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best school life manhwa

Manhwa is a Korean comic similar to Japanese manga. People also know manhwa as a webtoon.

Manhwa grabs the attention of the anime audience when Tower of God and God of High School get animated and bring success to the manhwa industry.

People like manhwa because of their unique story, and unlike manga, they are not black & white but are colorful, which is convenient to the reader.

Manhwa is published digitally so as soon one is published you can enjoy it on your device, no need to search and buy them.

Where to read them?

Webtoon and Tapas are the best platforms to read manhwa and both are completely free, so you can use them without spending a single penny from your pocket.

So without any further delay, let’s start the list of best manhwa to read.

1) Solo Leveling

solo leveling

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Chapters: 150+

Web novel named, only I level up by Chu-Gong got adapted in Korean manhwa in 2018 and become one of the best manhwa.

Solo leveling focuses on Sung-Jinwoo, a lower-class hunter, also known as world weakest hunter.

But one day everything changed when he encounter a dungeon where most of his party members were wiped out by a monster, he woke up in a hospital bed with a unique skill, a skill that no other possesses.

with the help of this skill, he can become strong faster than any hunter by completing missions given by a system.

2) The Beginning after The End

best manhwa

Genre: Action, Isekai, Fantasy

Chapters: 100+

One day an unrivaled king Grey was murdered and got reincarnated in a mystic world. A world of magic and mystics creatures with enormous strength.

After getting new life he decides to live it in a different way than a previous one.

But this is not as simple as he thinks, it holds many mysteries and to protect his family and loved ones, he has to become strong.

If you are the kind of guy who likes the isekai genre then this one is for you.

3) Noblesse


Genre: Dark fantasy, action, school lofe, and Supernatural

Chapter: 540+

Written by Son-Jeho and illustrated by Lee-Kwang Su, Noblesse is one of the best manhwa out there, an anime appeared in 2020, but I recommend you to go with Manhwa for a better experience.

Noblesse manhwa is about Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, referred as Rai Manhwa.

Rai awakens after 820 years of sleep without any knowledge of human civilization’s advancement and Scientific success.

Then he met his old loyal servant Frankenstein and enroll in a school that was owned by Frankenstein. In school Rai make new friends.

But things are not peaceful as there is an organization called ‘Union’ exist which aims to rule over human civilization.
In this manhwa, you will enjoy the epic fight among humans, Vampires, and Werewolves, which is worth watching in itself.

A lot of people think Tower of God is the first manhwa to get an anime adaptation but it is not true, it was Noblesse awakening that receives a half-hour ova anime adaptation by production studio IG.

4) Tower of God

Tower of god

Genre: Science -fiction, Fantasy, and action

Chapters: 500+

If you are an anime fan then you must have heard of this manhwa.

The story focuses on a boy named Bam, who lives beneath a mysterious tower with his only friend Rachel. But one day she left him behind to enter the tower.

For meeting Rachel again, Bam manages to open the doors of the tower and enter as an irregular.

Tower itself is mysterious and no one knows what it holds for them, in the tower, there are three layers.

An outer tower is a place where people used to live, an inner tower is a place where people are tested and the middle area connect all the floor.

5) Mercenary enrollment

mercenary enrollment

Genre: Action, School Life

Chapters: 60+

One day after surviving Yu- Ijin lost his both parents and also lost his memories, start living as a mercenary until the age of 20 when his memories start to roll back.

After discovering that his little sister and grandfather are alive, he decides to live a normal life with them.

But as our ancestors say life is not as simple as we think. His life with his family is not going to be that easy.

Mercenary enrollment is a top-class manhwa where our main character is badass, at first look, everyone around him underestimates him but being experienced in combat and having special training he amazed everyone, he amazingly beats gangsters and bullies.

If you like stories filled with action and hadn’t read this one till now then believe me you are missing something great.

6) God Of Highschool

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Martial Arts
Chapters: 520+

The story of this manhwa focuses on Jin Mori, a 17-year-old schoolboy.

At the start of the story, Jin Mori is invited to join a tournament named ‘God Of High School’. Where many strong people are also invited to fight with each other.

Jin Mori joins the tournament to become the best fighter, and there he makes new friends.

Many people borrowed power from god to fight called ‘Borrowed Power’ which provide them intense strength.

Manhwa also has its anime which is one the best anime of 2020.

if you want to enjoy an action-packed story then this one is a great choice.

