15+ Best Romance Manhwa/Manga Must Read For Everyone

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Best romance manhwa

Hey guys, in the manhwa world there are so many genres to read like action, adventure, isekai but in all of the one is common and that is romance, and romance manhwa liked by everyone as they has great art and story.

So we decide to why not mention some manhwa that mainly focuses on romance. After going through a lot of manhwas we have put together a list of the best romance manhwa you must read.

So, without any further hindrance, let’s make your day a bit romantic

The Maid And The Vampire

maid and the vampire

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Isekai

The story of manhwa, The Maid And The Vampire, focuses on a girl named Areum. After involving in a car accident, she finds herself in a different world from her real one. Because of her looks and hair color, she was mistaken being a vampire and sold to Duke’s family as a slave by a slave trader.

The master of Duke’s family, Millard Travis was the only vampire in this world. He is not an easygoing person to deal with.

Areum realizes that she can only survive in this world only by serving Millard Travis well and becoming his loyal servant.

A worthy manhwa for someone who is looking for something romantic, the vampire love story is always good.

Girl’s Of The Wild

Girld of the Wild's

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

The story of this manhwa is set in Wild’s High Academy, a private academy only for girls. This academy is specialized in fights for 40 years. The biggest event of the fight Wild’s League, also held in this school.

But when this academy become co-ed, our main protagonist Song Jae Gu took this opportunity and get admission in that academy.

Despite his poor grade, he gets a 3-year scholarship as Wild’s High academy wants boys to take admission very desperately. This scholarship is a very good help for him. As he has to take care of his younger brother and sister. His mother abandoned them, and his father died, he was also a fighter.

In that school, he meets Choi Dal Dal, a cute but dangerous girl as she knows taekwondo, she wants to continue her fighting but her grandfather was against this as she was raised as the sole successor of his family business.

The art and plot of this manhwa are very good, as it involves everything you are looking for action, romance, and humor.

Maybe most of the people don’t know but there is a Chinese drama named Sweet Combat that follows the same story of this manhwa, the names of the characters are different because in Korea and China people have different names.

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Untouchable Lady

Untouchable lady

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Time travel

Do you like time travel and the fantasy genre, then this manhwa is only and only for you.

The story of this manhwa focuses on a lady named Hilse, she has already died 7 times by only believing that this time her life will be freat she can live this time, but the only thing waiting for her is death.

In this life, she knows that if she still believes in all of his conspiracies she will also die this time.

What will she do in this life? , let’s find out.

The plot and story of this manhwa are very good, and how can I forget about the art, top-class art.

Overall a good manhwa that everyone who wants to read something romantic, must-read this one.

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass

Villaniness turn the hourglass

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

After the marriage of her prostitute mother to a count, Aria starts to live a luxurious life.

Several years later she dies because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. While on the verge of death, she sees an hourglass fall as it is some kind of fantasy or dream.

After her death, she was miraculously get transported to the past. As she gets a second chance to live, she decides to be more villainous to take revenge on her sister Mielle.

Can she change her life destiny and take her revenge? , let’s find out.

The art of this manhwa is well-executed. The story and plot of this manhwa are amazing.

Well, if you are a person who likes political intrigue, a story with royalty then according to me this will be a good read for you. One thing is for sure that you will not be disappointed after reading this.

You At First Sight

You at first sight

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Slice of life

Well before describing manhwa, I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever wished, that you can read other people’s minds and if yes, then come with me to the synopsis as this manhwa is for you.

The story of this manhwa focuses on a girl named Yeechan. Yeeachan has the ability by which she can see read the inner thought of other people but can not see their faces. Due to this she doesn’t socialize with people and always keeps her distance from them.

But one day she meets a boy named Segye. Segye is the only boy amongst all these people whose face is visible to her.

After this meeting, her life is going to turn upside down, how? you have to read manhwa to find out.

Overall a good manhwa with great art and a good read for everyone.

Orange Marmalade

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Slice of life, Romance

This manhwa feature a world where people are no longer afraid of vampire, but fearfulness and discrimination are two different things.

