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best anime like prison school

Based on the manga written by Akira Hiramoto, Prison School is an ecchi-comedy anime that revolves around a group of boys who recently gets admission into a prestigious academy known as Hachimitsu Private Academy. This academy has recently become Co-ed from only girls so there are only five boys among 1000 girls.

in order to enjoy their school life, they planned to peek into the girl’s bathroom but unfortunately get caught by Underground Student Council and thrown into Prison of the school.

If you are here it means you have already watched Prison School, and if you are searching for the best anime like Prison School that will make you laugh with their unconventional jokes then you are at the right place. In this article, I have put together a list of the best anime that every Prison School Enthusiast should give a try.

Grand Blue

Grand Blue

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.43

Iori Kitahara, a normal boy moves to the Izu Peninsula in order to study where he starts living in the apartment above his uncle’s shop. He is a guy who has very big aspirations and dreams for his college experience. He is living a normal life until when one day in his uncle’s shop he encounters a group that is filled with people who spent most of their time partying and drinking alcohol.

Despite his efforts to distance himself from the gang, after being persuaded by Shinji Tokita and Ryuujirou Kotobuki, Iori becomes rapidly engrossed in their antics, while his cousins strive to show him the wonders of diving into the ocean and sea.

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Haganai: I don’t have many friends

anime like prison school

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life, Ecchi

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.21

The story of the anime focuses on Kodaka Hasegawa who is getting a transfer to a new school and is determined to make new friends there. But he finds it difficult to make friends at the school as he gets labeled as a delinquent because of his blond hair and intimidating expression. His life changes when one day he came across a fellow loner Yozora Mikazuki who is talking with Toma, her imaginary friend.

After talking with each other and realizing that they lack social skills they decide to improve their situation by starting a club named Neighbor’s Club. It is a club for people who don’t have man friends but wants to interact with other people.

Detroit Metal City

anime like prison school

Genre: Black Comedy, Parody

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.12

Detroit Metal City revolves around a man named Soichi Negishi, a shy musician who aspires to make a career in pop. But to earn money he becomes the frontline singer and guitarist of a death metal band known as Detroit Metal City (DMC). In the Soichi is known as Johannes Krauser II, with many rumors such as he is a terrorist demon from hell, he has killed and raped his parents, … more ominous rumors about him being told after his performances.

Even the song of this band is not normal. Songs of the band openly encourage their audiences to engage in immoral and illegal behavior, such as rape or murder. Despite the fact that Soichi is soft-spoken, peace-loving, and would prefer to listen to Swedish music all day, he cannot avoid participating in DMC’s ostentatious concerts in order to make ends meet.

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

Genre: Psychological, Game, School

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.28

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler focuses on Yumeko Jabami. She is a cheerful and beautiful girl who recently got admission into Hyakkaou Private Academy. Hyakkaou Private Academy is a prestigious academy that prepares its students for real-life outside the school. Like other schools in the day, it behaves like a normal school and teaches normal subjects like history, language and other important subjects to the students of the school. But at night this academy its student about gambling, how to deal with money and people.

Yumeko likes to gamble not to win and earn but she enjoys the thrill of gambling. With her exceptional observation ability to see through gambling scams Yumeko immediately disrupts the school order, attracting the attention of the Student Council, particularly its president, Kirari Momobami.

Kakegurui has the same art style as Prison School, as well as the same ecchi outlook. If you lose a game in Kakegurui, you will become a housepet and will be treated as if you were incarcerated at the Prison School. So if you liked watching prison school then you should also try Kakegurui.

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Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Armed Girl's Machiavellism

Genre: Action, Comedy, School

Length: 12 Ep

Mal rating: 6.9

The story focuses on a man named Fudo Nomura. He was expelled from his old school because of his violent actions and now transferred to Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy. He wants to live a normal life at his school but will it be possible as the female students at that academy have been violently/aggressively oppressing their male classmates out of misplaced paranoia ever since the school became co-ed.

Now he finds himself in a difficult situation as he has only two choices live by the rules of the academy or leave. The outlook of the armed Girl’s Machiavellism is similar to Prison school so if you have enjoyed Prison school then you give it a try.



Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Sports

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.96

focuses on Nozomi Kaminashi the story of the anime is set up in an alternative world where a game known as Keijo is on boom in Japan. In this game, only females are able to participate, and participated members have to stand on floating platforms in the swimming pool known as “Land” and has to knock out their opponent only by using their breasts and butts.

Despite the fact that the game has an outlandish premise, it attracts millions of people across the country because of the lavish prize money that will be given to the winner. Many female athletes start to participate in Keijo, in the hope to become national champions.

After graduating, Nozomi decides to participate in that game so she can win the game and bring huge prize money to her family by which the financial problem of her family can be solved. The premise of the Keijo is a bit similar to prison school so you should give it a shot.

Highschool Of The Dead

highschool of the dead

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural

Length: 12 Ep

Mal Rating: 7.09

Focuses on a boy named Takashi Kimuro the story of the Highschool of the dead set up in a world where the humans start to convert into zombies and Japan is into chaos as these zombies attack Japan.
When the best friend of Takashi is bitten by a zombie, Takashi killed him and vows to protect his best friend’s girlfriend, Rei Miyamoto.

Along with his friends and a nurse he succeed to escaped from school only to be confronted by a society that has already collapsed.

