40 Best Harem Manga/Manhua You Should Read.

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Hey, reader in the article I am going to discuss some best harem manga/manhua you should give a try in your free time if you wish to read something harem.

40)Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

Length: 106 Chp

During the reading of “The Universe of the Four Gods,” best friends Miaka and Yui are transported for some unknown reason into a strange world full of magic and unfamiliar faces, a world about which they have no knowledge because it is completely different from the world in which they have lived up to this point.

Miaka is honored as the Priestess of Suzaku as if their advent was predetermined by fate.

the rescuer of their warring country, who was to arrive as a flash of light from a distant continent This fantasy-filled tale of companions torn apart and hope that never dies is accompanied by betrayal, love, and grief.

39)Love Monster

Love Monster

Genre: Harem, Schooll life, Romance

Length: 82 Chp

The story of the manga revolves around Hiyo Osora, who failed the entrance exam of the high school she wants to go but for some reason one day she got an invitation letter to the Saint Monster Academy. 

She decides to attend the school since she believes her father, an alumnus, must have sent in a reference letter for her. When she first arrives, she is mesmerized by the flowers and greenery around her when two hooded men (Yuki and Jiro) seize her and take her to the school president, Kurou Tenma. Thankfully, all of that was just a form of initiation for all new students at the school.

She was shocked when she learns that all the students are monsters in disguise and the big next surprise fall on her when the school council president claims that she is his fiancee after listening to his claim she faint from the shock.

38)Release That Witch 

Genre: Action, Harem, Fantasy 

Length: 398+ Chp

The story of this manhua revolves around a modern-day engineer who got transported to an alternative world about which he doesn’t know anything where he becomes a prince.

His surroundings are reminiscent of medieval Europe, but not exactly the same. Witches indeed exist in this world, and they have true magical powers! Magical abilities… that can be used for good! The witches have to be saved.

There was a war in this world and Chen Yan has to save the world.

37)Momochi-San Chi No Ayakashi Ouji

Momochi-San Chi No Ayakashi Ouji

Genre: Harem, Fantasy, Romance

Length: 64 Chp

Written and illustrated by Shouto Aya, the story of this manga revolves around Himari Momochi, who on her 16th birthday receives a letter claiming that she has inherited the “Momochi House.”

Regardless of the warnings of the house being haunted, she chooses to move there regardless because she has nowhere else to go. When she arrives, she meets three gorgeous young guys named Aoi, Yukari, and Ise.

The three instantly give her a warning and tell her that she must leave the house while it is possible for her, citing the stories of the ghosts and curses as well, but she refuses to give up and decides that she will be the one to lead them out of this house.

However, she is soon besieged by youkai and discovers that the house is located in the area between the living world and the spirit realm. Even more astonishing, Aoi was nominated to be the house guardian—a role originally intended for Himari—but, as the saying goes, great power always comes at a cost, and Aoi can’t leave this house, and his human actual existence has been obliterated.

36)Ai Kora

Ai Kora

Genre: Harem, Ecchi, Romance

Length: 119 Chp

Ai Kora is a touching story about a man who is obsessed with parts. I don’t just mean an ass-man or a titty friend; he is a gentleman with taste and aspirations, as well as a gourmet palate. He desires a specific type of bust, eyes, legs, ass, neck, waist, and so on. Each component must be a precise size and shape, and this type of fetish is appropriately dubbed “Parts love.”

This concept runs throughout the narrative and is the driving factor behind his actions (let’s name him Maeda), and his urge to safeguard and yearning for said parts is also a recurring topic in the chapters. It goes without saying that there are ecchi, but it is excellent ecchi.

It was a very wonderful narrative that made you laugh a lot and also had you cry a little bit here and there, but I liked it, so if you want to read a harem manga that can make you laugh, try this one out.

35)I Won’t To Be Bullied By Girls 

best harem manga

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School life

Length: 701+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around a boy name Ye Lin, who was bullied by Ren Xiaoqin. After years of hard work on his body, Ye Lin transforms into a young handsome man.

Several years later, Xiaoqin went to the same school as Ye Lin, and she subsequently realized she has a crush on none other than the boy she used to bully as a child, Ye Lin.

However, it will be difficult for her because Ye Lin is still haunted by what Ren Xiaoqin did in the past, which eventually leads him into becoming a cold-hearted and unsympathetic man toward Ren Xiaoqin, who decides to do her best in order to win his heart.

