Blue Lock Chapter 183 Release Date, Where To Read

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Hey guys welcome to animesecure, if you are searching for the Blue Lock Chapter 183 Release date and spoilers then you are in the right place, as in today’s article we are going to discuss the release date of Blue Lock Chapter 183

Previous Chapter Recap

“Meta Vision” was the subtitle of Blue Lock Chapter 182. Everyone cheered when Kaiser scored a thunderous goal to open the chapter. The Kaiser impact was played out in front of the other players, who were all stunned to see it. At this point, Isagi came into focus. The youngster reasoned that he shouldn’t celebrate too soon because he still needed to score the final goal to secure victory.

He was aware that there was no way he could duplicate the Kaiser effect. Isagi had to invent his own variation of this move as a result. Isagi Yoichi understood that he had to learn as much as he could from his environment. And only a well-coordinated plan might then help him achieve his imagined objective. Isagi named the final chapter “Meta Vision” as it came to a close.

Blue Lock Chapter 183: What To Expect

The following chapter of Blue Lock is titled “Scenery.” Isagi Yoichi will begin the chapter by applying his theory of evolution. On the opposing team, Nagi and Isagi are still in awe at Kaiser’s goal.

Kaiser is a true star, as Chigiri and Reo will acknowledge. The game would restart in the following act.
The ball will be carried by Nagi in the direction of their objective. Isagi, though, will be well informed of his plan in advance. He will take charge of the entire stadium using the side view, directing the ball to land directly on his feet. However, Blue Lock Chapter 183’s concluding scene will reveal whether or not the goal will be scored.

Blue Lock Chapter 183 Release Date

As per the information, Blue Lock Chapter 183 release date is anticipated to be August 3, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading the chapter once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates visit animesecure.

Where To Read Blue Lock

On Kodansha’s official website, you can read the future chapter of Blue Lock. On the portal, you can read both the past and most recent chapters of the manga series.

More Info About Blue Lock

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