45 Best Yuri/Lesbian Manhwa You Should Read (2022)

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Hello, manhwa readers! I’m back with another fantastic blog post for you! Today, we’ll discuss some of the best Yuri manhwa to watch in your spare time.

They’re all fantastic storylines with fantastic visuals and character development.

We all know that there are not so many Yuri manhwa/manga out there but still, after going through a lot of manhwas in which some are fantastic and some are not worth reading we have put together a list of 45 best Yuri manhwa/manga you should consider if seek to read some romantic and breath-taking Yuri Manhwa/manga.

45)Pie wo Agemasho, Anata ni Pie wo ne

Love flicker

Genre: Girls love, School life

Length: 4 Chp

Written and illustrated by Mano SAKAMOTO, this manga started way back in 2010 and it is a single-valued manga.

The story of the manga revolves around Sorako, who recently joined a theater troupe just because she admires Miki, the group’s star a lot.

But is Sorako’s feelings for her attractive brunette buddy limited to admiration? or will this admiration cause a significant shift in Sorako’s density?

44)Useless Princess

Useless Princess

Genre: Comedy. Drama, Girl’s love, School life

Length: 37 Chp

The story of the manga revolves around Fujishiro Nanaki who is a super cute, super popular girl.

Fujishiro is your standard beauty-obsessed teen. In short, she aspires to be the world’s sole princess!

One day she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and the realization changes her life by 180 degrees and her relationship with the girl she once use to annoy named Kanade.



Genre: Drama, School, Girls Love

Length: 41 Chp

Citrus follows Yuzu Aihara, a stylish, vivacious, and entertaining city girl. She must move to a new school following her mother’s wedding to some other man.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for her to meet new people and fall in love, but Yuzu is more worried about boys and buying groceries than with classwork, faces hardship to fit in at the conservative all-girls school, and frequent clashes with the student council, especially Mei Aihara, the tough and beautiful president.

In starting chapter you might get bored while reading this manga but when out progress through the chapters you will get to see the eye-catching romance scenes in this yuri manga.

42)Sweet Guilty Love Bites

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

Genre: Yuri, Comedy, Drama, GL

Length: 3 Chp

Sweet Guilty Love Bites is a 2010 manga series with a single volume. Amano Shuninta wrote and drew it.

The story of the manga revolves around 4 hostesses at Club Rose and their relationships.

However, as time goes on, their relationship takes unexpected turns that may surprise you, the reader. These ladies are going to have a good time together.

This yuri manga tale is intended for an older audience.



Genre: Drama, GL, Yuri, 

Length: 24 Chp

The story of this manhwa revolves around, a masochistic high school teacher. She enjoys getting thrashed by her friend and main director, Ju Hae Rim, once she’s out of school. Ju Hae Rim is much more than happy to do so, and she even enjoys it.

However, as Sulhwa begins her role as a student-teacher at the school, long-buried truths and feelings begin to surface. Jaehee is about to discover how much enjoyment she may derive from pain.

The story of this Yuri manhwa is very compelling and the arts are also eye-catching so if you are into yuri manhwa you should also try this one and I know you will not feel disappointed.

40)Goodbye, My Rose Garden

best yuri manhwa

Genre: Historical, Drama, GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 17 Chp

Do you like historical love stories? well, who doesn’t even I also, maybe that’s the reason I enjoyed this manhwa and even mention this in the list of the best yuri manga.

The story of the manga revolves around Alice, a young noblewoman, and her maid named Hanako.

Hanako is a very ambitious girl who is keen on achieving her goals in life. One day she comes across Alice, who promises to fulfill her every goal, but she has to kill her.

 Hanako and Alice get closer as she attempts to figure out why Alice would make such a dreadful request, and as the time passes feeling begins to emerge between them.

the story of this manhwa is very good that it has the power to engage you from the beginning.

If you’re a novice to reading yuri manhwa, this might be an excellent place to start because it includes a light-hearted romance that you’ll like.

