50 Best RPG Manhwa With Game System (Ranked).

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Hey, mates welcome to animesecure today we have a fantastic blog for you, In this article, we will highlight the best RPG manhwa with game system that you should read in your spare time.

So, if you are also a Video game fan just like me and now want to read manwa that will give you the same excitement as while playing a video game then keep reading this blog is for you.

So without any further delay let’s jump to the list of the best RPG manhwa with game system.



Genre: Action, Sci-fi, RPG 

Length: 61 Chp

Written by Ha-Neul MOON, it started in the year 2015.

The story of the manhwa is set up in the future where humankind can dream whatever they desire. 

Those individuals who desire to become God in this dream are known as Builders. Interestingly our Mc also wants to become God, which means he also wants to become a builder.

But the main question is why does our main protagonist desire to become a builder.

49)Winter Moon

Winter Moon

Genre: Action, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 144 Chp

Written by Merryweather, it started in the year 2017.

The manhwa’s plot revolves around a homosexual sorcerer who meets a gorgeous priestess in an Online RPG and embarks on different adventures with her.

Winter Moon manhwa includes fantastic visuals as well as a unique theme. The character designs are doubled and put together, but they are satisfying. So, if you’re looking for a manhwa to read, give this one a try.

48)Dusk Howler

Dusk Howler

Genre: Action, RPG, Virtual Reality, 

Length: 91 Chp

Written by Taesun, it started in the year 2014.

The story of the manhwa revolves around Jee-Ha Kim, a boy who comes from a good background.

Regardless of the result of his good academics, he has one flow- he doesn’t find it comfortable and doesn’t get confidence when he has to talk in front of people.

In order to overcome his social awkwardness, he decides to start playing a virtual reality game named Trikia, where he encounters an eccentric high-level undead Nine – his prospective guild master – there.

47)I Am Destined For Greatness

I Am Destined For Greatness

Genre: Action, RPG, Virtual Reality, Comedy

Length: 136+ Chp

Taehyun Kim leads a monotonous, low-effort life in the real world, but as a virtual reality player, he lives for a difficult task.

Why take the simple route to be the best player in the world’s most popular online game? Warrior? Nope. Rogue? Nah. Taehyun aspires to be number one as a smith or, better yet, jobless.

Unfortunately for him, his inherent abilities continue to interfere, and this game adores him! Seriously, how did he get up as the god of fortune?

46)I Am Mob

I Am Mob

Genre: Action, RPG, Comedy, Fantasy

Length: 53 Chp

Written by Zephy, it started in the year 2014.

In an old RPG game, a miserable low-level orc warrior has his life turned around when he marries a lovely elf and has a son who, opposite to him, is extraordinarily charming and a high-level warrior.

As the orc attempts to raise his son as the ‘boss mob,’ his son flees, only to confront a stunning voyage in the wild world of gaming. He must now go get his son before his entire existence unravels.

It is a beautiful Game system manhwa, so if you have free time- you can consider giving this one a try.

45)The Final Raid Boss

The Final Raid Boss

Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 47+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Daejang Gong, a renowned player who has held the number one spot for a very long time However, he has been missing for 7 days.

However, the main protagonist was a beta tester for a new online MMO game when he became trapped within the game and turned into artificial intelligence. As a result, the developers attempted to conceal it from the general public.

Trapped inside the game he must have to find a way to escape this verse, but will he be able to outwit artificial intelligence?

44)The Healing Priest of the Sun

The Healing Priest of the Sun

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG 

Length: 38+ Chp

Written by JerryM, it started in the year 2022.

The story of the manhwa revolves around Kai, a boy who helped the people in need not because he is kind but because he is a sucker.

Every time he helped someone in need, his kindness stat increases. Every time he does something good he is rewarded for his deeds. Because of this, he becomes very powerful in a shote time span.

