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best yuri anime

If you’re familiar with the anime genre, you’ve probably heard the name Yuri, so I think you probably know what it implies. LGBT shows and characters have been featured in the anime industry for decades.

The core plot of Yuri anime does not include homosexuality. It just features a minor element of lesbian relationships as part of a wider plot. So if you want to watch something different but also good to watch at the same time which is totally against your beliefs then you should definitely check out our list of best yuri anime ever made.



Genre: Drama, School, Girls Love

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.48

The story of Citrus focuses on Yuzu Aihara, a trendy, lively, and fun-loving city girl. After her mother’s remarriage to another man, she has to transfer to a new school. For her, it is a great opportunity to make new friends, fall in love but Yuzu, who is more concerned with boys and shopping than with schoolwork, struggles to fit in at the conservative all-girls school and frequent conflicts with the student council, particularly Mei Aihara, the hard-working, gorgeous president.

Feeling exhausted after her first day when she reaches her house, she was in deep shock as Mei turns out to be her stepsister Though Yuzu tries to be cordial with her at first, Mei’s cold shoulder habit drives Yuzu to start taunting her.

In the initial episodes, you might not find many yuri scenes but, when the story starts taking lead you will get to see a good amount of sweet and romance sequences in this yuri anime.

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Genre: Drama, Girls Love, Romance, Supernatural

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.83

Yuri anime with emotional endings are not uncommon, but what distinguishes this series is its plot. Chikane and Himeko are two high school students in Mahoroba’s Ototachibana Academy. They are said to be reincarnations of the sun and lunar Mikos.

Himeko is shy and unassailable, whereas Chikane is confident and elegant. Despite this, they adore each other, and nothing, no matter how hard they try, can separate them.

When their ancient foe, the Orochi rises, resurfaces, the girls’ long-sleeved identities reawaken to defend the world. The Orochi awakens on October 1st, Himeko and Chikane’s shared birthday.

The first few episodes are entirely devoted to developing the cute romance between Chikane and Himaeko. Later on, it concentrates on both action and romance, allowing you to see an action-packed yuri anime.

Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

Genre: Drama, Girls Love, Romance, Psychological

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.83

Based on a manga written and illustrated by Tomiyaki, the story of the Happy Sugar life focuses on Satou Matsuzaka. Satou Matsuzaka is a gorgeous high school girl with a reputation for being open to males. One day she encounters a girl named Shio Koube, and that encounter makes her find the meaning of true love.

Satou, who appears to live with her aunt, secretly lives with Shio in an apartment. Despite her innocent demeanor, Satou is willing to go to any length to protect her beloved, even if it means going to extreme measures to ensure that their “happy sugar existence” is preserved even if they have to kill someone.

I enjoyed how this anime was able to depict the characters’ mental diseases in such a clear and sharp way that horrified you while also making you comprehend all of these nightmare visions viewed from the person who has them and suffers from them.

Happy Sugar Life is a wonderful yuri anime with psychological thrilling sequences.

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Girls Love, Ecchi

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.07

The story of Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid focuses on a 16-year-old girl named Mamori Tokonome, who was used to being harassed at school because of his terrible surname, which can alternatively be read as “virgin.” Mamori, on the other hand, will soon have to get used to being teased in new ways…

Mamori is kidnapped during an exercise class and when she woke up she finds herself stranded and under attack on the exotic island of Mermaid. Mirei Shikishima, an enigmatic fellow castaway, understands precisely how to take the lead—with a passionate kiss, Mirei unleashes Mamori’s Exter metamorphosis skills, transforming the innocent redhead into a battle-ready cutlass through the power of desire.

Some of the interesting things you’ll discover while they sexually stimulate to gain the powers. As a result, there’s always enough room for overpowering nudity in this superb yuri anime. So if you are looking for a yuri anime- you can try this one out.

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Hello! Kiniro Mosaic

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, School

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.51

The story of the anime revolves around a Japanese girl named Shinobu Omiya, who did a homestay in England with a girl named Alice Cartelet five years ago.

Shinobu one day receives a letter from Alice stating that she is coming to Japan and will live with her. Alice eventually comes and joins Shinobu and her classmates Aya Komichi and Yoko Inokuma at her school. Karen Kujo, Alice’s English acquaintance, afterward follows her.

