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Good day, manhwa readers! today I will present you another great blog, We’ll go over several cultivation manhua for you to read in your spare time

They’re all fantastic stories with fantastic visuals and character development.

We all enjoy reading manhwa in which our Mc grows stronger via cultivation; after reading this blog, you will have a large number of manhwa to read that will keep you entertained throughout.

41)Supreme Demon Warrior

cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 342+ Chp

Written by Yao Ye, the manhua was released in the year 2018.

The story of the manhua revolves around a man who has an intense demonic aura. For the girl he used to love, he doesn’t hesitate even a bit to go against and slaughter the Gods along his way.

The same blood and legend, another blood and tale. Where have you gone, Demon God Guard?

40)I Have a Dragon in My Body

I Have a Dragon in My Body

Genre: Action, Cultivation, Martial arts, Time Travel

Length: 524+ Chp

Heavenly Emperor, when he was in middle school, he was startled to discover that he had more than one dragon.

Would you fight or obey if you were really weak and faced with intimidation? He obeyed in his previous life, but now that he is the ruler of the city, toppling the city and covering the clouds, he has only one thought in his mind: I am the king!

39)Reborn 80,000 Years

Reborn 80,000 Years

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Cultivation

Length: 323+ Chp

Stardust, a generation of powerful stars, died at the hands of the villain and fell by accident. When he awoke, he discovered that he had been sleeping for the previous 80,000 years. Many things have changed since then.

The four adoptive sons have already become the continent’s strongest men, while a rescued wild dog has become the supreme demon king. That youngster, it is thought, overturned customary conventions and became supreme 40,000 years ago.

Yang Chen thinks Yalishan is great after observing the tiny tragedies of tens of thousands of years ago one by one. This is a little tense.

38)Yuan Long

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 313+ Chp

Special Operations Forces Wang Sheng went to the spirit world and was seized by the waste carp Yuan soul, becoming a veritable waste person there.

Wang Sheng used everything he had learned in the world of master spirits like Yun Yuan to win the struggle, and even evolved the waste carp Yuan soul!

The carp leaps through the dragon gate as the sparrow changes into a phoenix. Wang Sheng has gone the Jackie Chan route when it comes to the evil soul debate!

37)The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Daily life of an immortal king

Genre: Action, School life, Cultivation, Fantasy

Length: 188+ Chp

Written by Xi He, the manhwa was released in the year 2020.

Everyone worked hard to fly on their swords and become immortals during the cultivation era. But Wang Ling the main protagonist of the story was different- What about magical arts? Cultivation? Pills? He couldn’t care less, but his cultivation level was skyrocketing.

He could ride a sword at the age of three, and at the age of seven, he became eternal. Despite his desire to remain anonymous, his strategy did not pan out in a typical high school!

36)A True Martial World

A True Martial World

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 48+ Chp

Yi Yun unintentionally journeyed through the vast and wild world of Martial Arts while the martial arts civilization was still in its early stages with a purple spar that could quickly absorb the “energy” of cultivation. The legend of the Martial Arts world began with his entrance.

35)Martial Master

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 548 Chp

Qin Chen, a great character of the Tianwu Continent, has unexpectedly fallen into Wuyu as a result of a friend’s betrayal. He was resurrected three hundred years later as an illegitimate son of a marquis and is continuously ridiculed.

He decides to use his previous life’s achievements, such as spiritual practices and pill refinement, to ascend to the skies. He will set out on a stunning quest that will surprise the entire world.

34)Against the Gods

Against the Gods

Genre: Martial arts, Action, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 514+ Chp

The main protagonist’s life is not easy—his meridians have been damaged. He was abandoned by his clan, ridiculed by the rest of the world, and, worst of all, slain on his wedding night.

However, due to the Mirror of Samsara, his fate was overturned, and he was resurrected into the world, filled with both rage and regret. He pledges to himself that he will not waste his second opportunity and will use it to the utmost, reaching a level of power that no one in history has ever achieved.

33)Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 548+ Chp

There are twelve paths in the world to ascend the Tower of God, and stories say that these twelve paths lead to the famous road of immortality.

However, the paths in the Tower of God are far too extensive and seemingly endless. There were many sorts of martial arts in ancient times, but the world changed dramatically, and only three survived: Flame, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts.

Generations of martial arts enthusiasts have seeking the route to immortality. A Master of Martial Arts on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to become the Highest God.

