Top 20 Best Green Hair Anime Characters ( 2022 )

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Anime generally features a broad and vibrant cast of characters who are very well for their unique fashion sense. Hair that was both brown and white? You’ve got it. None, nevertheless, feel as distinct as characters with green hair, because the hue shines out and provides the character with a great personality. In this article, we have put together a list of the best green-haired anime characters.

Fried Justine ( Fairy Tail )

Fried Justine

Fried is a 20-year-old skinny wizard with average height and waist-length light-green hair who is skilled enough to be an S-Class Mage (stated by Erza). Freed is a Fairy Tail Guild member who rarely shows his face. Laxus Dreyar refers to him as Freed the Dark.

Fried can allure sectors by encircling them with magical runes. Anyone who enters enchantment is obliged to follow the rules Fried has imposed in advance. This sort of magic is mostly utilized for traps rather than direct battle. 

He hasn’t been in the guild in over a year and hasn’t met any of the younger members, such as Lucy Heartfilia. He was in the other town during Fairy Tail’s war with Phantom Lord Guild.  He is a member and captain of the Raijinshuu, a group of wizards who serve Laxus, with Freed as the self-proclaimed captain. Nevertheless,  he also cares about his former companions, as evidenced by his questioning of Laxus after Laxus urged him to kill other Fairy Tail members if necessary.

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Shintarou Midorima ( Kuroko no Basket )

Shintarou Midorima 

Midorima has dark green hair– tilted to the left and therefore does not reach his eyes. He has bright green eyes with prominent bottom lashes and wears black-framed glasses on all sides except the top. He is the second tallest member of the Generation of Miracles.

Midorima is typically reserved, cold, and confrontational with others, giving the impression of ignorance Takao’s declaration that Midorima is only a “tsundere.” He does indeed have a hard time being nice to his competitors and absolutely hates “fooling around.”

He believes in Oha Asa’s horoscopes and is delighted when he learns that his zodiac sign, Cancer, will have a lucky day, even going so far as to carry a so-called “lucky item” with him everywhere. He also strongly believes in blood type compatibility, as seen by his statement that Kuroko’s blood type A and his blood type B do not get along.

Sailor Neptune ( Sailor Moon )

Sailor Neptune

Michiru is a stunningly lovely and delicate-looking girl with slim posture and average height, deep blue eyes, and green hair that falls just beyond her shoulders. She is the embodiment of elegance and womanhood. She has a wonderful sense of fashion, is usually dressed smartly, and is either applying makeup or is already fully made up.

Michiru, who first appears in the third store arc, fights alongside her companion and beloved Haruka to protect the Planetary System from outside threats. She is elegant, sophisticated, capable of strong wrath, and sometimes chilly in both parts of the story. She is completely committed to her responsibilities as a Senshi.

She was also able to keep the solar system safe from outside dangers. That’s also why she is considered the strongest in the story.

C.C. (Code Geass)


C.C. has lengthy, nearly waist-length pale green hair and bright eyes. She is about the same height as Kallen, but she is a bit shorter. She has a scar below her left breast that looks like a Geass symbol.

C.C.’s costumes are both innumerable diverse. She is being shown wearing a variety of different outfits, often depending on the situation or historical period. When Lelouch needs a decoy, she frequently wears his own attire, including his Zero disguise.

Throughout the majority of the series, C.C. expresses little affection, behaving indifferently toward the majority of the characters. She quickly demonstrates that she is stubborn, arrogant, and stubborn, as well as possessing high standards, which Lelouch observes and teases hear about from time to time. Strangely, despite being quite obstinate herself, she claims to hate stubbornness.

Considering her chilly exterior, C.C. appears to be a bit of a philosopher. Her green hair is her biggest noticeable characteristic, yet she is also a very generous person.

Eureka (Eureka Seven)


Eureka is a human-form Coralian who’d been born by the Scub Coral, a species of assimilating, intellectual lifeforms that invaded on Earth via falling satellite. She is the ZERO LFO pilot of the Nirvash subtype.

Eureka views the type ZERO as a companion with its own ideas and feelings, rather than a machine. Eureka originally had no idea about her background or real purpose before joining the Gekkostate due to her lack of memory prior to being discovered by Adroc.