So even if they are no longer afraid of them but still there is discrimination between vampires and humans.

Despite a treaty sign between these two that vampires will no longer drink human blood, they have to live amongst humans by hiding their true identities.

The story of this manhwa focuses on Baek Ma Ri, a young vampire, and her struggles as she has to leave her neighborhood and has to move to the city with her family.

In that city she meets a boy, who falls in love with her, now she has to cope with her life in a perfect manner that no one will find her true identity.

Overall the Orange Marmalade is a good manhwa with a good plot and good story, you will definitely gonna like this when you start reading this.

This manhwa also has k-drama, you can also prefer drama. Drama is by the same name, well before first reading this I have completed the drama. You can choose whatever you prefer.

Siren’s Lament

Siren’s Lament

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama 

The story of this manhwa focuses on Lyra. She was an ordinary girl who runs a flower shop, aside from the flower store she also has a grandma she has to take care of.

But life is not a cakewalk it is not gonna be the same always, same for Lyra. Her comfortable life takes a huge turn when one day she plunges into a world of sirens accidentally.

With a curse entangled in her, she learns that the world is much bigger than she ever imagined. who knows what will be the result of this incident and how will her life turn out now? if you are curious you can read manhwa. 

The story is not that great but art is the thing which I like most in the manhwa.

Ecstasy Hearts

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Drama, Slice of life, Comedy, Romance

The story of this manhwa focuses on Shimizu Anya. She is the daughter of the former world-class tennis player.

Following the same path as her parents, now she aims to surpass her parents and conquer the domain of professional tennis.

But her dream is crushed by a boy and her sweet fantasy dream ends here, someone crushes her dream in front of her even before she can break her bubble of comfort.

You must have listened of one-sided love, but had you ever listened of one-sided rivalry. Well, why listen when you can directly see the same in this manhwa, as she aims to take revenge for her defeat. 

Overall, a good manhwa with well-executed arts of characters.

If you are someone who loves romance with rivalry, as it is a unique but a great combination, then you shouldn’t miss this one.

Cherry Boy, That Girl

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life, Psychological

The story of this manhwa revolves around Shin one of the few females at a school that is dominated by males, because of her look she becomes a goddess at that school means a crush for many boys.

But this doesn’t last long as her ex-boyfriend, Kim also enrolls in that school.

This is an adorable manhwa with a great storyline and well-executed art of characters, you will find this manhwa more and more engaging as you go through chapters.

Who Made Me A Princess

who made me a princess

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of life, Fantasy

The story of this manhwa centered around a beautiful girl named Athanasia. One day her biological Claude de Alger Obelia. It is just a good story in a book until one day a woman finds her in the body of that princess.

Now she had to make a plan to change her doomed destiny in which she is going to die.

She has three plans, Plane A – live as quietly as possible that no one notices her, Plane B – gather enough money so that she can escape the mansion, Plane C – become a good girl in eyes of her father.

What do you which plane is best for her, or do you think she should make another plan like, killing her father before he kills her.

This manhwa is an absolutely great manhwa with great twists and plot, a must-read manhwa for everyone who is reading this article.

Villains Are Destined To Di

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance

The story of this manhwa focuses on a girl. She gets transferred to a fantasy game she was very obsessed with playing, she is a regular player of that game for a long time.

The main thing is not t=she was transported into the game, but she was transferred into the body of the most hated villainess named Penelope.

Now she has to face many hardships and struggles to survive in this ruthless world.

What will she do after being transferred into that game? , let’s find out.

Overall, this manhwa is good with an interesting and unique story. The art of characters is well executed and remarkable.

In general, it is a good read for everyone who is looking for a romantic story.

I Love Yoo

I Love Yoor

Genre: Drama, Romance

The story of this manhwa revolves around Shin Ae Yoo, a teenage girl who gets bored of her life. As she doesn’t have a social life love life.

She suffers a lot in her life and never felt good around other people.

