20+ Martial Arts Anime Everyone Must Watch

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Are you searching for a good martial arts anime? Martial arts has been one of the best fighting styles in history, it is always thrilling to watch martial arts fighting right?

If martial involves in anime it is super exciting to watch, but finding such an anime is not always easy.

But don’t worry, in this article, I’ve put together a list of the 21 best martial arts anime that you will enjoy watching.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive into this journey.

21)Taboo tattoo

Taboo tatto

Genre: Action, Superpower, Martial arts

Length: 12 ep

Taboo tattoo is a great anime with a combination of superpower and martial arts.

The story focuses on Seigi, a schoolboy. One day he was involved in a street fight and eventually saves a homeless man from being picked up by a group of thugs.

In return for Seigi’s favor, that man gives him a strange tattoo on his palm.

This tattoo is a weapon that was produced during the arms race between America and the Sereinstan kingdom.

Due to this Seigi got involved in the conflict between America and Sereinstan kingdom. He starts being attacked by many powerful people to get back the tattoo from him.

20)Asu no Yoichi

Asu no yoichi

Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Romance

Length: 12 ep

The story focuses on Yoichi Karasuma, who has spent 17 years of his life in the mountain learning martial arts in the soaring wind under his father’s teachings.

He becomes more powerful and skilled than his father, and now he can’t learn anything from his father, so he was sent to a new dojo located in the city, where he can continue his training and become more powerful.

But now his real challenge begins, he has no idea how to act in modern society because a modern society has its own rule, right?



Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Samurai

Length: 48 ep

In the later 16th century, two warring clans, Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga are enemies.

They are ready to fight to the death with each other.

To gain the power of the government each of the clans sent ten representatives to fight where either they have to kill or be killed on other option.

The clan will kill all ten representatives of another clan will gain the favor of thousand-year from the higher-ups.

18)Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys

Girl beat boys

Genre: Action, Romance, Martial arts, School

Length: 12 ep

The story focuses on Hinako, who has been raised in a state-run orphanage without prior knowledge of who her parents are.

When one day she is enrolled in a high school, she is approached by a boy named, Hikaru.

Hikaru claims that he is her twin brother, according to him, he and Hinako are the successor of the head of the very influence ‘ Onegai Shima Yakuza ‘ clan.

Hikaru wants her to switch places with him at Shishiku Academy, a school only for boys.

Will Hinako help her brother, if she, then how will be her life?

17)Air Master

Air master

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial arts

Length: 27 ep

The story centered around Maki Aikawa, a 16-year-old high school student, a former gymnast, who evolve her skill to a different way of life- street fighting.

She likes to fight people and beating people is the only thing that makes her happy.

She uses her gymnast skill to fight eventually gets the nickname, Air Master.

If you want to see a fighting girl then this anime is for you.

16)Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

Hitori no Shita- The Outcast

Genre: Action, Superpower, Comedy

Length: 36 ep

One day when he was visiting the grave of his grandfather, our main protagonist, Chou Soran was attacked by the group of zombies of the graveyard.

In that deathly situation where he doesn’t have a chance to survive, his life was saved by a mysterious girl who uses kitchen knives to kill all the zombies.

Then he saw the same girl in his university, and that’s where his destiny is goony to a different path.
Many people with great powers come one by one to target him.

Can he survive, who is that girl was?

Each episode of this anime will reveal a new mystery.



Genre: Action, Martial arts, Steampunk

Length: 12 ep

The story centered around Levius Cromwell who lost his parents because of a war. He is learning Metalboxing under his uncle, Zacks Cromwell’s guidance.

Fighting scenes in this are no less.

A good anime to enjoy.

14)Fog Hill of Five Elements

Fog Hill of Five Elements

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial arts, Fantasy

Length: 3 ep

It is a completely different anime amongst all on the list, a Chinese anime.

This anime is not that great in terms of story but the art and fight scenes in this anime are top-notch.

If you want some instant joy with wonderful art, a good fight scene, and a badass protagonist then, you can enjoy this one.

By just looking at the number of episodes in this anime I have thought, it will not be a good anime, but it surpasses my expectations.

13)One punch man

One punch man

Genre: Action, Comedy, Superhero, Martial arts

Length: 24 ep

Written by One, also the creator of Mob psycho 100, One punch man is one the most-watched anime by anime audience.

The story focuses on Saitama, who desires to find and fight a worthy opponent by every time he is failed to do as he beat all his opponent with only a single punch, and because of his unmatched strength, his life only gets more boring day by day.

He joins a hero association in order to find monsters with overwhelming strength, there he makes a disciple, Genos who also has a back story.

Can he find an opponent against which he can enjoy fighting?

12)Madako box

Madako box

Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 24 ep

The story of anime focuses on Medaka Kurokami, an intelligent girl who wants to help others and make them happy.

When she race for student council president of the Hakoniwa Academy, she won the election by 98% of the vote.

She installs a Medaka box in the school, a suggestion box, in which students can submit any kind of request for help.

With the assistance of her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. Medaka fulfills these requests at a very fast rate and when one request is complete she adds a flower in the student council room.

11)Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts

Length: 26 ep

The story centered around Balsa our main protagonist, she is a spear wielder.

Prince Chagum has been under constant threat of assassination from his father because of a prophecy that he is possessed by a demon.

