BONELAB: How to Unlock Stapler Gun

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To enjoy the sandbox-like Virtual Reality experience, Bonelab has access to a variety of entertaining and intriguing tools and weaponry. The StaplerGun is one of the weapons that you can unlock in the game. A reference to Stress Level Zero’s debut title, Hover Junkers, can be seen in the Stapler gun. It is a semi-automatic weapon with a strong surprise recoil.

How then do you unlock this great weapon? Thankfully, using this approach will enable the Stapler Gun in Bonelab. Let’s start now.

In this article, I am going to explain how to unlock stapler gun in Bonelab.

How to Unlock Stapler Gun?

The Mine Dive Level has the key to obtaining the Stapler Gun. You will ride a mine cart to get around the cave.

You will pass a location with a motel sign after crossing the railroad intersection. The Stapler Gun can be unlocked by firing any of your weapons at the target. Therefore, be sure not to miss it.

You can now spawn the gun wherever you want once it has been unlocked. The Stapler Gun’s impressive feature is its severe recoil, which allows for exceptionally high jumps when shooting two of them simultaneously in slow motion.

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