Kengan Omega Chapter 162 Release Date, Spoiler.

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Previous Chapter Recap

The chapter begins with Gaoh Ryuki requesting that Setsuna train him to combat Koga, to which Setsuna responds by feeding him food.

The next panel shows the Kengan association fighters having a good time before getting serious about preparing for the battle. They talk about the tournament brackets and mock one other with their strength achievements.

A nearby billboard announces that The Worm has claimed responsibility for the terrorist explosions in Glasgow, Scotland, just as they are ready to raise a glass. The warriors are concerned that The Worm may infiltrate the tournament again.

Leonardo Silvia promises the group that he has received inside information from one of his “gang bros” that this tournament is a cover for The Worm.

The next panel pans behind the warriors and focuses on The Worm’s head, Xia Yan, and the Connector, Shen Wulong, who appear to be paying close attention to the talk behind them, particularly Narushima Koga.

Adam and Kureishi are sparring at the same time, with Imai Cosmo watching them. We get to watch the other Kengan fighters training in their own unique methods.

As the preliminaries approach, Sekibayashi Jun and Yoroizuka Saw Paing hone their combat fangs in battle.

Kengan Omega Chapter 162: What To Expect

By the end of the previous chapter, the novel had introduced two of the most lethal fighters. These combatants, Sekibayashi Jun and Yoroizuka Saw Paing are regarded as among Worm’s most trustworthy men. Furthermore, it is only unofficial information regarding the Worm organization’s members. As a result, if they participate in the event, they cannot even be arrested. This simply indicates that the heroes have pushed themselves into a hazardous corner.

Kengan Omega Chapter 162 begins with the start of the Tournament. The players will enter the ring, and each will be given a formal introduction. What fans are most thrilled about is the inclusion of Worm combatants in these clashes. Furthermore, the conflict between Koga and Goah will be apparent next week.

Kengan Omega Chapter 162 Release Date

As per the report, Kengan Omega Chapter 162 is estimated to release on June 9, 2022. For more updates keep visiting animesecure.

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