12+ Best Basketball Anime (Recommendation)

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best anime like Yuri!! on ice

Hello dear Otaku, today we have brought you another great blog. Through today’s article we are gonna present you with the best basketball anime, so if you are a basketball fan and want to watch basketball anime- keep reading as after reading this you will definitely get something you are looking for.

13)Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

Genre: Drama, Sports, Romance, School

The story of the anime is based on the manga written by Kanan Minami.

The story of the anime revolves around an ordinary girl at Houjou Academy named Hagino Yuzuru.

Except for the students who take the Kuge course, all students at the Houjou Academy are entirely normal. This exclusive course is only for elite and wealthy pupils and their “honeys.” Hagino Yuzuru enrolls in the course with the help of Kai Renge, and she very early realizes that her decision is the worst decision of her life till now.

In order to become honey, a student must have to be sponsored by someone who is already enrolled in the Kuge course. Kai becomes Hagino’s sponsor, enrolling her in the course and paying her fee. In exchange, Hagino must call him her master and serve his every desire.

Despite the fact that Hagino has become entangled in something she cannot handle. She will be expelled from school if she leaves now. Will she be able to make things work with Kai, or will she walk away before he does something she will regret later?

12)Dash Kappei

Dash Kappei

Genre: Sports, Ecchi, School, Comedy

The anime is adapted from the manga by the same name written and illustrated by Rokuda Noboru.

The story of the anime revolves around an ordinary short-height boy named Kappei.

Kappei Sakamoto is a tiny youngster who excels in nearly every sport. Kappei’s Achilles heel, on the other hand, is a good pair of pants – and only plain white would do.

Kappei takes every opportunity he gets to peer up the skirts of the females around him, and he likes what he sees in both the basketball team’s captain, Coach Natsu, and the lovely Akane Aki.

Kappei resolves to join the basketball team and give it his all, wearing two pairs of white slacks as a good luck charm. Kappei will help Seirin High School remain at the top by taking part in a variety of competitions and trials.

If you want to see a basketball anime with ecchi elements in it, I suggest you give this one a try.

11)Hungry Best 5

Hungry Best 5

Genre: Sports, School, Drama

The story of the anime revolves around Kim Youngwoong, a high school basketball player.

He competes in the junior Asian Cup in Hong Kong and plays the final match against the Chinese squad. His final spectacular shot is the reason behind the victory of the Korean Team.

Chae Yo omi, the daughter of the Korean consul, will never forget his last spectacular shot. Back home, every university with a basketball team wants Youngwoong. Youngwoong, on the other hand, decides to join the least well-known squad when his first coach, Kim In, suggests it.

10)Barangay 143

Barangay 143

Genre: Drama, Sports, Basketball

The anime got an anime adaptation by ASI Studios.

Barangay 143 is a tough story about never giving up and a high-stakes game called life. Bren Park, who enjoys basketball, refuses his ambition to become a famous player when tragedy falls on his family.

He swears he would never play basketball again and travels to the Philippines to find himself, his passion, and the game. Coach B, a famous basketball coach, is seeking justice for his son’s death in Manila.

He begins by tracking down the offenders and bringing down a gang using the game that took his son away from him. But he needs a leader to lead his motley band of misfits to victory.

Despite their heartbreaking loss and the game that stole everything from them, Bren and Coach B soon found peace, justice, forgiveness, redemption, and love through basketball.


basketball anime

Genre: Action, Sports, Basketball, School, Drama

Based on a manga written by Hiroyuki Asada, it got an anime adaptation by M.S.C. Studio in the year 2002.

The story of the anime revolves around a freshman high school student named Akane Tachibana.

Despite his incredible talent at basketball, he took a difficult decision to leave sports clubs due to the pressure placed on him by them.

When he gets to Kouzu High, he meets the only other basketball player who has ever piqued his interest on the court and decides to join the team. The season begins with an exhibition game against Hyamazaki, the league’s strongest team, for which Hiiragi’s father coaches and his older brother play.