43)One in Seven Billion Irregular

One in Seven Billion Irregular

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Virtual Reality

Length: 27+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Joo Seung-ho, a boy, who couldn’t play Virtual Reality games because he had ‘Hyper-Immersion Syndrome,’ which magnified his senses.

However, a silver lining arrived for him one day, the 4th generation VRS machine! When he was finally lucky enough to experience virtual reality, he was ecstatic.

While playing ‘Lost Sky Online,’ he discovered that ‘Hyper-Immersion Syndrome’ was once a curse, but is now a blessing. It’s time for him to transform into someone completely different from himself. Hello and welcome to the world of Lost Sky.

42)Solo Spell Caster

Solo Spell Caster

Genre: Action,Fantasy 

Length: 96+ Chp

Interdimensional creatures threaten the world, and only the selected “Awakened” — humans endowed with exceptional abilities — can destroy them! Sure, it sounds exciting, but for everyday office worker Dohyeok Park, who is more concerned with scoring a large business transaction that could save his job, it’s a long cry from reality.

That is, until Dohyeok’s route crosses a monster outbreak one day, prompting him to manifest his actual powers as a rare and strong form of Awakened. Will Dohyeok discover that he has what it takes to survive with his newfound talents attracting eager supporters and dangerous enemies?

41)Ultra-Alternate Character

Ultra-Alternate Character

Genre: RPG, Action, Fantasy

Length: 43+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Oreum Lee, a boy who used to play an MMORPG named Ergosphere Online. He gets mocked by his teammates for being a mediocre healer and even worse than that he always gets bullied by them in his school.

But he also has an alternate character, a powerful Avenger class character that he plays with exceptional skill.

When Oreum logs out of the game one day, a bug in the system imbues him with the abilities of his alternate avatar and forces him to combat wicked monsters from the in-game universe. Will Oreum be able to survive both the game world and his school life?

40)The Earth’s Chosen Savior

The Earth's Chosen Savior

Genre: Action, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 46+ Chp

One day suddenly human civilization receives a notification that the world is ending in 42 days and monsters will bring about the end of the world.

Jeong-u Park is our main protagonist who is used to working at a game studio now he was selected by the earth as an individual who can save the world, but before that, he must have to survive in a world where people are ready to kill anyone in order to gain powers.

He must also compete with other saviors in order to keep his planet-saving talents. Can Jeong-u become the planet’s savior as the end of the world approaches?

39)Dungeons & Artifacts

Dungeons & Artifacts

Genre: Action, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 78+ Chp

Stetch Atelier’s dungeon-guiding job goes awry when the prince who employed him dupes him into triggering a terrible curse.

But his life doesn’t end here as instead of dying, Stetch is resurrected by a sentient artifact who offers him a contract that could let him exact his retribution.

To keep his half of the bargain, Stetch embarks on a long trip of dungeon raiding, monster fighting, and making new enemies and friends along his journey.

The art of this manhwa is very good and the characters are also very well written, so give it a try if you have free time.

38)Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King

Survival of a Sword King

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 133+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Hanbin Ryu, who just after completing his military service transported to a world he doesn’t know anything about.

One thing he realized is that if he wants to survive in this world he must have to kill the monsters, he also has the system to help him become stronger.

When he is finally rescued from his personal hell after 20 years, he discovers that everyone has gone against otherworlders just like him. How will this low-level, super-tutorial newcomer fare?

The story of this manhwa is good that contains nice RPG elements, so give it a shot if you want to read manhwa where MC has a system.

37)Level Up Alone

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Length: 95+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Hanyeol, who lived in a world filled with the monster but unfortunate for him he doesn’t have any special power.

The Awakened are elite members of society who use their extraordinary talents to safeguard humanity from the threat of monsters.

Hanyeol is merely a poor porter who is charged with providing sideline support until one day when he gains supernatural talent and is ready to take it to the next level!

36)Solo Auto Hunting

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, RPG, Sci-fi

Length: 92 Chp

Monsters start conquering the planet one day, and people who get magical powers in order to fight these monsters are well-respected in today’s world as they are the only hope of humanity.