39)The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

Genre: Romance, GL, Yuri, Slice of life

Length: 134 Chp

Author: Chamsae

The story of this manhwa revolves around a woman named Jung Erae. She has no clue bout men and relationships as she always drives a man away.

One day in desperate need of advice to improve her relationship life, she ends up contacting a love doctor named Cha Yoon.

But instead of advice, there is the ignition of love feeling in Erie’s heart for her love doctor.

The Love Doctor is an incredible Yuri manhwa, and one of the most incredible girls’ love stories in general. As the narrative unfolds and the backstories are revealed, a new, more sinister underneath romance emerges. It’s a pretty refreshing and enjoyable read, so you should give this manhwa a shot.

38)After Hours

After Hours

Genre: Drama, GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 17 Chp

Written by Yuuta NISHIO, the manhwa start in the year 2015.

The story of After Hours revolves around a girl named Emi, she is not the type of girl who likes to go to a late night club. But one day because of her friend she goes to a nightclub.

After her friend abandons her to flirt with a guy, she finds up cowering in a corner! Emi believes the night is over, but suddenly someone unexpectedly appears to save her from the circumstances she is unfamiliar with. Emi is captivated by Kei’s effortless self-confidence as a DJ.

What’s more shocking is that when she awakens the next morning, Keiko is right next to her. Emi discovers a completely unexpected new viewpoint in her life as a result of this occurrence, and she enjoys it.

37)Lily Love

Lily Love

Genre: Girls love, Yuri, Romance

Length: 32 Chp

Written by Ratana Satis, this manga started in the year 2014.

The story of the manga revolves around two girls named Donut and Mew.

Donut is a nerdy young woman who likes video games, goes to university, and has never been in a relationship. Mew is a university senior who lives right next door to Donut. She is a gorgeous and self-assured young lady.

When Donut meets Mew, their meeting turns out to be more than a coincidence, as their intimacy gradually transforms into something more intimate.

If you believe that finding real love is tough, imagine how difficult it will be to preserve and treasure it for the rest of your life.

36)Soul Drifters

best yuri manhwa

Genre: Sci-fi, Girls’ love, Action, Mature Romance

Length: 60 Chp

Written by Ratana Satis, this manhwa started in the year 2020.

The human species has finally progressed past natural death. Many people’s dreams of immortality have finally come true.

Claire Clayton, a prominent researcher employed by the Eternal Life Corporation, leads similar initiatives. Her wife, Sheryl Goss, is the CEO of the very same company.

A secure job and a caring partner — the ideal life. Unknown to her, she is a critical component of a puzzle that she must complete in order to unravel the riddle of life force and memory transmission and shed some light on the occurrences of her murky past.

35)Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

best yuri manhwa

Genre: Drama, Girls Love, Romance, Supernatural

Length: 14 Chp

Yuri manga with tearful finishes is not hard to find, however, what sets this series apart is its premise. Chikane and Himeko are two Ototachibana Academy high school students from Mahoroba. They are thought to be sun and lunar Mikos reincarnated.

Himeko is timid and modest, while on the other hand Chikane unlike her is a confident and elegant girl. Regardless of this, they cherish each other, and nothing can break them apart, no matter what they’ve done.

When the Orochi, their ancient foe, resurfaces, the girls’ long-sleeved personalities awaken to defend the world. On October 1st, Himeko and Chikane’s birthday, the Orochi wakes.

34)The Third Party

The Third Party

Genre: GL, Romance, Romance, Love Triangle

Length: 63 Chp

The manhwa’s plot centers around a woman named Kang Sang, a top news anchor in the country who recently married a wealthy woman named Gu Jeong Hui.

However, it is only a political marriage, and they have no feelings for one other, with Kang Sang seeing another female.

Unknown to them that sooner they will be caught in a complex love triangle and being free from it will not gonna be easy for them.

33)Sakura Trick

Sakura trick

Genre: GL, Comedy, Yuri, Romance, Slice of life

Length: 85 Chp

The manga’s plot centers around two girls named Haruka Takayama and Y Sonoda, who were inseparable friends in middle school and intend to enroll at the same high school-Misato West High School.

