20+ Best Manhwa like Tower Of God

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best manhwa like tower of god

Tower Of God is one the best manhwa out there with great art and plot. Because of its popularity, Tower Of God also gets an anime adaptation by the same name.

If you had already read this and looking for the same manhwa, then you find the right place. I am sure your search will end here.

To serve you right, in this article we have put together a list of best manhwa like the Tower Of God.

Without any further hindrance, let’s dive into this journey.

21.Psyren (Manga) 


Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Romance

Length: 145 Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on Ageha Yoshina, a self-confident boy who likes to help each other, sorry you can’t say like to help each other because he charges them in return for helping them.

One day while he is going back home from his work, he discovers a strange card on the road imprinted “Psyren” on the backside of the card.

He decides to keep the card with him without thinking of the consequences. The next day of picking up the card, he finds the same card is also possessed by his female friend, Sakurako Amamiya.

When he asked her about the card, she said he must have to save her.

When he finds that Sakurako Amamiya is missing, he decides to call the number given on the calling card. After that, he finds himself in a strange world named Psyren.

In order to return home, he must have to grow stronger by killing monsters and grow stronger due to a mysterious substance that flows through Psyren.

Will he be able to kill monsters and return back to his home? , let’s find out.


Best manhwa like Tower Of God

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy.

Length: 850+ Chp

This manhwa revolves around a boy named Luo Zheng. He was born as the eldest son of the wealthy but due to the declining wealth and influence of his family, his sister gets kidnapped by a terrifying force.

Now Luo Zheng is nothing but a stepping stone for others who in past didn’t even have a chance against him.

But the saying goes, mastering a skill can solve your problem same here martial arts will lead him to again stand at the top of the world.

As he finds a book of divine technique that is left by his father by mastering the techniques, mentioned in that book you can gain immense strength.

Luo Zheng embarks on the journey to becoming powerful than any other and saving his sister from that powerful force.

19.The Gamer

The Gamer

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, School life

Length: 390+ Chp

The Gamer is illustrated by Sangah and focuses on Han Jee-Han (Hanjihan). He is an ordinary high schooler but not anymore as one day he finds that he gained a strange skill by which he started to view his surrounding as a game.

Before gaining this power, he has no motivation in his life like any high schooler, but as he comes across other students who possessed the same ability as him. He began to see the world from a new perspective and want to change his life.

He embarks on the journey to level up by gaining new skills. For acquiring new skills, he has to complete the quest given to him by the system.

The Gamer is nevertheless one of the best manhwas out there with great features and storyline. At the start, you might find the art of the manhwa bad but believe me as you go through with chapters one by one, you will find this manhwa more interesting.

18.Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural, Comedy

Length: 305+ Chp

Manhwa Storyline- The plot of this manhwa is pretty simple which focuses on a boy named Ethan, who is also known as the hardcore leveling warrior. He is the best player in the biggest game in the entire world, Lucid Adventure.

For him, this game is very easy as he is the most powerful player in the game but one day when killed by someone in that game, his level from 99 returned to 1.

Now in order to become strong again, he is ready to do anything. As he tries to reclaim what was once his, he will be followed by new friends and old foes, as well as enigmatic forces and his own dark past.

Will, he again be able to stand at the top and become the No 1 player in that game? , let’s find out. 

If you want to see some great fights, then this manhwa must be on your watchlist as the fight scenes in this manhwa are top-class, and you will definitely love them.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Tragedy

Length: 104 Chp

The plot of this manhwa is set up in a world where every child is born under a god. Some gods are stronger, and some gods are weaker than others. The child who is born under a weak god is just a laughing stock for everyone and is not allowed to attend high school. They have to do any job just after completing middle school.

In between all of that, this manhwa is about a young boy whose life is turned upside down after receiving a gift from a guardian god.

With his newly found gift, will he be able to change his life for good? , let’s find out.

The plot runs smoothly from the beginning to the middle chapters, and despite the author’s hints, you won’t be able to predict what will happen next. Later on, the actual beauty of the manhwa emerges, and we determine that this is not only one of the best manhwa but also the best on the list, like the Tower of God.

16.Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x hunter

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural

Length: 390 Chp (On Haitus)

Manga Storyline – The story of this manga is set up in a world where Hunter is allowed to do any task an ordinary person is not allowed to do such as killing monsters, searching for treasure, and going to the most dangerous place on the planet earth( maybe outside the plane but I don’t see them trying to go outside of the earth).