Although learning other languages remains a passion for Shinobu and her pals, the new school year offers unanticipated challenges. Not only is there constantly something new and interesting to divert their attention away from their schoolwork but Alice and Yoko are also struggling to acclimate to being in a different class than Shinobu and Aya.

Sakura Trick

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Girls love

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.99

The story of the anime revolves around Haruka Takayama and Yū Sonoda were inseparable during middle school, and plan to attend Misato West High School.

Despite being assigned to the same class, a terrible twist of destiny sees them sitting on two extremes of the classroom! Worse, their school will close in three years, making them the final intake of first-year pupils. Undaunted by this sad series of circumstances, Haruka is determined to stay with Yuu and make many lovely moments with her at all costs.

Due to the fact that they must spend time with new people, the two decide to make their relationship deeper by secretly kissing each other.

The anime may not have ended satisfactorily, but it was excellent in telling the simple and lovely love story of Haruka and Yuu. As a result, it is regarded as one of the best yuri anime available.

Riddle Story of The Devil

Riddle Story of The Devil

Genre: Action, Girls Love, School 

length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 6.62

The story of Riddle Story of The Devil revolves around an assassin named Tokaku Azuma who has recently transferred to Myoujou Academy, a prestigious private girls’ boarding school.

Many of her enrolled classmates, like her, have only one goal: to kill a fellow student named Haru Ichinose, and the one who succeeds in killing her will be able to fulfill her one wish, regardless of the complexity or cost and if they fail they will be expelled.

Despite the great prize, Tokaku decides to pursue a different path. Despite the fact that Haru is her target, the female assassin is drawn to the exact girl she is intended to kill. Tokaku refuses to let Haru die despite the fact that the entire class is out for her, pledging to defend her from a mounting bloodlust.

It’s more of an action-packed yuri anime with sequences of thrill. If you enjoy hardcore yuri scenes, I recommend you watch this yuri anime.

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Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan

Genre: Fantasy, Yuri, Slice of life

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.52

The story of Konohana Kitan revolves around Yuzu, A joyful fox girl who begins her first work as an attendant at Konohanatei, a historic hot springs inn. Despite Yuzu’s lack of prior experience working at such a prestigious facility, Kiri, the pleasant and dependable head attendant, immediately puts her to work learning the fundamentals.

While Yuzu’s eagerness proves to be much of a nuisance than a benefit at first, her lighthearted temperament adds a particular charm to the inn, as both customers and her coworkers quickly grow up to her clumsy but well-meaning blunders.

This anime’s plot is filled with a wide range of emotions. Happiness, humor, sadness…there are so many uplifting lessons to be learned. You can’t help but wish for more, making this a worthy yuri anime to be included in the list of the best yuri anime.

Sweet Blue Flowers

best yuri anime

Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Yuri

length: 11 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.12

The story of Sweet Blue Flowers revolves around Manjoume Fumi who has returned to her birthplace of Kamakura after ten years away, leaving her childhood buddy Akira Okudaira behind.

With her arrival, the two’s old acquaintance is soon rekindled, with the two building up a closer friendship than they ever had in high school.

As soon as Fumi arrives at school, popular senior Yasuko Sugimoto recognizes her and impresses her more than any other underclassman. Fumi must discover out who she is as a person instead of standing in someone else’s shadow after running to Akira for aid so many times. That doesn’t stop Akira from wishing her friendship with Fumi could be restored.

Aoi Hana’s animation was very stunning, with the backgrounds and visual style being among the most enjoyable to look at in the recent decade, making it one of the best yuri anime to watch.

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best yuri anime

Genre: Comedy Drama, Yuri, Action

Length: 26 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.43

The story of Mai-Hime revolves around a girl named Mai Tokiha, an apparently regular high school girl who has lately gone to the renowned Fuuka Academy with her younger brother, Takumi.

The exclusive Fuuka Academy is riddled with mystery affecting both students and faculty. When they arrive at the Academy, Mai discovers that she is tied to a Child, a part-spiritual, part-mechanical monster that can only be called and controlled by HiME-marked girls.

Mai discovers that she is one of twelve females with the aforementioned mark and that she must use their abilities to defend everyone from Orphans, hideous monsters with abilities akin to the HiME’s Children.

In the first half of the anime, you might not enjoy the anime that much but when the story starts taking the lead you will forget about the first half and will only want to focus on what is happening now. Stroy is well-produced and character development is quite good, so, if you are looking for an action-packed yuri anime then you should not miss this one.