Eureka found it difficult to communicate and even joined the military after being exposed to living beings for the first time. Nevertheless, after meeting Renton, she begins to comprehend empathy as they fall in love with each other. Just when her light is out do we realize how far Eureka has progressed.

Suu ( Daily Life With A Monster Girl )

Suu’s actual form as a Slime is an enormous mass of a transparent blue rubbery slime. She also has a mass of green hair with three yellow “antennae” tips. Suu transforms herself into a humanoid form for easier interaction with Humans, which Miia and Cerea say is unusual for a Slime to be able to do.

Suu typically shapes herself to be roughly the same height and build as Papi, but then when she absorbs a certain amount of water, she takes on a more mature form: she grows taller, bouncier, and curvier than usual.

Suu seems to be a childish and logical thinker at a first impression. She has an innocent, pleasant, and bright demeanor and appears to be quite welcoming. Suu and Papi get along well as they have lots in common, and they are regularly seen playing together.

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Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach)

Nelliel is a female Arrancar having green hair and hazel eyes. Her true appearance is that of a tall, completely, voluptuous, and very well adult with beautiful, wavy green hair. Prominent characteristics include a scar, a crimson line across her face, and prominent lower sharp teeth. Nel’s eyes are extremely broad in her infant form, her fangs on her lower jaw are even wider than normal, and the remains of her Hollow mask form a cartoon-like skull that looks great on top of her head. Nelliel wears a white tight-fitting costume with tan fur trimming around her hips when Urahara returns her to her natural form.

She is significantly more mature, controlled, rational, smart, and intellectual than Nelliel as she would be as a child. She is also fairly level-headed when it comes to attacking, claiming that if one’s reason for fighting is hostility, prejudice, or simple competition, as Nnoitra does, then it is merely natural and instinctual, and it makes the challenger look “childish,” “unworthy,” and “not much of a warrior.”

Jae-Ha ( Akatsuki No Yon )

Jae-Ha ( Akatsuki No Yon )

Jae-Ha was born and raised in a village that holds the Green Dragon line; he lived there until he was 12 years old before fleeing his village due to the abuse and imprisonment he faced there. The reason for this is that residents of Jae-village Ha’s dreaded his power because they feared that strangers would learn about the Ryokuryuu’s power and bring unwelcome attention to the village, like invaders, thus the locals locked him up during his adolescence.

He constantly got into problems after his breakout until he come across a crew of local pirates in the Earth Tribe town of Awa commanded by their Captain Gi-Gan who accepted him to join them as well as treated him with kindness and ultimately became a maternal figure to him as well.

Jae-Ha is a self-assured guy who enjoys having his way with females but just never ends up hurting any of them. He is a free and idealistic man with green hair and great moral principles.

Broly (Dragon Ball Super)

green hair

Broly was the first Legendary Super Saiyan to be born in over thousands of years. He was blessed with an incredibly high level of endurance for a Saiyan. Broly’s extraordinary abilities classified him as the Legendary Super Saiyan. King Vegeta feared this and had him slaughtered. Paragus, his dad, begged for his son’s life. King Vegeta put a stop to the debate by blasting him. But they both succeed to survive the blast.

Broly acquired an “unwavering loyalty” and unwavering affection for his father despite the severe training he put him through as he was his sole friend for the majority of his childhood. Regardless of the fact that Cheelai and Lemo pointed out that his father most likely simply saw him as a means of retaliation against King Vegeta, Broly still cared strongly for Paragus and refused to talk badly of him.

His emotions are inextricably linked to his power; whenever he pushes himself excessively or is angered, he enters a berserker state.

Shion Sonozaki ( Higurashi no Naku Koro ni )

green hair

Shion is Mion’s identical twin sister, who lives in Okinomiya. Considering their unique personalities, she and Mion sometimes switch places, finding it difficult to tell them apart. 

She was transferred to a private boarding school by the Sonozaki family, but she escaped and returned to her hometown, where she lives with Kasai. Considering this, she and Mion have a close relationship. She attended a different school than the other central protagonists in the majority of the arcs, hence she appears less frequently.

