How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moana can be unlocked rather early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley. She will visit the valley after assisting her in her world (and eventually Maui too). 

You can finish Moana’s whole questline, just like you can with those of the other Disney Dreamlight Valley characters. You’ll ultimately arrive at Moana’s boat thanks to this. You may fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley using the instructions in this article.

In this article, I am going to explain how to fix Maona’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete Fixing the Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few things you need to finish before you can mend Moana’s boat. You must first enter Moana’s realm in Dream Castle in order to unlock her. Once you have completed all of her objectives, she will visit the valley. 

Then engage Moana to raise your friendship level with her to level two. Providing her with a few gifts and engaging in daily discussion, can be accomplished very quickly. The final step is to open the entrance to Dazzle Beach. To open this biome, which is connected to the Peaceful Meadow, you must spend 1,000 Dreamlight.

How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can see the wrecked boat on the shore below. Although it may not seem like much, Moana can use this boat to assist you in gathering resources because it is hers. Moana will give you the “Fixing the Boat” quest if you speak with her. You will be charged with obtaining the supplies needed to repair the boat and make it seaworthy once more throughout this mission. You will require:

  • 50 Softwood
  • 70 Fiber
  • 3 Pink Hydrangeas
How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Peaceful Meadow, Plaza, and Dazzle Beach all contain the necessary elements. Around trees and plants, softwood can be found. Seaweed must be collected, then Fiber must be manufactured in a crafting station. The Pink Hydrangeas are also seen all along Dazzle Beach. Visit a crafting station after acquiring the resources and create the following things:

  • 3 Rustic Wooden Cases
  • 3 Baskets
  • 4 Ropes
How to fix Moana’s Boat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After making all the required materials, deliver them to Moana at the boat by meeting her there. The boat will be fixed once she receives the necessary supplies. Moana will use her boat to catch fish from this point on. Find out what fish the boat has caught by interacting with it, then take them home for your aquarium.


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