Oh Yunsung, who works hard every day as an employee in a meat restaurant in order to make living, awakens the ability to instantly kill these monsters with absolutely superb skills and physical prowess, just like in an MMORPG, when he presses the ‘Auto Hunting’ option that appears in front of him, and thus begins the real adventure of his life.

35)Life Howling

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 57 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Jung-Yoon, an orphan who works very hard for his studies.

He is taken to a strange “White chamber” one day and forced to battle even if he does not want to.

Each time he defeats one of these creatures, he earns mental power, magic, and items beyond his wildest dreams…

34)Solo Glitch Player

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Isekai

Length: 94+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Taepung Shin, an obsessed and avid gamer who knows very details of his favorite MMO game named Paradiso.

His gaming experiences, however, come to an end with his tragic death. But this is not an end for him as he reincarnated as a delinquent lord in his favorite game Paradiso.

Now he must confront the world he loves and uses all the glitches he knows about to become the main character of his new solo adventure!

33)SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 76+ Chp

The plot of the manhwa centers around Kim Gong-ja, a low-level hunter who envies S-level hunters since they receive the most fame and wealth. He aspires to be an S-level hunter, and one day he receives notice that he can obtain the skill he desires, but only if he dies.

He was killed by a hunter known as Flame Emperor before he could make his decision, which resulted in the awakening of his skill. Let’s see how he uses his qualities to exceed the competition and get to the top.

This manhwa’s art is quite good, and the plot moves along at a fair pace with plenty of action to keep you interested. As a manhwa reader, if you want to read a manhwa with good RPG components, you should give this one a shot.

32)Taming Master

Taming Master

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Virtual Reality

Length: 67+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Jinsung, who in real life is just a normal college student but in the VR world of Kaillan, he is Ian, a powerful level 93 archer.

Everyone thinks he’s insane when he suddenly resets his persona one day! Jinsung, however, has unlocked a formidable new hidden class that they are unaware of.

Taming enemies is now difficult, and leveling up is a chore. When his VR-obsessed teacher threatens to fail him, Jinsung has only 2 months to power up and become the one and only Taming Master!



Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 81+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Aiden, a normal albeit glitched, NPC attempting to assist his sister when the all-powerful system administrator appeared and deleted his entire town during routine maintenance.

As a result of his special malfunction, Aiden obtains the power of an administrator… but it’s too late, as his sister died in his arms.

Aiden vows to exact revenge on his world’s invisible masters using his new administrator update powers. He’ll make sure that NPCs are never deleted again!

30)Hardcore Leveling Warrior

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 310+ Chp

This manhwa’s plot is simple, centered on a young man named Ethan, also known as the hard leveling warrior. He is the most powerful player in the world’s most popular game, Lucid Adventure, and no one can compete with him.

This game is pretty easy for him and he doesn’t have to put much effort while playing because he is the strongest player in the game, but when he was slain by an anonymous person in that game, his level plummeted from 99 to 1, which grieved him.

Instead of being depressed and cursing his fate, he decides to restart from the beginning and level up again, but this time it will not be a walk in the park for him because when he was the strongest in the game, he was arrogant and made enemies of everyone, and now they are eager to exact their revenge on him.

Consider how you would feel if you were a top player in a game but one day forgot your Id and password and had to restart. This may inspire you to read this action manhwa, so if you want to read an RPG simulation manhwa with a game system, give it a try.


RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action

Length: 30+ Chp

If you think that your life is not interesting every day you just follow the same schedule there should be some adventure in the life, then you might find this manhwa quite interesting.

Thes story of the manhwa revolves around Yagura, someone who got bored with his monotonous life.

And a day comes when his life turns upside down.

He becomes entangled in a survival game that is significantly more than it appears. Now he must come out of retirement and train a new army of heroes to safeguard his city — but does being a hero truly pay?

