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Hello everyone! We’re back with another blog post! Our discussion today is about bullying. Bullying is a widespread topic that we see in numerous media forms. It’s wonderful that people are becoming more conscious of bullying and assisting one another in dealing with it.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the top manhwa like lookism. They’re all highly inspiring and have interesting plots. So, if you’ve already read lookism and are looking for more manhwa like it, keep reading! You will undoubtedly find manhwa that is suitable for you.



Genre: School life, Action, Drama

Length: 75+ Chp

The main protagonist of the manhwa gets tired of his life and has no hope that his life will get better in the future at the end he decides to end his life by committing suicide. But just when he tried to take his life one man out of nowhere save his life.

But wait who knows that the person who saves his life will become his worst enemy.

The action scene and the art of manhwa are quite good- overall, a good manhwa to read.

19)My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Length: 90+ Chp

The story of the manhwa centers around a girl named Kang Mi-rae, who has no joy in her life because she is bullied every day due to her appearance and is rejected by every male she has ever proposed to. She now chooses to have surgery in order to restart her life.

But as she goes to university, she finds that the responsibility of being a “beautiful lady” begins to weigh on her, and those who can see through her operation mock her and name her the “Gangnam cosmetic surgery monster.”

But one day she meets a lovely lad named Do Kyung-Seok, and this encounter proves beneficial to her because she begins to regain her self-esteem as a result of him. You’ll see how they fall in love because they’re both intertwined in each other’s lives.


best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Drama, Mature

Length: 110+ Chp

“Castle,” South Korea’s all-powerful crime group.

One man returns to Korea to bring down the absolute fortress known as “Castle.”

Kim Shin, the Korean-born Russian assassin known as “Amur Tiger.”

He returns to the criminal offense city of Hoe-Am in compliance with his mentor, Kang Min- Seong’s, dying will and testament.

Kim Shin and his companions risk their lives as they prepare for the last battle…

17)The World Is About Money and Power

world is money and power

Genre: Action, thriller, Slice of life

Length: 100+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Gunwoo Dahn who recently transferred to a new school because of a bad incident.

This school is completely different than his previous school- gambling is a common thing, and students can also buy marks in order to score well in exams.

Gunwoo Dahn has resolved to turn upside down the existing quo at the chaotic high school where he recently transferred, where rich and powerful third-generation chaebol heirs rule and gambling is prevalent.

But the only question is- does Gunwoo has what it takes to stand against students and the corrupt system of the school.


best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Scool life, Action, Superpowers, Fantasy

Length: 259+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named John a weakling in the school where strong students with a high power level rule.

Nobody bothered to give any attention to John, who was simply a regular adolescent at a high school where the social elite possessed unimaginable skills and abilities.

But, unbeknownst to them, John has a dark past that threatens to destabilize the school’s entire social order – and much more. Fulfilling his destiny, however, will not be easy, since there are conflicts, foes, and deadly schemes at every corner and people with high authority will never want that a commoner took their authority and influence from them.

15)True Education

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 60+ Chp

 Have you ever considered what if there is no penalty at school regardless of what you do? How cool is that? No, that’s incorrect.

Consider the bullies in your school; they will never be penalized for their actions. The government has established new law in this manhwa that prohibits physical punishment of any pupil.

But our main protagonist Hwajin Na has different plans he is ready to beat these bullies before they step out of their limits.

Overall True Education is a great manhwa and as instead of a student the main protagonist of the story was a teacher which means it holds something different for you.

14)Desire Diary 

manhwa like lookism

Genre: Drama, School life

Length: 35+ Chp

A school life narrative of teens, each with their own desires. What a relief it would have been if we could only have our aspirations fulfilled. However, everything has a cost. You must take a risk in order to obtain something.

This wonderful webtoon is about high school teenagers who are willing to risk everything to achieve the desire they hold in their hearts, but the consequences could be dreadful. Do you guarantee happiness if your request is granted? This manhwa may change your mind.

13)The Devil’s Boy

best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Revenge, Supernatural

Length: 80 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Jungho he was bullied to the peak until one day when his prayers have listened to Mephistopheles, the archdevil.

Mephisto offers Jungho supernatural powers that will allow him to exact revenge on his tormentors in exchange for his soul. It’s an easy option for Jungho, who believes that there is nothing that can be worse than his current living nightmare.

But the thing he doesn’t realize is that stronger forces are at work and that he has been merely a piece in a much wider game being played by stronger forces in existence such as demons and exorcists.

12)Facelift Game

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi

Length: 76 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Yi Rong who was bullied by people around her because of her looks.

One day her life turns upside down and everything changes for her when by chance she downloads an app and later finds that this app could make her seem just like the edited picture.

Bue everything has a price to pay, right? same for her, If she wants to keep her excellent looks, she must perform some inhuman duties, and if she fails, she will pay a higher price. What awaits Yi Rong on this makeover road without a return?

11)Viral Hit

viral hit

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy

Length: 134+ Chp

Our primary character Hobin Yoo, a Scrawny High School student, launched a Newtube channel and began making money by defeating weaklings.

However, for various reasons, he began knocking off people who were stronger than him and made a lot of money.

But what is the source of his strength, and can he keep it all?

I know the reason, but I won’t tell you since it will ruin the tale, and I want you to enjoy this manhwa.


Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 50 Chp

Nam Ji-il the main protagonist of the story enrolled at a new high school that is well known because of the delinquents in that school. On the first day of school, he becomes the favorite target of the delinquents.

While suffering and fighting against chronic heart illness, his frail body is also subjected to assault and other forms of bullying; however, due to an unexpected event, his life is turned upside down…

9)Reawakened Man

Genre: Action, Reincarnation

Length: 98 Chp

The plot of the manhwa revolves around a man named Hwan Seok, the thing he hates most in his life is injustice. But this behavior of him cost him his life- He got killed one day while helping his neighbor from some thugs.

