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The breaker

Everyone likes school life manhwa with Op Mc, they are a masterpiece in everything let it be, drama, fight I don’t think anyone will disagree with that.

So for you in this article, I have put together a list of the best 24 school life manhwa, you must read.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into this manhwa world.

1)The Beginning After The End

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure, Iseakai, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 126 Chp

Our main protagonist Arthur was a king in his previous life named Grey, but one day someone killed him and his regretful life ends here.

After his tragic death he reincarnated into a magical world, in this he got a loving family and he wants to live a normal life but this will not be that easy, this world has many dark mysteries he didn’t know about, now he has to become strong and protect his family from these threats.

What do you think can live an unregretful life this time?

ConclusionOverall a great manhwa, character development in this manhwa is magnificent, and believe me, The beginning of After The End will be the best manhwa you will read.

2) Mercenary Enrollment

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure

Length: 60+ Chp

In a tragedic plane accident, our main protagonist Yu Ijin has lost his father and mother, only he survives, but he lost his memory. After 10 years, he regained his memory, but not all of his memory, and soon after, he found that his grandfather and sister were still alive.

You must be thinking about what he is doing in all these past ten years but wait he became a mercenary. You know what a mercenary is, right?

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Conclusion- If you hate bullies and want to see, someone beats the sh*t out of bullies then without a second thought start reading this. It has a great storyline, and with each new chapter, you will find this manhwa more exciting. Mercenary enrollment is the best school life manhwa/webtoon I’ve ever read.


best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama

Length: 240+ Chp

The main protagonist John was a student at a school that is, filled with students with different abilities, he always got bullied because of being weak.

But one thing that other students do not know is that John has a secret ability and by using this he can beath them easily.

I don’t want to spoil John’s ability.

Conclusion- Overall a great manhwa, become very popular in a short period. If you are searching for a school manhwa with an overpowered mc then you should try this.

4) Weak Hero

Best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 160+ Chp

Weak Hero focuses on Gray, a schoolboy with a weak appearance, not a normal school but a school controlled by bullies/tyrants who always want to torment weaklings, but one day they choose the wrong person, you know who it could be?

Obviously, Gray, bullies choose him as their target because of his weak appearance but Gray, beats the sh*t out of bullies.

Overall, a good manhwa, the main protagonist is not overpowered but using his unorthodox fighting techniques he can beat a person stronger than him.

5) The breaker

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Drama

Length: 70+ Chp

Our main protagonist Shi-Woon got tired of bullying, and now he wants to take revenge on bullies, but in his current condition, it is not possible.

Shi-Woon decides to become strong so, he goes to a teacher, Chun-Woo, a martial artist, but the main twist is that Chun-Woo doesn’t want to take a disciple.

So now, what will Shi-Woon do to become his disciple?

The breaker is a very good manhwa, with a great story. When you start reading it, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.


best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Drama, School life, Tragedy

Length: 90 Chp

Have you ever wondered, can bullying kill anyone, the answer is, yes.

Kang Hu got used to bullying, and one day, he died because of bullying, and his family got toned into pieces.

After one year to seek revenge for his brother’s death, Kang Hu’s little brother enrolls in the same school in which his brother was.

Will he be able to take revenge?

Conclusion- A good manhwa with the story based on revenge, and is there anyone who doesn’t like a revenge story addon school life? I don’t think there is.


best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Slice of life

Length: 360+ Chp

Just like Dokgo, manhwa is based on bullying, but don’t worry this time, it is not based on revenge, simply means no one died.

Park Hyung Su, our main protagonist, a fatty boy who got used to bullying, one of his classmates always treat him as a Pikachu.

After feeding up by bullying, he decides to change his school, with the hope that his life in a new school will be different, he can make new friends there, but wait, will his life really change in the new school?

Conclusion – A great manhwa with a great story, one of my favorite manhwa of all time. In short, a must-read for everyone, and believe me, in the initial chapters you might find this manhwa boring but as you go further in the story you will gonna love it.

8)Jungle Juice

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Sci-fi

Length: 50+ Chp

Have you ever wondered, what if a human can fly? I am pretty sure you have. 