28)FFF Class Trash hero

FFF Class Trash hero

Genre: Action, RPG, Adventure

Length: 119+ Chp

Written by Kkangmu, it started in the year 2019.

The story of the manhwa revolves around Hansoo Kang, who got summoned to the world of Fantasia, and if wish to return back to earth he must have to defeat the lord of demons- after 10 years he finally defeated him but because of some reason he is not allowed to go back t the earth, and here the journey of our MC starts.

If you wish to read a manhwa with the game elements that also has a psychopath Op Mc who will slaughter anyone for his personal gain.

27)Grim Reaper Online

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, RPG

Length: 63+ Chp

You know what is a grim reaper, right? and if you don’t know- a grim reaper is someone who guides the soul in the afterlife.

Now you must be thinking what is the connection of the grim reaper with the manhwa with the game system, lemme explain, the main protagonist of this manhwa is a grim reaper who is peacefully doing his duties of guiding the souls but one day when he has to guide the soul of a dead girl, he gets trapped in an online game and here start the adventure of the grim reaper. 

How will he live in this gaming world? what challenges he has to face in the future.

26)Mystic Musketeer

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 76+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Ha Yiha, a Paraplegic ex-sniper who is getting a new start in the VR game named “Middle Earth.”

He wants to become a powerful player and earn enough money to pay for surgery, but there’s a minor snag: an untimely logout forces him to play as a musketeer, the game’s most inefficient class.

Fortunately, he can use his real-life sharpshooting skills to elevate musketeering to new heights. Yiha believes he has a chance of success as his remarkable progress draws attention and motivates new quests, but he may have just put himself directly in the sights of danger.

25)Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 300+ Chp

The latest holographic online game named Parallel World has recently been officially released.

Gu Fei, a physical education teacher, intended to play the game as a Fighter. Gu Fei discovered that he had become the last character he wanted to be after logging into the game with the account provided by his classmate Ah Fa.

As he has no prior experience of being a mage- now he must have to work very hard in order to become unbeatable.

It is an underrated RPG simulation manhwa with game system, so don’t be like others and give this one a try.

24)The Player That Can’t Level Up

The Player That Can’t Level Up

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 69+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Kim Kigyu, who one day receives an invitation to become a player and he thinks that his hard days are now going to end as in the world he lives the player with high levels earn a good amount of money. 

But nothing goes as he wishes because even after killing a large number of monsters his level didn’t rise.

He’s finally discovered his capacity to bond with “Egos” and boost his stats after five years of working as a guide on the tower’s lower floors.

Kigyu gets his chance to defy logic and prove to the world that rank isn’t everything as his new skills unleash adventures in previously unknown gates.

23)The Strongest Florist

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 121+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Jaeho, a man whose physique is like a fighter but instead of it he doesn’t love being anything other than being a florist.

Regrettably, Jaeho’s authoritarian father is opposed, instead of pushing his son to become an MMA fighter. Jaeho enters the virtual reality game New World to escape his father’s goals, but will he be successful?

We all know how much Op is Mc in this type of manhwa so if you want to read an RPG simulation manhwa with game system that also has Op mc then give this one a try.

22)The Skeleton Soldier Failed to Defend the Dungeon

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Fantasy

Length: 194+ Chp

The plot of the manhwa revolves around the exploits of a skeleton. Yess! It’s just a skeleton. This skeleton was made by Lady Succubus, a necromancer. The skeleton was devoted to her lord and wished to spend his entire life in her service. Unfortunately, they were both brutally murdered.

But, 20 years after his death, his skeleton regenerated and decided to help Lady Succubus avoid her awful demise, but the question is, how will he protect her?

21)The King of Gaming Bugs!

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 63+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Xander Song, a computer game programmer who usually spends his days listening to his abusive boss.

But his monotonous life is now going to change as one day he is tasked with resolving the big in the new video game called “New Realm,”.

