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best manhwa like unordinary

So, you have already read Unordinary and find it interesting, engaging that’s why you are looking for manhwa similar to Unordinary. You all have reached the right place.

In this article, we put together a list of the best manhwa-like Unordinary that you will love reading.

So, without any further hindrance, let’s explore and enjoy this amazing journey.

City Of Death Sorcerer

City of the death sorcerer

Genre: Action, Horror, Comedy, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural

Length: 225+ Chp

In the year 2014, a group of scientists found a strange element known as SDE01(also known as Mana). At that time, they didn’t know what this research lead human civilization into. Scientists are experimenting continuously to find ways to use SDE01( source of excessive power) to its full extent.

After 16 years of discovery, humans can use magic, but they have to install an app on their mobile to cast a spell, pretty cool right?. But still, they can’t use all types of magic. To perform a high level of magic they need to take permission from higher-ups.

However, there was a mysterious man who uses high very powerful spells that were forbidden by the government. He is a sort of Robinhood type, because, for people, he is a hero because he kills criminals, but from the perspective of the government, he was also a criminal for murdering people. The City Of Death Sorcerer is a good manhwa, and you should definitely give it a try.

Code Adam

Best manhwa like Unordinary

Genre: Action, Psychology, Sci-fi, Supernatural

Length: 55+ Chp

Everyone strives for power, and for the power, they have to prove themself stronger than others. The only way to prove that you are more powerful than other individuals/communities/countries is through war. This manhwa also features the concept of war.

In this manhwa, children are forced to go through the hell of training and experiment to become super-soldiers in order to fight in the war. And they did, they fight in the war and ended it.

But what is to be done with them, when to war ends. Some of them try to break free in order to find the cure for their immense power before it can consume them.

Code Adam is a manhwa that didn’t get as much appreciation as it deserves, but if you are here then you should definitely give it a try. Code Adam will help you to read manhwas from a different perspective.

Jungle Juice

Best manhwa like unordinary

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Sci-fi

Length: 50+ Chp

Do you think, it will be pretty cool if humans can also fly without any restrictions like birds and flies if yes? , then you shouldn’t skip Jungle Juice.

The story of this manhwa focuses on Suchan Jang, an extraordinary school student. He has a pair of insect wings that he got by using a mysterious bug spray called ‘Jungle Juice’.

His life takes a huge turn when he reveals his wings in front of everyone while he was trying to save someone.

Will his will change for good or bad after that incident? for find the answer, you just have to read Jungle Juice, pretty easy. The art of Jungle Juice is very good and the concept is pretty cool.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Best manhwa like unordinary

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, 

Length: 305+ Chp

The story of this manhwa revolves around Ethan. He is the best player in the game named Lucid Adventure due to being a #1 player he is given the nickname, Hardcore Leveling Warrior because No one stands a chance against him.

One day all this changes when a mysterious man kills him in the game and forces him to start again from level 1.

This time becoming the #1 player in that game will going to be more tougher than before his foe/enemy increased, they want to take revenge against him.

If you haven’t read this one yet then you must give it a try. You might not find the art of this manhwa is that great, but the story and fight scenes in this manhwa are something the will keep you engaging.

Solo Leveling

best manhwa like unordinary

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural

Length: 179 Chp

It is a world where power is everything and hunter who are very powerful are filthy rich because of their influence on the earth, as they are the ones who will save earth from monsters. 

Our main protagonist, Sung-Jin-Woo was a week hunter also known as the world’s weakest hunter. One day while he is on a dungeon raid with his team. They encounter a very powerful monster in that dungeon which is totally unexpected as they are in a low-level dungeon.

One by one most of his team members are killed by that monsters and at the last remaining members run out for their lives leaving Sung-Jin-Woo behind to die.

But his destiny doesn’t want him to die, in simple words he survives, he doesn’t know-how. He opens his eyes on a hospital bed with a unique skill that will help him to become powerful than any other hunter. He has to complete the missions given by the system at a specific time.

You will find it exciting that how a frugal hunter becomes a badass and Op hunter. The art and storyline are top class and fighting in this manhwa is something beyond extraordinary, and if you are here then you must read and enjoy this one.

I’m The Grim Reaper

Best manhwa like unordinary

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Length: 78 Chp

This manhwa tells that there are two types of people on earth bad people and really bad people, and when the latter one dies his soul is not only transferred to hell but also get assigned with the task of collecting some of the worst souls on Earth.

Our main protagonist, Scarlet is a latter one. After her death, she is sent to hell and gets assigned to kill one sinner every day and she doesn’t complete her task she will be punished. She is an early-level grim reaper who now has to do tasks given to her.

Tower Of God

tower of god

Genre: Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Fiction

Length: 500+ Chp

The story of this manhwa focuses on a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. He is a kind boy who lives beneath a tower with his one and only friend Rachel. But Rachel wants to see the sky, so she decides to leave him behind and enter the tower. To meet Rachel again Bam doesn’t have any other choice so he also enters the tower as an irregular.

Many people compete to reach the top of the tower because if you succeed to reach the top of the tower, your one wish will be granted no matter what it is. But the way to the top is not that easy, as there are strict rules and regulations and also tests that are set by administrators on different floors with different levels of the tower. Tower Of God is a manhwa that you will enjoy reading because of its art and amazing fight scenes.

