Arslan was forced to leave the kingdom.

Now prince Arslan wants to win his kingdom back, on his journey he makes trustworthy people and they also join with him.

I really like this anime because revenge is my favorite genre. I recommend you to try this one out.

2)Attack on titan

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic

I don’t think, there is anyone who doesn’t know about this one, even Attack on Titan is the favorite anime of many anime fans.

Attack on Titan is set in a world where humanity lives inside enormous walls because of Titans. Titans are humongous creatures that feed on humans not for hunger but just for pleasure.

The story focuses on Eren Yaegar, the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, whose mother got eaten by a Titan in front of him.

He now seeks revenge and wants to exterminate every titan from earth to avenge his mother’s death.

To achieve his goal, he joins an elite military unit named Survey Corps that is specialized in slaying titans.

Overall one of the best anime to watch, but if you are a person with a soft heart who can’t see that some creatures are eating human flesh without a second thought, then you should give a second thought before start watching this

3)Last Exile

last exile

Genre: Action, Adventure, Steampunk, Sci-fi

The story is about Claudia Fluid, a fifteen-year pilot, and Lavis Head, a navigator two boy who aims to surpass their parents one day.

They often do low-ranked missions, but one day they took a high-ranked mission in which they had to deliver an orphan young girl, Alvis Hamilton to the battleship, Silvana.

Due to this mission, they get dragged themselves into a greater conflict with the might of the guild.

4)Golden Kamuy

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Adventure, History

Like Vinland saga, Golden Kamuy is also one of the best-underrated anime, why most historical animes are underrated, is it because we don’t like history from school time? , answer in the comment section.

The story of this anime focuses on Saichi Sugimoto, an ex-soldier, who now works as a panner in order to provide support to the family of his dead friend who died in the war.

It is not easy to find friends like him, that’s why I started watching this anime, but I don’t know it is an underrated gem.

One day Saichi Sugimoto meets a drunk man who tells him about the treasure but it can only be found by collecting the tattoos from the body of Abashiri prisoners.

On his journey, he meets Asirpa, a girl, and then both of them embark on the journey to find treasure.


Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Historical, Military, Seinen

Another anime that give me the same level of thrill as the Vinland saga, and I am sure you will feel the same while watching this.

Set in the Warring States period of ancient china, this anime focuses on Xin and Piao, who lost their parents in a war and now working as servants in the village of the kingdom Qin.

One day Piao got recruited into the army, Xin was left behind alone, but after some days Piao died.

Xin aims to become the general of historic Seven Warring States.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Seinen, Supernatural

I still don’t know why the animation of this anime stops midway, if you had watched this then you can relate with me, right?

Manga of Berserk is much better than animation and I recommend you to start reading.

This anime follows the story of Guts, a swordsman who had to kill his father in self-defense.

One day he got the attention of Griffith, leader of the mercenary group named the Band of the Hawk, where Griffith forces Guts to join the group after defeating him in the battle, but Guts doesn’t know it will only bring him more suffering.

7)Gun Grave

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Crime, Supernatural, Thriller

This anime focuses on the friendship of two boys named Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell. They are homeless who used to do small crimes like theft to earn living. Their life was simple and easygoing, until one day…

One day what? , I want to tell you but it would be a spoiler so go and watch Gun Grave yourself.

Only one thing I can tell you is that in this cruel world, happiness is fleeting.

PS: Enjoy every moment because no one knows what will be your tomorrow, but one thing is for sure not gonna be the same as today.

8)91 Days

Best anime like vinland saga

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Revenge

Revenge is a genre that excites me a lot, maybe the same for you and that is the reason most of the animes in this list are based on revenge.

This anime focuses on Angelo Lagusa, a young man whose family was killed in front of him Vanetti Mafia Household while he was hiding in the closet.

After this event, he leaves his hometown and starts living with a different name, Avilio Bruno.

Now he vows to get revenge on the Vanetti household to avenge his family’s death.

He starts to invade the family by targetting Nero Vanetti.

9)Blade of Immortals

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Historical

Have you ever wished to become immortal, and if your answer is yes, then you might be thinking that becoming immortal is a blessing, but let me tell you, it is not a blessing, but it is a curse, how?

