15+ Best Manhwa Where Mc is a Psychopath (Ranked)

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We all love the manhwa in which Mc is a little cunning but what if he is a complete psychopath- it is thrilling right? So in this article, we have prepared the list of 16 best manhwa where Mc is a psychopath.



Genre: Serial Killer, Psychological, Psychopath

Length: 43 Chp

The main protagonist of the manhwa is a loser whose life changes after he begins to see the “curser”, which always leads him to various violent occurrences while also giving him instructions. He devotes himself to following the directions he receives from this cursor, gradually becoming stronger – and more repulsive – as he progresses. But where will it all take him?

You will really enjoy the plot- how a loser turns into a maniac/psychopath. This is an enjoyable and quick read with an intriguing subject, so if you want to read a manhwa where Mc is a psychopath then you could give this one a chance.

15)Neon Revenge

Neon Revenge

Genre: Action, Psychological

Length: 62+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around an ordinary boy named Seongbin Cha. Well, he is ordinary only in the eyes of people because in the reality he was an internet star who is popular for punishing violent, bullying teens on ViewTube.

He will not stop until he has eliminated every single delinquent in the land. Will he be able to stomp them all out with the help of his bodyguards, or will they return stronger than ever?

The specifics of this narrative are intriguing. I appreciate how different foes may be defeated. The art is well-drawn, and the characters are quite excellent.

14)Death Row Boy

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Action, Serial killer, Psychology

Length: 8+ Chp

GwangsanShin Kim, the uncommon serial killer that shocked the Korean Republic! Ji-hoo encounters another victim, Du-seok, and is trained as a human weapon after losing his family to Kim Shin.

And he goes to prison by himself to slay the murderer with his bare fists… Since 1997, there have been no executions in our country. Shouldn’t it be done by someone?

13)Closed Circuit 

Closed Circuit

Genre: Drama, Horror, Serial killer

Length: 32 Chp

Written by Nivini, manhwa started in the year 2016.

The story of a madman also a serial killer for whom police are looking everywhere, and later detective learns that a mysterious is helping him.

As there are only 32 chapters in this manhwa, so you can complete it within a week and as the story of the manhwa is also good therefore it is worth giving this one a try.

12)There Is a Secret About You

There Is a Secret About You

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Serial Killer

Length: 80 Chp

Song Xue, a white-collar woman, was apprehended in a sequence of weird episodes, and the police killed the notorious serial killer, Tooth Fairy.

So, whether it was a copycat criminal or somebody else, this time. The response was just too much for Song Xue to comprehend as she got closer to reality.


manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: BL, Psychology, Yaoi

Length: 27 Chp

Written by Saui, it started in the year 2019.

The story of the manhwa is set up in the medieval era, the story of the manhwa touched on several disturbing topics.

The art of the manhwa is great, so give it a try if you wish to read a manhwa where mc is a psychopath.

10)340 Days

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Psychology, Serial Killer, Romance, Psychopath

Length: 70 Chp

Lin is a Shut, doomed to a life of unending love for only one person. Dosung is a Destroy, always on guard to disguise their aggressive outbursts. In this universe, people are distinguished not just by their genetic traits, but also by their psychological characteristics.

A succession of brutal killings threatens their lives just as Lin is coldly spurned by Dosung, and the inquiry draws progressively closer. In this culture of diversity, everyone has a secret, but can Lin turn Dosung around?

9)Hell Is Other People

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

The manhwa’s plot centres around a young man named Jongu Yun in his twenties who moves to Seoul after landing an internship with a company. He comes into Eden Studio, an unsettling inexpensive dormitory, while looking for a place to stay and decides to stay there because he is short on cash.

Though he is dissatisfied with the quality of the property and its eccentric tenants, notably his next-door neighbor Seo Moon Jo he resolves to put up with it until he can save enough money to move out. However, strange incidents begin to occur in the studio, leading Jong-Woo to fear the residents.

Seriously, this is a gripping manhwa that I thoroughly enjoyed, so if you want to read a manhwa in which Mc is a psychopath, don’t miss out on this one.

