25 Best Manhwa Like Weak Hero (Recommendation)

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best school life manhwa

Hello there, my little munchkins! I’m back with another amazing blog post for you! Today, we’ll talk about some of the best manhwas like Weak Hero. They’re all incredibly inspiring and have intriguing plots. Keep reading if you’ve already read Weak Hero and are looking for more manhwa like it! and I guarantee that you will find a manhwa that you will enjoy reading.



Genre: School life, Drama, Action

Length: 75+ Chp

The main protagonist of the manhwa becomes dissatisfied with his life and loses hope that it will improve in the future, and he eventually decides to end his life by committing suicide. But just as he was about to commit himself, a stranger appeared out of nowhere and saved his life.

But who knows, the one who saves his life may turn out to be his biggest enemy?

At the start of the manhwa, you might find it slow, but it is worth sticking with it as with the time, the quality of action scenes and the storyline will increase, and you will definitely enjoy reading pounding.

24)High School Devil

High School Devil

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 160+ Chp

Our main protagonist’s nickname is “High School Devil,” and after his mother dies, he decides to start a new life in a new school under a different name, but his life will not be simple because gang members from his previous school are still interfering with his life when he doesn’t want them to.

How will he deal with them and begin a new life? or will he drop his idea to live a peaceful life and again start to live a life he wants to leave behind

The action scenes in this manhwa remind me of Weak Hero that’s why I mention this manhwa in the list of best manhwa like Weak Hero.



Genre: Action, Drama, Mature

Length: 110+ Chp

Castle is the name of the Korean crime group.

One courageous man returns to Korea with the sole intention of bringing down the absolute fortification known as “Castle.” Kim Shin, the Russian assassin of Korean origin renowned as “Amur Tiger.”

In accordance with his mentor, Kang Min- Seong’s, dying will and testament, he returns to the criminal offense city of Hoe-Am. Kim Shin and his allies are ready to do anything, even sacrifice their lives, as they prepare for the final showdown…

22)Gang of Highschool

Genre: Action, Martial arts, School life

Length: 51 Chp

The life of our main protagonist is not good at all, even his father killed himself because of which his family crumbled and went into a bad situation worse than before.

Now the responsibility of the family falls into his head he has to take care of his mother whose mental condition is very bad because of his father’s death and he also has to take care of his blind sister.

In order to become strong so that no one will ever dare to mess with him, he decides to make his own gang in the school in Busan.

21)Duty After School

Duty after school

Genre: Action, Mystery, Supernatural

Length: 51 Chp

Do you ever wonder if aliens exist? What would happen if they attacked Earth one day? , and how humanity will stand/survive in the face of them.

The story of the manhwa takes place when aliens attack and try to take over Earth, but in order to prevent this from occurring, some students from specific schools must go fight them.

Will they be able to defeat the invaders, or will the aliens take over the world?

Yes, there is not much common between this manhwa and Weak Hero but it is a good manhwa you should consider reading after Weak Hero.

20)The World Is About Money and Power

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, thriller, Slice of life

Length: 100+ Chp

The manhwa’s plot centers around a boy named Gunwoo Dahn, who has been recently enrolled in a new school due to a bad incident.

This school is not like his former one; gambling is rampant, and pupils can also buy marks in order to perform well on tests.

Gunwoo Dahn has decided to upend the status quo at the tumultuous high school where he recently transferred, where affluent and powerful third-generation chaebol heirs reign and gambling are common.

But the main question is whether Gunwoo has what it takes to stand up to the kids and the school’s crooked system.

19)Girl’s of The Wild

manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Harem

Length: 250+ Chp

If you want to see girls battling, I recommend you don’t miss this manhwa.

Fighting competitions including severe fights, as well as contests between girls, are included in World’s Hight.

Read this manhwa, boys, to find out how much a girl harms your body if you mess with her.

The plot is excellent, with practically every component included, such as emotions, love, and conflicts. The art style is also unique and refreshing.



Genre: Action, Comedy

Length: 90+ Chp

Do you like the assassination story? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, everyone has different tastes, but I do, and that’s why I started reading this manhwa, and believe me, I don’t regret it. 

Our primary character, James Jung, enrolls as a student at the institution.

If he’s just a student, the story will be boring, right?

So he’s not simply a student, but a secret operative disguised as a student in order to safeguard the principal from an assassin. The assassin’s name is Samuel Gyo.

They must adhere to three rules. They are not permitted to reveal their identities, they are not permitted to damage any student, and they are not permitted to carry firearms.

They must adhere to three rules. They are not permitted to reveal their identities, they are not permitted to damage any student, and they are not permitted to carry firearms.

17)Reawakened Man

Genre: Action, Reincarnation

Length: 98 Chp

The plot of the manhwa centers around a man named Hwan Seok, who despises injustice the most in his life. But his actions cost him his life: he was assassinated one day while defending a neighbor from thugs.

