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Everyone loves magic, right? I know the answer is yes. Like magic, Magic anime are also one of the most popular anime amongst anime fans because of their great premise and action scenes that give a very good level of thrill.

If you are into magic anime you must have heard of some popular magic school anime such as “The Irregular at Magic School” and “Tokyo Ravens” but they are not enough for an anime fan, right? so for you, we have put together a list of the best magic school anime that definitely will take you to a magic world.

So, without any further delay let me take you to a world of magic-

20)Magical Warfare

Magical Warfare

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 5.99

The story of Magical Warfare revolves around an ordinary high school boy named Takeshi Nanase. One day while going to kendo practice, he encounters a  girl named Mui Aiba wearing a school uniform he hasn’t seen before. She is unconscious, Takeshi does the decent thing and saves her, and rather than thanking Takeshi for nursing her back to good health, she unintentionally transforms him into a magician.

After that event, Takeshi discovers a startling truth about the world: the current world is actually divided into two halves: his world and the world of magicians. He also eventually finds that Mui is a magician enrolled in the Subaru Magic Academy, a place where many magicians can learn how to control their powers and live together in peace with ordinary people. Instead of returning to the real world, Takeshi and his new magician friends Kurumi Isoshima and Kazumi Ida enroll in the academy as well.

19)Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo

Genre: Action, Harem, Ecchi, Supernatural, School

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.46

Based on a light novel written by Takumi Hiiragiboshi the story of the anime revolves around Tooru Kokonoe.

People who really can manifest weapons from their soul are recognized as “Blazers,” and those individuals enrolled into Kouryou Academy High School to hone their skills and reach their full potential. Each student is necessary to form a collaboration with another in the hopes that one day the pair will indeed be able to achieve the power of Absolute Duo.

Tooru Kokonoe wanted to enroll in this academy in order to gain enormous power ever since his sister and friends were assassinated by an unknown man. During the opening ceremony, he is forced to duel the person sitting next to him, with the loser being expelled. As Tooru gears up to give his all in the match, his soul manifests a shield instead of a weapon, an anomaly that captures the attention of a foreign student named Julie Sigtuna.

18)Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Blade Dance of the Elementalers

Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural, School

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.73

The anime’s plot is set in a world where spirits reside and only pure maidens have the privilege of contracting with them. These noble maidens gather at the Areishia Spirit Academy, a highly specialized school in which they are received training to become elementalists.

Even so, a male adolescent named Kamito Kazehaya distorts everything. Upon getting an invitation to join Areisha Spirit Academy from the Academy’s director named Greyworth Ciel Mais, he gets lost in the spirit forest and encounters a girl named Claire Rouge ritual cleansing herself in a lake. She is understandably upset and humiliated, and she attacks him. He avoids the brunt of her wrath and uncovers that she intends to enter into an agreement with a sealed sword spirit.

He follows her so that she can lead him out of the forest once she has accomplished her objective. Claire keeps trying but fails to contract with the sealed sword spirit, causing it to go berserk. In order to save her life, and much to Claire’s chagrin, Kamito enters into an agreement with the sword spirit himself, transforming him into the world’s only male Elementalist ( with this he succeeds to become the second male Elementalist in the history of 1000 years). She started accusing him of stealing her spirit and demanded that he atones for it by becoming her contracted spirit, regardless of the fact that she is alive because of him.

17)Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.79

Based on a Light Novel written by Tetsuto Uesu the story of the anime revolves around a wayward hero named Akatsuki.

Thousands of young people have journeyed to fantasy worlds ever since the exploration of “Samon Syndrome” 30 years ago, with just a few returnees retaining the special abilities they managed to acquire in those different realities.

Akatsuki Ousawa, nicknamed the “Rogue Hero,” gives up his comfortable life in the fantasy world Alayzard in order to confront new challenges once he returns to Earth. He comes back with Miu, the daughter of the Demon King he conquered and is now pressured to conceal her real identity by posing as his younger sister. The two are soon accepted into Babel, a special school for those that have gained special abilities and supernatural powers as a consequence of their journey to a fantasy world.

16) Rosario + Vampire

Best magic school anime

Genre: Harem, School, Vampire

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.78

Youkai Academy appears to be a classic boarding school, even though its students are monsters learning how to live side by side with humans. All students attend in the human figure and study conventional academic subjects like literature, gym, foreign language, and mathematics. Nevertheless, there is one unbreakable rule at Youkai Academy: if any human is discovered on school grounds, he must be executed immediately!