Regardless of getting enrolled in the same class, a cruel twist of fate has them sitting on opposite ends of the classroom! Worse, their school will close in three years, leaving them as the final first-year class. Despite the tragic turn of events, Haruka is committed to staying with Yuu and spending as much time as possible with her.

Because they must be spending time with the new people, the two decide to deepen their connection by discreetly kissing one other.


Genre: GL, Romance, Yuri

Length: 12 Chp

Written by Takewakamaru, Gurenki is 3 volume series that started in the year 2007.

The story of the manga revolves around Suou- an ordinary high school student.

One day while sleeping she sees a red demon girl in her dream- well who cares about dreams right, but Suou sees the same red demon girl the next day in the middle of the class who is claiming that Suou is now her property.

Here start our story filled with yuri, romance, and comedy.

31)Riddle Story of The Devil

Riddle Story of The Devil

Genre: GL, Comedy, School life

Length: 47 Chp

Written by Yun KOUGA, Riddle Story of The Devil is 5 volume manga that started in the year 2012.

The plot of Riddle Story of the Devil focuses on Tokaku Azuma, an assassin who has lately transferred to Myoujou Academy, a famous private girls’ boarding school.

Many of her students, like her, have a sole purpose: to kill a fellow classmate named Haru Ichinose, and whoever succeeds in killing her will be able to fulfill her one wish, regardless of the difficulty or cost, but if they fail to achieve this task they will be expelled from the Academy.

Despite the large prize, Tokaku chooses a different course. Despite the fact that Haru is her target, the female assassin has affection for the girl she is supposed to kill. Tokaku is resolved not to let Haru die, despite the fact that all of her classmates are motivated to kill her in order to earn the reward. Tokaku pledges to herself that she would protect Haru from the bloodlust that awaits her.

Just think how hard will it be for her to save a person the whole class is trying to kill, interesting right. It is a well-versed yuri manga with good action scenes in it, so if you want to read a yuri manga you should give this one a shot.

30)Wish You Were Gone

Genre: Drama, GL, Yuri

Length: 80 Chp

Chrissy—Chrysanthemum— Han found the love of her life just as she was about to hit rock bottom.

Her partner cheated on her with another woman, moreover, the worst part was that she is pretty attractive! Chrissy can’t help but developed feeling for the woman when she decides to pay off Chrissy’s ex-debt. Can a love like this continue, or will she regret it like the rest? let’s read and find out.

29)Love My Life

Love My Life

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

Length: 12 Chp

Written by Ebine YAMAJI, Love My Life is a yuri manga that started in 2001.

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Ichiko, who aspired to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a novel translator. She’s enrolled in a work-intensive language program, but she still finds time for a happy relationship.

But she has worried that how will her father react when finds that her daughter is dating a girl named Eri.

28)Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Slice of life

Length: 34 Chp

Written by Yeongol, the manhwa started in the year 2019.

The story of the manhwa revolves around a woman named Mai Sohn, who was approached by a publisher in order to write a story on the theme of relationships, but bad for Mai Sohn as she is heartbroken now because her girlfriend has dumped her and now if she wants to complete her webcomic she must have to find inspiration and find it quickly as she has limited time.

What’s the deal with her maybe homophobic neighbor? Why is she OK with Mai one moment and then strange and strange to her the next? Can’t a female ever get a break?

27)Yuri Yuri

yuri yuri

Genre: Yuri, GL, Slice of life

Length: 5 Chp

Written by Namori, Yuri Yuri is a single-volume manga that started in the year 2008.

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Akari and her bunch of friends.

For Akari, it is the first day of middle school and she is determined to make a good impression on her classmates and enjoy herself a lot in meantime.

The girl joins the Entertainment Club, a group of classmates of Akari who just wish to hang out and enjoy their school life, with her friends, naughty Kyouko, serious Yui, and gorgeous Chinatsu! Over the course of the year, the girls befriend their senior in the middle school, emulate their favorite magical girl figures, and form crushes… on each other!

26)Girl in The Birdcage

Girl in The Birdcage

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, School life

Length: 49 Chp

Written by koer, this Yuri manhwa started in the year 2018.