Our main protagonist is a 12-year-old boy, Gon Freeces. He leaves his Island in order to become a hunter so that he can find his father. His father was also a hunter who abandoned him at a very young age.

On the way to becoming a hunter, he finds that achieving his goal will not be that easy as he has to survive the large numbers of life and death situations.

Everything about Hunter x Hunter is great. Battles in this manga are top-tier, and while reading chapters, you will find yourself emerging in this manga. The only word that comes out of my mouth for this manga is fabulous.

15.City of Dead Sorcerer

Best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural

Length: 225+ Chp

In the year 2014, a strange substance SDE01 also known as Mana was discovered by a group of scientists. Human civilization is experimenting continuously to find how to use this unlimited source of power to its full extent.

After 16 of discovery, the new age of magic finally begins. Anyone can cast different magic skills just by downloading an app on your mobile, cool right?

However, there are severe limitations on the spells that can be used, and the documentation required to even utilize high-level magic spells is astronomic.

Even after the limitation of using high-level spells, a man dressed in an enigmatic crimson red trave around slaying evildoers with forbidden magic spells. On the side, a talented detective named Kim trying everything in his hand to catch him with his genius brain.

The City of Dead Sorcerer is an amazing manhwa and if you are into Tower of god you will definitely going to love it. The art and storyline of this manhwa are very good.

14.The Breaker

The breaker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Martial Arts, School Life, Seinen

Length: 70+ Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on a frugal boy named Shi-Woon Yi. He gets bullied frequently in his school by his classmates.

One day he encounters his school teacher’s fighting style and to solve his bullying problem, he asks him to train him but becoming his disciple will not be that easy because he is not an easy-going person who will take any person as his disciple.

He has his own rule to take a disciple, and now Shi-Woon Yi has to go through all the tests given by Chun-Woo( English Teacher ) to become his disciple and master martial arts.

Will he be able to prove himself worthy of being trained and entering the realm of Martial Arts via his sheer tenacity and perseverance? , let’s find out.

The breaker is one of the best school life manhwa similar to the Tower Of God, just like Tower of God, fighting scenes and the storyline of this manhwa is top-tier.

At the start, you might find this manhwa slow going but with time when you go through early chapters, you will find this manhwa more amazing and engaging.

13. Red Storm

Red storm

Genre: Action, Aventure, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural

Length: 388 Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on the adventurous life of a boy named  Yulian Provoke. He is the Young Chieftain of Pareia Tribe. 

Yulian wants to be the most powerful warrior in the Red Desert. Red Desert is the name of the location, which serves as a barrier between the Eastern and Western continents.

One day he discovers a mysterious man in the desert and decided to take him to his village. One thing he doesn’t know is that this man is from a different dimension and he possessed powers that are beyond the exception of Yulian.

That man later becomes his teacher and teaches him a unique fighting skill. As the tale progresses, the webtoon reveals Yulian’s objective of forming a “Red Storm” squad of warriors capable of solving any situation.

The story of this manhwa is similar to Tower Of God as both foci on a great fight alongside underlying politics involved.

Overall, This manhwa is a must-read for you if you are into Tower Of God, unlike another manhwa in which you get bored midway as there is no surprise. You will find that this manhwa will engage you from the bottom of your heart and will give you the same level of excitement and thrill similar to what you get while reading Tower Of God.

12. Versatile Mage

Versatile mage

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic

Length: 800+ Chp

The story of this manhwa revolves around Mo Fan. He is a mediocre boy with no ambition in his life. He used to live in a middle-class family with a hardworking father who was earning only enough to feed his family. 

His life completely change when one day woke up in a totally different world. This world is filled with mages and schools that teach magic, and the monsters who make humans their prey.

His scientific advance world now has changed into the magic advanced world suddenly, but many things still didn’t change like his neighbors, his family’s financial condition, and his innocent sister who can’t walk.

Mo Fan wants to master the magic arts and have a better life in this new realm now that he get a chance to change his life. But first, he needs to improve his terrible academic performance.

11. The god Of high School

god of the highschool

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural,

Length: 526 Chp

The story of this manhwa starts with a tournament named “The God Of The Highschool”. The main purpose of this tournament is to find the 3 best fighter among all high school students in Korea and send them to the international tournament. As a winning prize, one wish of the winner will be fulfilled no matter what they wish.

Our main protagonist of this manhwa, Jin-Mori also gets an invitation to this tournament. Without any second thought, he accepts the invitation to the tournament, as he wants to prove that he is the best fighter.