Tsukune Aono is a pretty standard adolescent who still has to attend any high school due to his poor educational achievement. His parents enrolled him in Youkai Academy accidentally as a last-ditch effort in order to secure his schooling.

Tsukune has a run-in with the most attractive girl on campus, Moka Akashiya. Now as he unintentionally enters this new world he chooses to stay in the dangerous realm in order to advance his relationship with Moka, without acknowledging that beneath her beauty lies a menacing monster—a vampire.

15)Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

best magic school anime

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, School 

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.02

The story of the anime takes place in a world where art evolves into magic. Individuals who can inspire passion with their Magic Arts are recognized as artists in this world, and they work in show business. A weird foreign student named Kohana Aigasaki transfers into Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School, where Artistas are taught.

Kohana is assigned to the Hoshinomori Summer Festa cultural festival planning committee at her school. She devotes her romantic school years with six other boys who strive to be entertainers. Each one of the boys is a professional in his own Art, and they all want Hoshi Fes to be a success. Moreover, the boys keep hoping to be chosen alongside Kohana as the school’s Artista Prince and Princess, which will only be done once a year.

14)The Asterisk War

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, School

Length: 12 Ep

An unprecedented disaster widely recognized as the Invertia reconfigured the world in the previous century. Existing nations’ powers dwindled substantially, paving the way for the Integrated Empire Foundation to take command. But, more importantly, the Invertia resulted in the emergence of a new species of human, the Genestella, who are born in this world with exceptional physical abilities.

In between the story of the anime revolves around Ayato Amagiri, a scholarship transfer student at the prestigious academy named Seidoukan Academy, which has recently been plagued by poor performance. He unintentionally sees the popular Witch of Resplendent Flames, Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld, half-dressed as a result of a series of events! Julis, enraged, challenges him to a duel for invading her privacy.

13)Knight’s and Magic

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mecha, School

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.09

Based on a Light Novel written by Hisago Amazake-no the story of the anime revolves around Tsubasa Kurata.

The anime’s plot begins with the death of Tsubasa Kurata, a software engineer and hardcore mecha otaku from Japan, in a car crash. He is later brought back to life in the fantastical Fremmevilla Kingdom, a medieval world in which giant, mighty mechs known as Silhouette Knights fight horrifying creatures known as Demon Beasts.

Ernesti Echevarria, born into a prominent family and endowed with tremendous magical abilities, enrolls in Royal Laihaila Academy. This marvelous school teaches young men and women how to pilot the Silhouette Knights, preparing them in order to protect the kingdom from demonic and human threats. Ernesti joins forces with the twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter with the goal of one day creating his own Silhouette Knight, a feat entirely unknown for centuries.

Knight’s and Magic is a wonderful anime with a combination of magic and a school theme.

12)Mahou Sensei Negima

best magic school anime

Genre: Comedy, Harem, School, Fantasy

Length: 26 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.95

The story of Negima! revolves around Negi Springfield, a 10-year-old student who is presently undergoing intense training and has to pass only one test in order to become a wizard.

Sadly, his final assignment is an odd one: become an English teacher at an all-girls boarding school. As soon as he arrives, he embarrasses one of his students, Asuna Kagurazaka, and removes the teacher she adores, winning her hatred.

To make the situation worse, Asuna finally finds that Negi is a wizard and warns to reveal the truth unless he assists her. But, unfortunately, conditions force them to collaborate on a variety of tasks, running the gamut from fighting evil wizards to assisting the class in passing their final exam, with a better and healthier dose of humor, magic, and eroticism thrown in for good measure.

11)Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimo

Genre: Action, Harem, School, Supernatural

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.79

Based on a Light Novel written by Shōtarō Mizuki, the story of the anime 

revolves around Akuto Sai, a boy who aspires to join his country’s highest order of magicians in order to contribute to society as one of its clergies.

Akuto Sai transfers to Constant Magic Academy, in which he comes across Junko Hattori, a righteous ninja clan member. On the way to the academy, they make promises to make the world a better place together; nevertheless, when he arrives, the situation takes a turn for the worse—it is foretold that he’ll become the Demon King!

As word of his fate propagates, the school begins to fear him, and Junko’s faith in him begins to wane. While Akuto is decided not to let his forecast future determine his fate, it appears that everything he says and does only underlines the belief that he is destined to be the Demon King. Besides that, he is surrounded by a harem of beautiful girls, each with their own strategy for him, which ranges from bringing him to justice to simply showering him with love.

