Crook Catcher Daily Quest : Lost Ark

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Crook Catcher Daily Quest

On Runaways Island, there is a Crook Catcher daily mission. In order to complete this mission, you must move throughout the area. Since there is a small distance between each criminal, you won’t have to worry too much about locating them. The appearance of the thieves in the game is delayed by minor issues.

No need to worry; this walkthrough will briefly describe how to apprehend each of the three criminals on Runaways Island.

Crook Catcher Daily Quest : Lost Ark

So the task is straightforward. Accepting it will provide you with information on the thief’s hiding place, and it is your responsibility to find him. Three crooks in total need to be apprehended.

  • The Lockpicker
  • The Prisoner Ransomer
  • Noble Impersonator

after you capture these 3 crooks. You can complete your quest and receive rewards.

The Lockpicker Location

Crook Catcher Daily Quest : Lost Ark

You can locate it on a rooftop in the center of the map; you can jump onto the building by selecting arrows, but he won’t be there immediately away; you’ll need to wait a few seconds for him to appear.

For whatever reason, that is just a problem in the game. Just choose him when he appears, then proceed to the other two.

The Prisoner Ransomer Location

Crook Catcher Daily Quest : Lost Ark

You can locate him just north of the residence where the lock picker was. He should be surrounded by two NPCs who are conversing. Circumvent them till Prisoner Ransomer appears and captures him.

Noble Impersonator Location

Crook Catcher Daily Quest : Lost Ark

The Noble Impersonator is west of the building where The Lockpicker used to be. He will emerge from a cabin loaded with hay bales. Wait a few moments for the game to recognize your presence.

The Noble Impersonator will appear, and you can catch him.

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