Adachi and Shimamura

Adachi and Shimamura

Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Girls Love

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.12

The story of Adachi and Shimamura follows Sakura Adachi, a first-year high school student who one day skip a class sits upstairs in the school gym to pass the time and distract herself. There she encounters Hougetsu Shimamura, a girl who is also skipping class like her.

Their feeling for one another become increasingly murky as they develop a budding friendship. Growing closer by the day, the two must learn to negotiate their opposing personalities while also determining the extent of their love for each other.

Things got complicated as the nature of this relationship gradually shifts when one of them starts to develop feelings beyond the boundaries of a platonic relationship. They must realize if creating a tie stronger than friendship will bring them closer together or rip them away.

Adachi to Shimamura is a light-hearted, relaxing yuri anime out there you can binge-watch without getting bored.

Ms. Vampire Who lives in my neighborhood

Best yuri anime

Genre: Supernatural, Comedy, Girls Love, Drama

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.09

There are rumors about an ageless girl who lives in a mansion in the middle of the forest and only comes out at night. Some people believe she is an alive doll with a soul. After hearing these reports a girl named, Akari Amano determined to find this girl, only to become lost as she wanders through the woods in the dark.

Sophie Twilight, a vampire, saves her and reveals herself to be the girl Amano is searching for. Sophie, unlike the mythical vampires, does not assault humans and instead orders her blood online. Akari is immediately taken with her doll-like appearance and decides to move in with her, thus beginning their life together.

If you want to watch a yuri anime that can bring you laughter and help you to relax then I suggest you go and watch this anime.

Strawberry Panic

best yuri anime

Genre: Drama, Yuri, Romance, School life

length: 26 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.29

The story of Strawberry Panic follows a girl named Nagisa Aoi, who begins her new academic year as a transfer student at St. Miator’s Girls Academy, one of three exclusive all-girls schools atop Astraea Hill. Nagisa gets lost on her first day and that led her to meets a strange student whose elegance and charm are so alluring that she ends up in the infirmary.

Tamao Suzumi, Nagisa’s roommate, greets her when she awakens and eagerly exposes Nagisa to college life and social structure.

Tamao, in particular, reminds her of the presence of one excellent student representative from each of the three schools—the Etoile, or “star.” Nagisa is eager to meet this person when she discovers that the ethereal beauty she met earlier, Shizuma Hanazono, is the one and only Etoile herself.

It depicts love, school politics, heartbreaks, treachery, romance, and who knows what else through its various characters. As a result, it is a full-packaged yuri anime.


best yuri anime

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, Girls love

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.58

After a year in elementary school without her childhood pals, first-year student Akari Akaza is reunited with second-year students Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou at their all-girls middle school.

Yui and Kyouko founded the “Amusement Club” during their first year, which now occupies the now-defunct Tea Club’s room. Shortly after Akari joined, one among her colleagues, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, comes to visit the trio, mistaking them for the Tea Club.

Some parts are just too stupid but it just makes things funnier, I think this is supposed to be the life of normal middle school teenagers but their life is just too awesome, the inside jokes are funny as well as the punch lines, the incest might be a little too much for me but I guess it’s a somewhat funny yuri anime.

WATATEN!: an Angel Flew Down to Me

best yuri anime

Genre: Yuri anime, Comedy, Slice of life

Length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.32

The story of the anime revolves around a college student named Miyako Hoshino who finds it hard for her to interact with strangers.

She spends most of her time in her room creating cosplay clothes. When Miyako’s younger sister Hinata brings home one of her classmates named Hana Shirosaki, she is captivated by her charms and begins having her dress up in cosplay in exchange for snacks.

Miyako tries many tactics, such as forcing Hana to wear cosplay costumes and offering her chocolates. Hana initially has a negative image of Miyako, but Miyako will go to any measure to become closer to the angel that has descended before her.

Overall, WATATEN! : an Angel Flew Down to Me is a humorous yuri anime that English fans will most certainly love. The characters are intriguing and well-developed.

Yuri Bear Storm

best yuri anime

Genre: Girls Love, Psychological, Fantasy, Drama

length: 12 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.05

Based on a manga by the same name written by Kunihiko Ikuhara, the story Yuri Bear Storm revolves around a girl named Kureha Tsubaki.

