30+ Martial Arts Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked)

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The breaker

Hello there, manhwa readers! I’m back with another excellent blog post for you! We’ll go through some of the best martial arts manhwas to read in your leisure time today.

They’re all great stories with great imagery and character development.

We all know that martial arts is a very popular genre in the world of manhwa and many readers find it fascinating to read how the main protagonist becomes strong from an ordinary boy with the help of martial arts, but finding good martial arts manhwa is not always easy, so we have put together a list of the best martial arts manhwa to make your work easier.

32)Android Has No Blood

Android Has No Blood

Genre: Martial Arts, Action, Sci-fi

Length: 49+ Chp

Due to an accidental landing and spatial change, a high-tech android-ai enters the human world of martial arts.

Even though he can cook meals for the hungry, he will not consume a bite himself because he is not a living being but a robot. He will assist humans in peril, but he will never murder them because he follows three rules of the robot world.

He never naps or gets fatigued, and for people of the human world, he has become their tremendous hero.

The combination of the futuristic sci-fi environment and the unpredictable human reality results in fascinating adventures that you will like to read.

31) Bodhisattva’s Carry!

Bodhisattva's Carry!

Genre: Martial arts, Action, Fantasy

Length: 66+ Chp

Bodhisattva has been resurrected via Jiyoung’s life before the period set for his rebirth.

Yachas became aware of the disruption in the natural chronology of things and reasoned that they could exploit the situation. They strike Bodhisattva before he can regain his powers, executing their evil plan in order to achieve their goals.

They believe they will triumph because Bodhisattva has not yet grasped his reality, has not gained his full strength, and will not be able to fight back as fiercely as he will later.

How would Jiyoung defend himself and combat these demons now that he is only beginning to understand his old past self?



Genre: Action, Drama, Martial Arts, School life

Length: 50 Chp

Nam Ji-il, the story’s main character, enrolled at a new high school that is known for its delinquents. He became the delinquents’ favorite target on the first day of school.

His fragile body is subjected to abuse and different forms of bullying while suffering from chronic heart disease; nonetheless, his life is flipped upside down due to an unforeseeable event…

29)Past Lives of the Thunder God

Past Lives of the Thunder God

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Length: 76+ Chp

He was indeed the hero who dragged down the Betrayer Cult that was destroying the Murim universe.

The protagonist was assassinated as a result of the seven emperors’ betrayal because he was too powerful and they were terrified of him thinking that one day he would rule over them, which is why they didn’t want him to be a hero.

For some reason, he was reborn as Baek Gong, a disabled man who is living his life in sorrow.

People who killed him are still alive, so he vowed to himself that he will train and become strong in order to get his revenge.

28)Solo Spell Caster

Solo Spell Caster

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Length: 95+ Chp

The Earth is under attack from interdimensional creatures, and some chosen individuals (Awakened) are given extraordinary abilities to combat these monsters.

Sounds thrilling, right? Not for everyday office worker Dohyeok Park, who is more concerned with landing a large business transaction that could save his job.

That is, until Dohyeok’s route encounters a monster outbreak one day, prompting him to manifest his actual powers as a rare and strong form of Awakened.

Will Dohyeok discover that he has what it takes to survive with his newly discovered skills attracting eager supporters and strong enemies?

27)Player Kill

Player Kill

Genre: Action, Martial Arts

Yonggi is the story’s main protagonist and a skilled martial artist. But because for some reason he vowed not to fight again after his teacher’s death.

But his oath does not prevent him from protecting the innocent while concealing his full strength.

But when Yonggi’s old friend Gihoon drags him into the world of illegal mixed martial arts, the young man will be compelled to reconsider his values…

26)Star of the Overlord

Star of the Overlord

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Murim

Length: 42+ Chp

The supreme ruler’s tremendous crimson star has appeared! The child who gets this star’s energy will grow to be the ultimate leader as well as the legendary star who will control the planet!

Cheon Ryuyeong is an extremely brilliant man who continually finds himself in tough circumstances! “Murim is the only place for him anyway.”

Only one Supreme Ruler can exist! The strong ambitions and love that occur while competing for that one position, as well as several last-minute machinations and betrayals. And the fundamental question is who will own the Supreme Ruler’s Castle.

