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Best manhwa

We all love to read manhwa, but sometimes it becomes frustrating to wait a whole week just to read a single chapter- we also know how frustrating it is that’s why in this article we have put together the list of the best completed manhwa you should check out.

So without any more delay lets’ explore the world of manhwa.



Genre: Drama, Romance, Magic

Length: 27 Chp

The story of Annarasumanara follows a girl named Yun Ai, whose lifelong dream is to become a magician, but she can’t follow her dream because when she reaches high school, she can’t afford a stocking, making it next to impossible for her to follow her dream.

But just as she is about to give up on her ambition, she meets a magician at a fair who inspires her to pursue it once more, and Yun Ai is now anxious to do so.

Annarasumanara is a superb completed manhwa because it is a realistic manhwa that people of all ages can relate to.

27)Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Length: 298 Chp

This manhwa’s plot revolves around Seol Hong. She returns to her school after a long absence, and she is unconcerned about her schoolwork because she has always excelled at them.

What she doesn’t realize is that her life will not be the same as it was in college. Jung Yu, a gorgeous boy also known as Mr. Perfect, is her college senior. Her life has only become worse since he became involved in his, so she believes that everything that is wrong in her life is the result of Jung Yu.

How will she deal with him now that she is slowly but steadily falling in love with him?

Cheese in the Trap is a great complete manhwa based on melodramatic concepts, so if you like to read love triangle stories you can give this one a try.

26)Something About Us

Something About Us

Genre: Comedy, School life, Romance

Length: 99 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around two people who consider themselves friends but others often ask about their relationship because they see them as a couple.

Something about their relationship is difficult to express. What will happen to these two “friends?”

It is really an enjoyable manhwa, the art, and character design are also awesome. 

25)The Blue Land

The Blue Land

Genre: Action, Drama, Detective, Conspiracy

Length: 89 Chp

One day, crime detective Kang Jung-woo comes across a building full of gangsters; upon further inquiry, he discovers that some of the rooms in the building were full of illegal currency valued at more than 100 million dollars. Fortunately, even after being apprehended by gang members, he manages to escape, only to be pursued by some of Korea’s most wealthy and influential politicians.

This is a really underestimated action and mystery manual. Its art is a little dated, but it is really good, and the plot is great. The protagonist is physically strong from the start and eventually forms his own gang to combat his adversaries.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 116 Chp

For the longest time, humans and demons lived in separate realms, but in the year 2037, mankind fell due to the apocalypse brought by the demon invasion. To avoid this, one chosen person was sent back in time, but due to an unanticipated circumstance, that person was killed.

However, not all hope is lost since in order to replace that person, the protagonist is thrown back in time, and he must now get strong enough with the use of an app that allows humans to travel to the underworld.

Its art and story are both fantastic. The main character is powerful from the start and eventually becomes overpowered due to his knowledge of the future. The plot may become confused at times, but keep reading since everything is clarified in the final chapters.

23)1 Plus 1 

1 Plus 1

Genre: Romance, College

Length: 52 Chp

This relationship begins with some bumps in the night, which lead to some extremely annoying bumps in the day, which lead to Sung-eun practically stumbling into the source of all the commotion: her attractive and charming neighbor, Eun-sung.

She immediately discovers that the private student representative has a dubious reputation, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t fulfill her responsibilities as a good neighbor.

After all, they are literally neighbors. She conceals her genuine feelings from him, and the two become so close that Sung-eun begins to question if Eun-sung is also concealing something from her.

22)Promise of an Orchid

Promise of an Orchid

Genre: Horror, Supernatural

Length: 105 Chp

Yank Jason was unique in that he could see ghosts and specters anytime he put his glasses on. In order to save money, he moved from his apartment to a cheap house that was reputed to be plagued by spirits.

Unfortunately for him, on the first day of transferring, he becomes the target of a killer ghost, and in order to rescue himself, he rushes to an ancient temple where he encounters a specter who looks like a human, and thus the voyage of a specter and human begins.