Who doesn’t want wing traveling will be a lot easier. You can save your money spent on traveling.

Jungle juice focuses on Suchan Jang, our main protagonist, one day he got pair of insect wings that grow after using a mysterious bug spray called ‘Jungle Juice’.

But his life crumbles reveal his wings while he was trying to save someone.

How will he live his after that incident? if you are curious, read this, I am not in a mood to spoil the story.

9)The Great Mage Return After 4000 Years

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure, Demon, Fantasy

Length: 110+ Chp

The great magician in history, Lukas Trowman has spent 4000 years in eternity and one day he finds himself on the body of Frei Blake.

Now he will conquer the world right? well I don’t think so.

Frei Blake was the weakest student in the Westroad Academy, so he has to start from scratch to become stronger than every human being on earth.

Can he again become powerful and take his revenge from? I will not tell you the name of the main antagonist, go and read.

10) Viral Hit

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Comedy

Length: 85+ Chp

Our main protagonist Hobin Yoo is a student of Scrawny high school has started a Newtube channel and started earning money by beating weaklings.

But due to some reasons, he started knocking off people stronger than him and earned a lot of money.

But what is the reason behind his power, can he maintain all of this?

You know what, I know the reason, but I will not spoil it. I want you guys to go and read.

11)The Girl From Random Chatting

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, School

Length: 180+ Chp

Well just think you are a guy who just likes to spend his time on his mobile and you find a girl, you will thank god for this.

But wait will you do if she turn out to be you, classmate?

Our main protagonist Joon-Woo, a loner, the only time he finds joy in life is when he spends his time on mobile, chatting to any random person.

One day he starts chatting with a pretty girl, but she turns out to be his classmate.

What will Joon-Woo will do?

Before using any dating app, I recommend you to read this manhwa, maybe the same situation arise in your life one day.

12) God of Blackfield

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 100+ Chp

One day Kang Chan, known as ‘ God of Blackfield,’ was on a mission but was betrayed by his team member, who shot him from behind.

After 3 years, he finds himself in the body of a different person, and the name of this person is also Kang chan, now you must be thinking how the hell this happened, well even I don’t know.

How will he live in his new body, how will he get his revenge?

Conclusion – If you have already read mercenary enrollment and want to read something similar, then no manhwa will be better then this one, one of the best school life manhwa in this list.

13)True Education

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Drama, School Life

Length: 60+ Chp

Have you ever wondered, what if there is no punishment in school no matter what you do? How cool it is, right?

No, wrong.

Just think about bullies in your school they will never get punished for their doing. 

In this manhwa, the government has passed a new law that you can not punish any student physically.

But, our main protagonist Hwajin Na assigned a task to teach these bullies some lessons before they got out of reach.

Conclusion- Overall, a great manhwa, our main protagonist is not a student, but a teacher, which means a different story. If you want an amazing school life manhwa with a different story then you should definitely read this.

14) Nevermore


Genre: Action, Comedy

Length: 90+ Chp

Do you like the assassination story, maybe yes or maybe wrong, everyone has their own preferences, but I do, and that’s why I start to read this manhwa and believe me, I don’t regret my decision.

Our main protagonist, James Jung,  enrolls in the academy as a student.

The story will be boring if he is just a student, right?

So he is not just a student, but a secret agent who enrolled in school to protect the principal from an assassin. The name of the assassin is Samuel Gyo.

They have to follow three rules. They can’t expose their identities, they are not allowed to harm any student, they are not allowed to use firearms.

But some rules are unspoken, but you still have to follow them, so what do you think is a fourth rule?

Not fall in love, will they break this rule or…, find the answer yourself.

15)A Returner Magic Should Be Special

returner magic should be special

Genre: Action, Adventure, Magic

Length: 170+ Chp

Our main protagonist, Desir Arman, has spent ten years of his life span in a shadow labyrinth, where most of his comrade dies.

At the time, Brohmier Napolitan defeats only six of them are able to survive, now is their time to go back. Can they safely?

No, something unexpected happened, an explosion where all of the survivors died, except Desir Arman, now just another story with the main protagonist returning to the past with powers.