 Just think how you will feel when people you love die one by one, and you have to live with their memories.

The story of this anime focuses on Manji, a samurai who was cursed to immortality because of some deeds he has done in the past which leads to the death of 100 other samurai.

Now you must be thinking how can he lift this curse from him, be patient I am gonna tell you, the only way he can be free from this curse is that he has to kill 1000 evil men.

PS: Never wish to become immortal.

10)Yona of The Dawn

yona of the dawn

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance

Up in this list, we read about Saichi Sugimoto( Golden Kamuy) who is supporting his dead friend’s family, and now is another side of the friendship a betrayal, betrayal, and revenge gives a story a thrilling touch, write ‘Yes’ in the comment if you agree with me.

Yona of the Dawn focuses on Yona, a princess, on her sixteenth birthday Yona finds that her childhood friend betrays her, kills her father, and set the castle on the fire.

Son Hak rescues Yona under the order of Son Mundok, wind tribe general and also the adoptive grandfather of Son Hak.

Now, Yona Seeks revenge and strives to get her kingdom back with the help of Son Hak.

11)Moibito: the guardian spirit

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts

Just imagine there is a rumor that there is a demon in you, and your father wants to assassinate you, what will you do. It is cruel, right?

This anime focuses on Balsa, our main protagonist who is a spear wielder,

One day she saves the prince of the empire from an assassination attempt.

After hearing about this the queen of the kingdom means mother of the prince calls Balsa in her place and requests her to protect the prince. Balsa agrees to this request, and that’s where the journey of both of them starts.

this 26 ep packed anime is full of amazing fights, and I am sure that you will definitely enjoy watching this.

12)Goblin Slayer

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Who are Goblins? , Goblins are the monsters who kidnapped females and use them to breed and increase their population.

One day an inexperienced group went inside the cave to exterminate goblins as they have low bounties on their head, but unfortunately, every one of them got killed except a priestess because she was saved by a goblin slayer.

Later on, she decides to join him on his journey on their journey they have to go through many challenges. Overall it is a good anime.

Fun fact: I started watching this anime because of Demon slayer, by mistake, I open the first ep of this anime, and as an anime fan it is my duty to not stop watching an anime episode midway.


best anime like vinland saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Demons

Like Moribito: The Guardian Spirit the main culprit is Father but unlike Moribito, his father doesn’t order to assassinate him but he sold his body to different demons in exchange to protect his empire, if I have to put it simply, his father sold him for his own greed.

Hyakkimaru’s father sold his body to demons that’s why he was born without limbs, legs, face, eyes he doesn’t even have skin.

They drop him in the river to die, but a man named Jukai found him and gives him prosthetic limbs and legs so that he can go through this life and can survive.

Now to get back all of his body parts he has to kill 48 demons.


Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Isekai, Fantasy, Historical

Toyohisa Shimazu, a warrior who got injured in the battle of Sekighara, found himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a man is waiting for him who sent him through to the nearest door.

What will happen if you pass through a door in anime?

Yes, he got teleported into a different world as a drifter, where he found many races other than humans including, elves, dwarves, and hobbits.

The combination of history and isekai will really excite you, with the uniqueness in the story.


Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

This anime follows the story of Vlad Tepes, a vampire whose wife was falsely accused of being witchcraft and burned by an overzealous bishop

You know what happens after it, Yes declaration of revenge.

Vlad declares war and summons demons army of demons from hell.

But there is one person who is opposing him to do all of this, you know who?, his son Alucard.

Also Read- Best anime Mc seek revenge.

16)Brave 10

Best Anime Like Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical

This anime takes place in ancient china, this anime show a different perspective of war and tragedies.

Kirigakure, an Iga ninja, was on the journey to find the true meaning of his life, saves Isanami, a shrine maiden.

She joins him on his journey, after some time they meet Yukimura Sanada, who aims was banding ten braves together to change the course of history. Kirigakure and Isanami join him on his journey.

With this the list of best anime like Vinland saga comes to end, I hope you liked it, share your opinion in the comment section, which anime you like most amongst them.

One last reminder, don’t forget to share this article with your friend, so he can also enjoy amazing anime, see you in the next article.

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