Much more attractive than Mion, she understands how to show immense resolve, and even severe ruthlessness, regardless of her outward tenderness.

Senku Ishigami (Dr Stone)

green hair

Senku Ishigami, the main character of Dr. Stone, is acquainted with Taiju Oki and Yuzuriha Ogawa. He has been well for his catchphrases, notably “Ten Billion Percent.” He was de-petrified a half-year before Taiju, and with Taiju’s help, he eventually produced the Revival Fluid. Senku aspires to reconstruct civilization and create the Kingdom of Science in the Stone World.

Senku is the Kingdom of Science’s undisputed leader. Afterward, as a member of the Five Wise Commanders, Senku gives ideas and initiative for their sizable plans; before executing, he talks with Chrome, Gen, Ukyo, and Ryusui. But it’s his relationships with others that truly set him unique as both protagonist and hero, as well as Senku’s readiness to understand on the go, which enables him to appreciate those around him better than anybody else.

Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

green hair

Tatsumaki is a short woman who is frequently mistaken for being much more youthful than she is. She has a teenage face, mint green eyes, and green hair that curls up on the ends naturally. She is outfitted in a form-fitting black dress with long sleeves, four high-cut leg slits that emphasize her shapely long legs, and low-heeled black shoes. She is drawn in ONE’s simple webcomic style on occasion.

Tatsumaki, as the second-ranked S-Class hero, has incredible strength. She is one of the most formidable heroes living, as well as the most capable esper. Fubuki depicts her as a monster similar to Amai Mask, who refused to graduate from A-Class to S-Class in order to prevent weaklings from ranking up. Even after witnessing Saitama’s display of power in the fight against her, Fubuki is convinced that Saitama lacks the strength and fighting ability of her older sister.

Despite her egotistical temperament, she feels obligated to defeat monsters and views her employment as a hero to be a duty, accepting any request to defeat monsters from the Hero Organization. Whenever she gets bored when she isn’t fighting monsters, she looks for monsters to battle on her own time. She seems to have a soft spot for her younger sister, Fubuki, but she is also quite possessive and controlling of her.

Sakuya Watanuki (Servamp)

Sakuya is physically 15 years old, though his true age is unknown. He features green hair and generally dresses in green. His eyes have become red as a result of his transformation into a Vampire. He’s commonly seen with his pink headphones on.

Sakuya is depicted to be torn between allegiance to Mahiru and commitment to Tsubaki. Sakuya will not abandon Tsubaki cuz he knows Tsubaki will never betray him or another member of his Subclass. Sakuya is portrayed to be outraged when he discovers Mahiru has been lying to him, and he pretends to despise Mahiru in order to get Mahiru to kill him.

On the appearance, he pretends to be a joyful and arranged guy, but he’s primarily a swindler. Sakuya’s parents are now almost certainly as nasty as the adversaries in this vampire series.

Kaede Kayano (Assassination Classroom)

green hair

Kayano is a petite girl with light green hair that has always been styled in peculiar cat ear-styled pigtails, hazel eyes, and a recurring gag for her appearance is that she lacks prominent breasts like the other female students in the class, garnering her the nickname “Forever Flat.”

She switched to her old haircut before joining Class 3-E, seven years after finishing middle school. She also grows taller, nearing Nagisa’s height. Her breast has also increased slightly.

Kayano, notwithstanding her apparent quiet character, is a compassionate and strong-willed individual who may be exceedingly committed to things that interest her or care about, such as her passion for sweets and, more sadly, the destiny of her sister. She also has a severe complex about her sexual appeal, loudly expressing her discomfort when she is around huge-breasted ladies.

Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

green hair

Envy has the capability to transform her appearance. This skill allows us to take on the appearance of any existing individual (or original personas that Envy himself creates). He can even modify his own voice to directly mimic others’. Envy has no sex because he is a homunculus. Regardless of the fact that he may assume the forms of both male and female individuals, he is referred to as a guy.

