Fix Spiderman Remastered PC Audio/Sound Not Working ( Best Ways)

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Spiderman Remastered PC is one of the year’s most recent titles for the PC gaming community. The well-known PlayStation Spiderman makes a triumphant return to the PC platform on August 12, 2022. That, combined with a remastered edition, means that everything will be marginally improved over the original Spiderman game. This PC-optimized version of the game is created by Nixxes Software. Although Spiderman Remastered is a joy to play on your PC, some gamers have recently reported difficulties. There is a problem with audio and sound on Spiderman Remastered PC, and we may know how to fix it.

Through this article, I am going to discuss how to Fix Spiderman Remastered PC Audio/Sound Not Working error.

Method 1: Restart the System

Restarting the system is the first step in fixing the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered audio/sound not working issue.

Minor bugs in the system will be fixed as a result, and you will be able to start the game without issue.

Method 2: Change Sound Sample Rate

By heading to the Manage Audio Devices settings in your control panel’s Hardware and Sound section, you can adjust the Sound Sample Rate to 48/44 kHz. 

Then, in the Advanced settings, choose either the 48,000 Hz or the 44,000 Hz option after visiting the Properties section of your speakers. Make sure you only alter these settings for your default speaker as well.

Method 3: Verify Game Files

In most situations, corrupted game files are to blame for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Audio/Sound Issue. In this case, you must inspect the game files to see whether or not the problem has been resolved. To accomplish this,

To begin, go to Steam->Library->right-click on Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered->Properties.

Then, click Local Files-> Verify game file integrity to determine if your problem has been addressed.

Method 4: Choose the correct audio device

Go to the Sound settings in your Control Panel and select the appropriate audio device for your system. In general, ensure that your PC’s speaker is set as the default device.

Disconnect any microphones that are connected to your PC. Mics can also cause audio issues at times.

Method 5: Disable Spatial Sound

Your control panel’s spatial sound options should be disabled. Simply access Settings and look for the Sound section. 

Here, select the Speakers option to bring up the Properties window, where you can adjust the spatial sound. You’re good to go after you turn them off.

Method 6: Disable Oculus/Voicemeeter Audio Device

In other cases, fast fixing the same problem will require disabling the Oculus/Voicemeeter Audio Device from the system. To achieve this,

Go to Manage audio devices in the Control Panel’s Hardware and Sound menu.

Right-click Oculus and Voicemeeter on the new screen and choose the Disable option.

Open Device Manager, choose Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, then right-click Oculus/ Voicemeeter Drivers and choose Disable device from the context menu.

Once finished, you can start the game and see if the sound is audible.

Method 7: Uncheck handsfree telephony

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered’s audio can sometimes be heard clearly by removing the Handsfree Telephony option. To achieve this,

Right-click on your speaker in Devices and Printers > Hardware and Sound > Control Panel > Select Properties.

Now select the Services tab and uncheck the Handsfree Telephony box.

Once finished, save the adjustments to hear the audio quality of the game increase.

Method 8: Reconnect the Controller

You may occasionally be able to solve the same issue by reconnecting your controller. The controller can be unplugged once the game has begun. You can reconnect the controller once the sound issue has been resolved.

Method 9: Remove the PC’s external microphone

You must confirm that no internal or external microphones are attached to your system when using any of the aforementioned options. If the issue still exists after disconnecting the microphone, try relaunching the game.

These are all about how to fix Spiderman Remastered PC Audio/Sound now working. however, look for official technical support if the issue continues.

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