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32)Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Genre: Action, Adventure, Time Travel, Cultivation

Length: 779+ Chp

During the anti-cataclysm period, the monk Chen Fanyu was caught up in the day’s disaster, yet he dreamed of returning to the earth’s youth in five hundred years.

In his previous life,  no one can match him, looking out over the planet, but he was alone. This planet is only interested in living with the right person.

After 500 years, the immortal was revived and returned to the city to make amends and play the role of the weak.

31)Back from Immortal World

Genre: Action, Drama, Cultivation

Length: 133 Chp

The story of the manhua centers around Xingxiu, the great ruler of the eternal world, who lived in the human world by the name, Tang Xiu, unfortunately, one day he died in a Calamity.

But he does not die completely since as his soul doesn’t destroy completely a small part of his soul returns to his body on Earth. Surprisingly, ten thousand years in the Immortal World correspond to only one year on Earth.

30)Reverend Insanity

Reverend Insanity

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Cultivation

Length: 96 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a cunning man named Fang Yuan, he is ready to destroy anyone who comes in his way.

He goes 500 years back in time with the ChunQiu Cicada. His sole goal in using his military knowledge and insight is to stay ahead of his adversary. He refuses to give up, no matter what difficulties stand in his way.

If you want to read a cultivation manhua where our Mc is more like a villain than a hero- then you will definitely like this one.

29)Perfect World

cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 128+ Chp

The manhua revolves around Shi Hao, who was born into a universe where people battle for dominance and control of the continent. Despite being born into humble circumstances, he possessed the outstanding ability.

His family, on the other hand, has a turbulent history. The clan goes to great lengths to encourage his cultivation so that he can flourish and become the genius he is destined to be.

A great cultivation manhua with a great story, the artwork, and character stylizations are really excellent.

28)God Emperor

God Emperor

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Cultivation

Length: 37+ Chp

A legendary man died eight hundred years ago. Zhang Ruochen, Emperor Ming’s son, was murdered by his betrothed, Princess Chi Yao.

Then, eight hundred years later, he returned, only to discover that the person who had slain him had already unified Kunlun’s Field and created the First Central Empire, and was now recognized as Empress Chi Yao.

There are several reincarnation cultivation manhuas with the same plot as the immortal god-emperor, but this one is far more sophisticated. This manhua’s work is quite good. Fight situations are really effectively portrayed.

27)Swallowed Star

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Cultivation

Length: 58+ Chp

The story of the manhua is set up in the year 2056, in a town in the Yuan Jiang Su Jin region.

 An adolescent dressed in a combat vest, militaristic trousers, and alloyed fighting boots sits on top of a damaged, shattered six-story residential apartment.

He carries a hexagonal shield and a blood-shadow fighting dagger on his back. He sits quietly on the ledge of the roof. The beautiful sky was shining at this moment, and there was a delicious breath in the air that blew towards him.

26)The First Sword of Earth

The First Sword of Earth

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 85+ Chp

Wang Sheng was abruptly reborn the night before the earth’s significant growth in spiritual energy.

Upon reincarnation, he vows to himself that he will everything he has to in order to become strong so that no one will look looked down on him like in his previous life.

As a result, he resolved to travel to Wudang to learn martial arts from one of his former life’s supreme masters. Thus begins the daily life of the route to immortality.

This manhua is actually quite excellent. The cultivation section is quite well done. The narrative is not like your typical courting death tale. The artwork is also pleasing. So, if you want to read a cultivation manhua, don’t forget to attempt this one.

25)Sheng Wang

Sheng Wang

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 35+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around Yang Qi, who throws away his everything for the sake of the woman he loved, but what he received in the end, was betrayal, he was betrayed by the person he used to love most.

Other aristocracies were after him, and he had nowhere to go. Now that his Qi Gong has been destroyed, he is unable to use any martial arts. However, Heaven has yet to abandon him.

24)I Shall Seal the Heavens

I Shall Seal the Heavens

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Cultivation

Length: 128 Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around Meng Hao, a struggling young scholar. Just as he thinks his life is coming to an end, he is recruited by an Immortal Cultivator wing. He recognizes that in this harsh world only those who are fittest will survive.

Seeing how the strong manage and rule the weak, Mang Hao vows to stand up for himself and learn to do as the Romans do.