Hiiragi enters the game in the second half, and they don’t appear to be working well together on the court, losing the game until one of the team’s senior players erroneously challenges them to beat him.

 They band together and inspire the team to victory. Thus begins the narrative of a gang of youngsters striving for success and fighting tooth and nail the entire way.


basketball anime

Genre: Sports, Basketball

It is an original animation directed by Masataka Nishikawa and animated by Studio Albacrow. The story is a little more tragic in nature.

The anime shows us: goal ball, track, paralympic swimming, and wheelchair basketball.

This is a series about four tragic individuals. Each of them has one or more physical disabilities.

Their lives are changed, however, when they meet Ren Narita. Ren appears to be an ordinary person, but he is actually a sports scientist who has been disregarded by the community, making him an outcast.

Despite his social standing, he attempts to influence the lives of these four magnificent minds. They are all dealing with four distinct sports. Wheelchair basketball, paralympic swimming, goalball, and high jump are among them.

Breaker is an anime that will give you a new perspective on looking at your life. Breaker is a good basketball anime to watch in your spare time.

7)Dear Boys

basketball anime

Genre: Shounen, Sports, Basketball, Drama

Based on a manga written by Hiroki Yagami, it got an anime adaptation by A.C.G.T in the year 2003.

The anime’s plot centers around Aikawa Kazuhiko, leader of the elite Tendoji high school basketball team. He relocates to a new location to attend Mizuho high school and play basketball on its team.

Mizuho High’s basketball team, on the other hand, is far from prestigious; in fact, the team is already dead due to a lack of players. Nonetheless, Kazuhiko’s determination, enthusiasm, and basketball abilities inspired the other members of the dysfunctional basketball team to get back into the game.

The purpose is to compete in national events where all young basketball players encounter their opponents. The story of the five protagonists’ youths: Fujiwara Takumi, Ishii Tsutomu, Dobashi Kenji, Miura Ranmaru, and Aikawa Kazuhiko has just begun, as has the life of the Mizuho high school basketball team.

6)Buzzer Beater

basketball anime

Genre: Sports, Basketball, Sci-fi, Shounen

Based on a manga written by Takehiko Inoue, it got an anime adaptation by TMS Entertainment in the year 2005.

The anime’s plot centers around Hideyoshi, a homeless teenager living in New York.

Humans used to dominate basketball, but when physically stronger extraterrestrial beings landed on the planet, the earthlings became obsolete.

A millionaire assembled all of the top basketball players in the world to form an all-human squad with the goal of regaining their dignity in the world of basketball, and Hideyoshi, a street child who makes a living hustling in basketball games, is one of them.

Do humans have what it takes to return the trophy to Earth despite all of the challenges?

5)Ro Kyu Bu

Ro Kyu Bu

Genre: Sports, Basketball, Comedy

Based on a manga written by Sagu Aoyama, it got an anime adaptation in the year 2011.

The story of the anime revolves around Subaru Hasegawa. He wants to be remembered as one of the best basketball players of all time. This appears to come to an end when his school’s basketball team decides to take a year off. After being surprised by the news, he chooses not to play basketball any longer. 

His aunt Mihoshi Takamura encourages him to coach the Keishin Academy girls’ basketball team, and he reluctantly accepts. He meets sixth-graders Tomoka Minato, Maho Misawa, Airi Kashii, Hinata Hakamada, and Saki Nagatsuki and begins teaching them the sport with the goal of defeating all difficult opponents along the way.

Subaru’s enthusiasm is rekindled by the girls’ honesty and diligence. He helps the girls overcome all barriers while practicing and develops a strong friendship bond with them.


basketball anime

Genre: Sports, Basketball, Sci-fi, Mecha

Released in the year 2009, Basquash is 26 episode basketball anime series.

In the future, basketball is played by massive robots known as Bigfoots, and the wealthy elite lives on the moon. Dan JD is an arrogant young man who lives on the planet Earthdash and works as a delivery boy for a pittance.