21)Siren’s Lament

Siren’s Lament

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Length: 183 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a girl named Lyra. Bored with her monotonous life, Lyra is a bit of a wallflower.

However, her comfortable and monotonous lifestyle, which she is tired of, is thrown into disarray when she unwittingly enters the world of sirens.

Lyra will discover when she becomes entangled in a curse, that her universe may be much larger than she had believed.

20)The Weight of Our Sky 

The Weight of Our Sky

Genre: Drama, Historical

Length: 52 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a music lover girl who is suffering from OCD.

She is ready to do everything in order to go back to her mother during the historic race riots in 1969 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Overall it is one of the underrated completed manhwa, you can also say it is such an underrated masterpiece that people who came across it know its worth.


best completed manhwa

Genre: School life, Drama, Action

Length: 80 Chp

The manhwa’s main protagonist is frustrated with his life and rejects the hope that it will be better in the future, and he inevitably resolves to end his life by committing suicide. But, as he was about to commit himself, a stranger emerged from nowhere and saved his life.

But who knows, the one who saves his life can end up being his worst enemy? just think isn’t it mind twister that the person who saves him is the one who becomes his biggest enemy.

You may find the manhwa dull at first, but stay with it since the quality of the action sequences and storyline will improve over time, and you will definitely like reading pounding.

18)My ID is Gangnam Beauty

best completed manhwa

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Length: 80 Chp

The story of the manhwa follows a girl named Kang Mi-rae, who has no joy in her life because she is bullied every day due to her appearance and is rejected by every male she has ever confessed her feelings to. She now decides to have surgery in order to restart her life.

But as she goes to university, she finds that the responsibility of being a “beautiful lady” begins to weigh on her, and those who can see through her operation mock her and name her the “Gangnam cosmetic surgery monster.”

But one day she meets a smart boy named Do Kyung-Seok, and this encounter proves beneficial to her because she begins to regain her self-esteem as a result of him. You’ll see how they fall in love because they’re both enmeshed in each other’s lives.

17)Dark Mortal

Dark Mortal

Genre: School life, Supernatural

Length: 45 Chp

When you have a lively little black blob as a friend, being dubbed a freak isn’t that bad. The story of the manhwa follows  Nam Kang an orphan, scarred, and practically blind as a result of an explosion, but he survives the daily bullying with the help of his fictional friend named Inky.

But then something strange and terrible happened: Nam awoke from a brutal beating to find his scars healed and his vision restored. Nam is finally given the opportunity to be a normal kid at a new school. But it’s not just his scars that have vanished. Inky, his best friend, has also vanished because of some reason.

With each chapter, the story becomes more engrossing and makes you want to read more. The pacing is terrific, and it’s satisfying to see the tale unfold after each chapter. You should try it because it is one of the best completed manhwa.

16)The Greatest Villain

best completed manhwa

Genre: BL, Drama, Romance, Slice of life

Length: 27 Chp

This is a story of a guy named Sawoo, he is a boy who often gets bullied in his school. One day he meets a boy named Kido who promises to teach him 3 rules in order to become the greatest villain.

But in midst of Sawoo, something happened that Sawoo never wishes for-Kido leave for abroad after only teaching two rules to Sawoo.

While adhering to the first two conditions, Sawoo writes Kido countless letters in the hopes of receiving the third, but Kido never responds. Kido returns after four years convinced that Sawoo has been mailing him love letters.

15)Delivery Knight

best completed manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Length: 89 Chp

Long ago, the globe got so filthy that it was difficult to breathe in the open air. While most people avoided the planet’s suffocating smog, delivery men do not have the same freedom.

They risk their lives to deliver packages to citizens in desperate need, earning them the moniker of delivery knights. I don’t want to give you any spoilers because this is a pretty unusual manhwa. The art is decent, but the story is excellent. Throughout the novel, the main character grows in strength and character development.

14)Fantastic Relics

Fantastic Relics

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, School life

Length: 54 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Ace Li, a handsome and popular boy who is at the top of his class.

