Call Of The Night Episode 6 Release Date, Spoiler

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Nazuna and Yamori previously visited a bathhouse in Call Of The Night Episode 5. She asked the salesperson to notify her when her wrist receiver began to beep. She emerged from the water and met Yamori outdoors, wearing only a large jacket, after being notified. She stated that she could only learn about a person’s feelings by tasting their blood, and she adored the flavor of his blood. In this article, we are going to discuss the Call Of The Night Episode 6 release date.

Previous Chapter Recap

Nazuna awakens in the morning, frustrated to learn she still has plenty of time before seeing Kou. Despite having other responsibilities, she spends her time watching television and accomplishes nothing. She goes for a walk after the sun has gone down. Nazuna is depressed because she notices some strangers’ lack of excitement for life. Despite the fact that she misses Kou, she decides to spend some time alone because she is unable to meet him at the moment.

Because of her new hairstyle and general transformed appearance, Kou can’t help but stare blankly at her. Although he maintains his cool, it is clear that Nazuna’s expression stuns him, and he strives to maintain his cool. Arousal causes Kou to invite his companion to consume his blood. He sees the two-fold value of having his blood drained by Nazuna and does not mind having it sucked. As a result, he is able to clear his mind. The second reason is that he notices a peculiar relationship developing with Nazuna and believes it is a positive sign because his ultimate objective after falling in love with her is to become a vampire.

As a result, he allows her to drink his blood, and they end up in a motel they mistook for a video game store. It’s uncertain whether Nazuna was aware of Kou’s feelings when she moved uncomfortably near to him. Nazuna advises Kou not to suppress his feelings, but rather to let them influence his behavior from time to time. Kou mulls over her suggestion while watching television. Despite the fact that they are departing, Kou appears to be lost in thought.

When he wasn’t with her, he pondered where Nazuna obtained the blood to drink. Her reference to drinking the blood of the man on the street is entirely coincidental. Kou’s face takes on a weird expression. After noticing Kou’s jealousy when she mentions consuming other people’s blood, Nazuna teases him about drinking other people’s blood in the past. Her response indicated that she wasn’t interested in creating a connection, but rather in gratifying a natural craving for blood, and that she even drank women’s blood.

He can feel his body becoming more at ease as she employs various massage techniques. He is aware that she most likely obtained blood in this manner prior to meeting him. Nazuna provided comfort massages at the end of the day so that people could relax after a full day of work. As soon as she helped them rest, she got the opportunity to consume their blood. As a result, Nazuna could satisfy her bloodlust while staying unknown.

Call Of The Night Episode 6: What To Expect

The story of Shirakawa Kiyosumi will be continued in the following episode. Kiyosumi’s office drinking party will kick things off. She dislikes her boss’s crude jokes and believes he is mentally torturing her. Regardless, she must grin at his joke and pretend he’s the funniest guy in the office.

She’ll stroll home in the middle of the night if she remembers a girl who works at her massage parlor. So she’ll go to Nazuna’s house, where she’ll give Yamori a massage. Nazuna will invite Yamori to Kiyosumi and he will do his best. He’ll give her a massage to calm her muscles.

When Kiyosumi realises he’s in his second year and just 14 years old, they’ll have a pleasant talk. She’ll be wondering if he’s dealing with the financial crisis. She will later divulge her employment life and begin crying about it. She’s had enough of her professional life and wants to unwind. But she can’t sleep well since she’s overworked.

Kiyosumi will receive a call from her employer, who will ask her to come to the office while they are discussing her office environment. Nazuna tosses her out the window to stop her. They will, however, save her, and Yamori will advise her to become a vampire and live a happy life. He wants Shirakawa to fall in love with him and turn her into a vampire.

Call Of The Night Episode 6 Release Date

As per the information, the Call Of The Night Episode 6 release date is anticipated to be August 12, 2022. So you will be able to enjoy watching Call Of The Night Episode 6 once it gets released. For more anime and manga updates visit animesecure.

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