Kengan Omega Chapter 170 Release Date, Spoiler

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Previous Chapter Recap

The story begins with Idemitsu and Nogi talking about how the former built this gigantic stadium 100 meters underground. Idemitsu tells him that it was previously a nuclear fallout shelter that he took from the government when it was no longer needed. According to Nogi’s secretary, Tokita has requested another exhibition match. Nogi tells her to decline. When Idemitsu asks why this is so, he is told that Tokito and Gaoh Ryuki are clones.

He explains how The Worm is chasing Ohma and how allowing him to enter the tournament is a risk. The secretary is perplexed and inquires as to who is the clone of whom. Nogi is taken aback and asks where she was when he told him. It turned out that there was an imitation of The Worm’s secretary, and she was listening to everything concerning the clones. She inquires about the clones with The Worm’s leader, Xia Yan, but he advises her to disregard them.

Security at the stadium is on high alert. Idemitsu tells Nogi that The Worm is analogous to a virus and that complete avoidance is impossible. What matters is how people react. Yamashita enters, taken surprised by the stadium’s size. In the following round, Cosmo will face Saw Paing. A man then approaches Yamashita and asks if the seat next to him is free. Yamashita tells him to have a seat. The man is revealed to be Shen Wulong, aka “The Connector.”

Kengan Omega Chapter 170: What To Expect

The title of the next chapter, as well as raw scans, have yet to be shared on the internet. But none would be required this week. This is due to the preceding chapter providing sufficient information about what is likely to be released the next time. As a result, Kengan Omega Chapter 170 will begin with the start of Imai Cosmo’s fight against Yoroizuka Saw. Both of these characters are making their debuts in the novel.

As a result, none of their power quotients are known for the time being. Fans are more interested in learning about the Connector, who recently joined the audience in the last chapter. Kengan Omega Chapter 170 will begin with this man conversing with the other viewers. It will be interesting to see what he intends to accomplish here.

Kengan Omega Chapter 170 Release Date

As per the information, the kengan omega chapter 170 release date is anticipated to be Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022. So fans will be able to enjoy kengan omega chapter 170 once it gets released. For more manga and anime updates, visit animesecure.

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