Yeonkwang Arts High School distinguishes between both the gifted and the ordinary.

The student with the inborn talent or say god gifted talent receive the full benefits of the Gifted and Talented program—funding, training, and opportunity to compete in elite art contests—while the mediocre are left to fend for themselves in the hope that they, too, would one day be accepted into the prestigious program.

Chung-Eun is one of the talented students, school has good behavior towards them but unfortunate for her as she is developed feeling toward a talentless girl named Yumi.

25)Fuzoroi No Renri

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 109+ Chp

Written by Mikanuji, this manga started in the year 2017.

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Tanaka Iori, who used to work for a company that makes harsh demands, and she has a habit of dating married guys.

What a tragedy waiting to happen! She gets intoxicated with a friend one day and then awakes without a single cloth on her body by her side the next morning! What should Iori do?

It is the well-versed yuri manga every manga reader searching for yuri manga should read.

24)Between Summer and Fall 

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 19 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around two girls named  Ga-ul and Yuh-reum, when they were just seven years old, their mothers, who had been friends for many years, got close to them.

Their girls felt the same way. During this meeting, Ga-ul and Yuh-reum fell in love, and who knows where this love may lead them.



Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 62 Chp

Written by Tea Cozy, this manhwa started in the year 2015.

The story of the manhwa revolves around a girl named Lee Yu-na, who has, who is now in her adult years, has landed an entry-level office job, as an incentive, the reasons wherefore she entered the Cable Channel online business.

The justifications for the planning team that would become the internet business department’s mascot at the same time as I joined the company with a grin and an angelic heart generated a maternal instinct for me and a modest, small look.

22)Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana

Genre: GL, Yuri, Drama, School life, Romance

Length: 52 Chp

Written by Takako SHIMURA, Aoi Hana is an 8-volume manga that started in the year 2004.

The story of the manga revolves around two girls named Okudaira Akira and Manjoume Fuki.

Okudaira Akira, a Fujigaya Girls Academy high school student, is reconnected with her childhood sweetheart Manjoume Fuki, whom she hasn’t seen for the last ten years. Fumi joins Matsuoka Girls High School, where she rapidly befriends Yasuko Sugimoto, an attractive third-year student.

Akira joins her school’s theatrical club alongside her classmate and friend Ikumi Kyouko, who has developed feelings for that’s why she has confessed to Yasuko but is rejected by her. Akira meets the fiancé of Kyouko Sawanoi Kou. Yasuko and Fumi start dating, and Fumi approaches Akira, who is somewhat unsure how to act but still attempts to encourage Fumi’s new relationship.

21)Wife and Wife

Wife and Wife

Genre: GL, Yuri, School life, Comedy

Length: 18 Chp

Wife and Wife is a lovely and gorgeous yuri manga. The plot is straightforward, and it revolves around Sumi and Kina, who initiate living together like a couple. In summary, it highlights their daily life events such as going grocery shopping together, traveling on weekend getaways, and frequently seeing friends.

While it may not sound very engaging, it is a very enjoyable manga to read. Every chapter has very adorable flirting, charming bullying, and sensual romance. It’s funny, with terrific characters, and a generous plot.

20)Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Drama

Length: 51 Chp

Lily is the story of two college girls who have developed feelings for each other. They are both lesbians. Nevertheless, one is more genuine and grounded in reality than the others.

The other is nearer to her and has only seen 2D art and not real life. When the first meets the second, they begin a new adult connection.

Anyone can enjoy Lily on a daily basis. It’s romantic and cheerful, with a touch of humor and a lot of firsts.

The romance is charming and will provide any romantic with a taste of the classic fairy tale romance. It’s also moving to observe a first romance unfold via the characters’ eyes and experiences.

Everyday Lily is a delightful read, and if you’re looking for yuri manhwa, you should certainly check it out.


best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 6 Chp

Written by Shou HIGASHIYAMA, it is a single-volume manga that started in the year 2010.

The story of the anime revolves around a girl named Megumi who did not have an interesting life in elementary school.