His life is going very easy thanks to his cheating “relic.” Ace isn’t the only one who possesses a magical relic that provides him supernatural abilities, but the other relic holders have paid a high and lethal price to the enigmatic Mr. Ding.

They’re desperate to settle their obligations, and they’ll do anything to get their hands on Ace’s treasure.

13)Sweet Home 

best completed manhwa

Genre: Horror, Drama, Psychological, Thriller

Length: 140 Chp

This manhwa is about Cha-Hyun Soo, who relocated from his old house to a new apartment after his entire family was killed in a vehicle accident.

After moving into this new apartment, he notices that the people around him begin to transform into monsters. Only a few of them did not turn into monsters, and now they must do whatever to save their lives.

Sweet Home is without a doubt one of the greatest thrilling and psychological completed manhwa out there, in terms of storyline, plot, and art.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Length: 104 Chp

This manhwa’s plot takes place in a universe where every child is born under the protection of a god. Some gods are more powerful, while others are weaker. A child born under a weak deity is ridiculed by others and is not permitted to attend high school. They must begin working as soon as they graduate middle school.

This manhwa, in the midst of it all, tells the story of a young boy whose life is turned upside down after accepting a gift from a guardian god. Will he be able to use his newly acquired gift to improve his life? Let us find out by reading the manhwa.



Genre: Drama, Romance, Vampire, Supernatural

Length: 140 Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a modern-day vampire named Sia Lee. Unlike the vampires, you heard of she doesn’t suck blood from humans but absorbs energy by touching human bodies.

One day a man named Jiho with Mysophobia (fear of dirt and contamination), she became obsessed with touching him. Will she be able to overcome his aversion to touch him?

I’ve been reading webtoons/manhwa for a while now, and this was the first one that touch my heart. If you wish to read a completed manhwa you should give this one a shot. 

10)Winter Woods

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance

Length: 52 Chp

 After losing his family, an alchemist decides to make one for himself. He mutates corpses to create one, and he succeeds, but it lacks one component: the heart. The alchemist dies soon after, and a few thousand years pass.

When this creation meets Jane, a writer, he starts living with her in exchange for narrating his story in the process, he learns how to be a man, and Jane’s life is transformed.

Winter Woods has a great plot, especially with the visuals. Winter’s visage becomes more human as he learns how to be a human, and he has a lot of character development. Overall it is one of the best completed manhwa you can read.

9)Boss in school

boss in school

Genre: Action, Drama, School life

Length: 118 Chp

The plot revolves around Seth Kwon, a born fighter who never fights in his childhood due to a vow he made to his mother.

But then his father dies and sends him a note in which he says his last words to him, what he wrote in his last letter? To find out, read manhwa.

8)Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

Genre: Drama, Slice of life

Length: 78 Chp

Ex-convict Park Saeroyi seeks to put his hole-in-the-wall tavern on the map in a neighborhood famed for its variety, good food, and wit. This is just one step in his 15-year quest to live a life worthy of his father.

As his pub attracts its own distinct crowd, Saeroyi moves on to the next phase: bringing down the family who stole his father from him. It’s time for vengeance and to show the world what he’s capable of.


Best manhwa like squid game

Genre: Psychopath, Psychology, Thriller, Serial Killer

Length: 93 Chp

The plot of this manhwa revolves around Seon Jin, a high school student. Despite being a successful businessman, his father is a serial killer and a psychopath. Seon Jin despises his father for assisting him in the disposal of dead bodies.

His father recognized a lady who is a classmate of Seon Jin one day; now he must choose between aiding his father and saving his classmate; what will he do? With each new chapter, this manhwa becomes more intense and engaging.

This manhwa is full of excitement, and I am confident that this manhwa will keep you engaged throughout the story, so check it out in your leisure time.

6)What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? 

best complete manhwa

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Length: 98 Chp

The plot of this manhwa centers around a man named Yoong-Joon, who has very stunning looks that can seduce any woman, yet regardless of his attractiveness, he is an arrogant man.