10)Trinity Seven

best magic school anime

Genre: Fantasy, School, Harem

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.09

The bright red sun stopped shining one day, resulting in the “Breakdown Phenomenon”—the destruction of Arata Kasuga’s town and the demise of its inhabitants. All is not lost, nevertheless, because Arata can artificially rebuild his world by using the magical grimoire granted to him by his childhood friend and cousin Hijiri Kasuga.

Lilith Asami appears in front of Arata, whose artificial world suddenly deteriorates, to accomplish the research objectives. He has 2 alternatives: hand over the book or dies. Arata, on the other hand, chooses the third option: enrolling in the top-secret magic school Royal Biblia Academy, where he will be joined by six other magical users. These six, along with Lilith, make up the Trinity Seven, the school’s elite who each bolster their own skill and power.

Trinity Seven is a good anime with a great balance of action, comedy, and eroticism. The anime’s action sequences are especially spectacular. This is well worth your time and a spot on your magic school anime watch list.

9) Unbreakable Machine-Doll

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, School, Fantasy, Ecchi

Length: 12Ep 

MAL Rating: 7.09

In an interesting alternative chronological version of the United Kingdom in the early twentieth century, scientists have developed Machinery, a combo of advanced technologies and sorcery that is put into objects to bring them to life and give them artificial intelligence. These Automatons were created as a military weapon and spread across the globe; the humans in charge of them were dubbed puppeteers.

Raishin Akabane, a puppet master from Japan, makes his way to Liverpool with his automaton Yaya to study at Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinery. Every four years, the Academy hosts the “Night Party,” a tournament in which puppeteers compete with their automatons for the title of “Wiseman.” Raishin, on the other hand, enters the school and the competition to take vengeance on a mysterious genius who brutally killed the other members of Raishin’s family.

8)The familiar of Zero

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, School

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.26

In a world of wands, cloaks, and royalty, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière is a self-absorbed mage. Amidst attending Tristain Academy, a renowned school for wizards, Louise has a major problem: she is unable to properly cast magic, earning her the moniker “Louise the Zero” from her fellow students.

Louise’s summoning causes a disastrous explosion when first-year students are required to perform a summoning ritual! Everybody thinks this is just another failure, but when the smoke clears, a guy named Saito Hiraga appears. Saito, Louise’s companion, is now regarded as a slave, forced to clean her clothes and eat from the ground. However, when an unfamiliar brand is found etched on Saito’s hand as a result of the summoning ritual, it is assumed to be the mark of a powerful familiar named Gandalfr.

7)Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Record of Bastard Magic Instructor

Genre: Action, Fantasy, School 

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.16

The Alzano Empire is residence to one of the largest and most prestigious magic schools, the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Here, applicant young students are trained to become proficient magicians. Sistine Fibel, a stern noble girl, as well as her bright-eyed best friend Rumia Tingel, enrolls in the Academy, determined to hone their magical powers.

Their globe is thrown for a loop, nevertheless, when their favorite teacher surprisingly decides to retire and is replaced by the enigmatic Glenn Radars. His sluggish and apathetic approach to life and magic quickly puts him at odds with his peers. Moreover, nefarious forces hidden within the empire’s walls begin to emerge, and Sistine, Rumia, and Glenn become intimately involved in their schemes.

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor is a very interesting magic school and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for an amazing magic anime.

6)Baka And Test

best magic school anime

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School 

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.55

Fumizuki Academy is not your typical Japanese boarding school. This one-of-a-kind institution has implemented a different kind of system in order to distinguish students on the basis of their intellect. Students have to take a test in order to give an idea about their competence to the higher authority of the academy. The greatest scorers are placed in A-class, and the lowest scorers are placed in F class.

Sadly for Akihisa Yoshii, his presumably “great” intellect wasn’t quite enough for such a test, and he’s now demoted to F class. F class has the worst facilities, with rotten tatami mats and broken tables, and also outdated equipment and worn-out furniture. On the positive side, his friend Yuuji Sakamoto is in the same class, and to everybody’s surprise, the brilliant girl Mizuki Himeji has also finished up in the same class due to an unexpected fever on the day of the test.

The story of Baka and Test is simple enough for anyone to understand, has a good pace and almost every character has an interesting backstory. All of the jokes are a little fantastic but extremely amusing.