26)Path Of The Shaman

Path Of The Shaman

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Historical

Length: 76+ Chp

The supreme dark leader is given an unexpected second chance at life on his deathbed and because of this, he reincarnates as Jinmu, a youthful disciple of his adversary clan, the pious Mudang. 

Now, he has resolved to make the best of a terrible position by becoming their master-disciple and plunging the clan into dishonesty and dissipation.

Will Jinmu be the Mudang Clan’s undoing or just the necessary kick in the pants?

25)Grand General

Grand General

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Length: 43+ Chp

Thes story of this manhwa revolves around Lee Gwol, a patriarch of thousand sword sects who have been fighting for the empire for many years.

After the empire is victorious, he decides to resign from the army rather than take any formal role.

After a while, he grew up and intended to leave the murim world for a more tranquil life, but then he heard that his sect was about to be obliterated.

He decides to return to the murim realm and begin where he left off.

The main character of the manhwa is Overpowered from the start, the story is just like other manhwa and the art is also decent so you can give it a try to this martial arts manhwa.

24)Return of the Scholar

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 114+ Chp

Thes story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Hyeon Ma, he escaped the demonic realm he was trapped in and visits his family.

When he visits his home his family was very surprised to know that the son they think is dead in reality is still alive and standing in front of them.

They are even more surprised to learn that his sufferings have converted him into an extraordinary martial arts master who possessed incredible ability and power!

However, Hyeon Ma comes to realize that escaping demons and monsters may not be as difficult as readjusting to a normal life after a decade, especially because a sinister group is targeting his family.

23)Gosam Mussang

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Murim

Length: 149+ Chp

The enigma of lost civilizations has also always piqued the interest of future generations. It is generally enigmatic and spectacular to witness something coming to life from the past, even thousands of years ago.

The mysterious realm of martial arts has always been tremendously attractive to people of all ages. There are many murky secrets lurking around, waiting for the ideal moment to emerge and shine. The world has witnessed spectacular exhibitions of distinct skills by the masters on several occasions.

What difficult accomplishments will unfurl when circumstances unfold now that it has found a battlefield in a high school?

22)Strongest Fighter (Junnai)

Strongest Fighter (Junnai)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Length: 85+ Chp

He awoke from a date to find himself on a movie set? He was reborn as a baby martial artist of the Jongnam Clan which once was one of the nine strongest clans.

He is given the name “Gunchung” and uses his former life experience to discover the actual meaning of martial arts.

Genre: Action, Martial Arts

21)Heavenly Martial God

Heavenly Martial God

Length: 56+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Hoo Young, the strongest martial artist in the human world.

Nobody can compete with his strength! He was drowning in meaningless and emptiness because there is nothing else he could accomplish in the human realm.

Now to accomplish more he must have become a saint but he was not allowed to do so, as other saints are not refused his ascension to become a saint because he has done a lot of bloodbath in the human world.

He went asleep, discouraged. When he opened his eyes, he discovered that he had been reborn 60 years earlier. Namgoong Hyuk’s powers have changed as the second ruler of the Namgoong dynasty. And now he can not use his old powers means he has to start from zero.

20)Infinite Level Up In Murim

Infinite Level Up In Murim

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Fantasy

Length: 114+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a regular soldier named Tang Yoosung, who has no knack for martial arts.

One day he dies but for some reason goes back in time to when he was a child and decides that he will do his best and will live a great life where he doesn’t have to be afraid of anyone.

In his previous life, he was messed over, but in his second chance at life, he uses his prior knowledge and experience to determine that he does not want to live in poverty, this time he also has a system that will help him in order to achieve his goals.

19)Fight Class 3

Fight Class 3

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, School life

Length: 192+ Chp

Written by 2hakkk, it started in the year 2017.

The story of the manhwa is set up in a world where Korea has become a combat sports capital.

Jiu Ji-Tae finds himself forced into the midst of the greatest and most gifted martial arts pupils at Nam-Il High School while being a hopeless weak person.

He may, though, have a trump card in fighting through jiu-jitsu and covering his deficiency. Can he get to the top of the combat classes by using jiu-jitsu to compensate for his physical shortcomings?

