Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Announced

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Devil is a Part-timer

Devil Is A Part Timer is based on a light novel with the same name first aired on the television screen in 2013, and for such a long time, we don’t have any news of season 2.

But now I am happy to inform you that season 2 of Devil Is A Part Timer is scheduled for July 2022.
The first season was produced by Studio White Fox, and now after 9 years of break, the second season will be produced by a new studio 3Hz.

Apart from the announcement of the second season, a new key visual and trailer has been also released.

Voice Actors & Staff

The voice artist for season 2 of Devil Is A Part Timer is most likely to remain the same as the first season, but as the production studio changed, so the staff will also change.

New staff includes

Director-> Daisuke Tsukushi

Series composition-> Masahiro Yokotani

Character design-> Yudai IinoChief

animation director-> Yoshihiro Takeda

Music-> Ryosuke Nakanishi


Based on a light novel by the same name written by Satoshi Wagahara, Devil Is A Part-Timer is a comedy-fantasy anime series.

It follows the journey of a demon king satan, who runs to earth to escape from the hero Emilia.

After coming to earth he lost his all powers, which means he nothing more than a normal human. Being trapped on earth without his power he understands that to survive on earth he needs money so he took a part-time job in a restaurant to earn money and continues his life on the earth with his generals.

Now he also wants to take over the earth when his power comes back.

but Emilia doesn’t leave him alone he come all over to this world to finish him.

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