After three days of his murder, Hwan Seok unexpectedly woke up. Seok is determined to save Yerin using his newly discovered ability to resurrect people after three days, but he soon discovers he’s become involved in a scheme that’s deeper and more deadly than he could have imagined…

Overall, this manhwa is a wonderful read, and if you’re searching for a manhwa like Weak Hero, you should absolutely check it out.

16)Desire Diary

Genre: Drama, School life

Length: 35+ Chp

A school life story of teenagers, each with their own desires. What a relief it would have been if our dreams could have come true. However, there is a cost to everything. To gain something, you must take a risk.

This fantastic webtoon is about a group of high school adolescents who are willing to risk everything to fulfill a deep desire, but the results could be disastrous. Do you also believe that you will be blissful if what you desire most now comes true? This manhwa may persuade you otherwise.



Genre: Scool life, Action, Superpowers, Fantasy

Length: 259+ Chp

The story of the manhwa centers around a youngster named John, who is a weakling in a school ruled by powerful pupils with a lot of power.

Nobody bothered to pay attention to John, who was just a typical adolescent at a high school where the social elite held incredible skills and powers. Every day, he was bullied by them since they had fun stomping on someone who was weaker than them.

But, unbeknownst to them, John has a terrible past that threatens to upend the entire social order of the school — and much more. Fulfilling his destiny, however, will be difficult because there are disputes, foes, and dangerous conspiracies around every corner, and individuals in positions of leadership will never want a commoner to take their authority and influence away from them.

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14)The Devil’s Boy

The Devil’s Boy

Genre: Action, Revenge, Supernatural

Length: 80 Chp

The story of the manhwa centers around a youngster called Jungho, who was tortured to the pinnacle till one day when Mephistopheles, the archdevil, listened to his prayers.

In exchange for Jungho’s soul, Mephisto gives him superhuman powers that will allow him to inflict revenge on his tormentors. It’s a simple choice for Jungho, who believes that nothing in this world now could be worse than his current hellish nightmare.

In exchange for Jungho’s soul, Mephisto gives him superhuman powers that will allow him to inflict revenge on his tormentors. It’s a simple choice for Jungho, who believes that nothing in this world now could be worse than his current hellish nightmare.


best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, Kickboxing, Martial arts, Psychology

Length: 182 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Yuu, a high school student who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere. He will go to any length to find a place where he can belong and be accepted.

However, one factor contributes to another, and he is made to fight for his Holyland.

This is without a doubt one of the finest combat manhwas I’ve read, and I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the best manhwas I’ve ever read. Fighting-wise, this is one of the best manhwa-like Weak Hero.

12)True Education

best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 60+ Chp

Have you ever pondered that there is no punishment at school no matter what you do? Isn’t it cool? That is not correct.

Just think about the bullies in your school; they will never face consequences for their behavior. In this manhwa, the government has approved a new law prohibiting physical punishment to any delinquents.

But our main protagonist, Hwajin Na, has other intentions; he is prepared to beat these delinquents before any of them could go out of their reach.

Altogether, True Education is a fantastic manhwa, and the fact that instead of a student, one who is fighting bullies is a teacher means that this manhwa has something unique and special in store for you. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa like Weak Hero, you should read this one.


best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, School life  

Length: 95 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a high school student named Bouya Harumichi, who recently transferred to Suzuran all-boys high school. 

It is a school known as the gathering area for just the worst offenders It is also known as “Crows High School” because of its big number of delinquents who are despised by the general public for their inauspiciousness, akin to crows.

Harumichi is an extraordinarily strong fighter with a reckless personality. What will he do in this new world where everyone is a criminal?

Do you have a problem? What about internal issues? Do you want to brighten your day? So, I believe you should read this manhwa and follow Bouya Harumichi to brighten your day! You might not like this manga at first because of its art, but once you get used to it, you will absolutely love it.


Genre: Action, Delinquents 

Length: 131 Chp

Who wants to be the school’s tough guy? That was what the bad boys at Suzuran High School will discover at the Freshmen’s Battle, a fight competition among some of the new students to determine who will be the top dog in school…

When Hana Tsukishima, a naive out-of-towner and country bumpkin, moved to a boarding house in order to study at High School in the big city, he discovers that this quick lifestyle is not what he is used to.

With a Yakuza landlord, a cross-dressing maid, and rooming housemates competing to outdo one another, there’s little room for the faint of heart among this wacky lot. But the thugs had no idea that Hana is more than a challenge for them.

Want to know the alpha male who is gonna rule and dominate this worst school.

Just like Weak Hero, the story of this manga revolves around a school where everybody wants to prove that he is stronger than other, so if you want to read a manhwa like Weakt Hero gives this one a try.



Genre: Action, Drama, School life, Tragedy

Length: 90 Chp

We are all aware of how harmful bullying is, but have you really wondered if bullying can kill a person?  and the answer is yes.