23)Principles of Heavens

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Cultivation, Fantasy

Length: 923+ Chp

Zen Luo, the erstwhile Young Lord of the Luo family, is now a poor slave after his father died and his younger sister was imprisoned by a strong sect.

He has been through so much, both physically and mentally. However, his life began to improve when he discovered the secret Weapon Creation process in a book of his fathers.

Could the human body be a weapon? What was the enigmatic power behind all of this? It is a test of the fate that awaits Zen Luo.

22)Chaotic Lof World

Chaotic Lof World

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 338+ Chp

There was a world called Lof World that, after 100 thousand years, was bound to come to an end and vanish for another 100 thousand years.

Everything in this Lof World, living or nonliving, vanished when the World ended, until one day a teenager woke up in the Swords Cabinet in the Divine Sword Sect.

21)Tales of Herding Gods

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts

Length: 35+ Chp

“Don’t walk outside when it’s dark,” an ancient saying goes in the Great Ruins, a location abandoned by the Gods. The ancient, ill, weak, and disabled elders of Disabled Elderly Village in Great Ruins picked up a child by the riverside and named him Qin Mu.

He was raised by blood and labor. Mu left home that day when night fell and darkness blanketed the Great Ruins.”Be a villain who sways in the spring breeze!” The Blind informed him.

20)Xian Ni

best cultication manhua

Genre: Action, Cultivation, Martial arts

Length: 167+ Chp

Wang Lin is a bright young boy with caring parents. Despite the fact that he and his parents are rejected by the rest of his family, his parents had always hoped that one day he definitely become someone remarkable.

Wang Lin was given the opportunity to tread the road of an immortal one day, but he discovered that he had just poor talent at best.

Watch Wang Lin as he breaks through his lack of talent and walks the path toward becoming a real immortal!

19)World of Immortals

World of Immortals

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 71+ Chp

The World of Immortals is the world that all mortals yearn for. For many, causing a spatial distortion and entering the World of Immortals is an immortal glory.

But the vicissitudes of time are harsh, and the legends of immortality have long been forgotten. However, another miracle will occur! An immortal was going to sever all links with the mortal realm by splitting space using martial arts.

The protagonist, Xiao Chen, became entangled in it and was accidentally transported to the World of Immortals. What will they discover beyond the breach in the enormous world?

18)Lone Swan

Lone Swan

Genre: BL, Action, Cultivation

Length: 89 Chp

Yiqiu Shen, a nice sect disciple, meets a very remarkable man named Luofeng Yan, the leader of the evil Divine Wind Cult, after losing his memories.

Shen gradually regains his old self and his previous love after fleeing and clashing with Yan. They pull the mask off the martial world and unveil the underlying truth.

17)The Sacred Ruins

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial arts

Length: 173+ Chp

Written by Chen Dong, this manhua started in the year 2019.

The story of the manhua revolves around a young boy named Chu Feng and the story depicts how an excited young boy transforms into a fearless warrior.

Earth oddities were common in the post-civilization age, and weird fruits emerged in famous mountains and rivers. During a failed love trip, Chu Feng strayed into the bronze Kunlun Mountains, unexpectedly awakening the Supreme King’s bloodline as the earth awoke, and opening the door to dominate the practice!

Now he faces a fate he never imagined.

16)The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King’s Murim

best cultivation manhu

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Cultivation

Length: 61+ Chp

During his training to attain the transcendent demonic condition, our main protagonist was disturbed by an unknown voice while levitating. His focus had been shattered, and he had become unconscious and overwrought.

The Lich King had already taken control of the Murim when he awoke a month later. After the fight that resulted in the annihilation of the Heavenly Demon Cult, he awoke 140 years later in a Murim where magic and martial arts coexisted.

This one is quite good. Mc seems a bit naive for a cult leader. But he gets the job done, and the art and plot are both excellent. If you’re looking for a cultivated manhua, this is a fantastic place to start.

15)Coiling Dragon

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xinxia

Length: 170+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around Linley, a noble of a Baruch Clan that is now on its decline but once this clan used to rule over the world.

He has lofty goals and wishes to save his clan. Linley’s adventure begins by chance when he discovers a ring. He was drawn to this ring, which had a dragon etched around it.

During his attempt to reclaim the glory days of his clan, he experienced several hurdles and trials.

He discovers something that will change his life after being hurt during a struggle between two powerful fighters….what does he discover that will change his fate?