Megumi has developed feelings for the first time in elementary school for a boy named Hikaru, and her feelings are engraved deep in her heart as she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him.

Megumi is about to join high school, and she is anxious to find someone who can make her heart flutter again.

But on the first day of school, she discovers that Hikaru attends the same school — and that he is a stunning girl! Hikaru, no longer a tomboy, is eager to re-connect with Megumi. Megumi quickly discovers she may still have feelings for her reunited pal…

18)Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 98 Chp

All desire the alluring flower maidens of Moonlight Garden, who are known to deliver erotic desires beyond the visualization.

However, Dohwa, a beautiful flower maiden who still hasn’t “flourished,” concocts medicines in the hopes of preventing her fate at the brothels. Lady Hyewon, the new mistress of the Garden, discovers her taking components for her potions one night.

But it soon becomes clear that Dohwa isn’t the only one without a plan. Lady Hyewon has a few horrifying mysteries of her own.

17)Adachi and Shimamura

best yurii manhwa

Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Girls Love, Yuri

Length: 28+ Chp

Sakura Adachi, a first-year high school student, skips class one day and spends the day up the stairs in the school gym to kill time and distract herself with Adachi and Shimamura. There she meets Hougetsu Shimamura, a girl who skips class like her.

Their feelings for one another grow progressively hazy as they form a tentative friendship. As they grow closer, the two must learn how to negotiate their competing characteristics while also deciding the level of their love for each other.

Things became more complicated when the nature of this friendship progressively changed when one of them began to develop feelings that went beyond the bounds of a platonic relationship. They must decide if forming a bond stronger than friendship will increase their closeness or will hurt their friendship and tear them apart.

16)Murasakiiro no Qualia

best yuri manhwa

Genre: Yuri, GL, Romance

Length: 18 Chp

Written by Shirou TSUNASHIMA, it is a 3 volume manga that started in the year 2011.

Yukari sees everyone as a robot through her strange purple eyes. Her ability is a bot curse and a blessing at the same time.

She can help the police assess dangers because her “talent” allows her to evaluate persons’ peculiarities and physical strength, much like cataloging the parts of a machine–but her unusual sight has lost her the companionship of her peers.

Hatou “Gaku” Manabu, a girl at school who cherishes Yukari, is one of her closest friends. The true difficulty begins when Yukari is accepted into a hidden group.

15)Girl Friends

best yuri manga

Genre: Yuri, Gl, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

Length: 35 Chp

Written by Milk MORINAGA, it is a 5 volume manga that started in the year 2006.

The story of the anime revolves around a girl named Marim who is a shy and quiet girl who never expresses her feelings and has no friends.

But one day a girl named Akiko comes across her and talks with her, Mari feels different about and in reality, she really likes it. After their encounter, they start to pass time together, enjoying their time with each other.

Mari, on the other hand, appears awkward in front of everyone, but she knows for a fact that she is deeply in love with none other than Akiko. How can she communicate her feeling if she can’t even handle her modesty?

The tale is easy to follow, and there is never a quiet time; something is always going on; generally, I urge everyone to read the yuri manhwa. 

14)Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 13 Chp

Written by Mochi Au Lait, it is a 2 volume manga that started in the year 2019.

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Satomi Ooguma, who has never been in a relationship but it changes for her when one day she encounters her classmate named Kanda.

Regardless of the fact that Kanda is a girl, Ooguma always treats her like a boy and develops love feelings for her. One day when one of Ooguma’s acquaintances asks her to recruit some males to assist with an occasion, she turns to Kanda for assistance.

Despite her reservations, Kanda decides to assist her on the condition that they will go on a date. To his astonishment, Ooguma enthusiastically approved this plan. What will happen when Ooguma finds that the person she is considering a boy is in reality a girl?

This narrative is absolutely worth reading, and I highly recommend that you read this yuri manga in your spare time.

13)I’m in Love with the Villainess

I’m in Love with the Villainess

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

Length: 20+ Chp

The story of this manga revolves around an office worker named Rei Oohashi. awakens one day to find herself as Rae Taylor, the heroine of her favorite otome game, Revolution. Every Virgo’s ideal would be to be surrounded by attractive men who are all competing for their attention. Rae, on the other hand, is a different story.