They search for survivors and rescue a girl and a dog. Highschool of the Dead, like Prison School, has a lot of funny dialogue that will keep any anime lover entertained from episode to episode.

Daily Lives Of High School Boys

daily life of highschool boys

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.25

The story of the anime revolves around three friends, Tadakuni, Yoshitake Tanaka, and Hidenori Tabata. In their imagination, their life is full of thrill but in reality, they are just a group of three people who are living a normal life and passing their time. They are doing everything in order to bring some joy to their life.


anime like prison school

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.27

Focuses on Tanukichi Okuma, the story of Shimoneta set up in Japan where Japan government introduce new laws for their citizens. The Japanese government has taken extreme steps to ensure that society remains chaste and to maintain that they start to monitor every citizen of Japan by using a high-tech device worn around their necks. With the help of a device, they can analyze every spoken word and take action against the people who have broken the laws.

Tanukichi, son of a former terrorist was a news student of the country’s leading elite “public morals school”. He take admission to this school in order to reunite with his childhood crush and help the student council to stand against the laws.

But later things changed for him when he was lured into joining the SOX organization, where he is compelled to spread obscene propaganda in order to create and spread pornographic material across the city as a method of protest against the rules.

Golden Boy

golden boy

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi

Length: 6 Ep

Mal Rating: 8.02

The story of Golden Boy focuses on a man named Kintarou Ooe who is looking for the perfect job for him. Kintarou hopes to live a wonderful life with the love of his life.

Golden Boy, like Prison School, concentrates on provocative humor and ensures that the female characters in their series have interesting personalities and notable appearances. The sexual comedy in these anime are based on the naïve and perverted nature of the young male characters, who are regularly called out or chastised for their wrong actions by noteworthy female characters.

Punch Line

anime like prison school

Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi, Ecchi

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.95

The story of the Punch Line focuses on a boy named Yuuta Iridatsu who used to live in an apartment with four girls- Mikatan Narugino, Ito Hikiotani, Meika Daihatsu, and Lovera Chichibu. One day his soul is separated from his body by a mystical cat named Chiranosuke. Yuuta walks around his home, the Korai House, as a spirit, hoping to reclaim his body and observe the other inmates. Later he finds that he gains immense power by looking at the underwear of the girls.

As a result, the anime follows Yuuta and his pals on their journey to thwart a world-ending organization while also stopping Yuuta from seeing more underpants, which could lead to the end of their world.

Great Teacher Onizuka

anime like prison school

Genre: Comedy, Drama, School

Length: 43 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.69

The story of Great Teacher Onizuka focuses on a 22-year-old man Eikichi Onizuka who dreams to become the best high school teacher in all of Japan. He wants to become a teacher because the girl she likes is in a relationship with a teacher. But when in school he meets his new students he realizes that he has to face a situation he didn’t expect to face.

The students of the class use psychological warfare in order to break the confidence of the teacher so that they quit the school. But our Mc, Onizuka is not an average teacher like previous ones, he is ready to face any challenge in his way.

Great Teacher Onizuka, like Prison School, includes perverted individuals in a school context so if have enjoyed Prison school then you should also watch this anime.

Kill La Kill

Best anime like prison school

Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi

Length: 24 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.06

The story of Kill La Kill focuses on a girl named Ryuko Matoi, after the murder of her father she is continuously searching for the culprit. With her scissor-shaped longsword, get admission to Honnō City in search of the murderer of her father Isshin Matoi.

After getting a beating by Honnoji Academy’s leader, Satsuki Kiryuin she came across Senketsu, a rare and sentient “Kamui,” or God Clothes which provides her immense power. Ryuuko now takes a stand against the Elite Four, armed with Senketsu and the Scissor Blade, hoping to reach Satsuki in order to find out the person behind his father’s murder.

Like Prison School, Kill La Kill also features great humor with school context. Both anime include beautifully rendered scenes and a memorable cast of characters that many fans will love.


Best anime like prison school

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.34

The story of the anime revolves around four men who are assigned to the most formidable prison named Nanba. The four prisoners are Juugo- a man who is a specialist in breaking locks, Uno- a gambler who likes to spend time with women, Nico- an otaku, and Rock- a foodie.

The four prisoners’ everyday pranks usually cause problems for the building administrator, Hajime Sugoroku, who desperately tries to keep them from breaking out of Nanba. Thus the anime follows the daily life of the four prisoners and the guard.

Like Prison School, Nanbaka also set up in prison that features great come and humor.



Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-fi

Length: 201 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.95

The story of Gintama revolves around a man Gintoki Sakata who lives in a world where humanity is attacked by aliens and aliens forces samurai to prohibit the use of the sword as a result of this incident samurai are treated with disregard.

Despite all of that our Mc Gintoki is a samurai who has no shame to show his love for his swordsmanship in the world where samurai are considered as nothing more than trash. While working as a yorozuya he meets Shinpachi Shimura – a boy with a warm heart who later becomes his companion on his journey. Both anime features humor and comedy in an unusual way – they can make the most basic course of action look so intriguing, filled with a slew of ludicrous yet plausible justifications.

With this, I conclude the list of best anime like prison anime every anime fan should watch. I hope you enjoy the list, if you think that we have missed your favorite anime on our list then you can share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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