20+ Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

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Every otaku love anime based on betrayal and revenge because they have a great vengeance plot that excites every anime fan with its uniqueness in the story

So hello dear otaku, if you are in a search of an anime based on revenge, then the article is for you.

In this article, I’ve put together a list of the best anime where mc gets betrayed.

So, without any further delay let’s begin our journey.

23)Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Action, Comedy

Length: 12 Ep

Masamune Makabe was a fatty boy who love to eat food.

He has a crush on Aki Adagaki a beautiful and wealthy girl but one day she cruelly rejects him and gives him the nickname “Pig’s Foot”.

Now for the sake of revenge, he starts dieting, exercising, and become a fit and very handsome boy.

He changed his name and his personality.

How will he get his revenge, what do you think?


Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Romance, Supernatural, Horror

Length: 13 Ep

At the start of the story, we saw the clash between two rivals, Zet and Alphas.

They are not demons or otherworldly, Jin Kanzaki is a young man with the ability to convert in Zet, while Kouga Amagi uses technology to convert in Alphas.

This anime has good animation and is worth watching

21)Zetsuen no tempest

Genre: Action, Drama, Magic, Fantasy, Psychological

Length: 24 ep

The story focuses on Mahiro Fuwa, a high-schooler whose family is mysteriously killed one day.

Hakaze Kusaribe, she is the leader of the Kusaribe clan who was left alone on an anonymous island by her followers. She contact Mahiro for help he agreed to help her on one condition that she has to help him to find people who killed his family.

Will they find the real culprit who killed Mahiro’s family? I wonder that’s why I had watched this series.

20)Bungo stray dogs

Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 36+ Ep

The story of this anime focuses on Atsushi Nakajima.

One day he was kicked thrown out of the orphanage, he has nothing to eat and was starving to death.

After surviving, he accidentally stops the suicide of a man named Dazai Osamu. He was a member of the Armed Detective Agency, an agency where members have some supernatural powers.

It is an agency that handles cases that police can’t.

Atsushi Nakajima joins the agency in order to become strong and get his revenge on the one who humiliated him.

What do you think will he succeed in his revenge?

19)Akatsuki no Yona

Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Romance

Length: 24 ep

This anime has a female protagonist unlike others on this list.

On her sixteenth birthday princess, Yona was betrayed by her childhood friend who killed his father and set the castle on fire.

Hak rescue Yona and takes her to her birthplace.

Now Yona has to find legendary four dragon warriors in order to survive and save her country from Soon-Woon.

18)Record Of Grancrest War

Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Length: 24 ep

A land ruled by Tumult, has the culture to help everyone, this land is known as Atlanta.

But some lords of this land don’t want to follow this rule, and that’s where betray starts, they start to betray each other to gain more power and influence.

Amongst them, a mage Siluca lives, who scorns the Lords for their selfishness. He becomes friends with Theo, a knight who wants to free his country.


Best Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed And Want Revenge

Genre: Fantasy, Harem, Isekai

Length: 13 Ep

This anime has a lot of similarities with Rising Of The Shield Hero as the main protagonist of both anime are kind-hearted but betrayed by their comrade.

Hajime was the main protagonist of the story who was sent to a different world along with his classmates.

All of them grant a very powerful superpower except Hajime who gets only basic alchemy magic. Alchemy magic has no worth in their eyes.

During a dungeon raid, he was pushed into a pit by his comrade however, he survives the fall, but now he has how to become in order to escape the dungeon and take his revenge.

16)Deadman wonderland

deadman wonderland

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, Shounen

Length: 12 Ep

Had your parents shout on you for a thing you didn’t even do, i know it is not easy to hold your anger.

Just imagine what you will do if you wew given a death sentence for a crime you didn’t commit, let’s find out.

The story of this anime is about Ganta Igarashi a normal schoolboy.

His life is normal until his entire class except him is killed by a mysterious man.

Ganta is present in the court as the only suspect of this incident, as all evidence is against him.