Neither can compete with the evil Claire François, her blonde, drill-shaped curls only add to her haughty and alluring charm. Claire humiliates and criticizes the heroine in the original story, which pushes her closer to the male love interest. But Rae had no intention of pursuing any man. Claire’s deeply developed feelings for her and her heart is solidly set on her.

12)Whispered Words

Whispered Words

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 12 Chp

Murasame Sumika is a high school student who falls in love with her female best friend Ushio Kazama but lacks the guts to confess her emotions since Ushio favors “cute” and “small” females, whereas Sumika is tall and athletic. Ushio adores girl-on-girl love as well, but she hasn’t picked up on Sumika’s feelings and has always been ignored by other girls.

When Ushio and Sumika returned to class, they ran into Tomoe and Miyako, the two females they observed kissing. It turns out they’re a lesbian couple. Tomoe wishes to establish a girl club to which only females would be admitted. Sumika and Ushio later became members of the group.

Whispered words is a great manga and if you searching for a Yuri manhwa/manga then should go through it.


best yuri manga

Genre: Comedy, GL, Yuri, Serial Killers

Length: 144+ Chp

The manga is written and illustrated by Yoshimura Kana.

The story of the manga revolves around Kuroko Koumori a serial killer.

She is so lethal that she has murdered over 715 individuals in her lifetime. Despite this, she is able to preserve her sanity, and as a result, she was appointed as an executioner by law.

She is coupled with a cheery yet dangerous female named Hinako, who drives cars recklessly.

They are intended to work together to catch other offenders in the act. And while this surreal pair fulfills their promise, a new one appears to have arrived that links them once more.

If you get bored of reading ordinary yuri manga and now want to read a yuri manga with different components than the other yuri manga out there, then this one will not disappoint you.

10)Us Right Now

Us Right Now

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Webtoon

Length: 2 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Rina and Noa a sweet couple who is living together for the last 4 years. When Rina starts getting busy because of her work she couldn’t think about how Nao is feeling as they are not able to spend a good time together. Tired of all of this, one day Nao decides to put their four-year-long relationship to the rest.

When Noa chooses to break up with her and flees her home, she leaves a message. If Rina can’t find her within 48 hours, there will be no “Us” between them. Can Rina find her and show her how much she adores her?

The story of this yuri is very good that will engage you from the start, the art and characters are also well developed so if you are into Yuri Manhwa/ Webtoon you shouldn’t miss this one.



Genre: Yuri, GL, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

Length: 36 Chp

Written by Haru AKIYAMA, it is a 6-volume manga that started in the year 2008.

The story of the manga revolves around a girl named Miyashita Yukiko, who lived her life very happily and quietly as an idol appreciated by others until one day her group disbanded because of the lack of sales eventually decreasing their profits.

After a few years, she is now 18 and employed as a supervisor, but she can’t seem to let go of her ambition. Yukiko develops a love for Setsuko, a composer from a failing idol group, after meeting her.

her encounter with Setsuko sparks a romance that pushes her to rethink her own life.

8)Strawberry Shake Sweet

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Comedy

Length: 17 Chp

Written by Shizuru HAYASHIYA, it is a 2 volume manga that started in the year 2003.

The story of the manga revolves around Julia Tachibana, an experienced idol living her life happily.

She is about to add a new member to her band named Ran.

But everything changes the instant she sets eyes on the tall, cute blonde who would be her kouhai.

7)My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness

best yuri manga

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Slice of life, Drama, Psychological

Length: 5 Chp

The manga’s plot centers around a promising mangaka who has not had sex or ever considered having sex outside of reading BL manga. A 28-year-old youngster who stays at home, a college dropout who is unsatisfied with her life.

He was on a downward spiral until she understood she wanted to live for herself and fill the blanks in her heart.

One of those blanks happens to be her mother’s warm hug, so she arranges a hotel rendezvous with a female sex professional on the spur of the moment.

