Kengan Omega Chapter 165: Release Date

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Previous Chapter Recap

“Shakeups in the First Match” was the title of Kengan Omega Chapter 164. The chapter began with Narushima Koga winning his first-ever match. But Funayama Yoshiki reasoned that he couldn’t give up just yet. Later, Akiyama Kaede informed Ohma that all of the other matches had ended as well. The following panels displayed the winners from the remaining pools.
Later, one of the second matches occurred, in which Gaoh Ryuki had lost to Tokeshi Kota. But it turned out that Ryuki was to blame for the defeat. By the end of the match, he had to quickly slow down, which caused him to lose his grasp. The chapter concluded with the introduction of a new player named Kiryuu Setsuna, who stated that Ryuki had also fallen victim to the trap.

Kengan Omega Chapter 165: What To Expect

The next chapter’s title and scans have yet to be revealed in the release. Gaoh Ryuki was thought to have lost the match because his movements suddenly slowed down. Kiryuu Setsuna said in the chapter’s closing panel that Gaoh had fallen under the same curse as all the combatants. Now is the period in the match when they must all persuade Tokita Ohma to battle in the second round of his pool.

The fate of the players who lost the first round will also be discussed in Kengan Omega Chapter 165. It is possible that another elimination round will be held among all of these participants. This implies Ryuki will have a second chance to regain his form. Tokita Ohma’s match will be the most interesting narrative in the film.

Kengan Omega Chapter 165 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 165 Release Date is anticipated to be June 29, 2022. For more updates visit animesecure.

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