Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 355 Release Date.

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komi can't communicate

Previous Chapter Recap

Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu’s 354th chapter began with Komi observing the imposter killing a crewmate. So far, Najimi and Katai-Kun are the exceptions. A meeting was held to determine who the murderer was. All of the participants soon began reciting the names of the players they spotted around the deceased body. But, being the wallflower that she is, Komi was unable to communicate the identity of the true perpetrator.

The teams did conclude that Katai has been nowhere to be found in the game. But, because she was no longer alive, there was no reason to mistrust her. Then the name Makeru-Chan was mentioned. Komi was the one who received the chance to be a kenposter in the chapter’s last act.

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 355- What To Expect

It’s probable that the next installment will carry on the act of Among Us. Because the tale did not conclude in the previous chapter, there is a good probability that it will continue in the future chapter.

So, this time, Komi is the one tasked with carrying out the duties of a kenposter. By the end of the previous chapter, she even killed one of the crewmates. But as she turned back, Tadano was standing in the corner, watching Komi.

Komi is unable to communicate. Tadano will begin Chapter 355 by fleeing Komi so that she really does not kill him. Komi would undoubtedly pursue him. But it’s unclear whether she’ll be able to murder him. Will Komi come out on top in this game? As a result, the next excursion will reveal all of the solutions.

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 355 Release Date

As per the report, komi can’t communicate chapter 355 is set to release on May 21, 2022, so you can enjoy reading it after it got released on the official platform. For more updates keep visiting animesecure.


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