In terms of relatability and realism, this manga hits a home run. So, despite the sexual meaning of the word ‘lesbian’ in the title, if you like Yuri manhwa/manga, you should certainly give this one a shot.

6)Bloom into You

bloom into you

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 45 Chp

Yuu Koito has long been drawn to shoujo manga and love song lyrics. She sits silently, waiting for the wings of love to unfold, and her heart races on the day she finally receives a confession. Nonetheless, when her junior high classmate declares his love for her at their commencement, she feels strangely hollow. She realizes she understands the meaning of romanticism but is unable to embrace it personally.

Her puzzled and saddened self was still debating how to reply to her suitor when she started high school. There, she encounters Touko Nanami, the seemingly flawless student council leader, who maturely rejects her own realization.

5)What does the Fox Say?

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 132 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Sumin, a team manager in a mobile game studio run by none other than her ex-girlfriend, Senju. Sumin always ends up with Seju, no matter how many times she splits up with her.

Sumin falls for a new employee with lovely charms who joins the team. Is she pleased with this? Yes. Senju, on the other hand, is still madly in love with her. See how these three become entangled in a love story that they have no idea how it will conclude.

This was a fantastic Yuri manhwa for me, and I thoroughly loved it. To top it all off, it’s even finished, which means you won’t have to wait a week to read a new chapter, which is incredibly frustrating. Some of the scenes in this comic are best appreciated alone because they may get rather intense.

4)Mage and Demon Queen

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Fantasy

Length: 71 Chp

Mage and Demon Queen revolves around a magician who only ever gets into a fight with a Demon Queen, but only the loss stays in the conclusion. But she refuses to give up, and the only reason she does is that she wants to go out with her.

Adventurers are seeking the Demon Queen’s head whilst she seeks to take her hand in love. Continue reading to see how this story evolves, which includes many hilarious, charming, eye-catching, and passionate events.

Overall it is a very good Yuri manhwa with a good romantic comedy in it, so if you wish to read a good Yuri Manhwa/manga then you should give this one a try.

3)You Were Worth It

Genre: GL, Yuri, webtoon

The manhwa’s plot centers around a couple named Keiva and Rose. Keiva is a shy girl who constantly worries herself psychologically and stresses out about trivial matters. Rose, on the other hand, makes it a point to assist her in any situation.

How adorable would it be to watch such a sweet relationship with a slice-of-life plot? Well, I suppose you’ll find out once you’ve finished reading it. These two characters alone make the entire manhwa worthwhile.

The art and the character development of this Yuri manhwa are great so make sure to give this one a try if you are looking for a good Yuri manhwa to read in your free time.

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2)Just Right There!

best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance

Length: 63 Chp

The story begins with Min Do Yeon, who was in a normal relationship until her boyfriend deserted her. Do Yeon, sad, seeks out her one and only best friend, Bo Kyung, and the two go out for a drink.

They go to “Girls Bar,” where Min Do Yeon kisses her best friend. They don’t stop there, though. See how this steamy romance blossoms into a charming romantic dramedy.

Some things are usually learned after the fact. Do Yeon, for example, didn’t realize she was a lesbian until her relationship ended. Later, it demonstrates how they both take their relationship to the next level.

Make sure to read this amazing Yuri Manhwa in your free time.

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best yuri manhwa

Genre: GL, Yuri, Romance, Comedy, Drama 

Length: 68 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Mel, a well-known heart surgeon with a comfortable lifestyle. While her profession is demanding and stressful, she always finds solace in sex. She has never been in a serious relationship, but she enjoys having sexual encounters with various women on a regular basis.

Mel encounters someone wonderful, Lynn, and everything changes when she begins to rethink how she has always perceived s*x.

Pulse is a yuri-manhwa about how two people in a relationship can influence one other. When they first started dating, neither of them expected that they will be together.

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With this, I end the list of the best yuri manhwa that you should enjoy in your free time, if you think we have forgotten to add/mention your favorite manhwa/manga in the list you can share them with us in the comment section, we always appreciate and consider your comments.


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