Kang Hu became habituated to bullying, and one day, he died as a result of bullying, shattering his family into pieces. After a year has passed since Kang Hu’s death, his younger brother wants vengeance on those who bullied him to the point where he died.

To accomplish his goal, he entered the same school as his brother had attended, with the sole intention of destroying the bunch of troublemakers who bully his brother just because they found happiness in this.

A great manhwa with a revenge narrative, plus the main protagonist is also a high school student, so why not give this one a shot?


best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 50 Chp

Nam Ji-il, the story’s primary protagonist, enrolled at a new high school that is well-known for its delinquents. During the first day of school, he has now become the delinquents’ favorite target.

While suffering from chronic heart disease, his feeble body is subjected to assault and various sorts of bullying; nonetheless, his life is turned upside down owing to an unforeseen event…

7)Viral Hit

best manhwa like weak Hero

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy

Length: 134+ Chp

Our main character, Scrawny High School student Hobin Yoo, started a Newtube channel and started generating money by fighting against weaklings due to which he got a good amount of views on his videos.

However, for a variety of reasons, he began taking on individuals much stronger than him and eventually made lots of money more than he can even imagine when he started all of this.

But the main question is who and what is the source of his new powers, how is he beating people stronger than him? well, I know the answer but I am not gonna tell you this as it will spoil the story and I am not gonna do this.


best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, School life

Length: 180 Chp

Supernova is a good manhwa that depicts the difficult and demanding life of a typical student. Unfortunately, just like in any other school, our MC’s friend is being bullied.

He joins a school where the dichotomy of strong and weak exists; being rich means being strong while being poor means being nothing more than a punching bag and mocking stone for the rich people who dominate the school.

The plot begins with the MC’s friend committing suicide. This incident piques our hero’s fire for revenge. That’s all there is to it! The universe will help someone who has enough guts.

5)Study Group

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Drama, School life

Length: 135+ Chp

Gamin Yoon, our main protagonist, is a kid, but his school is not ordinary; it is a school full of future criminals.

But our primary character is a regular kid who wants to work hard in his study in order to get into a famous university.

Sorry, I mistyped regular boy; he is an overwhelming boy who aspires to live a tranquil life.

Will he get into college, or will he end up being involved in continuous fights?

4)God of Blackfield

Best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 100+ Chp

Kang Chan, also known as the “God of Blackfield,” was on a mission one day when he was betrayed by a member of the team who assassinated him from the behind while he was focusing on the villains in the front, and how could he know that the real villain who will kill him was not in the front but at the back.

After three years, he awakens in the body of another person, whose name is also Kang chan. You’re probably wondering how the hell this happened, and I’m not sure either.


best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Slice of life

Length: 360+ Chp

Manhwa, like Dokgo, is based on tormenting, but unlike Dokgo, it is not centered on vengeance, which simply means no one died.

Park Hyung Su, our primary protagonist, is an overweight boy who always eats and has grown accustomed to bullying; one of the students in his class refers to him as Pikachu.

After becoming fed up with bullying, he makes a  decision that he will change his school and will transfer to a new school, hoping that his life would be different and that he will be able to meet new people there, but will his life truly change in the new school?

One of my favorite manhwa of all time, with a fantastic tale. In conclusion, this is a must-read for everyone, and believe me when I say that the first few chapters will be boring, but as you progress through the story, you will fall in love with it.

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2)The Breaker

The breaker

Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts

Length: 70+ Chp

The plot of this manhwa centers around Shi-Woon Yi, a modest young student. His classmates regularly bully him at school just because he is weak than them and can’t stand against them as they are also large in numbers.

One day, he discovers his schoolteacher’s fighting method and begs him to train him in order to overcome his bullying problem. However, being his pupil would be difficult because he is not a carefree individual who will take everyone as a student.

He has his own set of regulations for taking any disciple/student under him, and Shi-Woon Yi must now pass all of Chun-(English Woo’s Teacher’s) exams if he wants to become his disciple and study master martial arts from him in order to teach the bullies a lesson.

1)Mercenary Enrollment

best manhwa like Weak Hero

Genre: Action, School life

Length: 84+ Chp

The story centers around Ijin Yu, who lost his mother and father in an airplane disaster when he was eight years old, abandoning him stranded in a foreign area and compelled to become a child mercenary so that he can survive in very hard situations.

Ten years later, he returns home to be reunited with his family in Korea, where food and shelter are plenty and all appears to be well.

But Ijin will quickly realize that surviving as an adolescent is a very different challenge. Ijin must acquire new methods to handle the classroom battlefield with only one year of high school left. Will he be able to complete a year of high school? Or, more particularly, is the school capable of withstanding him?

This is the best manhwa like Weak Hero you can read right now, so if you want to read a manhwa like Weak Hero with fantastic action scenes, read this.

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With this, I end the list of the best manhwa like Weak Hero. If you think we have forgotten your favorite manhwa like Weak hero- you can share them with us through the comment section.

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