This one also has great humor in it so you can also try this harem manhua and during reading this you will have a great laugh.

34)Nyan Koi!

bets harem manga

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School life

Length: 34 Chp

Written by Sato Fujiwara, the story of the manga revolves around Junpei Kōsaka who is allergic to cats, and due to which he also slightly hates them.

Junpei casually attempts to kick an empty can into the garbage on his way home from school one day but fails horribly. Instead of ending up in the trash, the can ends up severing the head of a cat deity shrine. He is burdened with the capacity to comprehend cat communication on that fateful day. However, he must keep his curse hidden from everyone else, for anyone who discovers it would become more prone to accidents and suffer the same fate as him.

To atone for the shattered statue, he must now have to grant 100 requests to cats, and if he fails to do so he will become himself become a cat.

33)Bodyguard of the Goddess

Bodyguard of the Goddess

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Martial Arts

Length: 84 Chp

The story of Bodyguard of the Goddess revolves around a boy named Xiao Zheng, who was compelled to sign a marriage and labor contract following a one-night affair with a female CEO of New Arcana Group.

During this time, he met a number of unusual female workers, whom he called for their distinguishing characteristics.

Overall this harem manhua is a great read I enjoy reading this one and I know you will also enjoy this.



Genre: Harem, Ecchi, Comedy, Romance

Length: 219 Chp

The story of this manga revolves around a boy named Mugi Tadano, who is heartbroken when his girlfriend decides to move away.

Mugi accepts a summer job at his pal Kazuki’s seashore snack bar/hotel on a tropical island to alleviate his distress. It appears to be a great strategy Kazuki sets Mugi up with a date with Yuu, who is meant to be less than flawless.

Nevertheless, when Yuu arrives, she is not the creature that either one of the lads had envisioned. Yuu is, in fact, the loveliest person Mugi had ever seen.

However, Yuu is enraged after Mugi inadvertently walks into her bath. When he tries to apologize the next day, he realizes that Yuu has left the idyllic shores.

Mugi promises to look everywhere for the lovely Yuu, but the question is he able to see her even in his life again?

31)Haganai: I don’t have many friends

best harem manga

Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance

Length: 98 Chp

Kodaka Hasegawa is motivated to create a positive impression and potentially make some new friends when he learns that he will be transferred to St. Chronica Academy.

But his days at school are not what he expects them to be, as he is classified as a violent delinquent due to his blond hair and combative demeanor.

He ran into the similarly secretive and violent Yozora Mikazuki as she was conversing with her fake companion “Tomo” one day.

Realizing that they both have difficulty communicating with others, they decide to start the Neighbors Organization, an after-school club for people who do not have friends.

Haganai is a fantastic harem manga with a hilarious tale that will make you laugh out loud.

30)The Weakest Occupation ‘Blacksmith’ But Is The Strongest

best harem manga

Genre: Adventure, Harem, Fantasy, Romance

Length: 90+ Chp

God bestows on the people of this earth jobs and weaponry known as Godly Gifts. It was claimed that the treasure was extremely powerful and could not be comparable to human-made weaponry.

Because of this, jobs such as “Blacksmith,” which can create and modify weapons, are regarded as the weakest, and the people who do such jobs are not highly respected. Relius, the primary protagonist, has gotten the worst job.

He decided against being an adventurer and instead worked in an inn, but he soon found that he could make “Anything.” He becomes aware of the connection with famous nobility and gorgeous girls while making what he liked.

The plot will keep you interested. Art is fantastic. It’s typical hero fare, with MC on the verge of becoming an operative, but it’s entertaining. That is why, if you want to read a harem manga/manhua, you should give it a shot.


Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy, Ecchi, Slice of life

Length: 61+ Chp

written and illustrated by Yoshioka Kimitake the story of the manga revolves around a boy named Akemitsu Akegami. He was always told by his father that in the world no one can live alone you need someone as your partner.

Even so, his father wasn’t saying it with good intentions, and Akemitsu has no wish to be like that creep. But, after an accidental encounter with a young woman leaves him with dirty thoughts, he determines that now he will become a Buddhist monk and will cut down his connections and interactions with the people.

But the shrine to which he wishes to devote himself… is filled with women. And the same young woman because of which he decided to become a monk is also there. What is a man to do?

28)Maken ki

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Ecchi, Comedy 

Length: 124 Chp

The anime’s plot revolves around Takeru Ooyama, who has got admission to Tenbi Academy, a private academy that has now become co-ed after previously being all girls.