Instead, Xander turns the bugs into easter eggs that only the most deserving players can find. Reality rewrites itself one fateful day and unites with “New Realm.”

Thrown into an entirely new universe, Xander must navigate amid desperate gamers while defeating frightening bosses. Will Xander’s expertise of the game be sufficient to keep him alive? Will it be GAME OVER before he realizes it?

20)Tomb Raider King

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Reincarnation

Length: 330+ Chp

One day, a swarm of tombs appeared on Earth, disrupting the normal lives of its inhabitants, each bearing a treasure that provides its bearer a magical gift. Seo Joo-Heon, our main character, is a tomb raider who specializes in navigating the tomb’s traps. He was duped by the organization for whom he works while on a mission to clear a god-level tomb.

But he didn’t die; yep, you read it correctly, he reincarnated before the tomb emerged. With the knowledge and memory of the betrayal from the future, he proceeds to acquire relics in order to become strong enough to exact revenge on the leader of the organization he previously served for.

Some people compare it to solo leveling, but it is still a really nice manhwa, so if you want to read an RPG manhwa with game system, you could also try this one.

19)Limit Breaker

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 79+ Chp

Dungeons and creatures arise out of nowhere, as the world devolves into anarchy. Gibong Kim, an innocent young part-timer, has been swept up into an emerging dimension to develop his powers for 3000 years.

When he returns to reality, he is a fully leveled gamer with only one wish: to reconcile with his loved ones. During his disappearance, ten years had passed in the actual world. With his new limit-breaking talents, how can Gibong find his place in the world?

18)Under City

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 44 Chp

There are several online games available in this day and age, and “Under City” is one of them. Regardless of the fact that this is a survival game in which strong guts are required to survive, With grisly scenes and bodies all over the place and hungry players vying for each other’s blood, the “Hallow Man,” an unscrupulous killer who decapitates anything and everything he encounters in the virtual world, quickly begins to frighten even the most ardent admirers.

Under City is currently “under siege,” and the players are questioning if anybody can stop this crazed murderer who is destroying their leisure time with his bloodthirsty actions.

17)I Am The Sorcerer King

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 143 Chp

The monsters initially emerges on Earth from space ten years ago and begins attacking humans. Simultaneously, a select group of humans known as hunters develops superhuman talents in order to confront these monsters and protect human civilization from their threat. Without thinking twice, these hunters began to use their might to kill the monster in order to acquire fame and money.

Lee SungHoon, our main protagonist, acts as bait to attract the attention of the monsters so that real hunters can easily fight these monsters with his help. Regardless of how significant our MC’s effort is, only persons of high rank receive awards and admiration. He was doing all of this to get money since his mother was in a coma due to the epidemic ten years ago, and Lee SungHoon now needs money to save her mother. But then something weird happened to him: he remembered his previous life as a powerful sorcerer-king.

16)The Gourmet Gamer

The Gourmet Gamer

Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 53+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Yi Rim, who has gone through a tragic situation- he lost his ability to taste and smell, and with this, his life as a chef ended.

one day Rim comes across a highly intense VR game that simulates all five senses, just as he is sliding deeper and deeper into sadness. He can regain his senses of taste and smell there.

Not only that, but he also cooks! Despite the fact that he must find his own monster components… Rim is now here to cook great cuisine, hunt scary creatures, and possibly develop a whole new legacy along the way. Welcome to Yi Rim’s new life as the gourmet gamer “Rice”!

15)Ranker’s Return

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Virtual Reality

Length: 59+ Chp

During Arena’s early days, the world’s top-ranked Meleegod vanished after breaking every possible record in the virtual realm.

In the real world, this lethal melee damage dealer was the cheerful Kang Hyeonu, who quickly destroyed his character and put an end to his hobby in order to fulfill his mandatory military service and inherit his father’s business.