One day after an incident her life completely turned upside down, as she ruined the clothes of a stranger. This incident involves her in a love triangle.

Overall a good manhwa, and is there anyone who doesn’t like a love triangle, I don’t there is anyone, so if you like a love triangle then why wait to go and start reading this. As you go through chapters you will get more engaged in the story.

Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Tragedy, Slice of life

The story of this manhwa focuses on Geun-Su Min.  He is a webcomic artist who used to live with his mother with special needs.

She is not able to perform daily works like brushing her teeth, using the toilet. He works very hard daily in order to support her until one day he lost his eyesight completely because of giving too much strain on his eyes. Now being heartbroken as she can’t support her mother he attempts to commit suicide but is saved by one of his fans. She is a girl who happens to be a deaf girl.

Now their relationship starts to go deep, and they decide to overcome every hurdle in their life.

This one is an amazing romantic manhwa but not like others of the same genre, as you go through chapters, it will force your eyes to cry.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Despite his look, Yoong-Joon is an arrogant man, not an easy-going man.

He is a VP of a very big corporation and has a very beautiful secretary, secretary Kim.

She has been working for 9 years alongside him, but one day suddenly she announce that she wants to resign from the company because of a personal reason.

Listening to this Yoon-Joon decides that he will stop her from resigning no matter what it takes. He seeks advice from his best friend, who is also a board director of the company that how can he make her stay by his side.

In general, a perfect manhwa with everything you are looking for, good lead characters, great art, an amazing story. This manhwa has taken care of your every need. You just have to go through chapters one by one.

There is also a k-drama by the same name for fans who wants to enjoy real-life characters, real emotions. Both are good you can go with anyone you are more convenient.

One thing is for sure that this is one of the best romance manhwa out there you can find.

Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the trap

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

The story of this manhwa is about Seol Hong. She returns back to her school after a long break, she doesn’t worry about studies that much as she is good at studies from the start.

The thing she doesn’t know is that her life is not going to be the same as before in college.

Jung Yu, a handsome boy also known as Mr. Perfect is her senior at the college.

After he involves in his life her life is getting only worse hence she thinks that everything happening wrong in her life is only because of Jung Yu.

Now how will she deal with him as she also falls in love with him, gradually but yes falling in love?

Another Romance manhwa with good art and amazing plot and story, for this one also there is a k-drama that you can watch.

Both are very great, I know because I had already watched that one also.

True Beauty

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School life

Another romance manhwa with a great plot and story, the art of characters is top-tier.

The story of this manhwa focuses on Im Ju-Kyung. She was always bullied by her classmate because she was ugly.
Because of her ugliness, she starts to learn the art of makeup and after some days she masters it.

She thoughts that her life will change as her family has to shift to her hometown.

In her hometown, she enrolls in the new school, on the first day she changes her looks with the help of makeup in hope that if she doesn’t look ugly she can make new friends and she will not have to face bullying again.

But by applying this makeup she is only increasing her inferiority complex over her look.

In that school, she meets two boys, they are considered as the most handsome boys in that school and involved in an unlikely relationship with them.

For how long she can keep her secret hidden from her entire school? , let’s find out.

Light and Shadow

Best romance manhwa

Genre: Romance, Historical, Drama, Fantasy

Top the list of best romance manhwa, Light And Shadow is the best romance manhwa I have ever read( till now, can’t say about future).

The story of this manhwa focuses on Edna. She was a lowly servant who is forced to marry Duked Eli. For Duke, it is a very big insult as he wants to marry a girl from a royal family. Edna is not from a royal family but despite that, she is in the possession of a secret that can change the fate of the whole kingdom.

The Only thing I can say for this manhwa is wow, as it passes in every criteria, a strong female lead, historical, great plot.

This manhwa is engaging, stunning, amazing, overall a great manhwa and must-read for everyone reading this article.

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With this our list of best romance manhwa that everyone must read ends. We hope you liked it. Share your opinion in the comment section and also share your favorite manhwa amongst them.

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