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kill the hero

Second Life Ranker is one of its kind manhwas with top-notch art and storyline. It has everything a manhwa reader looks out for in any manhwa such as revenge, gaming system, badass Mc, and much more. If you are reading this article then there is a high chance that you have already read this and looking for manhwas with a similar setting as to Second Life Ranker.

So, in this article, I have put together a list of best manhwa similar to Second Life ranker that you will enjoy reading.

Dungeon Reset

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 105+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around an ordinary boy named  Dawoon. His boring life turned upside down after being forcefully summoned to the dungeons he must have to play deadly games.

In addition, he is only a crafter without any powerful combat ability.

Now in order to clear dungeons and return home, he needs to be creative and work smart to beat the monsters of the dungeon.

The setting of the manhwa is quite unique as at some phases you feel that the pace of the manhwa is pretty good while on some other parts you will think how the hell it can happen.

Overall a great manhwa like second life ranker as the art and plot of both manhwa is pretty good.

Taming Master

Taming master

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 60+

The story of the manhwa follows a boy named Jinsung. In the real world hi might be a normal guy but in the VR world of Kaillan, he is not less than an extraordinary player by the name of Ian he was an archer with the level of 93.

One day he decides to delete his player and start his game from level 0. After this odd decision, everyone around him thinks that he is a psycho who now becomes a weakling but they think they don’t know is that he acquired a secret class, a class that is not in the knowledge of the people.

When Jinsung’s VR-obsessed teacher threatens to give him F grade, he just has two months to level up and become the great master of the taming skill.

Can he become powerful faster than anyone before and become a taming master? , let’s find out.

I Am The Sorcerer King

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Supernatural

Length: 143 Chp

10 years back in time the monster starts appearing on the earth from space and starts to attack humans. At the same time, some chosen individuals known as hunters gain some extraordinary powers in order to fight these monsters and protect the human civilization from their threat. Not caring about anything else, these hunters began to use their power and kill the monster in order to earn fame and money.

Not knowing his true potential, Lee SungHoon, our main protagonist act as bait to attract the attention odd the monsters so that real hunters can kill them. He was doing all of this stuff in order to earn some money because his mother was in deep sleep due to the outbreak that was happened 10 years before, and now Lee SungHoon needs money to save her mother. But one day something different happened to him as he regained the memories of his previous life in which he was a powerful sorcerer-king.

What will our main character will do now? will he continue his life as he was living until now, or will he take a step forward to show his true power to people who underestimate him? let’s find out.

Nano Machine

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Length: 86 Chp

The story of the manhwa focuses on an orphan of the Demonic cult named Cheon Yeo-Woon. One day after finding himself in a dangerous situation where his life is on the line he unexpectedly gets help from his descendant from the future who put nanomachine inside the body of Cheon Yeo-Woon. 

Here comes the drastic change in the life of our main protagonist and his journey to surpass every martial artist in the world begins. Overall this manhwa is a good read with its amazing plot and storyline.


Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem

Length: 75+ Chp

Kim Su Hyun, our main protagonist returning home by train after being discharged from his military duties but suddenly he was abducted and opening he finds himself in a different world, the world of the Hall Plain. After living 10 years in the Hail Plan he becomes the first person to reach the apex level and achieve Code Zero.

He decides to use Code Zero in order to go back 10 years in time and clear all his regrets. The manhwa is good to read for everyone who likes Second life ranker as the Mc of both manhwas are set on revenge against people who done wrong to them.

The Blade Of Evolution: Walking Alone In The Dungeon

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 70+ Chp

In the manhwa, our main protagonist has the ability of healing, and according to the world, as the healing skill is not a combat skill, it is a low-level skill. One day when he was on the dungeon raid with his team, they come across a deathly situation where all of his team members die he was the only one who is able to survive. 

In that dungeon, he finds a sword by which he can become more stronger he can even imagine. Now he has to kill the last priest who is able to escape thanks to them.

This manhwa will keep you engaged from the beginning, and you will find it comparable to the  Second Life Ranker.

Tower of God

tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 520+ Chp

The story of the manhwa focuses on a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam who had been living his life alone until one day when he meet Rachel. They both become good friends are living happily beneath a tower until one day when Rachel sets his eyes to climb the tower. 

One day she leaves Bam behind and starts her journey to climb the tower. In order to meet Rachel again decides to enter the tower and he is able to open the door of the power.

But the tower is a very dangerous place as if someone is able to reach the top of the tower, the tower will grant his/her one wish no matter what if you want to be wealthy-you will, you want to gain power- your wish will be fulfilled.  On every floor of the tower, there is an Administrator, and if you want to reach the next level you have to clear the test and traps put by the Administrator.

The concept and the storyline of Tower of God are similar to Second Life Ranker. 

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Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Length: 105+ Chp

The story of Overgeared focuses on Shin Youngwoo a boy who had a difficult life and now had to do haul bricks on the construction site. Can you even imagine even in the VR game he has to do labor.

But one day luck enters his boring life and his life is turned upside down as he finds a powerful rare time by which he gained a class- Pagma’s Successor. Now with the help of his class, he becomes a skilled Blacksmith who can forge different kinds of weapons and equip the game’s most powerful gears. 