Takeru is a pervert who fantasizes about ogling beautiful women. He re-encounters childhood friend Haruko Amaya, who shows him around the school. He learns that the school is for pupils who have magical and spiritual energies known as Elements, as well as those who carry made weapons known as Makens. To demonstrate their ability, the students compete in school-sanctioned combat tournaments

Takeru is quickly surrounded by girls in the school, including Inaho Kushiya, a gorgeous girl who claims to be his fiancee, and Kodama Himegami, who swears she wants to kill him.

27)Martial Universe

Genre: Action, Adventure, Harem

Length: 280+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around a boy named Lin Dong. He was the unpopular borderline follower of a small-town family that faced numerous hardships and risks.

During his life, he had killed a lot of evil people due to which he eventually become a hero in eyes of people. 

He became famous for saving the planet and reaping the passion and inspiration story of love and friendship.

Overall this manhua is a good read with the combination of the harem with comedy.

26)Denpa Kyoushi

Kiss Him, Not Me

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Slice of life

Length: 247 Chp

The story revolves around Junichiro Kagami, whose sister Suzune is very angry at him because he has no interest in what is going on in the real world he doesn’t care about social life. As Junichiro is interested in nothing but anime, manga, and games.

Suzune forces him to work as a substitute physics teacher at the very same high school from where he graduated.

Junichiro demonstrates himself to be a good and hardworking teacher who employs unconventional methods to instruct and motivate his students premised on the seemingly meaningless information he gathered as an otaku.

25)Kiss Him, Not Me

best harem manga

Genre: Romance, Comedy. Harem

Length: 55 Chp

Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi, a female otaku who enjoys reading yaoi and envisioning males in fictional and actual romantic relationships. Kae is so devastated when one of her favorite animated characters is killed off that she locks herself in her bedroom for a week.

When she finally comes out, she notices she has dropped a lot of weight. She transforms into a lovely young lady who draws the attention of four boys at her school: Ysuke Igarashi, Nozomu Nanashima, Hayato Shinomiya, and Asuma Mutsumi.

Regardless of learning about Kae’s strange habits, the four males, along with another fujoshi named Shima Nishina, all fall in love with her and begin competing for her attention, much to Kae’s chagrin, as she wants everyone to fall in love with each other.


best hare manga

Genre: Harem, Romance, Magic, School life

Length: 23 Chp

written and illustrated by Yoshimaru Tsumuji, the story of the Classi9 revolves around a girl named Ren Taki. She desires to get admission to a renowned prestigious music academy after the death of her father.

Taki Ren alone travels all the distance to Vienna, the City of Music, to pursue her ambition of becoming a composer. There is, however, one issue: Melite is an all-boys institution!

She was enrolled in college under the fake identity of the alias Rentarou, and she must have to do everything so that she can to keep her secret hidden from others.

It is a great harem manga for those who also have an interest in music.

23) A Certain Magic Index

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Supernatural

Length: 170+ Chp

Written and illustrated by Kazuma Kamachi, The manga’s story is set in an alternate universe where science confers supernatural abilities and religion grants access to magic.

Touma Kamijo the main protagonist of the story has the very incredible ability with the help of which he can negate any sort of supernatural power, whether magical, psychic, or divine; he lives in a city teeming with students endowed with similar abilities. 

Regardless of his terrible luck that can even embarrass the bad luck, the lad attempts to keep out of trouble and just live his life, always striving to be the “good guy”; however, trouble interrupts his life one day when he discovers a young girl hanging from his balcony. She turns out to be a Church of England nun with the Index.

22)The Strongest Peach Blossom

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Drama

Length: 143+ Chp

The story of this manhua revolves around a boy named Lu Dequan, a poor college student with exceptional academic performance and good academic performance, who unexpectedly “becomes” a descendant of Huaxian and gains a variety of extraordinary powers that help him pick up girls.

He simply hasn’t practiced the “Taoyun Collection,” and he has to cleanse himself. He will perish on the spot if he comes into contact with ladies. The one and the only way for him to succeed is to accumulate the true love of various forms of top-notch beauties and nurture the collection’s utmost realm.

21)Trinity Seven: 7-Nin No Mashotsukai

trinity 7

Genre: Harem, Romance, Fantasy

Length: 133+ Chp

Written by Kenji Saitō, the manga’s plot centers on Arata Kasuga, who lives in a tiny hamlet with his cousin and boyhood buddy, Hijiri Kasuga.