He was proved guilty by the court and given a life sentence.

Now, his only goal is to find that man and clear his name from this false guilt that he didn’t commit.

This anime is more than a normal betrayal anime, it has a very good plot.


Genre: Action, Psychological, Sci-fi

Length: 11 ep

This anime revolves around two men Inuyashiki Ichiro an old friendless man and Shishigami Hiro a high school teenager.

One day both of them were struck by an explosion of extraterrestrial origin and gained supernatural ability.

Ichiro understands what his power is, and decides to help people but as all people don’t have the same thinking, Shishigami uses his ability to kill people, just for enjoyment, and become the most wanted criminal in Japan.

14)Redo of Healer

Redo of healer

Genre: Ecchi, Dark fantasy

Length: 12 Ep

The story of this anime focuses on Keyau, our main protagonist. He was a healing magician and could heal injury no matter how bad it is.

But everyone treats him as a weakling and exploits him, sexually abused him.

With the power of magic, he goes back in time before his horrible life starts and began his revenge on people who did him wrong.

13)Evil or live

evil or live

Genre: Psychological, Action, School
Length:12 Ep

The plot of this anime is a bit different, based on what we are facing right now.

In this anime, the youth become severely addicted to the internet and eventually resulting in the uttermost dependence on the web, interesting right.

There is also a rehabilitation center for teens who has more than an addiction to the internet.

Hibiki, 17-year-old, one day awakens in that center without any knowledge of how he got there.
This place is more likely a prison for people there.

Now the question is, who sent Hibiki there?


Best anime where mc gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Survival, Science fiction

Length: 12 Ep

This story focuses on a boy named Ryōta Sakamoto. He is a jobless guy who spent his whole day playing a game, Btoom. His goal is to become the best in this game.

One day when Sakamoto awakes from his sleep, he finds himself on an island that exists in the Btoom game.

Then he realizes that he has been trapped inside his favorite game and now, to survive he has to kill seven people

11)Black Butler

best anime where mc gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Mystery, Historical, Demons, Supernatural
Length: 35 ep

The story focuses on Ciel Phantomhive, a 13-year-old boy.

His life is going completely fine, until one day someone has set fire in his house in which his family died.
On the same night, attackers kidnapped him and sold him for money. where people exploit him.

He makes a soul contract with a demon in order to help him get his revenge.

10)Chivalry of a failed knight

Chivalry of a failed knight

Genre: Action, Romance, Fantasy

Length: 12 Ep

This anime focuses on Ikki Kurogane, a member of an elite group, but as a guess a word one, good for nothing child.

He wants to become a knight, a knight is an individual who can manifest a weapon by the will of his soul.

For achieving his dream he enrolled in an academy but still fail no matter how hard he try.

He was boycotted from his family and from his class, his father was also against him.

For the sake of revenge on people who look down on him, he becomes the most powerful knight in his school.

9)Chrome Shelled Regios

Best anime where MC gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Adventure, Post Apocalyptic

Length: 24 ep

The story is based on a post-apocalyptic future where people are used to live in mobile cities called Regios.

The world is filled with monsters with overwhelming strength known as Filth.

Nina Antalk, a military understudy and captain of the 17th platoon, wants to be the best in this world, but his dream is going to be tough as Layfon Alseif joins the foundation.

Layfon Alseif is very powerful and has the potential to beat Nina, but his dark past didn’t allow him to do it.
Want to know his past story? go and watch anime.

One of the best revenge anime out there.

8)Devilman crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Genre: Action, Dark fantasy, devils

Length: 10 Ep

The story of this anime focuses on two friends, Akira Fudou and Ryou Asuka.

One day Ryou asks his friend Akira to join him in the journey to uncover the secrets of the devil and Akira gladly accepts his request.

But then they realize that they are in a horrible situation as devils in their bost strat rampage.

Akira fuses with a demon named Amon and becomes a Devilman to protect his friend and humanity from the threat of devils.