Envy is by far the nastiest Homunculus after their sibling Pride, playing around and relishing in human misery. Envy will kill without hesitation, typically preying on their target’s feelings to get a psychological advantage, and will display no regret for his deeds. He even took pleasure in the pain he causes, boasting about launching the Ishvalan War and destroying the reputations, lives, and souls of thousands with a single, simple move. He has only one goal in his life and that is to make humans suffer and fight amongst themselves.

Amber (Darker than Black)

green hair

Amber was a spy for MI-6 under the identity February until defecting and stealing Gate-related information from MI-6. She decided to join the Syndicate, gave them the information, and renamed her name, Amber.

Amber has light green hair that reaches to her hips and sideburns that cover her brow, and also amber eyes. She’s adorned in a light pink bodysuit with white fur at the collar and cuffs, white boots, and bandaging on her left wrist.

Amber’s power is chronal manipulation, which includes the option to freeze time and reverse events to an unknowable degree. Prolonged use of her power enables her to anticipate future occurrences and then respond to them suitably. Whenever the time has been frozen around her, she can pull other people out of the frozen time stream, but those still impacted by her power will be unable to notice her presence or movement.

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

green hair

Spike appeared tall and slender, with dark green hair and brown eyes, one of which is later found to be synthetic and lighter in hue than the other. Spike frequently wears a blue leisure suit, a yellow blouse, and Lupin III-style boots. He also wears a long brown trench coat on occasion. He’s frequently spotted with a cigarette between his lips, even if it’s pouring or there’s a ‘No Smoking’ sign clearly visible where he’s sat, stood, or walked past.

He generally exhibits phlegmatic behavior and walks slouchingly, almost like he’s sleepwalking. He appears to be tormented by ghosts from his past and has recurring dreams about his time in the Red Dragon. He claims he has already died and thus does not often display dread at the prospect of being killed, often acting as though to challenge death. As mentioned in a well-known clip on his swordfish ship, “Whatever happens, happens.”

Izuku Midoriya ( Boku no Hero Academia )

green hair

The lead protagonist of Boku no Hero Academia is Izuku Midoriya. Having been born without a Quirk, he draws the interest of the famous hero All Might and has since been his close pupil as well as a student at UA.

Izuku is a shy and polite young fellow. Because he’s been ridiculed since childhood for being born without a Quirk, he is initially portrayed as insecure, more introverted, and less passionate, specifically in front of Katsuki. Nevertheless, since being accepted into UA and fighting Katsuki during Battle Training, he has steadily gained confidence and bravery.

After his combat with Shoto Todoroki, his right hand’s fingers became slightly malformed, while his hand has scarring. His right arm has been further harmed as a consequence of his fight with Muscular, giving him even more scars all over it.

Gon Freecss ( Hunter x Hunter )

green hair

Gon is a small boy with long spiky black green hair and hazel brown eyes. His regular costume consists of a green jacket with reddish edges over a black or white tank top underneath, green short shorts, and green, laced boots.

Gon is an energetic, primitive, and cheerful young man on the hunt for adventure. He’s also not extremely good at math. He is, nevertheless, very good with animals, being spent a lot of time in the woods as a boy. Gon is an Enhancer, who is famed for their modesty and determination.

He is genuinely trying for more power, unusually strong in his rage. However, Gon’s rage leads to some incredibly dangerous behavior. When his sentiments are heightened, Gon becomes irrational and entirely unconcerned about anything else. While his will is stronger than most and he may be very level-headed, this level-headedness can also cause him to be incredibly frigid at times.

Zoro Roronoa ( One Piece )

gree hair

Luffy’s first member of the crew to be recruited was Zoro. Zoro is a talented swordsman who battles with his own Santoryu sword style (three katana fighting style). He accomplished this by holding one sword in each hand and another in his teeth. Furthermore, he is portrayed fighting with either one or two swords. When he is in a violent fight, he ties his bandana, which is ordinarily knotted across his arm, around his head.

Although he’s not a samurai, he seems to have a certain level of bushido and is frequently misidentified as one. Unlike Luffy and most of the other Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has been known to kill his enemies in cold blood if required.

With this, I end the list of the best anime characters with green hair. If you think we have forgotten your favorite anime character then you can share them with us via the comment section.

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