Suddenly, everything changes on the day of the Black Sun, when the Breakdown Anomaly wrecks his hometown and kidnaps Hijiri.

Lilith Asami arrives in front of Arata, whose manufactured world abruptly crumbles, to study the cause of this horrible event.

With the desire to save Hijiri and the assistance of his newfound allies, Arata will do anything in his hand to save his beloved neighborhood and bring his closest buddy back.

20)We Never Learn!

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

Length: 187 Chp

The manga’s plot revolves around Nariyuki Yuiga, a senior high school student at Ichinose Academy who is struggling financially and must assist three school brains in the subjects in which they are not that great in order to receive a scholarship.

While collaborating with Nariyuki to achieve their academic goals, the girls must also deal with their feelings for him. They work together very hard to improve in their poorest subject, whilst Fumino and Ogata want to go to college and work on these courses for the rest of their life.

The storyline of this manga is good and if you want to read a light harem manga then you should not miss this one.

19)Monster Musume

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Romance Comedy

Length: 75+ Chp

The Japanese government has been keeping a secret for years: mythological creatures such as centaurs, harridans, and lamias are real. The government acknowledged the existence of these creatures three years before the narrative began and awarded them a legal pass license, the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act.”

Ever since, these “liminals” or “extra-species” have become a part of human civilization, living with normal families as foreign exchange students and au pair guests, but with different privileges and constraints.

Kurusu Kimihito becomes betrothed to a monster girl and now must do everything he can to protect himself from the government.

18)Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

best harem manga

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Harem

Length: 89 Chp

The manga’s tale is set in the fictitious city of Orario, where the gods all came down in pursuit of adventure, restricting their divine abilities to see and feel the sufferings that abound on the lower planet. Giving mortals powers to battle creatures inside the dungeons.

The plot revolved around Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old boy. He was also the lone traveler sent by the goddess Hestia. As the solitary member of the Hestia Familia, he works hard to make ends meet. He idolizes Ais Wallenstein, a renowned and fearsome swordswoman who once saved his life and with whom he also fell in love with.

17)Doom Breaker

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem

Length: 49+ Chp

The plot of the manhwa centers around Zephyr, the last human fighting against evil forces on a planet abandoned by the Gods. But he couldn’t endure much longer and die. Gods find his conflict entertaining and want to enjoy it more that’s why they decide to give him another chance to entertain them much more this time.

As a result, he is reincarnated in the past but loses all of his powers but not his memory. He resolves to become stronger in order to save all of his loved ones this time.

16) Ichigo 100%

Ichigo 100%

Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy

Length: 167 Chp

The story of the manga revolves around Manaka Junpei, one day he decides to enjoy the sunset that’s why he decides to go on the rooftop of the school and witness something he never dreamed of. He comes across a gorgeous girl who has fallen from above, accidentally exposing her strawberry panties.

The girl feels so ashamed of this that she runs from there even before Manaka gets a glimpse of her. He aspires to be a filmmaker, and this entire encounter felt like the perfect scene for a film.

So he starts on a search for the girl with the strawberry underpants in order to record it all. But he’ll quickly realize that meeting again with that girl will not be that easy…

15)Mayo Chiki!

mayo chiki

Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy 

Length: 38 Chp

The manga’s plot centers around a 16-year-old high school guy who suffers from gynophobia, which causes bleeding from his nose anytime he comes into physical touch with a lady.

Thanks to his mother and sister, Kinjirou Sakamachi acquired a strong body that could withstand severe punches, powerful kicks, and even dangerous vehicle impacts in order to endure their different grappling stances and locks.

His life takes a turn for the worst when, while visiting the restroom, he discovers that the popular and gorgeous butler Subaru Konoe from his class is actually a girl. Now that Kinjir is aware of Subaru’s secret, they agree that Kanjiro will keep her secret from him in exchange for Subaru’s assistance in curing gynophobia.

14)Martial Peak 

Martial Peak

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem

Length: 2242+ Chp

Martial arts summit is alone and lonely. It is also a constant chase of unachievable heights. Growth and the drive to survive in unfavorable situations are required to go past the limits of martial arts.

Yang Kai, a Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect trial apprentice (and floor cleaner), came across a Wordless Black Book one day. That was a turning point in his destiny and the beginning of his martial arts journey.

