How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy’s new location Artificial Island, new adversaries and side tasks were introduced. Even some Red Nuclei can be obtained by exploring the map. The Outer Island is another option, although getting there requires finishing a quest. We’ll demonstrate how to get there for you.

How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

You must locate three deserted ships and find fireflies to put in their own lamps to dispel the fog in order to finish the Outer Island mission. The ships are situated east of Island of Pins, south of Stranded Remains, and southeast of Broken Tooth Island.

How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Once you’ve figured out the puzzles and obtained the Black Nucleus, you’ll receive a Rapid Repair Device. The task can only be picked up in the place marked by a circle in the picture above.

teleport to the Spacerift in the abandoned water treatment facility. Once entering the tent, take a mission out of the crate on the left side of the entrance.

Completing the Outer Island Quest

How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

The Angry Aberrant must be vanquished as the first step in the quest. The solid yellow circles in the image above represent some of its spawn locations. An Institute Key Card is left behind by a defeated Angry Aberrant. To ensure that the quest will yield this item, be sure to begin it.

Return to the tent and use a repair kit to fix the malfunctioning equipment there. The teleporter at the back of the tent will be fixed as a result. To teleport to North Gemini Island, use the key card.

After passing a small island with a second teleporter that will transport you to South Gemini Island, keep going straight. Go up the prickly peak on Gemini Island to find the container’s hidden job.

At North Gemini Island’s highest point, pick up the Golden Nucleus; information lies underneath. Use the teleporter after engaging with it. Interact with the data on your side starting at your spawn point.

On the platform of the highest peak at the Sea Horizon Stand, you can find a permission card.

In the Estuary, east of the Island of Pins, there is a teleporter. Take you and the permission card to Listen to Earwyn Island. Cross to the other island and climb the tower to get a fresh permission card.

On the Listen to Earwyn Island, one of the teleporters is malfunctioning. To teleport, fix all of the damaged pillars. Then, you are taken to Diurnal Islet.

There are two elite bosses and two Red Nucleus on the island. Finding the two Red Nuclei completes the quest.

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