Humans and anthropomorphic bears coexisted in the past. However, a meteor shower that fell on Earth had an odd impact on bears all around the world: they turned savage and eager for human flesh, sparking an eternal circle of slaughter in which bear ate man and man shot bear, forgetting the vibrant friendship they previously shared. The “Wall of Severance” was thus constructed in order to keep the peace between the two civilizations.

Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki, two bears, sneak past the Wall of Severance and disguise themselves as humans, enrolling at the elite Arashigaoka Academy and falling in love with Kureha Tsubaki, a human girl who despises bears after her mother was slaughtered and eaten by one.

Yuri Bear Storm is a fantastic yuri anime that you should give a chance to wrap you and allow you to enjoy it fully.

Whispered Words

best yuri anime

Genre: Comedy, Girls Love, Romance, School

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.07

The story of the anime revolves around Murasame Sumika, a high school girl who is in love with her female best friend Ushio Kazama but doesn’t have the courage to reveal her feelings because Ushio exclusively prefers “cute” and “little” ladies, whereas Sumika is tall and athletic. Ushio also enjoys the love between girls as well, but she hasn’t detected Sumika’s feelings and has always been rejected by other girls.

Later in the anime, Ushio and Sumika ran into Tomoe and Miyako, the two females they saw kissing when they returned to class. They’re a lesbian pair, it turns out. Tomoe wants to start a girl club where only girls can join. Sumika and Ushio later joined the group.

Whispered Words is a beautiful yuri anime with a well-developed plot and characters and if you have a special liking for yuri anime then you should try this one out.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

best yuri anime

Genre: Action, Girls Love, Horror, Supernatural

Length: 6 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.29

Many people would like to be immortal. But would it be such a prized skill if people knew they’d be subjected to a slew of attacks as a result of it? This is the case for Rin Asougi, an immortal private investigator because there are several people who want her to be dead. Thus she has encountered numerous terrible ends over the centuries, but she always returns to life as everything is normal and nothing has happened to her.

In 1990, while seeking a missing cat, Rin encounters Kouki Maeno, a gentleman who believes his memories are inaccurate. Rin agrees to help him and soon finds that Kouki is not who he appears to be, leading her closer to her true adversary.

Mnemosyne has a lot of sex and violence; nevertheless, for people who don’t mind that type of thing in general, there is a lot more to learn than meets the eye, so, it is full packaged yuri anime for you.

Revolutionary Girl Utena

best yuri anime

Genre: Yuri, Psychological, Fantasy

Length: 39 Ep

MAL Rating: 8.18

Utena Tenjou pledged to become a prince after meeting a visiting prince who consoled her after her parent’s deaths. The prince only left Utena with a ring with an unusual rose crest and a promise to meet him again someday.

Utena attends Ootori Academy a few years later, where she is dragged into a perilous game. Duelists with matching rings compete for a one-of-a-kind prize: the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, and her enigmatic powers. When Utena defeats Anthy in a duel, she understands that the only way to free Anthy and discover the secrets of Ootori Academy is for her to transform the world.

This anime is one of the best yuri anime I have ever seen and I highly recommend you watch this if you still haven’t.

Bloom Into You

best yuri anime

Genre: Yuri, Romance, School

Length: 13 Ep

MAL Rating: 7.91

Yuu Koito has always been attracted by loving shoujo manga and love song lyrics. She sits quietly for the wings of love to emerge and sends her heart racing on the day she ultimately receives a confession. Nevertheless, when her junior high friend proclaims his love for her at their graduation, she feels unexpectedly hollow. The reality dawns on her: she understands the concept of romanticism, but she is unable to experience it herself.

When she enrolled in high school, her befuddled and disheartened, is still pondering how to respond to her suitor. There, she comes across an apparently immaculate student council president, Touko Nanami, who is maturely rejecting her own revelation.

I enjoy this anime and consider it to be one of my favorites yuri anime, but I can’t help but think that if Nanami were a boy, it would be a very different anime for a variety of reasons. Even if you’re not a fan of yuri anime, you’ll like this one. At the very least, this one will be appealing to you, therefore I suggest adding it to your watchlist.

With this, I end the list of best yuri anime. I hope you appreciate the yuri anime recommended on the list; if think we have forgotten about your favorite girls love anime, please share them with us in the comments area; we always welcome your feedback.


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