He is the CEO of the company and has a lovely secretary named Miso who has been working for him for the past 9 years.

But then something unexpected happened: Miso declared her intention to resign from her secretary position for personal reasons.

After hearing all of this, Yoon-Joon resolves that he will do everything it takes to keep her from going. He sought advice from his best buddy, who is also a member of the company’s board of directors, on how to persuade her to stay by his side.

5)The Breaker 

The breaker

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama 

Length: 72 Chp

Shi-Woon is in urgent need. He is routinely bullied and beaten up at school by a gang of thugs, and he is on the verge of committing suicide.

Sick of feeling weak and useless, the child seeks assistance from the one person he knows: Chun-Woo, a formidable martial artist who also happens to be his new teacher.

But it won’t be simple since Chun-Woo won’t take Shi-Woon under his wing so simply, and the adolescent has no idea how his would-be guru gained his fighting abilities.


Best completed manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Psychology, RPG

Length: 387 Chp

The plot of the manhwa centers around Dong Tae, a selfish youngster who is constantly targeted by bullies in his school by his classmates because he never tries to stop them.

Tae Bin, his former seatmate, is a common sight at school. When he sees Dong Tae being bullied on a regular basis, he devises a game. This is not the ordinary game that you may play at your leisure; rather, it will force the player to restart his life with new parameters.

3)Girls of the Wild’s

Best complete manhwa

Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance

Length: 260 Chp

The tale of this manhwa takes place in Wild’s High Academy, a private school for girls exclusively. For the past 40 years, our academy has specialized in battles. The main event of the fight, Wild’s League, was also staged at this school.

However, when this academy became co-ed, our main protagonist Song Jae Gu took advantage of the chance and gained admittance.

Even though his grades are not that good but still he receives a three-year scholarship from Wild’s High Academy, which is anxious for males to enroll. This scholarship will be of great assistance to him. Because he is responsible for his younger brother and sister. His mother abandoned them, and his father died.

In that school, he meets Choi Dal Dal, a cute but deadly girl who understands taekwondo. She wants to continue fighting, but her grandfather is opposed because she was raised as the sole heir to his family business.

This manhwa’s art and plot are excellent since it includes everything you’re searching for: action, romance, and humor. So, if you want to read a completed manhwa, you have that option.



Genre: Action, Supernatural, School life 

Length: 544Chp

The Noblesse’s Story is about a magnificent noblesse named Cadis Etrama Di Raizel; don’t worry, you won’t have to read it over and again since, in manhwa, he will be referred to as Rai. After 820 years of sleep, he awoke, unaware of human advancement in technology and many other areas.

He sees his trusty servant Frankenstein and enrolls in Frankenstein’s school when he arrives. At school, he befriends athletic youngster Shinwoo, computer nerd Ikhan, and Shinwoo’s crush Yuna.

He intends to live a normal life, but will he be able to do so given the “Union” organization is seeking to rule the world?

1)Solo Leveling

Best completed manhwa manhwa

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Adventure

Length: 179 Chp

I know all of you are also expecting Solo Leveling to be at the top of this list, and without any doubt it deserves it. Now for people who don’t know about Solo leveling lemme explain a bit.

Based on the novel I Level Up Alone written by Chu-Gong Solo leveling takes place in a world where magical powers and power are everything, and certain people known as hunters use their knowledge to confront terrible monsters coming out from the dungeons in order to hunt humans.

Sung Jin-woo, our primary protagonist, is a weakling low-level hunter, also known as the world’s weakest hunter, yet despite the danger, he fights the monsters by putting his life in danger to help his sick mother in the hospital and his little sister. 

After surviving a nightmare in which most of his teammates died, he gained a skill that will help him become powerful.

Well, the best manhwa till now is also completed, so if you want to read a completed manhwa there is no better choice than Solo Leveling.

With this, I would end the list of the best completed manhwa. if you think we have forgotten your favorite manhwa you can share them with us through the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends.

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