7)leveling up with gods

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Action, Fantasy, and Supernatural

Chapter: 30+

It follows the journey of Kim YuWon who was given a second chance in his last moments through the sacrifices of his companion.

He returns back in time where all of this starts, you must be wondering what start? read manhwa for this I don’t want to give spoilers

Now he again starts his journey to conquer the tower, because of the memories of his previous life he getting stronger than anyone else.

If you like the story of solo leveling then this one is best for you to read


Best manhwa bastard

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Thriller, Horror

Chapters: 90+

Bastard is undoubtedly is one of the best dark and thrilling manhwa you can read.

The story of this manhwa focuses on the life of a schoolboy Seon Jin who was ruthlessly bullied at school because of his weak appearance.

But his father is his real problem, despite being a successful businessman, his father was a serial killer, not a simple one but a complete psychopath.

One day his father set his eyes on Seon Jiho classmate Yoon Kyun.

Now he has to decide whether be a coward and help his father or protect his classmate.

If you haven’t read it, start right after this post, it will blow your mind with plot twists.

9) Lookism

Best manhwa similar to mercenary enrollment

Genre: Drama, Action, Slice of life

Chapter: 360+

Written by Park Tae Hoo, Lookism is my favorite manhwa, because of its plot which is based on real-life, this manhwa addressed a very big social issue- Lookism. Lookism defines as discrimination toward physically unattractive individuals.

It is the story of Park Hyung Su, who is bullied and treated as a slave in his school because of his appearance. He unleashes his anger verbally on his mother.

He plans to enroll in a new school to start a new life, a few nights before his first day in the new school one day when he woke up he find himself in a new attractive body, he noticed that his old body is laying down.

Eventually, he decides that he will use his new body in the day and old and ugly body while sleeping.
Read to discover how his life will transform from now on?

10) Sweet Home

manhwa you should read

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Apocalyptic

Chapter: 140

In Sweet Home, nothing is sweat, it is a psychological-horror manhwa, which revolves around a boy Cha Hyun.

He used to live with family but, now had to move to another apartment due to a tragedy in which his whole family died.

One day when he decides to commit suicide, an unbelievable accident happens in front of his eyes, he shows humans are turning into monsters in his apartment.

Now he had to survive this unexpected event. This manhwa is filled with a lot of plot twists, that will hook your attention.

11) Second Life Ranker

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Chapters: 100+

The main character Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago and his mother also died three years ago, and one day he got the belonging of his brother, in his belonging, he finds, a pocket watch, inside the pocket watch, there is a hidden dairy in it, wrote ‘ The time you will hear this I will be already dead.

Then he finds out that his brother was betrayed and assassinated.

Now his journey to take revenge for his brother starts.

12) Eleceed

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Action

Chapters: 140+

The story of this manhwa focuses on Jiwoo a kind boy who is making the world a better place by fighting evil forcer out there to rule over the world.

One day he met Kayden he was a secret agent who was stuck in the body of a cat and now they both start to fight the evil forces together.

Eleceed is one of the best webtoons you can read. The story gets better with every new chapter and new elements are added.

Jinwoo who hides his ability introduced to a new world that is dangerous and he had become strong to survive in this new world.

13) Catharsis.

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Psychological, Fantasy

Chapter: 182

written and illustrated by Ahniki, this manhwa focuses on a boy, Leon who has the ability to see voices and can identify people with the help of it.

When one day he finds out that monsters exist in the real world and also an organization called Catharsis which fights against this monster. He thinks now he can solve the mystery behind his ability.

It is one of the best manhwa/webtoon out there to read.

14)True Beauty

Best manhwa everyone should read

Genre: Romantic comedy, Slice of life.

Chapter: 170+

written and illustrated by Yangji will be the best choice for you if you like to read romantic stories.

The story follows the life of Im Ju-Kyung, she is an ugly girl(according to the story, not my views) and because of this, she was bullied at school by her classmate.

Her life started to change when his family go to a new place and she joined a new school, she masters the art of make-up, after applying make-up she become gorgeous and her inferiority complex start rising.

In this school, she makes an unlikely relationship with the two most handsome boys of the school.

The art of this webtoon is very good and you will definitely enjoy reading this.

So, with this our list of best manhwa ends, I hope you liked it, share tour opinions in the comment section.

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