5)Chivalry of a Failed Knight

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, School

Length: 12 Ep 

MAL Rating: 7.47

The story of the anime revolves around a boy named Ikki Kurogane who tries to prove his worth to a world that thinks that he is an incompetent good-for-nothing guy.

There are only a few humans on the planet who can control their souls in order to create powerful weapons. These individuals, dubbed “Blazers,” study and train at the renowned Hagun Academy to become Mage-Knights; among all great students exists a so-called failure, the only F-rated Blazer is Ikki Kurogane.

But when the academy’s worst student accidentally sees Stella Vermillion, an A-ranked Blazer who also happens to be a princess, naked, she challenges our loser to a duel with dire consequences—the loser has to become the slave of the winner. There is not exists a single future in which Stella can lose to our good-for-nothing guy, right? 

Overall this anime is a good watch with good action scenes and good character development, and as it contains only 12 episodes I thought it is a worthwhile anime to watch.

4)The Irregular at Magic High School

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Romance, Supernatural, School

Length: 39 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.45

Magic, long thought to be folk traditions and fairy tales, has now become a systematic and scientific technology and is taught as technical skill in the early twenty-first century. Students in First High School, the organization for magicians, are divided into two groups based on their entrance exam scores: “Blooms,” those with perfect grades, are assigned to the First Course, while “Weeds,” reserve students, are delegated to the Second Course.

Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, two siblings enrolled in First High School, are the focus of The Irregular at Magic High School. Miyuki is placed in the First Course after taking the exam, while Tatsuya is demoted to the Second Course as his grades are not up to marks.

Though his practical exam results and status as a “Weed” indicate that he is magically inept, unknown to others he possesses outstanding technical knowledge, physiological combat abilities, and exceptional magic techniques, making Tatsuya the exceptional case at a magical high school.

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3)Tokyo Ravens

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, School, Supernatural

Length: 24 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.46

Onmyodou magic is an extremely effective technique being used by the Japanese during WWII in order to gain an upper hand and develop their nation into a formidable opponent. Nevertheless, Japan was quickly destroyed after the revered onmyouji Yakou Tsuchimikado unleashed the “Great Spiritual Disaster,” which continues to plague Tokyo today. As a side effect of this screwup, the Onmyou Organization was formed to mitigate future spiritual tragic events and combat demons that would penetrate the world.

With applications in medicine and technology, Onmyodou has become more polished, streamlined, and modernized. Even so, not everyone can afford this strength, as Harutora, a descendant of one of the Tsuchimikado’s branch families who was born without spirit illustrated.

Regardless of the fact that he is the heir of the Onmyoji dynasty, his presence is inconsequential to him as he cannot actually achieve anything without the additional help of spiritual power.

2)The Misfit of Demon King Academy

best magic school anime

Genre: Action, Reincarnation, School, Fantasy

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.37

A looooong time back, a war between humans and demons caused massive chaos and bloodshed. Demon King Anos Voldigoad knowingly sacrificed his life to end this seemingly unending conflict, hoping to be brought back to life in a peaceful future.

When Anos comes back to life 2,000 years later, he eventually finds that royal demons now severely rule over lower class hybrid demons in a society that values Anos’ pureblood bloodline over demons who interbred with other species, which including humans and spirits.

Anos, now basically a hybrid himself, after finding that magic as a whole has begun to deteriorate and his descendants were becoming weaker as a result of the peace he created, makes a decision to take back his former title of Demon King. But first, he must graduate from the Demon King Academy, where he is classified as a total misfit.

If you are the type of guy who likes to watch anime with an overpowered main protagonist then The Misfit of Demon King Academy is the best anime to watch from this list of best magic school anime.

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1)Magi: The labyrinth of Magic

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Length: 25 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.03

A Magi is a magician with that kind of a great affinity for magic that can be said to influence the world. Each Magi selects a viable candidate to become king, then aids them in conquering strange labyrinths widely recognized as “Dungeons” and gaining the power of mythical djinns inside it.

The story revolves around Aladdin, a young Magi who travels the world in pursuit of his authentic self. His journey, however, is not solitary because he is accompanied by his mentor and friend Ugo—a djinn he summons using his flute.

During his journeys, Aladdin confronts Alibaba Saluja and leads him to a nearby Dungeon. With this newly found friendship, they move ahead on an epic journey all around the world, confronting various irregularities that show up to be more common than ever before.

With this, I end the list of best magic school anime. I hope you will enjoy the plot and premise of each anime on the list. If you think we have forgotten your favorite magic school anime, you can let us know via the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your opinions about our list.


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