Zero Game

zero game

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

Length: 120+ Chp

Do you like to play games? , I know yes that’s why I put this manhwa in this list but the game in this manhwa is not your typical game.

The life of Hanna Yoo, our main protagonist turned upside down after her parent’s death. For her, there is no meaning in life, she is going to give up on everything but she didn’t. She receives an email of a mysterious game named Zero Game, where losing means death, but the price is something that can change your life.

 She decides to take part in that game so that she can forget about her past and start a new refreshing life. But this game is not going to be as simple as it looks. She struggles with many questions like whom she can trust? , How her late father is also involved in this game. This manhwa will bring you a lot of excitement and will definitely love reading this.

The God Of High School

best anime like unordinary

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Length: 526 Chp ( for now)

I don’t think you don’t know about this manhwa and if you don’t, then here we go.

The story of this manhwa revolves around a seventeen-year-old high school boy named Jin-Mori. He is a Taekwondo specialist who wishes to be the strongest fighter amongst all his other high school students.

One day he receives an invitation to participate in a tournament named God Of High School. The tournament is organized by an organization in order to find the strongest fighter amongst all the high school students in the country, and if you win they will fulfill your one wish, you any desire you want to get fulfilled money, power everything.

Jin-Mori has no interest in the prize, he just wants to prove that he is the strongest fighter in this country. As the tournament goes on, Jin-Mori learns that it is just the start of something very big that they can’t even imagine. Everything about this manhwa is good art, story, plot, fight scenes, this manhwa will keep you engaged throughout from the start.


best anime like unordinary

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Length: 134 Chp

The story of this manhwa is about a runaway werewolf, Lumine. He is the only werewolf in existence as all other werewolves are already extinct.

One day Lumine meets a young witch boy named Kody. Later on, he was hired by Kody’s father, Aiden to be his bodyguard.

Kody tries everything he can to keep ways Lumine from him as he doen;t trust him, but on the other hand, Lumine is not giving up to win his trust and become his friend. Their lives become complicated and surrounded by tragic circumstances, leaving them to fend for themselves and fight together to survive and earn a living.

The Gamer

the gamer

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, School life

Length: 390+ Chp

Here it is another great manhwa like Unordinary.

The story of this manhwa revolves around a boy, Ji-han. He is a normal high school student who likes to play games. One day his life totally changes as he starts to see real-life a game. He can see the stats window and level of every person above their head.

One day he is transported to a different world where many people like him who possessed a special ability also exist. His survival in this world is not going to be crazy as he has to kill powerful monsters in order to survive.

The Gamer manhwa has a great storyline, at starting 5-10 might find it boring but when you go through some initial chapters you will really gonna enjoy this manhwa.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Historical, Shounen

Length: 232 Chp

The Master of our main protagonist is betrayed and killed by none other than one of his disciples. Gang Ryong pledges to kill every betrayer and will take revenge for his master’s death but he feels devastated when he finds that none of them is alive.

As now he has no ambition in life he decides to become an errand boy, but will he be able to live a normal life? , let’s find out.

So, if you are looking for manhwa like Unordinary then you must try reading Gosu for its unique but great story.


best anime like unordinary

Genre: Action, Shounen, Supernatural, Comedy

Length: 60 Chp

There are several types of people we refer to as “special,” and each of them is unique in some manner, whether via talent, intelligence, or ability.

The main protagonist of the story Han Yu-Hwa tried to save a girl but was transported to an unknown world. He noticed that his injuries are healing on his own, which simply means he gets regeneration ability but he doesn’t know-how.

Later he finds that he is not the only one in this world who has a special ability. There are more people like him.

What will he do in this world?, How will he survive? , many questions, one answer simple go and read.

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Weak Hero

weak hero

Genre: Action, Drama, School life, Shounen

Length: 169+ Chp

The story of this manhwa is set up in a world where schools are run by bullies if you are strong then you can beat everyone and even spit on the face of a weak student.

Among all of the students, there is a student named Gray. He is transferred to a new school and because of his weak appearance bullies make him their target. But this time they choose the wrong person to bully, as Gray not only beat them he crush them, you can see fear in their eyes. Despite his weal appearance, he becomes very popular among the students and was given the nickname, white mamba.

With a great story that focuses on bullying that is very common in South Korean schools, Weak Hero is a great manhwa like Unordinary.

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Tragedy, Drama

Length: 103 Chp

The story of Flow is set up in a world where children are born under a god, and if by chance you are born under a weak god then your life is not less than hell. Children which are born under a weak god are not allowed to attend high school, even they have had to find a job from an early age. They are a laughing stone for everyone around them.

Leerang, a student who was born under a strong god, turns back the time for one day but paid something dear to him. Can he reverse his wish? , Let’s find out.

This manhwa is similar to Unordinary in many aspects as both webtoons focus on an elite school filled with many powerful ability users.

With this, the list of best manhwa/webtoon like Unordinary ends. I hope you liked it, share your opinion with us in the comment section and also share your favorite manhwa from the list.

Last reminder: Don’t forget to share this article with you’re fellow manhwa reader friends so that they can read and enjoy amazing manhwa.


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