But you must believe if this manhwa is on this list, then it must have something different.

Do you know how it feels when you know that a disaster is approaching, but you don’t have any idea what to do? , it is frustrating.

16)Girl’s of The Wild

girl of the wild

Genre: Action, Comedy

Length: 250+ Chp

Want to see fighting amongst girls if yes, then I suggest you don’t miss this manhwa.

World’s Hight features fighting championships with brutal fights, fight between girls.

So boys, read this manhwa to find out what a girl can do with you if you mess with her.

Conclusion- An epic manhwa with good art, a good storyline, and above all a badass female, so if you are looking for a school life webtoon/manhwa, try this one out.

17)Study Group

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Drama, School life

Length: 135+ Chp

Study Group focuses on Gamin Yoon our main protagonist, a schoolboy, but his school is not normal, a school with a lot of future gangsters.

But our main protagonist is a normal boy who studies hard to get admission into a prestigious university.

Sorry did I just write normal boy, he is not normal he is an overpowered boy who wishes to live a peaceful life.

Can he get admission into the university, or will he get himself involved in endless fights?

Conclusion – very good manhwa with very good art, good story, and an overpowered boy who just wants to study.If you are a student and bully in school not let you study then this one is best for you.

18) World Is Money And Power

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Thriller, Slice of Life 

Length: 35+ Chp

Our main protagonist Gunwoo Dahn, one day falsely accused of getting admission into school because of his father’s influence, and because of this incident his father gets arrested, and he has to leave his current school and enrolls in a different one.

His new school is not a normal school, in this school gambling is common you can buy marks with money.

How will be his life in this school?


best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 75+ Chp

Our main protagonist gets fed up f his life, and he now has no hope, so he decides to end his life, but a person saves his life, wow a life savior.

But who thinks that his life savior will become his worst enemy.

I like this manhwa because of the action scenes, the artwork is very good, overall a good manhwa to read. 

20)Desire Dairy

desire dairy

Genre: Drama, School life, Slice of life

Length: 30+ Chp

What if you can become anything you want? Wealthy, famous, more beautiful what you will choose.

This manhwa is about your inner desire, you can achieve any of your inner desire but in return, you have to pay the price for what you want.

Will it be beneficial to the human being or bring destruction. Let’s find out by reading.

Conclusion- In starting chapter you may not find it exciting but as you go through chapters you will definietly feel that it is something different.

21) Duty After School

best school life manhwa

Genre: Action, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural

Length: 51 Chp

Have you ever wondered, do aliens exist? , and what if one day they attacked eath?

The story of the manhwa takes place after aliens are attacking earth and trying to conquer earth but to prevent that from happening, some students from certain schools have to go to fight them.

Can they defeat aliens or will aliens take over the earth?

Conclusion – If you are looking for a dark story manhwa, then this one will be the best suit for you.

22)Gang of Highschool

Genre: Action, Martial arts, School life

Length: 20+ Chp

The family of our main protagonist crumbles when his father killed himself and his mother goes crazy, now our main protagonist has to protect his blind sister he forms his own gang in a school, in Busan.

Conclusion – A decent manga with a rare storyline, you will enjoy reading this.

23)High School Devil

Genre: Action, School life

Length: 160+ Chp

High School devil is the nickname of our main protagonist, one day when his mother passed away he decides to start a new life in the new school with a different name, but his life will not gonna be that easy as gang members of his previous school still not leaving him alone.

How will he handle them and start a new life?

I love reading this manhwa and believe me in the start, you may not find it that exciting but after some chapters, you will enjoy it

24)Zero Game

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Length: 115+ Chp

The life of our main protagonist is not that easy after her parents pass away and then one day she receives an email that can change her life from bottom to top completely.

But as you know, nothing in this world is free so how does her life can change without a condition, she has to participate in a game, is it a normal game or dangerous?

Let’s find out what challenges she has to face in this game.

With this, our list of best school life manhwa ends. I hope you liked it. Leave a comment to share which one is your favorite and the one you are going to read?

Don’t forget to share this article with your friend, so he can also read amazing manhwa.


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