14)Cultivation Chat Group

Genre: Action, School life, Cultivation

Length: 437+ Chp

Song Shuhang unintentionally joined an internet chat room full of Xianxia-obsessed chuunis one day. They spoke to each other as “fellow daoists,” had weird usernames, and even referred to one of their pets as a “devil dog.”

Shuhang, on the other hand, had an epiphany sometime later. The other members of the group were true cultivators—people who can move mountains and live for thousands of years! Ahhhhh! Overnight, his perspective was shattered!

The story and plot of this manga are wonderfully explained and portrayed in the development of the characters. The artwork is fantastic, so if you want to read a horticulture manhua/manga with a distinct tale, you should try this one.

13)Spirit Blade Mountain

Spirit Blade Mountain

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Cultivation

Length: 775+ Chp

Spirit Blade Mountain is the name of a mountain well known for the  Wizards who reside there, wizards, also known as Spirit Blade Masters, who live inside or around the mountain. They create the Spirit Blade clan when they band together. Spirit Blade is connected with magic because it is the Blade that your Spirit manifests.

The Mountain’s present relationship with the genuine Spirit Blade is uncertain. It is also unknown how the Spirit Blade manifests and how it is used.

When they discover that a falling comet would cause widespread devastation, they must devise a solution. That is when they decide to resume the examinations in order to find the cursed child and accept him as a pupil. Lu Wang possesses a unique soul that only appears once every thousand years.

Here is the journey of our main protagonist to become strong enough to stop the calamity begins!

12)Disciple’s Persuasion Plot

best cultivation manhua

Genre: BL, Cultivation, Fantasy 

Length: 39+ Chp

A frigid and punishing master vs a nasty and insane student! Mu Qingyi sacrificed his life to save the world.

After being resurrected ten years later, he discovers that his nice and faithful apprentice from that year has really become the number one demon lord! “Be more courteous, Yinli; I am your master!” “It’s precise because you’re my master that I want to discuss approaches like these with you…”

11)The Heaven’s List

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Romance, Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 149 Chp

Every adolescent wishes to see their name on “The Spiritual Road’s List,” but only geniuses can make it there. Jiang Yi Nian is a low-level Chi sect disciple with high aspirations, but no matter how hard he works, he never advances in his training.

For a long time, Jiang Yi Nian’s teacher instructed him to wrap his left arm in bandages without providing any explanation. However, following the Chi sect catastrophe, Jiang discovers the sect hiding behind his bandaged hand and his powers.

He pledges to revenge for his master’s death by putting a stop to the Demonic Spirit Clan with the help of his newly discovered skills. Furthermore, he is on his way to the spiritual path, where he will cultivate his powers and grow stronger.

10)Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Genre: Action, Adventure, Cultivation, Fantasy, Time Travel

Length: 520+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around Chu Xing, who used to be an emperor in his previous life but was killed by a person he used to trust.

Fortunately, he reincarnated in the body of a 16-year-old kid, but that boy was extremely frail. He will never let go of the enemy of his previous life in this life, and he must make up for his former life’s remorse in this life!

When the Spirit Sword grows in power, the protagonist will control the three realms that exist between heaven and earth! If they do not obey him, he will kill them with his sword!

9)A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Cultivation, Romance

Length: 205+ Chp

The story of the manhua revolves around a poor boy named Han Li, in order to support his family he joins the Qixuanmen Sect.

Because of his spiritual roots, he was accepted as a disciple of the enigmatic Doctor Mo and began practicing “Changchun Gong” techniques under his tutelage.

Despite his subpar credentials, Han Li went on the perilous path of eternal cultivation with his indomitable will and a mystery vial picked up by mistake.

8)Private Devil Puppy

best cultivation manhua

Genre: BL, Romance, Cultivation, Supernatural

Length: 84 Chp

They were separated lovers in their former incarnations, the bossy and faithful Demon Master and the emotionless and icy Sword Master. However, when they finally meet in this world, the Sword Master has lost his memory.

Demon Master pursues him around like a loving puppy every day. “What? You don’t like how I’m looking right now? So, consider me your pet!

7)The Pinnacle of Martial Arts

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action,Adventure, Cultivation

Length: 2356+ Chp

The peak of martial arts is alone and lonely. It is also a relentless pursuit of unattainable heights. To move beyond the bounds of martial arts, one must grow and have the desire to survive in bad situations.