Within two years, his father’s promising future is ruined when a business rival forces him into bankruptcy. Hyeonu is struggling to make ends meet with a string of part-time jobs, but his best friend has a new and better plan for him that will allow him to experience what he enjoyed doing in the past.

He encourages Hyeonu to return to the Arena and create a nice living as a gaming celebrity. But the question is, will it be easy for him to just start playing and become the top player like in the past, or will he face difficulties and challenges?

14)Worn And Torn Newbie

Worn And Torn Newbie

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 95+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Lee Eojin, a miserable gamer for whom his gaming career is nothing less than a nightmare.

He finds himself back in the past, when the game first began and is glad to be a novice again, vowing never to make the same mistake he did in the past, well past before he returns to the past.

He’s slaying monsters, acquiring cool gear, and amassing enough cash to last a lifetime. Loved by fans and despised by old and new enemies, will Eojin break the game this time and conquer, or will the game shatter him again?

13)The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Length: 116+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Hyeonu Kim, a man who had been trapped in a tower full of monsters. After 12 years he finally succeeds in getting out of the tower and not just this but he has become more powerful than almost any human or creature on the planet.

He’s determined to discover who was behind his confinement now that he’s free, even if it means killing hordes of monsters and unwittingly saving the planet along the way.

12)Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Virtual Reality

Length: 52 Chp

The manhwa’s plot centers around a poor child named Hyun Lee, who used to live in abject poverty with his grandmother and now works part-time to supplement his income.

He starts playing a virtual reality game one day in order to make some money, but he is a low-level player who only makes a small amount of money.

He is driven to create an avatar capable of lifting his family out of poverty, from earning free dinners by flirting with NPCs to grinding day and night to improve his talents.

The story of the manhwa is quite good, so if you wish to read an RPG manhwa with game system- you should definitely give this one a chance.

11)Murim Login

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Murim, RPG

Length: 117+ Chp

The story of the manhwa centers around Jin Tae-Kyung, a low-level hunter who one day picks up a VR game and logs into it while napping in it, transporting him to the world of martial arts.

In this universe, he has a system that assigns him missions and compensates him for doing them.

After many ups and downs, Tae-Kyung is able to escape this realm, but the strength he gained in the murim world remains with him.

As a result, he obtains an unexpected boost in his powers, allowing him to continue working as a hunter… but he decides to return to Murim out of worry for his NPC companions.

10)Leveling Up, by Only Eating

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Virtual Reality

Length: 101+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Kang Minhyuk, who is suffering from a rare disease an eating disorder that makes it impossible for him to quit eating.

Minhyuk’s weight has become life-threatening despite a tight diet and exercise. As a final resort, his doctor suggests a novel treatment: Athenae, a virtual reality game in w

Fried chicken that is crispy! Delicious samgyetang! Inside Athenae, the cuisine tastes authentic, yet obtaining it is no easy task. Minhyuk must embark on the ultimate fantasy gastronomic adventure in order to survive!

9)No Scope

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 195+ Chp

Friend vs. friend The Grand Master was matched against a novice. A self-assured alpha high schooler meets a lone who may or may not be a gaming genius capable of defeating everybody he plays.

All of this and more collide on the PSI BOND battlefield, the trendiest online game in the globe, played by the brightest kids in Korea. High-speed internet and high school will never be the same.


RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Psychology, RPG

Length: 387 Chp

The plot of the manhwa revolves around Dong Tae, a petty boy who was always a frequent target of bullies in his school by his classmates since he never tries to resist them.

Tae Bin, his old seatmate, is a familiar sight at school. When he witnesses Dong Tae being bullied on a regular basis, he comes up with a game. This is not the typical game that you can play at your leisure; instead, it will push the player to begin his life with new settings.

7)Max Level Returner

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 179+ Chp

When 120 million gamers of the famous VR game Eternal Globe vanish without a trace one day, the world panics. After dying in the game, they begin to return one by one a few months later. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who return—monsters begin to arrive and wreak havoc on Earth.

