Kaiju No.8 Chapter 60 Release Date, Where To Read Manga Legally

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Kaiju No.8

Another manga that is taking a pause this week is Kaiju No. 8.  as per the information the latest installment, Kaiju No 8 Chapter 60, will not be published this week. The manga was also confirmed to be taking a long monthly vacation during the release of the most recent chapter.

Fortunately, the extended hiatus has come to an end, and manga fans can now get their weekly dosage of the series. So far, it has been established that the anti-kaiju team is being utilized to test the first human-kaiju hybrid.

Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 60 Release Date

One of the all-time best manga, Kaiju No.8 is a top-notch manga with great art and thousands of readers who wait for every weak for the release of one chapter. As per the report, Kaiju No.8 chapter 60 is set to release on 14 April 2022. As for more updates stay alert by reading news at .https://animesecure.com/.

Where To Read Kaiju No.8 Chapter 60 Legally

As we all know there are multiple ways to read manga in which some are legal and some are legal. We always recommend you to use the legal source so you can read Kaiju No.8 chapter 60 on VIZ’s official website.

Insight of Kaiju No.8 Chapter 59

Shinomiya met with the members of his team’s training squad to begin the 59th chapter of Kaiju No 8. One of the men on the team notified the Captain that they’d already taken out three Yoju.

 They had no doubt that Number Six was assisting the other creatures in unleashing their rage. Captain Juugo Ogata of the fourth division enters the story next. Reno Ichikawa paid him a visit and told him he was ready to confront Number Six.

As per Juugo Ogata, the Number Six weapon should indeed be employed in the war. Weapon Number Six was just the Kaiju itself, which the fighter intended to wear.

Reno, to his amazement, was totally unprepared for what was going to happen. Captain Juugo stated at the end of the chapter that he would test Reno’s endurance to determine if he could wear the creature.

More About Kaiju No.8

Monsters known as kaiju frequently assault the public in Japan, with the Japanese Defense Force entrusted with eliminating them. When their hometown was destroyed by kaiju when they were kids, close friends Kafka Hibino and Mina Ashiro decided to join the Defense Force. Mina has become well-known as the leader of the Defense Force’s Third Unit, but Kafka has repeatedly failed the examination and is now a member of the Monster Sweeper Inc. clean-up team, whose job it is to rid of the monsters’ rotting corpses after a battle.


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