How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem( Best Way)

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How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

All of the facilities for endgame content are located in the Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago. You can engage in PvP battles in Arch Tamer’s Sanctum against the top TemTem players in the world, PvE battles in the Gritten Draft Arena against Holo Tamers, custom matches in Digilair, TemTem Safari against various TemTem Teams that change every week, and PvE battles in the Shifting Tower against cleared floors and levels.

You can swap your earned feathers for battle gear, cosmetics, and accents for your TemTem home by completing all of the chores and activities on the island.

The gaming community is eager to play Tamer’s Paradise, the game’s Endgame DLC, despite the fact that it was only published two days ago.

In this article, I’ll outline the objectives you should prioritize and the actions you should take in particular to open Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago.

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

Begin your adventure to find the Tamer’s Paradise, which was featured in the official TemTem video during the game’s Golden Week of 1.0 debut.

When you arrive, go to the Lab and take the elevator to floor 3, which houses the design department. To begin the quest, contact Carlos.

You would be assigned a plethora of jobs by him. However, if you want to get closer to the island and unlock Tamer’s Paradise, you must focus on the Routine Case quest line.

Go home and get status notes from Filomena

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

Follow the directions and return home. Philomena is a girl who lives here. Speak with her to find out how things are going.

With the status notes in hand, proceed to the location specified on the status map. This is in the Kilima Mountains.

Speak to Kyle in Kilima Range

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

You must interact with Kyle once you arrive at the site. Make an inquiry about Filomena’s Mimit. You must then travel to Turqesa and find Filomena’s residence.

Going there reveals that Filomena found her Mimit Card but misplaced her TemCard. As your next duty, check the TemCard.

Head to Turqesa and check Filomena’s TemCard

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

You will be given a series of questions as you scan your TemCard. Simply answer the questions with ‘correct’ and choose ‘incorrect’ in the final question to complete the survey.

Talk to a shopkeeper at the Omnesia Parenting Center

You will next be directed to the breeding facility in Omnesia. Interact with the proprietor of the BreeCen store and answer their inquiries. This will indicate where you should move next in the task line.

Look for Berhano in the village of Miyaku

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

Then continue on to Miyako Village. Continue to the map marker and speak with Berhano, who will explain everything to you.

Look through Professor Constantino’s computer for the Contingency plan

Inspect Professor Constantino’s computer and search for the Contingency plan

Return to Xadar and investigate Professor Constantino’s Laboratory. Enter his computer’s password. Mega Zizar is in charge of putting the backup plan into action.

After that, take a boat journey down the Sillaro River to the Queen’s Sea-Aquarium, which is located across from the Agua-Marina Cave.

Talk to Ceyhun at Sea-Queen’s Aquarium

Talk to Ceyhun at Sea-Queen’s Aquarium

When you arrive, speak with Ceyhun. To advance in the story, enter the password Burned Wood and answer his questions.

Here are the responses you should give to keep things simple. If Telobos is dropped, there will be an emergency, Gen X! And Tamer’s haven.

Look for General X in the Prison and ask about Tamer’s Paradise

After that, go to the prison and speak with Gen X to go to the next stage of releasing a tamer’s paradise.

Return to the engineer’s office of Omnesia to commence the Battle of Temtem. By defeating them, you gain access to Jannah Tamer’s schemes.

Head to Omnesia and get the Tamer Paradise Charts

Head to Omnesia and get the Tamer Paradise Charts

Talk to Adia Turay in Narwhal with them in hand. It will transport you to an island where you must locate three hidden Neo-Belsoto thugs.

Talk to Adia Turay to take you to Tamer’s paradise

The thugs’ position is marked on your map. Simply walk over to the spot and scan it. Then, go south to Heaven’s boss Tamer’s, who will reward you with access to all of his facilities.

Head south to Heaven Administrator Tamer to unlock all the facilities on the island

That’s all there is to it. It was a long voyage, but you’ve finally arrived in the Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago, the seventh and last island.

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