Date A Live Season 4 Episode 11 Release Date & Where To Watch.

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Previous Episode Recap

At the beginning of episode 10, we witness Kurumi conversing with girls like herself, whom she refers to as numbers. The episodes open with Kurumi and Shido sitting on a bench on the school’s rooftop. 
They intend to make each other fall in love and continue to share the lunch box. Both barely resist but enjoy each other’s meal while the girls look on from afar.

Kurumi invites Shido for Valentine’s Day date, which he accepts. However, the girls are concerned and attempt to assist Shido by cooking chocolate for him. A lot happens, and Reine lets Kurumi help the other girls make chocolate for Shido.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 11: What to Expect

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 11
Preview of Episode 11

The girls were preparing to give chocolate alongside Kurumi in the last episode of Date A Live. The girls did it all in their power to get Shido ready for his Valentine’s Day date with Kurumi. If you’ve been following Date A Live Season 4, you’ll know that Shido and Kurumi have reached an agreement and forged a deal to make the other fall for themselves. In Episode 11, they will maintain their plot to get each other to fall in love with them. This time, though, it is Valentine’s Day. The year’s most romantic day.

Who do you think will fall in love with whom? Will Kurumi, like the other girls, fall for Shido and want to be with him in the same house? Will she make Shido fall in love with her instead? Even if she does make Shido fall in love with her, she will not kill him because he is a major character and it is apparent that he will not die. However, a lot is likely to happen in the upcoming episode. Kurumi, as we saw in the previous episode of Date A Live, has distinct plans for herself and Shido.

Date A Live Episode 11 Release Date:

As per the report, Date A Live Season 4 Episode 11 release date is anticipated to be June 17, 2022. So when the episode gets released, fans can enjoy watching it on the official site of Crunchyroll. For more amazing post keep visiting animesecure.


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