He dreams of one day sending his paralyzed sister to the moon so that she can get good medical treatment. Dan also dislikes the boring playing style of official Bigfoot Basketball, so the first time he gets to show the public how it’s truly done, he disrupts a game.

Destruction of the arena and subsequent imprisonment! By the time Dan is released, his story has gone global, inspiring thousands of imitators to demolish the city in their Bigfoot wars. All Dan has to do is defend himself against his competitors, urgently trying to keep his company afloat, and reach for the stars!

If you are looking for an exciting basketball anime that can keep you engaged throughout the story, I recommend you to watch this anime.

3)Ahiru No Sora

basketball anime

Genre: Shounen, Sports, Basketball

Here we come in the top three of the list, keep reading to get some best anime to enjoy.

Based on a manga written by Takeshi Hinata, it got an anime adaptation in the year 2019.

Sora Kurumatani has struggled with his small stature since the beginning of his basketball career, as he lacks what is considered the most important asset in basketball. Despite this disadvantage, Sora’s unwavering resolve never let his small stature limit his ability to play, believing wholeheartedly in trying his hardest and continually training to prove his talent.

Sora enrolls at Kuzuryuu High School in order to join the basketball club and compete in tournaments, fulfilling a promise he made to his mother. Sora, on the other hand, is disappointed to see that the boy’s basketball team is little more than a sanctuary for punks with no interest in the sport.

Sora also discovers that the Hanazono brothers, Chiaki and Momoharu, whom he meets, have lost their earlier passionate urge to play. Sora, anxious to resuscitate the basketball squad, challenges the lads to a game in which his swift feet and rapid movements absolutely overwhelm the group.

2)Slam Dunk

basketball anime

Genre: Sports, Basketball, Shounen, Action, Drama

Based on a manga written by Takehiko Inoue, it got an anime adaptation in the year 1993.

The story of the anime revolves around a delinquent named Hanamichi Sakuragi. He is pretty unpopular among girls as he had been rejected approx fifty times. The last girl who rejected him chose a basketball player that’s why he used to hate sports until one day he encounters a girl named Haruko.

Haruko introduces Sakuragi to the Shohoku basketball squad after noticing his athleticism. Sakuragi is initially hesitant to join the team because he has no prior sports experience and believes basketball is a game for losers because his fifty-fiftieth rejection was for a basketball player.

Despite his immaturity and volcanic rage, Sakuragi demonstrates that he is a natural athlete and joins the squad, largely to impress and be closer to Haruko. Later, despite playing solely for Haruko’s sake, Sakuragi learns that he has grown to appreciate the sport.

Can Sakuragi overcome his bad habits to help the squad reach the Nationals, or will his fury cause him to be kicked out before he can learn to dribble the ball? Let’s join Sakuragi on his journey.

Almost everything is included in this anime. Action, comedy, tragedy, romantic tensions, and macho moments are all present. Overall, the animation is excellent, making it one of the best basketball anime to watch.

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1)Kuroko no Basket

basketball anime

Genre: Comedy, Sports, Basketball, School

Taiga Kagami and Tetsuya Kuroko have joined the basketball team at Seirin High School. Their powers were vastly different. Kagami has gained several basketball talents since returning from America, making him a formidable opponent; he also possesses great muscular force; Kuroko, on the other hand, is nothing more than a typical boy. Because of his lack of presence, he is unobtrusive and may walk around softly. His strength, unlike Taiga’s, is passing the ball without being noticed by the opponent.

Despite his lack of height and strength, he aspires to demonstrate his own might and, as a result, establish a dynamic alliance with Taiga as his shadow. With this new team, Seiren High hopes to win the forthcoming Basketball competition, but it will not be easy because several problems await them.

It is the best basketball anime I have ever seen and if you are looking for a basketball anime I highly suggest you give this one a try.

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With this, I end the list of the best Basketball anime. If you think we have forgotten your favorite basketball anime you can share them with us through the comment section.


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