 As the tournament progresses, he meets a variety of fighters, each with their own fighting style. 

Apart from martial arts, players battle utilizing “Borrowed Power,” mystical energy bestowed by supernatural entities such as gods, demons, and mythical creatures.

In the early round, he also befriends a Swordswomen named Yoo Mira and a Full-Contact Karate expert named Han Daewi.

Will he be able to become the best fighter between all of the things going around him? let’s find out.

10. Soul Cartel 

Best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 226 Chp 

The story of this manhwa revolves around a boy named Si-hun Cha who possessed the ability to see spirits since his births. Si-hun Cha has lost both of his parents and living with his sister, his sister has the responsibility to take care of him.

Despite, coming from the family of exorcist Si-hun Cha doesn’t possess any spiritual abilities asides from his ability to see the spirits of the dead, and because he is only able to help his sister in catching a weak ghost.

The life of Si-hun Cha turns upside down when one day he encounters a powerful underworld named Mephisto who comes to this world in order to search and defeat Fraust. Mephisto teel him that he has to teach him about the human world and if tries to run, Mephisto will kill him, so Si-hun Cha doesn’t leave with any other choice instead of helping him.

If you are into the manhwa with fantasy genre alongside action then this will be a good choice for you, and you can complete this in one sitting as is already complete great right?   


best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

Length: 500+ Chp

The story of this manhwa is set in a world where human lives under gods who possessed immense strength named Sura. In between all of this, a girl named Kubera( name of one of the gods) was born. She is a prophecy child whose destiny points out that she will become the reason for the change of the world.

Despite that, she is from a very small village still Kubera hones her skill and time to become strong until one day when she comes back to her village she finds that her peaceful village was burnt by some high-ranking Suras burnt her village.

After watching all of this she feels devastated as it will be impossible for her to avenge them on her own. But she gets some hope when a mysterious yet elite magician named Asha promises to aid her. 

Together they embark on a journey to find the answer to how can they get their revenge?

Will Kubera succeed in getting her revenge against Sura? , let’s find out.

This manhwa will prove to be a great one if you are into something like Tower Of God, even it is rare to find a manhwa with a female protagonist, and even more than that she wants revenge, awesomeness on its highest level so why wait to go and try this one out.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 230+ Chp

The story of this manhwa is set up in a world where people with strong people rule over the world and weak people are nothing more than a toy for them ( Well, the real world is not different than this ).

John our main protagonist is a weakling who studied in Wellston High along with ability users and elites.

Everyone around him use to bully him but the thing they don’t know is that John has his own secret which can turn down their social system.

Want to know what his secret is? pretty simple just visit the webtoon and start reading this, some things in this world are not that difficult as they seem.

Like Bam of the Tower Of God, John has a secret power that no one knows about. The art of this manhwa is pretty amazing, not to forget about the storyline as the storyline line of this manhwa is very addictive.

7.Black Haze

Black haze

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, School life, Tragedy

Length: 228+ Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on a boy named Rood Chrishi. Chrishi is also known as Blow and he is one the strongest and youngest magicians in the world. Despite his rank, though, his organization’s chief has only given him fairly routine tasks.

His life takes a huge turn when he was sent to Helias, a magical school to solve the mystery of a child labeled as a monster. Chrishi has to go there as an undercover agent because he is not allowed to reveal his identity.

But things don’t go as planned, and he ends himself uncovering some of the magic school’s darkest secrets.

The art of the manhwa is great with a good pace in the storyline. You definitely will not get bored while reading this, as it is filled with many twists that are more than enough to entertain you and keep you engaged throughout the story.

6.Dice-The Cube That Changes Everything

Best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Drama, Psychology, Romance, Slice of Life, School life

Length: 388 Chp

The story of this manhwa revolves around a boy named Dong-tae. He is an unlucky boy who has problems with almost everything, including a girl he can’t get or doesn’t want to embarrass. He despises his life for reasons such as his appearance, grades, and even being bullied.

But one day everything changes when a transfer student Taebin sits next to him and asks to give a try in a game ( blue cube he always carries with him). After playing with it Dong-tae release that it is not a simple cube as it allows one to improve their attributes in the same way that a video game does.

What his new fate will led his life into? , let’s find out.

The story of this manhwa is similar to the Tower Of God in many aspects as, like the Tower of God, this manhwa provides a novel rating system for determining character skills.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 543 Chp

Our main protagonist Rai is a noble from Lukedonia, also known as Noblesse because of his immense powers. Finally, he wakes up from his 820 years of sleep ( even our god of destruction, beerus slept only for 39 years).