This manga’s main protagonist appeals to me. He is very nice, but when necessary, he is brutal to his opponents. When it comes to interacting with thugs who want your death, he doesn’t mess around. According to him killing them is easy choice than just messing around.

13)My Girlfriend is a Zombie

My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Genre: Action, Harem, Adventure

Length: 320+ Chp

This manhua is best suitable for people who enjoy the idea of zombies. This manhua’s plot revolves around Ling Mo, who awakens to find that he has the capacity to control zombies. Everyone in this world has turned into a zombie, even his girlfriend.

That is extremely cruel. In any event, he makes every attempt to assist her in regaining her memories. Isn’t it hurt when a loved one abandons you and becomes a zombie? What happens next? Will our MC be able to bring his girlfriend’s memories back to life? To learn out, read My Girlfriend Is a Zombie.

12)Nisekoi: False Love


Genre: Romantic, Comedy, Harem

Length: 229 Chp

Written by Naoshi Komi, the story of the manga revolves around a boy named Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, who is the sole son of the yakuza family’s boss and the daughter of the Beehive gang’s commander, Chitoge Kirisaki.

Chitoge unexpectedly confronts Raku by leaping over a wall and kneeing him in the face. When she escapes, Raku realizes he has misplaced his necklace, which was given to him by his teenage crush, with whom he made a secret commitment. They come to dislike one other due to their characteristics while seeking the locket.

Raku is a regular young man who does not wish to be involved in the family business; instead, he wishes to live a normal life and enjoy his school days. When he comes home, he discovers that the Yakuza and Beehive gangs have resolved to end their feud by matching the children of their current leaders. Raku learns that his future lover was none other than Chitoge.

They must now act to be in a relationship for the next three years so their respective clans don’t declare a fight with each other. This will be a difficult mission for him, not only because they despise each other, but also because Raku has a crush on another gorgeous student, Kosaki Onodera, whom he secretly wishes was the girl who has the key to his locket.

11)Finger Girls

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance

Length: 69 Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around a boy named Fei Ge, a high school student, he had nothing save his above-average left hand to his name. His greatest goal was for his own romantic meeting, therefore it came as a surprise when the most popular girl in class invited him to lunch on the roof! Fei Ge hadn’t been able to enjoy himself for long before he realized things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

A fiery girl who introduced herself as a fighter who guards human love took up residence on Fei Ge’s left index finger and planned to kill a creature known as Caterghost. To make the matter, even more, worse, Fei Ge sees that the other fingers on his left hand are also inactive.

10)High School DxD

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Fantasy, Action

Length: 76 Chp

The manga follows Issei Hyoudou, a lusty pervert who spends his days peeping on ladies and fantasizing about one day having his own harem.

Things tend to look up to Issei when a beautiful girl asks him out on a date, but she turns out to be an angel who mercilessly murdered him during their first date.

However, he is resurrected when gorgeous senior student Rias Gremory, a top-class demon, comes back to live with him as her servant and enrolls Issei in the school’s Occult Research club.

9)The World God Only Knows

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance

Length: 268 Chp

The manga’s plot centers around a boy named Keima Katsuragi, a second-year high school student who is also an expert at playing sim games. Due to his pathological preoccupation with simulation games, he actually prefers the two-dimensional realm of gaming to real life.

One day, out of nowhere, he receives an e-mail calling him to conquer the hearts of females; after reading the email, he believes it is simply a typical game task, so he accepts the challenge without hesitation.

Following his acceptance of the task, something he doesn’t think happens a charming demon from hell named Elsie appears in front of him and begs him for his help in order to capture the bad spirits who have escaped to the Human Realm: the “Loose Souls,” who were originally Old Devils from Hell.

Aside from Keima’s rom-com adventures, the story mocks and parodies popular and well-known cliches in dating sims, anime character stereotypes, and pop culture, making it a jam-packed harem manga.

8)Love Hina

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Romance, Comedy 

Length: 118 Chp

The manga plot revolves around Keitaro Urashima, who has promised a girl that they will meet again at Tokyo University in the future. However, he forgets the girl’s identity and attempts to gain admission to a university she tells him she wants to go in order to meet her again.

Keitaro finished the National Practice Exam in 27th place, not first. Keitaro plans to stay at his grandmother’s hotel while finishing his studies at Tokyo University, but when he arrives, he was in shock when he found out that his grandmother’s hotel has been turned into an all-girls dormitory.

Keitaro quickly becomes the new manager of the Hinata House, the family-owned ladies’ hostel, and he must now find harmony in the hostel manager’s responsibility and the study he has to do in order to clear the entrance exam to the university.

