Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 192 Release Date, Spoiler

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Jujutsu Kaisen

Previous Chapter Recap

The wrestling match between Maki and Worm Curse Naoya was featured in the earlier chapter, JJK Chapter 191. Additionally, it began cursing Maki as it pushed her up against a wall. However, Maki executed a stunning wrestling maneuver to overcome Naoya’s size and strength. She has also planned to unleash her power and is not a newbie. However, the action switches from Maki’s bouts to Noritoshi’s altercation with a different foe. With nearly all of his strength, he is killing the odd thing by combating it. He seemed to be up against a curse.

The sudden apparition of a massive cocoon in the shape of a cannon drove the fans insane. It appears to be the evolution of Naoya’s moth form or the revival of a fresh curse. There isn’t any such confirmation, though. But a burst of Dark energy tore through it, stopping the growth of this enormous cocoon. It was insufficiently potent, nonetheless, to extinguish the curse there. It abruptly emerged from the enormous cocoon. But it resembled a moth without wings. At this point, it’s unclear if the cocoon fully formed before the last flash of light hit it.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 192: What To Expect

For Maki and Noritoshi, Chapter 192 of the Jujutsu Kaisen is cooking up yet another issue. They are both occupied right now fighting the Worm Naoya. Fans had doubts about Noritoshi’s adversary from the earlier chapter, where he was firing arrows. However, it appears that the curse Noritoshi is combating is a collaborator with the worm curse Naoya. Additionally, the Sakurajima Colony may face major difficulties as a result of the cliffhanger at the conclusion of the previous adventure. Naoya’s entry into the manga might go on for too long.

The Dark energy streak that sent the cocoon ball into the air is another issue that the fans are upset about. If Maki had fired the shot, the manga’s Maki would have had a huge development as a result. However, the addition of other players with this much clout will tip the scales. The Maki and Noritoshi will experience a lot of chaos as a result. They will face two threats, both of which have the potential to overwhelm them.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 192 Release Date

As per the information, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 192 release date is anticipated to be July 31, 2022, So fans will be able to enjoy reading it once it gets released.

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Where To Read Jujutsu Kaisen

There are several sources to read a manga but a lot of them are unofficial and they don’t support the artist, so we always suggest yoy to use official sources like Viz.com. For more updtaes visit animesecure.


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