7)91 Days

Best anime where mc gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Drama, Historical, crime

Length: 12 Ep

There can’t be any mafia story without any betrayal, so in this mafia story how can there be no betrayal.

This story is based on a time when the mafia has control over the city.

The family of our main protagonist, Angelo Lagusa was murdered by a group of the mafia.

He decides to befriend Don’s son Nero in order to get close to the family and execute his plan to take revenge.



Genre: Action, Dark Fantasy, Demons

Length: 24 Ep

No matter what you have gone through in your life, but betrayal by your own parents is the worst thing right?
this anime is based on a similar story.

Hyakkimaru’s father sold his body to demons to save his kingdom from the crisis, his greed made him do all of this.
Due to this Hyakkimaru was born without limbs, legs, face, eyes he doesn’t even have skin.

He was disposed in a river to die, but found by a man, Jukai. He gives him prosthetic limbs and legs so that he can survive on his own.

Now he has to kill 48 demons to get his body parts back

Dororo is one of the best revenge anime you can start watching.

5)Vinland saga

Best anime where mv gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical

Length: 25 ep

This anime is based on the story of Thorfinn, a young boy who leaves everything just for the sake of revenge for his father’s death.

His father was betrayed by a man Floki and killed in front of his eyes.

He joins the tribe that killed his father to take revenge on them, kill Askeladd, leader of the tribe, and also he was the one who killed his father after losing a fight with him.

This anime is a complete masterpiece, with a great story, great plot, and great artwork.
I highly recommend you to watch this, Vinland Saga is one the best underrated revenge anime you can watch right now.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Military, Romance 

Length: 49 ep

Any betrayal anime list is incomplete without this anime, if you watch this you’ll agree with me.

This story revolves around Guts who is a top-class swordsman.

One day leader of a tribe is impressed by his fighting style and spirit and eventually offers him to join his part.

Now he embarks on a journey with them, as you go on with the story you’ll get to know what is his real revenge.

Berserk is not like other revenge anime in this list, it contain mand dark moments.

As the manga to much better then anime, so I suggest you that if you are comfortable with manga, then you must choose manga over anime.

3)Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the rebellion

Genre: Action, Military, Mecha, Alternated history

The story focused on Lelouch vi Britannia he is the prince of a Britannia, he was betrayed by his father who was the king of Britannia.

Now his only goal is to take revenge on Britannia, and he is ready to kill anyone who comes in his way.

One day he gets a strange power and changed his name to Zero.

Will he succeed in his revenge?

Revenge aime addon supernatural power is very exciting to watch.

2)Rising Of The Shield Hero

Rising Of The Shield Hero

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai

Length: 25 ep

This anime revolves around Naofumi Iwatani, a young man.

He was summoned to a parallel world along with three people with different worlds as a hero.

In this world, they have to fight monsters knowns as waves, and to fight them they have to form parties.

Only one girl join the party of Naofumi who later falsely accused him of rap.

Now he has to fight with monsters and also earn money, nobody is going to help him.

That’s where our kind-hearted main protagonist embarks on his journey to become strong and take his revenge on the whole kingdom.

If you want to watch a reveng anime then it must be your top priorities.

1)Tower Of God

best anime where mc gets betrayed

Genre: Action, Adventure, Dark fantasy

Length: 13 Ep

Any list of revenge anime is incomplete without Tower of God, so here it is.

Let me guess you had already watched this anime, right? but I still share some information for people who still hadn’t.

The anime focuses on Bam, a young boy who lives beneath a tower with his only friend, Rachel.

Their life goes fine, but one day Rachel leaves Bam behind and enters the tower.

For meeting Rachel again Bam also opens the gate of the tower and enters into it as an irregular.

It is not the only instance where she betrays him for more information, I suggest you to go and enjoy this anime.

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With this our list of best anime where mc seeks revenge is comes to end, I hope you liked it, share your opinion about animes mentioned above in the comment section/

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