How To Fight Chapter 143 Release Date, Spoiler

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Previous Chapter Recap

The entrance of the drug dealer is signaled at the beginning of How To Fight Chapter 142. He appeared to Eunwoo to be Lee Jinho. But as soon as the dealer’s face came into view, Munho grabbed him by the neck. The dealer also threatened to kill him if he tried to pursue him once more.
The focus then changes to Han Gyeoul, who is attempting to corner Bae Jinchan. Eunwoo, however, prevents her from doing so.

He described Han’s situation and what had occurred to him. He assured her that he would deal with Jinchan to resolve the issue. Jinchan impressed Eunwoo as a good person. But he discovered that he had taken in two females only to turn them into heroin addicts.
He was intending to use them as prostitutes after that. Eunwoo became extremely enraged and began savagely assaulting Jinchan. However, he was startled to discover Park Munho watching him from behind.

How To Fight Chapter 143: What To Expect

The How To Fight Chapter 143 will reveal Eunwoo’s fate. Regarding Eunwoo’s situation, there is still more to say. The most likely scenario is that Park Munho will murder Eunwoo.

Munho’s menacing visage at the conclusion of the last chapter. Eunwoo, though, is not as weak. He used to hold back in front of Munho because of his cover. His cover is now broken, and he has nothing to hide.

Eunwoo must leave that foul hiding place as soon as possible. Additionally, Bae Jinchan and Park Munho’s presence will only endanger Eunwoo. Since he can no longer use Park Munho as cover, he must come up with a fresh plan of attack to find the drug dealer.

The least likely scenario is that Eunwoo defeats Park Munho and uses him to carry out his intentions. However, it is feasible if Park has a very serious matter at stake.

How To Fight Chapter 143 Release Date

As per the information, the How To Fight chapter 143 release date is anticipated to be August 12, 2022. So you will be able to enjoy reading How To Fight Chapter 143 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animsecure.

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