Best Build to Go For in Steelrising

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Best Build to Go For in Steelrising

Steelrising will officially premiere on September 8, and players are already eager to give it a try. The game is similar to the Souls series in that you choose a class, each with its own set of unique weapons. As a beginner, you may struggle to create characters. That is why Best Build to Go For in Steelrising.

Best Build to Go For in Steelrising

Before you begin the game, you will select a class, however, the question is whether the class is important or not. Surprisingly, the class is unimportant in Steelrising. Classes serve as suggestions for which stats to emphasize. Weapons continue to be the most essential aspect of the game.

Building Your Character Right

Best Build to Go For in Steelrising

In Steelrising, you can carry a powerful weapon of your choice until the game is completed. Because guns may be upgraded, there is no “end-game weaponry.” It makes no difference what weapon you have; all that matters is if you enjoy its gameplay.

All weapons have three scalings: Power, Agility, and Alchemy, which can be used to create builds. Some weapons, such as the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, demonstrate how affinity can increase damage, such as Alchemy affinity.

When you increase the power and alchemy affinity of the Glass-core Batons, which have C in power affinity, D in agility affinity, and C in alchemy affinity, you can do more damage.

The agility build comes next. Agility boosts physical damage while decreasing immobilization. Immobilization has a meter that fills up when you deal damage to foes, triggering a critical strike. Vigor is also required to boost the Critical Hit Multiplier and endurance.

Power, on the other hand, boosts the physical damage of power-based or Heavy weapons. Durability should be prioritized for this development. It offers you enough balance to avoid being knocked down by foes. Power also provides impact, which can stun opponents.

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