Now his character in the VR game by the name of Grid decides to use his new abilities to earn fame and fortunes.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 55+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Kim, our main protagonist. He is a low-level hunter who lives a mundane life and used to envy and curse all high-rank hunters because of their fame and fortunes.

Now he wants to become an S-class hunter at any cost and one day he receives a notification that he can acquire a unique skill by which he can copy others skills and become an S-class hunter but there is a condition that he has to die.

One day he is killed by the #1 flame hunter but due to this his skill is activated and he copies a skill, a skill to travel back in time upon his death.

This manhwa is a bit similar to Second Life ranker as the propagandists of both manhwa know future events and have a uniques skill that is only possessed by them. If you like to read manhwa with RPG elements then you can’t miss out on this one.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Apocalyptic

length: 85+ Chp

The story of the manhwa focuses on Kim Dokja he loves to read the web novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse “. One day the world has changed and everything is getting destroyed in short the world has changed according to the novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse ” and now Kim Dokja is the only person who can save the world with the knowledge he gain by reading the novel.

By accepting the fact that he has become the protagonist of the novel he is reading till now, he starts his exciting and thrilling adventure to alter the course of history and save humanity once and for all.

Can he save the world? there is only one way to find out and that is pretty easy-go and read the manhwa.

Tomb Raider King

Tomb raider king

Genre: Action, Adventure, Time Travel, Supernatural

Length: 285+ Chp

The story starts after when mysterious tombs start to appear on the Earth, every tomb contains magical relics that provide some supernatural abilities to their users. Jooheun Sun, our main protagonist is an expert tomb raider but one day he was betrayed by one of his comrades who stabbed him in the back. But due to a god relic, he was sent back in time when all of this had started and many people were still unaware of the existence of the relics.

Now with his knowledge of the future he starts his journey to get back his revenge on the organization for which he works in his previous life but for their own benefit, the organization killed him.

If you love to read manhwa with the game system and where our main protagonist is cool/badass then Tomb Raider King is the must-read for you.

Leveling With The God

leveling with the gods

Genre: Action, Adventure, Time Travel, Fantasy

Length: 35+ Chp

The story of the manhwa focuses on YuWon, who fights continuously but in the end, he gets nothing but despair as most of his comrades are already dead and the ones who are alive are on the verge of death.

He gets a second chance to get back on a time where all of this starts, this time he decides that he will not let any of his comrades die and will become the strongest enough that no one can stand against him. His goal is to defeat all the outer in the tower who has their own motives.

Leveling With The Gods is a bit similar to Second Life Ranker as both manhwas set up in a tower climbing setting with RPG elements.

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Sole Leveling 

solo leveling

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Overpowered Mc

Length: 180 Chp

Based on the novel I Level Up Alone written by Chu-Gong-Solo leveling is set up in a world where magical abilities and power are everything and some individual known as hunters fight with deadly monsters with the help of their skill.

Our main protagonist Sung Jin-woo is a weakling E-rank hunter also infamous as the world’s weakest hunter but still, he fights against the monsters by putting his life on the line in order to support his sich mom and younger sister.

Now after surviving a deathly situation in which most of his team members died he gained a skill that will help him to become stronger.

Both Solo leveling and Second Life ranker share has a bit of similarity as both MCs are badass/overpowered, and both have a system as their cheat.

Kill the Hero

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, 

Length: 80+

One day after the world changes drastically and transforms into a game. Dungeons and monsters star appearing in the cities and art same time same chose individuals known as hunters receives the blessing of the gods to fight against the monsters and protect the world.

 Se-jun Lee, the guild master of the Messiah Guild who is a hero in the eyes of other people but he has a secret motive to make the people of this world his slave. Woojin, the main protagonist and a hunter was his best friend but one day he got stabbed in the back by his Se-jun Lee. Woojin heard a sound- Starting the game and instead of heaven he finds himself in the past where people are still unaware of the existence of dungeons.

This time he has not a minor interest in saving the world he just wants to get his revenge against the one who happens to be his best friend in his previous life with the help of his newfound power.

In both manhwas, our main protagonists have the power of necromancer and there is only one thing that keeps them moving- revenge.

The Live 

Best Manhwa Like Second Life Ranker

Genre: Crime, Drama, Action, Psychological

Length: 83 Chp

Half a year ago our main protagonist, Yun-Jae Kim lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and since then lived in despair until one day when his diary is completely erased leaving a message behind- you can see them again.

But for that, he has to participate in a game- if he fails, he will die, and if he wins, he will receive Holy Grail, which allowed a person to meet their loved ones, what will he choose, yes you guessed it right he decides to participate in that game.

In both manhwas, our main protagonists are fighting for to sake of their families. Both have a game system to attain more power.

With this, I conclude my list of the best manhwa like Second Life Ranker. I hope by reading this article you get some amazing manhwa to read and as they all have similarities with Second Life Ranker I am sure that you will enjoy every one of them.

If you think we have forgotten any manhwa you can share with us in the comment section, we appreciate your suggestions.

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