Thre is also a K-drama adaptation of this manhwa by the same name, you can also watch the drama.


manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Psychological, Serial Killer

Length: 73 Chp

Written by Taebal, it started in the year 2015.

The story of the manhwa revolves around an orphan girl named Su-Ae Choi, whose life is nothing less than a nightmare for her. As the orphanage’s director assaulted her whenever he had the chance.

Su-Ae finds love with the wrong man after fleeing, and things only get worse from there. 

7)My Student Can’t Be a Psychopath

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Dark Comedy. Psychopath, School life

Length: 89 Chp

Jung Intake may be the first to admit to the school nurse (his crush) that he is a psychopath, but he is far from the last. As a result, Miss Kim has had to deal with a slew of high school psychopaths, none of whom meet the bill.

If you like to read the manhwa dark humor and romance in school then this manhwa might be a good choice for you.

6)My Friend’s on Death Row?!

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Action, Psychopath, Supernatural 

Length: 45 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around two friends named 

Joo-hwan and Min-jae, who were the most notorious and biggest bullies in their school.

Min’s body is taken over by the soul of a sadistic and murderous criminal who was executed a long time ago. So it’s now up to Joo-hwan to put a stop to his buddies’ criminal tendencies and protect his friend Min-Jae from peril.

5)Superior Day

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Kidnapping, Psychopath, Serial Killer, psychology

Length: 40 Chp

Written by Team Getname, it started in the year 2008.

I have a question for you- What would you do if you discovered that your next-door neighbor is a serial killer?, and even worse, what would you do if an unknown third party tried to force you to kill him?!

Is it thrilling or not, it is up to you to decide, but one thing is for sure you will gonna enjoy reading this manhwa, so don’t miss this one if you have a wish to read a manhwa where Mc is a psychopath.


manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Drama, Psychology, Serial Killer

Length: 72 Chp

“Unhinged,” a thriller of murder and violence, follows Erika as she pursues vengeance. Erika returned home seven years ago to find her husband slain.

Erika was found guilty after no other suspects were uncovered, and she spent the next decade plotting her revenge from behind bars. She finds herself pushing outside the confines of “respectable” society and beyond the chains of morality once she is liberated.

3)The Pawn’s Revenge

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: BL, Horror, Psychological, Serial Killer

Length: 39+ Chp

Je-oh is at the bottom of the social order as a male prostitute in the slums. Among the pawns. Sure, he’s tried to flee, but each attempt has just resulted in additional wounds.

Until he is saved one day…by a serial killer who kidnaps him and his pimp. Seong-rok, the assassin, is on a mission for his lover, a former prostitute planning to reverse the tables. It’s unclear why he rescued Je-oh, but a spiffy manwhore was not in anyone’s plans.

The story of the manhwa is great, and the art is also amazing.


manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Psychopath, Psychology, Thriller, Serial Killer

Length: 93 Chp

This manhwa’s plot centers around Seon Jin, a high school student. His father, despite being a prosperous businessman, is a serial killer and a psychopath. Seon Jin despises his father because he assists him in disposing of dead bodies.

One day, his father spotted a girl who is Seon Jin’s classmate; now he must choose between helping his father and saving his classmate; what would he do? This manhwa is becoming more intense and intriguing with each new chapter.

This manhwa is full of thrills and I am sure you will enjoy reading it, so don’t forget to give it a look in your spare time if you want to read a manhwa where the main character is a psychopath.

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1)Killing Stalking

manhwa where Mc is a psychopath

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Thrilling, Drama

Length: 67 Chp

Killing Stalking, written by Koogi, is one of the best psychological manhwa that received a lot of attention in its early days of release.

This manhwa’s tale revolves around Yoon Bum, a mentally ill boy who is a very quiet guy who has a crush on a highly gorgeous and popular guy named Sangwoo.

In a short time, his crush turns into an obsession. He decided to go to Sangwoo’s house one night when he was outside, but what he saw surprised him.

Wanna know what he sees at Sangwoo? pretty simple go and enjoy the manhwa.

With this, I end the list of bets manhwa where mc is a psychopath. If you think we have forgotten your favorite manhwa, you can share them with us in the comment section.

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