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Hello Manga/Manga reader, welcome all of you to animesecure. Today we have one more great article for you. In Today’s article, we are gonna share the best manga like reality quest that you should give a try in your free time.

12)Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Evanna spent her entire life in pain after being kidnapped from her mother at an early age and tormented for her amazing strength.

That is, until one day she is saved and brought back to the Duke of Vicente, the father she never knew. While Evanna must learn to trust her father and overcome her trauma, the Duke must learn to love her because the very fact that she exists brings up painful memories for him.

Can these two put their troubled pasts behind them and forge a better future when Evanna’s power is so highly sought after?

The manga overall; doesn’t really emphasize the reincarnation theme, but it is still about god.



Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

A mysterious civilization known only as The Troubles invaded the world of humans and wreaked havoc on society one day.

Traces are persons who were born with or later acquired unknown supernatural talents, which the government watches and tries to control. They are the one and only method to stand against them.

Sah Gang-Kwon, a high school student, and Kim Yun-Seong, a thirty-year-old man, are the two primary characters in the novel. They both had the ability to combat these invaders.

You’ll like how they both cooperate to preserve the world while making every effort to avoid turning into government puppets.

10)The Producer Who Lives Twice

The Producer Who Lives Twice

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Second Chance

“I’m terribly sorry. However, first come, first served, isn’t it? That is how the broadcasting sector operates.” With a dream, Joon Soo joined a broadcasting firm. But for ten years, his trashy Sunbae caused him to lose everything he had worked for.

He gritted his teeth in intense regret, but there was nothing he could do to undo it. The second chance in his life arrived just as he was about to give up everything in despair when he went back to the day he joined the company with all of his memories and knowledge still intact.

Can he fulfill his dreams in the afterlife without experiencing the same desperation as before?

9)The Story of Cheol-su and Young-hee

manga like reality quest

Genre: Drama, Romance, School life, Sci-fi

Who are you, exactly? One day, Woo Younghi, his partner, emerged out of nowhere. I don’t believe she is human… Chulso, a robot that assists Younghui in expressing her feelings, and Younghui, a robot who attends school to learn about emotions.

But does he grow fonder of Chulso the more time he spends with Younghi? The tale of the two of us living in a closed-off environment!

8)Kill the Hero

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Reincarnation

One day, dungeons erupt and monsters emerge to attack the planet; simultaneously, some humans known as hunters have superhuman abilities to defeat these monsters and maintain the balance of the universe.

The founder of the Messiah Guild and best friend of our main character killed him because he wanted to rule the world by himself and for his own self-serving purposes. After passing away, our main character gets reincarnated just before the dungeon attack started. He makes the decision that this time, he will pursue vengeance over humanity. If you are looking for a reincarnation manga like Reality quest you should give this one a try.

7)The Disappearing Mondays

manga like reality quest

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi

Mondays generally cause trepidation for most individuals, but Han Jin, a senior associate at SH Corporation, has a different motivation.

Every Monday, he describes this something as his “Monday self.” Han’s Monday self helps him acquire confidence, and soon enough he establishes himself in the job by admitting his feelings and purchasing luxuries.

Han asks for assistance from his Monday self and his coworkers as challenges emerge, but he soon understands that he needs to start believing in himself if he wants to succeed. 

The artwork of this manhwa is pretty good so if you are looking for manga like reality quest you should this one a shot.

6)My Mom Is My Constellation

manga like reality quest

Genre: Action, Comedy, Time Travel

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy who goes back in time after his mother’s death.

His mother who passed away miraculously become his constellation.

The main character was on the verge of passing away when his mother suddenly appeared, took on his characteristics, and caused her to travel back in time by three years.

The art in this manhwa is good, and it improves dramatically during battle scenes. Overall, if you can tolerate nepotism and pampering, this is a good dungeon-style manhwa to read if you want to read a manga like Reality Quest.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Because of the god Kashita, the earth was transformed into a hell for the powerful in an instant. At the conclusion of the gods’ killing test, “Yoo Dohyuk” became the “Great Emperor,” the strongest of men, and vanquished God.

The euphoria of victory, on the other hand, is fleeting, and everyone returns to the first day of the trial with memories of what happened. “Yoo Dohyuk” is an exception.

Instead of supporting one another, people rush to assassinate the “Great Emperor” in order to assume the place of the strongest. Can Yoo Dohyuk destroy God and restore peace in a world crazier than his previous life?

Overall, a classic manga like Reality Quest.

4)Rescue System

manga like reality quest

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Time Travel

The story of the manhwa revolves around Kim Soohyuk, a veteran rescuer in Shinil-seo, who was crushed and killed during a rescue effort in a crumbling building. Soo-hyuk, who thought he was dead, regained consciousness ten years ago.

[Help Everyone] He was able to save two persons that he had previously been unable to save. He was also given additional powers and strength as a reward. “Great. I shall now save the lives of those I was unable to help in the past!”. If you have enjoyed Reality Quest then you will also find this manhwa exciting, so if you are looking for a manga like Reality Quest you should give this one a shot.

3)Doom Breaker

manga like reality quest

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem

The story revolves around Zephyr, the last human facing terrible forces on a planet abandoned by the Gods. But he couldn’t go on any longer and die. Gods adore his conflict and want to enjoy it even more, so they decide to give him another chance to entertain them, even more, this time.

As a result, he is reincarnated in the past, losing all of his powers but keeping his memory. He vows to strengthen himself in order to save all of his loved ones this time.

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2)Viral Hit

Viral Hit

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy

Our main character, Scrawny High School student Hobin Yoo, launched a new NewTube channel and began making money by fighting against weaklings, which resulted in a large number of views on his videos.

However, for a number of reasons, he began taking on people far stronger than him and eventually gained far more money than he could have imagined when he began all of this.

But the key question is who or what is causing his newfound abilities, and how is he defeating individuals stronger than him? I know the answer, but I’m not going to tell you because it will ruin the story, and I’m not going to do that.

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Genre: Drama, Fantasy, School life, Sci-fi

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Suhyeon Kim, a gaming geek who gates school and studies.

Every day, he is subjected to constant bullying from his friends, making him wish his life was more like the RPG quest games he enjoys. Suhyeon’s request is answered when a quest prompt with an easy mission and a tempting prize appears in real life.

He takes the chance as he has nothing to lose, and one quest quickly leads to another. Suhyeon quickly finds himself rising from an ostracised nobody to the top of the school as the stakes and rewards rise. How far will Suhyeon go with his quests, and how far will he fall if he refuses to take part?

With this, I end the list of the best manga like Reality Quest, If you think we have forgotten to mention your favorite manga like reality quest you can share this with us via the comment section.

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