How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You will befriend a variety of Disney and Pixar characters as you move through Disney Dreamlight Valley. These characters will return to Dreamlight Valley after you assist them, where you can interact with them and fulfil their desires. While several of these characters will be in the game quite soon, Prince Eric is one who remains conspicuously missing for a considerable amount of time. This article will explain how to access Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You must first finish the quest A Deal With Ursula before you can access Prince Eric. You will strike a bargain with Ursula throughout this mission that will allow you to acquire four Dark Crystals. Ursula will give you the Unfortunate Soul of Prince Eric after you fulfill your obligation. Ursula won’t provide you any advice on how to save Prince Eric, as is her nature, and will instead leave you to work it out on your own. You will then be given the Poor Unlucky Prince quest.

How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Prince Eric must be saved in order to complete the mission. To accomplish this, you must use the true love’s kiss to your advantage and bring certain objects to the valley that will serve as a reminder of Eric’s former possessions. When you go see Merlin after telling Ariel what happened to Eric, he will give you three tasks to complete:

Construct Prince Eric’s Castle.
Take a sentimental object from his palace.
Get Ariel to kiss him.

How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ariel will remind Eric of the life he had before kissing him if he brings the flute to her. Eric will be brought to the valley via the Wishing Well in the Plaza if the kiss is successful. Sadly, he isn’t going to rush to Ariel right away. For his meals, you’ll need to prepare three different dishes: gazpacho, vegetarian stew, and berry salad. Eric will feel healthy enough to see his true love and race to her for a joyful reunion once you have given him all of the meals. The task will then be finished.


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