Now that he sleeps for such a long time it is obvious that he doesn’t know this new technologically advanced world even a little bit. But lucky for him as he runs into his old loyal servant Frankenstein( wow servant live for more than 800 years) who now runs a school. After his encounter with Frankenstein, he enrolled in the school which is now run by Frankenstein.

In that school, he makes new friends, athletic teenager Shinwoo, computer geek Ikhan, and Shinwoo’s crush Yuna, and a few others.

He wants to live a normal life but it will not be gonna that easy, as an organization named ” Union” is trying to rule over the world with its highly advanced technology.

In the battle between advanced technology and supernatural power, which one do you think will one?

The art and storyline of this manhwa are great and for me, Noblesse is one of the best manhwas I have ever read.

Warning: Don’t think of watching the anime adaptation as they destroy the real feel of the manhwa in the anime, I am saying this after experiencing both of them.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Martial Arts

Length: 233 Chp

This story is about a young man Gang Ryong.  One day he gets news that his master is killed by a person and the one who killed him is none other than one of his underlings. He made a promise to himself that he will not leave any betrayer alive who has killed his master. But he feels devastated when he finds that none of the murderers is alive.

Now that he has no goal and ambition in life he decides to become a delivery boy. But will he be able to live as he wanted with involved in any battle? , let’s find out.

At the initial stage, you might find this manhwa with slow pacing and no character development. But when you go through some initial chapters, you will find this manhwa addictive enough to keep you engaged. 

The arts of this manhwa is might not be that good as another manhwa mentioned in this list but despite that, the storyline and fight scenes in this manhwa are something that you must look forward to.

3.Solo Leveling

Solo leveling

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural,

Length: 175+ Chp

I know that you have already read this one or might be at least heard of Solo Leveling and still you haven’t heard about Solo Leveling, you don’t have to worry because that’s we are here for you, so let’s explain a bit.

The story of solo leveling is set up in a world where magical abilities and power are everything our main protagonist is a weakling without any great power. He was also known as the world’s weakest hunter.

But one day everything change, while he was on a dungeon raid along with his team members they have to fight an unexpected monster in that dungeon, due to which almost all of his team members died and the remaining one leave him in that dungeon alone. But luckily instead of heaven, the next day when he opens his eyes he finds himself in a hospital bed.

His life is not gonna be the same anymore, as after that incident he finds that he gained a unique skill by which he can level up faster than anyone just by completing the mission given by the system.

I don’t think that I should give you a reason for reading this, because the name Solo Leveling is enough on its own.

But still, if you want some more specifications about this manhwa, all I can say is, just go and read. Why need any more reason to read something amazing.

2.Leveling With The God

best manhwa like tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Fantasy

Length: 35+ Chp

Want reincarnation with the tower system, here it is.

The story of this manhwa revolves around Kim YuWon, even after continuous fighting he finds nothing but despair as he and all of his comrades are inner and lost by outers, the most powerful people in the tower.

At the last moment of his life, he gets a second chance and goes back to the time where it was all started, yes the second chance is not free, he gets this by the sacrifice of his comrades. 

This time he made a promise with himself that he will become the strongest person in that tower and will defeat all the outers none of his comrades will die this time.

Can he succeed in his mission and defeat all the outers? , let’s find out.

The art and the storyline of this manhwa are top-class and if you are into Tower Of God and want the same thrill that you get while reading it, then you must try this one out.

1.Second Life Ranker

second life ranker

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 100+ Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on Yeon-Woo Cha. he has a younger brother who had been disappeared 5 years ago and he was devastated when he finds the belonging of his brother, in that he finds the pocket watch of his brother, when he opens the pocket watch he finds that his brother was betrayed by his comrades while climbing the Tower of the Sun God.

Now he decides to climb the tower on his own along with his brother dairy in order to avenge his brother’s death.

Because of the story of revenge with the tower system, I think it is the best manhwa similar to the Tower Of God.

Can he succeed in avenging his brother’s death and killing all the betrayers? , let’s find out.

With this, our list of the best manhwa-like Tower Of God comes to its end. I hope you liked it, and if you have any opinions you can share them with us in the comment section, we’ll appreciate your work.

Don’t forget to share this article with your fellow manhwa/manga reader friends, so that they can also be amazing manhwa just like you.

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