Yang Kai, a trial apprentice (and floor cleaner) for the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect, came upon a Wordless Black Book one day. That was the beginning of his martial arts journey and a turning point in his future.

The main character in this manhua is really appealing. He is really kind, but he is harsh to his opponents when necessary. He doesn’t play around when it comes to dealing with goons who seek your murder. Killing them, he claims, is a better option than merely playing about. Overall this one is a great cultivation manhua to read in your free time.

6)Housekeeper is the Magic Emperor

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Reincarnation, Cultivation

Length: 298+ Chp

The main character in this manhua is really appealing. He is really kind, but he is harsh to his opponents when necessary. He doesn’t play around when it comes to dealing with goons who seek your murder. Killing them, he claims, is a better option than merely playing about.

That servant has a spiritual connection with the mistress of the family, and if he abandons them, his heart will burst, thus he must now guard them while simultaneously strengthening himself in order to exact his vengeance.

The art is fantastic, the characters are fantastic, and the plot is so brilliant that you grow to love it over time. So, add this cultivation manhua to your list and read it as soon as you have some free time.

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5)Soul Land

soul land

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Romance

Length: 327+ Chp

Towns spent his childhood with the Tang Clan. He took the Inner Clan’s secret to attain the pinnacle of martial arts. He was eventually forced to commit himself as a result of his actions.

He was then reborn in a separate world, Soul Land. There are many powerful soul masters in this realm. Each master has his or her unique martial soul.

Tang, on the other hand, is born with the most useless soul known as “Blue Silver Grass.” Can he bring the glory he’s always desired in this manner?

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4)Battle Through the Heavens

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural

Length: 914+ Chp

The primary character of the manhua is Xiao Yan. The narrative of the manhua is set in a world where weak people are ridiculed by those with immense powers; this is a world in which magic has no place.

Xiao Yan is the son of Xiao Zhan (an emperor), and he was a gifted boy who made rapid progress in society throughout his early years. However, at that age, he had lost all of his powers and fame as a result of the ring he wore, which drained all of his cultivation force. He sees Yao Chen, a very cultivator who used to stay in the ring he wears, one day. He begins to show signs of development in his cultivation and martial arts with the help of Yao Chen.

The action moments in Battle Through the Heavens are really well-executed, and the artwork in this cultivation manhua improves with each chapter.

3)Tales of Demons and Gods

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Reincarnation, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 385+ Chp

Tales of Demons and Gods centers on Nie Li, one of the most powerful demon spirits who died during his battle with Sage Emperor and the six deities ranking beast. After his death, he reincarnated as a 13-year-old child.

Despite being the weakest among his peers, he resolves to grow stronger once more using the wisdom of his past existence. The demonic animals and their opponents, on the other hand, are ready to strike.

The premise of this manhwa is rather good, with the concept of reincarnation, and I am confident you will appreciate it. It is an excellent cultivation manhua.

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2)Chronicles of Heavenly Demon

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Martial arts

Length: 177+ Chp

Unseong can only watch as his master is brutally beaten to death after falsely accusing him of practicing forbidden demonic arts in an ancient world where martial artists rule supreme.

Despite a valiant fight, he fails to avenge those responsible and must face his own demise. But fate has different plans… Instead of dying, he awakens as a child, training to be an elite soldier of a demonic sect. Unseong must now learn demonic arts and wield power in his final quest for vengeance.

The tale is good, and the art gets better with time; it’s one of the greatest cultivation manhua I’ve ever read.

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1)The Legend of the Northern Blade

best cultivation manhua

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 130+ Chp

For decades, the valiant warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect fought to keep the Earth safe from the evil Silent Night. When the sect’s 4th generation leader is accused of collaborating with the enemy, he is forced to disband the cult and commit suicide in order to protect his son, Moowon.

Moowon lives a dismal existence under constant surveillance, with no family or allies remaining… until a surprise attack by the Silent Night allows him to flee to the mountains.

Before the unusual kidnapping of a loved one forces him back to the mainland, the young warrior studies the combat arts of his predecessors.

At first, you might think that the story is boring but as go through some initial chapters you will get what a true story is and that’s when you will realize how great this cultivation manhua is.

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With this, I end the list of the best cultivation manhua. If you think we have forgotten your favorite cultivation manhua don’t hesitate to dhaga them with through the comment section.


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