Until the Masked Monarch, the most powerful player in Eternal World, returns, all hope appears to be lost. He immediately reassembles his old team in order to finally destroy the creatures and the evil Demon King.

. However, man-made weapons are useless against the enemies they must fight, and players are straining to level up in the absence of special items or incentives from the game. The Masked Monarch has a few tricks under his sleeve, but are they sufficient to rescue the world?

6)Dungeon Reset

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length 127+ Chp

The plot of the manhwa centers around Dawoon, an ordinary boy whose life is turned upside down when he is dragged into a dungeon one day. He must fight terrible beasts and life-threatening traps in order to survive. To make matters worse, he is an artist with no combat skills.

He does, however, earn a random but valuable skill after slipping into a trap one day and enduring a glitched reset.


RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 131+ Chp

Overgeared centers around Shin Youngwoo, a young man who has had a difficult life and is now forced to lug bricks on a construction site. Can you imagine having to do labor even in a virtual reality game?

But luck enters his humdrum existence one day and flips it upside down when he discovers a strong rare time during which he obtains a class- Pagma’s Successor. He has now become a proficient Blacksmith, capable of creating several varieties of weapons and equipping the game’s most formidable gear thanks to his class. Grid, his character in the VR game, plans to capitalize on his new abilities in order to acquire fame and fortune.

4)The Live

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 103+ Chp

Our main character, Yun-Jae Kim, lost his wife and child in a horrible automobile accident half a year ago and has since lived in pain and depression until the day his diary is completely deleted, leaving messages behind-” You can see them again.”

But if he wants to see them again, he must play a game in which if he loses, he would die, and if he wins, he will get the Holy Grail, which permits people to see their loved ones. What will he choose? You guessed it, he will compete in the game. And the key question is, wanting to see his family again, will Yoonjae succeed in fighting his way through this horrific planet to be the last one standing?

3)The Gamer

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 86 Chp

The plot of the manhwa revolves around Han Jee-Han (Hanjihan). He was an ordinary high school student who loves to play video games and then one day he learned he had obtained a mysterious power that allows him to see his surroundings as a game.

He had no motivation in his life before acquiring this gift, just like any other high schooler, until he met other people who possessed the same supernatural ability as him. He began to see the world with new eyes, again get interested in his life, and desired to make positive changes in his life.

The gamer is one of the best RPG manhwa with game system you should definitely add to your read list.

2)Omniscient Reader

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Fantasy, RPG

Length: 110+ Chp

Kim Dokja is the protagonist of the story, who enjoys reading the web novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.” According to the novel “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse,” the world had changed one day and everything would be destroyed, and Kim Dokja is now the only person who can save the world using the knowledge he obtained from reading the novel.

Accepting that he is now the main character of the novel he is reading, he begins on an expedition to change the story of the novel and save humanity once and for all.

Omniscient Reader is one of the best manhwa I have read till now with great world-building, so if you wish to read an RPG manhwa with game system you must read this one.

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1)Solo Leveling

RPG manhwa with game system

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Length: 179 Chp

Based on the novel I Level Up Alone written by Chu-novel Gong Solo leveling takes place in a world where magical powers and power are everything, and dungeons appear on earth from which monsters come out and destroy buildings and kill people but to fight them some people gain supernatural power they are widely known as hunters.

Sung Jin-woo, our primary protagonist, is a weakling low-level hunter, also known as the world’s weakest hunter, yet despite the danger, he fights the monsters by putting his life in danger to help his sick mother in the hospital and his little sister.

After surviving a nightmare circumstance during a dungeon raid in which most of his team members died, he gained a skill that will help him become powerful.

Solo leveling is the most popular manhwa and no doubt #1 manhwa out there, so no matter what if you want to read a manhwa then this one should be your first pick.

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With this, I end the list of the best RPG manhwa with game system, if you think we have forgotten your favorite manhwa then share them with us via the comment section and also comment your opinion about our list.

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