7)My Girlfriend is a Villain 

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance

Length: 188 Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around a boy named Zhang Nan who is the young master of the hidden dragon family.

He is not subpar with his family and only wanted to live only the ordinary but regardless of this, he was sent to aristocratic training by his grandfather so that he can become strong and live the life his family wanted him to do so.

Zhang Nan is harassed by these heirs to the point of dropping out after being assigned to an all-female classroom by a confused instructor and because the instructor’s decision to send him to an all-female class became miserable for Zhang Nan. 

6)Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural

Length: 243 Chp

The manga’s plot centers around Ryuu Yamada, who started high school with the intention of turning over a fresh leaf and leading a productive school life. That’s why he chose Suzaku High, where no one would know about his violent delinquent past.

But his new lifestyle doesn’t last for so long because he quickly becomes bored; now in his second year, Ryuu has reverted to his former ways—lazy, with horrible grades, and always starting fights.

However, this guy meets the highest student in the class and proceeds to tease her. But they ended up tripping and waking up in the hospital.

Yamada soon finds he is not in his original body and has switched bodies with the grade’s top scorer.

And now our adorable boy’s new life is about to begin. This harem manga has a good combination of harem elements with humor.

5)Seitokai Yakuindomo

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Parody, School life

Length: 640 Chp

They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and this could not be more true for Ousai Private Academy’s student council. Despite the fact that a whole year has passed, sending the seniors to their final year of high school, little has changed.

President Shino Amakusa remains as wicked as ever, Secretary Aria Shichijou continues to refuse to put on a pair of panties, Cashier Suzu Hagimura has yet to grow an inch, and Vice President Takatoshi Tsuda remains the straight man to their wild activities.

4)Ranma ½

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, Slice of life, Martial arts

Length: 167 Chp

Ranma and his father Genma were practicing in the Bayankala Mountain Range in China’s Qinghai Province when they fell into a cursed spring. Ranma falls into a drowned girl’s spring and his father falls into a drowned panda’s spring.

Result of this if Ranma comes in the contact with the cold his body will go into body transformation and he will become a girl.

Later Ranma finds that his father had already arranged his marriage with one of his friend’s daughters even though he knows about Ranma’s situation but still he doesn’t change his decision and set Ranma’s marriage with his youngest daughter named  Akane. She is a skillfully martial artist and a bigger problem than this is that she hates men.

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3)Rosario To Vampire

best harem manga

Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem

Length: 40 Chp

Tsukune Aono, an ordinary young guy who, tragically, failed all of his high school admission examinations, is the protagonist of the manga. By chance, his father comes across an advertisement for Yokai High School, also known as Monster High School.

There he meets Moka Akashiya, a lovely young girl with a dual personality and incredibly powerful vampire abilities (S-class monsters). Because of Moka’s talents, both will confront a slew of foes. Tsukune and Moka would eventually meet the crone Kurumu Kurono and the promising young witch Yukari Sendo.

I really enjoy reading this harem manga and I know you will also, so if you want to read a harem manga then you should read this.

2)Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance

Length: 144 Chp

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Mizuki Ashiya, she is a Japanese adolescent growing up in the United States. She fell smitten with Japanese track sensation Izumi Sano’s grace and flair after seeing him on TV one day, and she became determined to find him and proclaim her love.

She is able to transfer to an all-boys school by concealing her feminine identity, and in the process becomes his roommate. While the other of her students merely believe she’s a very frilly boy, Sano sees past her mask early, and now they must have to work together so that Ashiya can keep her gender hidden from the people surrounding her.

1)Ouran Koukou Host Club

best harem manga

Genre: Harem, Comedy, School life

Length: 83 Chp

Written by Bisco Hatori, the story of the manga revolves around Haruhi Fujioka, a bright student who gets enrolled at Ouran Academy with the help of a scholarship. Ouran Academy is a prestigious academy where children of rich people used to study.

One day while looking for a silent place in order to study, she comes across an abandoned music room where a group of six boys gathered in order to impress girls.

When Haruhi tries to escape from the room, she accidentally drops a pot worth eight million yen and now in order to clear her large debt, she must have to work as an errand boy for these boys.

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With this, I end the list of the best harem manga. If you thought we have forgotten your best harem manga you can share them with us in the comment section also share your opinions about our list( ranking ) we always appreciate and consider your comments.


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