Boruto Episode 250 Release Date.

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Previous Chapter Recap

Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Metal learned in the last episode that Iwabe and Denki had been lost for the last three days. So they decide to find them. They came across Funamushi’s warriors while looking for their friends.

The villagers, Kyoho and Buntan, debated whether to kill the soldier and join the military to assist smash Araumi’s forces. However, the Leaf shinobi decided that they should first look for Denki and Iwabe.

Metal and Denki unexpectedly returned on their own. They later told the gang their narrative about how they escaped and Funamushi’s move. Boruto walked outdoors at night and vented his rage on Funato’s son, Kobuna, Funamushi’s son. However, as more people arrived at the spot, Kobuna was able to flee.

Boruto was challenged by Sarada about his actions. Meanwhile, Buntan tortured the kidnapped Funato to extract some information. The victim soon disclosed that Kobuna was not his only foe and that Ikada was Seiren’s brother.

Boruto Episode 250: What To Expect

Finally, fans will learn what happened to Ikada. He will return to his home after a very long absence. Soon after arriving home, he begins caring for his sister. Araumi, his father, asks him how long he will spend caring for her.

He responds that his father isn’t concerned about her. However, he stressed that everything was OK when he was out. Araumi later interrogates Ikada about his role as a Funato. It quickly escalates into a squabble in which Ikada reminds Aruami of his responsibility to her.

While the father and son are arguing, Kobuna arrives and asks Ikada to assist him in his struggle against Boruto. Ikada, on the other hand, refuses to fight Boruto because he believes he is unable to do so.

It will result in a squabble between father and son. Furthermore, Ikada must now select which side he wishes to support. Aside from that, it will be interesting to watch how Boruto reacts after discovering Ikada’s true identity.

Boruto Episode 250 Release Date

As per the report, Boruto Episode 250 release date is estimated to be May 22, 2022, so fans will be able to watch it when it gets released on legal platforms. For more updates on manga and anime visit animsecure.

Where to Watch Boruto

As we all know, there are numerous ways to watch an anime episode, some of which are legal and some of which are not- we always recommend that you use legal methods to enjoy your favorite anime. Boruto episode 245 is now available on Crunchyroll.


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