But for some reason after three days of his murder, he wakes up.

Seok is desperate to save Yerin with his newly found ability to be brought back to life after three days, but soon finds he’s become engaged in a conspiracy that’s deeper and more deadly than he could expect…

Overall this manhwa is a great read and if you are looking for a manhwa like lookism then you should definitely try this one out.


best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Drama, School life, Tragedy

Length: 90 Chp

We all know how bad thing bullying is but have you ever wondered can bullying kill someone, the answer is yes.

Kang Hu became accustomed to bullying, and one day, he died as a result of bullying, and because of this, his family was shattered into pieces.

After one year of Kang Hu’s death, his younger brother seeks revenge against the people who bullied him to the state that eventually he died.

To achieve his goal he enrolled at the same school in which his brother used to study with the sole purpose in his mind- to destroy the group of delinquents who bully students for their enjoyment.

A nice manhwa with a revenge story, and is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate a revenge story added to school life? I don’t believe so.



Genre: Action, School life

Length: 180 Chp

Supernova is the good manhwa that showcases the arduous and exhausting life of an average student. Regrettably, just like in every other school, our MC’s pal is targeted by bullies. He attends a school where the concept of strong and weak exists, if you are rich means you are strong but if you are poor then you are nothing more than a punching bad and laughing stone for these rich people who control the school.

The plot begins with the suicide of the MC’s friend. This occurrence ignites our hero’s passion. And there you have it! When a person has enough guts, the universe will assist them.


best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Psychological

Length: 387 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Dong Tae, a boy who had always been the favorite target of the bullies. 

Tae Bin, who used to sit next to him, is a very well-known face in the school. When he observes Dong Tae being bullied on a daily basis, he offers that he plays a game. That is not your typical game. It will prompt the gamer to resume his life with different settings.

After listening to him Dong Taw got excited to try something new in his life but he was unaware of how his decision to roll the dice will change his destiny.

5)The Breaker

best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts

Length: 70+ Chp

This manhwa’s plot revolves around a frugal young man named Shi-Woon Yi. He is routinely bullied by his classmates at school. One day, he comes across his school teacher’s fighting style and, in order to cure his bullying problem, he begs him to train him. However, becoming his pupil would not be easy because he is not a carefree person who will accept anybody as his student.

 He has his own rules for taking a disciple, and Shi-Woon Yi must now pass all of the exams set by Chun-Woo (English Teacher) in order towards becoming his disciple and learn master martial arts from him to give a lesson to the bullies.

The Breker is one of the school life manhwas I’ve ever read and if you recently had read Lookism and now want to read a manhwa like lookism then you should also go through this.

This manhwa may seem slow at first, but as you progress through the early chapters, you will find it more remarkable and captivating.

4)True Beauty

best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of life

Length: 210+ Chp

This manhwa’s plot revolves around Im Ju-Kyung. She was the target of her classmates they always tease her because she was ugly and had pimples all over her face. Cause of her appearance, she begins to acquire the art of makeup and learns it within a few days.

She believes that her life will alter as her family relocates to her hometown. She enrolls in a new school in her hometown, and on the first day, she modifies her appearance with the help of makeup in the hope that if she doesn’t look unattractive, she will be able to meet new friends and will not have to experience bullying again.

However, by wearing these cosmetics, she is exacerbating her inferiority mentality about her appearance. In that school, she meets two lads who are regarded as the most attractive boys in the school, and she develops an odd friendship with them.

Just like Lookism, the main protagonist of True Beauty always gets bullied by her classmates because of her looks, so if you want to go through a manhwa like Lookism then you pick this one and read chapters one by one. There is also a drama available for this one by the same name so you can also watch the drama if you want to.

3)Greatest Outcast

Genre: Action, Drama, School life, Supernatural

Length: 69 Chp

Most outcasts are shunned because they are different in appearance, speech, or lifestyle. However, not everyone. And not every prior misfit becomes a vengeance machine.

After witnessing a tragic occurrence involving a buddy, Kang Haneul tries to get revenge using a skill he had never idea existed.

2)Weak Hero

best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 190+ Chp

This manhwa’s plot is set in a universe where schools are ruled by delinquents, and if you’re strong enough, you can beat everyone and even spit in the face of a weak pupil, weak students are nothing more than a punching bag for the students with strength.

Gray is one of the students among all of them. He gets transferred to a new school, and bullies make him their target due to his frail appearance. But they chose the wrong guy to bully this time, as Gray not only beats them, but crushes them, and you can see the terror in their eyes. Regardless of the fact that he has a very weak appearance, he becomes popular among the students even amongst the students of the different schools, and is given the moniker “white mamba.”

With a great story that focuses on bullying that is very common in South Korean schools, Weak Hero is a great manhwa like Lookism.

1)Mercenary Enrollment

best manhwa like lookism

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 84+ Chp

Ijin Yu lost his mother and father in an aircraft crash when he was eight years old, leaving him stranded in a foreign nation and forced to become a child mercenary in order to survive in the foreign land.

He goes home ten years later to be united with his family in Korea, where food and shelter abound and all appears to be well.

But Ijin will soon discover that surviving as a teenager is an entirely different challenge. With only one year of high school left, Ijin must learn new strategies to navigate the schoolhouse battlefield. Can he make it through a year of high school? Or, more specifically, is the school strong enough to withstand him?

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With this, I end the list of the best manhwa-like Lookism. If you thought we have forgotten your favorite manhwa like lookism then you can share them with us through the comment section, we always appreciate your suggestions.

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