One day when Balsa saves Prince Chagum by an assassination attempt, the queen of the kingdom( Prince Chagum ) calls her in the palace and says her to protect the prince and Balsa agrees, and then the journey of Balsa and Chagum begins.

This 26 episode anime is packed with good martial arts fights, which you will enjoy watching.

10)Demon Slayer

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 26 ep

One day after selling charcoal in the mountains, Tanjiro a kind-hearted boy when he returns home he finds that his whole family was slaughtered by a demon, only his sister Nezuko survives who also becomes a demon.

Now Tanjiro’s only aim is to find how to turn a demon into a human and cure his sister.

This anime has broken many records and become one of the best anime in history in such a short span of time.

Demon Slayer: Mungen train has Out-thorned its competitors and become the highest-grossing movie of all time with the earning of $500 million.


Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts, Comedy

Length: 720 ep

Naruto is undoubtedly one of the best anime out there.

The story focuses on Naruto, a boy who lives in the leaf village, who dreams to become the Hokage. In order to achieve his goal, he trains himself with intense training.

He has a demon inside him that’s why no one to be around him, he always does stupid things to attract the attention of people.
In the academy he becomes a member of team 7, he goes on several missions with Sasuke, and Sakura under the guidance of Kakashi.
This anime is a masterpiece on its own, no comparison with another, not only martial arts, every episode of Naruto will give you a life lesson.

I recommend you to not miss this one.

8)God of Highschool

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial arts, Supernatural

Length: 13 ep

The story centered around Jin Mori our main protagonist, a 17-year-old high schooler who is a master of Taekwondo.

One day he was invited to participate in a tournament named ‘God of Highschool’. He accepts the invitation and joins the tournament to become the best fighter.

Like, join many people from different places are also invited.

One wish of the winner of the tournament will get fulfilled no matter what it is.

Mappa studio did a splendid job in creating this series, the animation is superb and fight scenes are worth watching.

7)Hokuto no Ken

Hokuto no Ken

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Adventure, Post-apocalyptic

Length: 109 ep

Release in 1984 by Toei animation, Hokuto no Ken is one of the best martial arts anime.

Set on a post-apocalyptic, this anime focuses on Kenshiro, our main protagonist was the successor of Hokuto Shinken, a martial arts that kills opponents from within by attacking the hidden meridian points.

One day his wife was kidnapped by a man named Shin and then his real journey began as he has to fight with many martial artists across the world.

6)The Mighty Disciple Kenichi

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts, Comedy

Length: 50 ep

The story is about Kenichi Shirahama, a 15-year-old boy.

One day he joins his school’s karate club but got bullied by his upperclassman because of being weak.

He now has to learn various martial arts and become strong to prove himself.

This anime is filled with entertainment and martial arts, good anime to watch.

5)Hinomaru Sumo

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Martial arts

Length: 24 ep

The story focuses on Hinomaru Ushio, a hardworking boy who wants to become a professional sumo champion, but because of some physical obstacle( his height is short than requirements), first, he has to win the title of High School Yokozuna.

Achieving his dream is not going to be that easy as the odds are against him, a worthy anime to watch because the fight in this anime is really good.


Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Martial arts

Length: 12 ep

The anime focuses on Yasuri Shichika, a powerful sword style. He was the son of an exiled war hero.

He was given a mission to collect 12 legendary blades for the shogunate.

But his journey of collecting these 12 swords is not going to be easy, as all blades have their own masters who were very powerful individuals.

Can he collect all blades and prove his worth?

3)Baki The Grappler

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Shounen

Length: 264 ep

This anime is centered around Baki Hanma our main protagonist, who trains with an intense focus to become strong enough to defeat his father, Yujiro Hanma. He is the strongest fighter in the world.

To become strong Baki travels around Japan to fight different martial artists with different styles, one day five of the world’s most violent inmates are gathering to defeat Baki.

These five inmates never had lost in their life, so their only objective to fight with Baki is taste defeat.

His goal to defeat his father is not going to be easy as he has to survive many life and death encounters on his journey.

2)Kengen Asura

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Martial Arts

Length: 24 ep

written by Yabako Sandrovich, Kengen Ashura is one of the best anime with a story based on martial arts.

The story focuses on Tokita Ohma, a fighter who wants to prove himself the strongest.

Yamashita Kazuo works under the Nogi Group, witness a fight in the street, in which Tokita is one of the fighters and the other fight is the one who is going to represent the Nogi group in a tournament, and Tokita bets that fighter.

Tokita was later scouted by the Nogi group to fight in a tournament which is organized by Kengan Association.
In this tournament, various fighters with the same goal as Tokita are participating.

The fight scenes in this series are epic and more realistic that will hook your attention.

1)Hajime no Ippo

Best martial arts anime

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts

Length: 76 ep

The story focuses on Ippo Makunouchi, a very shy high school student. Umezawa a boy in his school also bullies him.
One day he was taken to a gym by Takamura Mamoru, who own that gym.

After joining the gym Ippo starts his intense training under the guidance of Mamoru, Mamoru gives him a task to learn a technique with a definite time limit to test Ippo’s fighting spirit.

After training day and night, Ippo manages to learn that technique, and that’s how the journey of Ippo to become the world’s best boxer begins.

Hajime no Ippo has great fight scenes with a great story, an anime you can’t miss out on.

With this, our list of best martial arts anime ends, I hope you liked it Let us know in the comment which one is your favorite from this list.

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