Blue Lock Chapter 185 Release Date, What To Expect.

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Previous Chapter Recap

Isagi used her best meta-vision to block Nagi in the previous chapter of Blue Lock Chapter 184. But he wasn’t sure if the goal would be fixed. After some of the best action-style panels, Isagi arrived at his destination.
Isagi realized that he needed to see himself as a pawn in a larger game. He planted his foot on the ball and aimed for the goal.
But he noticed that his brain was working at such a high level that he was unable to control it. He also congratulated himself on his ability to process so much information at once.
Isagi concluded the chapter by imagining the best goal piece possible using meta vision. The chapter, however, ended before the final goal was reached.

Blue Lock Chapter 185: What To Expect

The next chapter of Blue Lock will be titled “Rebirth.” According to the plot details, the next chapter will begin with Isagi confirming that he does not need to capture anyone. To get the ball into the goalpost. However, as time passed, Isagi’s shooting course became unavailable. The ball was now heading into the left corner of the goal. But then Kunigami came in and shot the game-winning shot.

As a result, the Bastard Munchens will win the game 2-1. But Yoichi might not like how things turned out for him. He was desperate to get the goal in his pocket. Even if the Bastard Muchens win, this act will undoubtedly cause a schism among the team members in Blue Lock chapter 185.

Blue Lock Chapter 185 Release Date

As per the information, the Blue Lock Chapter 185 release date is anticipated to be August 24, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy reading Blue Lock Chapter 185 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animesecure.

Where To Read Blue Lock Manga

Blue Lock’s future chapter can be read on Kodansha’s official website. You can read both the previous and most recent chapters of the manga series on the portal.

More Information About Blue Lock

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