Chainsaw Man Chapter 101 Release Date, Spoiler.

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Previous Chapter Recap

Asa Mitaka, Hirofumi Yoshida, and the girl with the glasses stroll around the school lanes while talking about the potential existence of a devil in one of the empty classrooms at the large school. The girl with the glasses introduces herself to the other two people. She goes by the name Yuko and adores Chainsaw Man. The next person to introduce themselves is Yoshida, then Asa. She feels uncomfortable and upset about being matched with Yoshida.

Asa notices several of the female students in her class passing by. She avoids looking them in the eyes out of fear. After passing her, the three females talk about how shameless Asa is to show her face and even find a guy after what she did. At first, they ignore her (they assume Yoshida to be her boyfriend). They ridicule her.

Asa begins to feel anxious and tense. She attempts to use the excuse that she needs to complete some vital tasks to get out of going to school. She sets herself apart from the other two. She remains traumatized as a result of what happened. As she pursues her, Yuko notices raw flesh on Asa’s shoes. Although Asa assures her that she is alright, she feels awful for her. She begins to move without shoes. The War Devil asks if it should take care of the bullies and advises her to wear shoes because their feet hurt.

The War Devil is informed by Asa that she is alright. Yuko approaches her from behind and informs her that she is not okay. Asa accepts one of Yuko’s sneakers. Mitaka can return the shoes if she wants to, she says, but Yuko immediately starts sprinting away. Mitaka puts on one shoe and begins to follow Yuko. They run for a while before arriving at Yuko’s home. Asa accepts Yuko’s offer of the second shoe, but she’s told to keep it because she has extras. At first, Asa is reluctant to accept them. When Yuko notices this, she advises her to sell the shoes or later toss them out. Asa leaves wearing that footwear.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 101: What To Expect

Given how the narrative develops, I continue to believe that Denji’s appearance is not ideal. He’ll definitely make a splash when the War Devil takes a significant action, or he might just show up as a minor supporting player. However, chapter 101 spoilers are not yet available. We will update you as soon as we learn more about Chainsaw Man Chapter 101.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 101 Release Date

As per the information, Chainsaw Man Chapter 101 release date is anticipated to be August 2, 2022, so fans will be able to read the chapter once it gets released.

Where To Read Chainsaw Man

You can enjoy reading Chainsaw Man Chapter 101 on For more updates visit animesecure.

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