Personally, I like this martial arts manhwa and I recommend you to read this.

18)Quantum Mistake

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, School life

Length: 338 Chp

When a nerd exchange bodies with the toughest guy in school, it’s nature vs. nurture! Tuji and Usoo have switched…bodies!

Their bodies are swapped after becoming the subjects of a mad scientist’s study with her latest discovery, the quantum teleporter, leaving only their brains and emotions intact.

Usoo, a once-model student, is forced to live the life of Tuji, a young nuisance.

He’s never had an adversary in his life, but now he has to deal with the few of Tuji’s list, but will his softer, gentler demeanor keep his opponents at bay? Or will his fate be determined by his ability to survive? Will he develop into the tough warrior that his new appearance demands?

17)Doctor’s Rebirth

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Length: 84+ Chp

He had gone abroad to undertake medical volunteer work when he became engulfed in a civil war.

While taking a bullet for a patient, he was slain by a rebel soldier. But, for some reason, he eventually awoke, but as a toddler.

And in front of him was a wrecked carriage and a group of strangely dressed people who were all motionless! As he rushes to administer first aid in an attempt to rescue even one person, he realizes he has entered the world of a novel he enjoyed reading in his previous life.

16)Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Fantasy

Length: 90+ Chp

The Medical Sect’s long history is succeeded by total and utter extinction. ‘Asura’ ultimately awakens in a hellhole of sorrow, where bodies pile up as mountains and blood pour like the sea.

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named the sole survivor of his clan after his clan was annihilated.

Now he decides to kill every single of the people who killed his clan and his revenge will not end until he killed them all.

15)Murim Login

Murim Login

Genre: RPG, Action, Martial Arts

Length: 117+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a low-level hunter named Jin Tae-Kyung, who one day picks up a VR game and logs into it while sleeping in it which takes him to the world of martial arts.

In this world, he has a system that gives him missions and if he completes them he will also get rewards for them.

Tae-Kyung is able to escape this world after many ups and downs, but the strength he gained in the murim world remains with him.

Due to this, he gains a sudden boost in his powers which permits him to continue working as a hunter… yet he decides to return to Murim out of concern for his NPC companions.

14)Best Teacher Baek

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Fantasy, Martial arts, Action

Length: 38+ Chp

Suryong Baek, once the Blood Cult’s best instructor, is killed, only to awaken in the body of someone who instructs martial arts at a tiny rural academy.

Even though his new current is weaker than his previous one, he understands how to correct it and make the best use of it, and this isn’t the first time he’s found himself in a body that can’t access its inner strength.

Curing his physique, on the other hand, costs money and a lot, and Suryong thinks that by becoming the finest instructor at a prestigious academy he can earn a good amount of money.

But, because he’ll be up against the stiff competition, Suryong will have to give it his all if he wants to become a teaching sensation.

A very good manhwa where the main protagonist isn’t Op from the start but he knows how to make the best of his situation, if you are looking for a martial arts manhwa then you should give this one a try.

13)Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts, Fantasy

Length: 63 Chp

Written by Hyeon-u CHOE, it started in the year 2021.

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Son Bin, a scholar who failed the national exam but is chosen by a martial arts master who gives him a task to record his life in a book.

Son Bin encounters many wonderful people on their voyage and soon finds himself on the very same journey as the master, like the Martial Arts King.

It is a beautiful martial arts manhwa that you should read in your free time.

12)The Second Coming of Gluttony

The Second Coming of Gluttony

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Fantasy

Length: 46 Chp

The main protagonist of the story was a loser, an addict a heinous human being.

However, a transitory dream that may or may not be a dream reignites his long-forgotten senses.

He possesses a very special power, which he will employ, along with the vision, to build his destiny in the world now known as the Lost Paradise. He must work hard to discover the heaven that is meant for him and to achieve the glory that he is being led to accomplish.

11)His Majesty’s Secret Heroine

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Romance, Martial arts, Action

Length: 146+ Chp

Written by Su-Yeong HAN, this manhwa started in the year 2018.

The story of the manhwa revolves around a girl named Lokheun, her life turn upside down when her mother is assassinated and her father becomes a fugitive in order to seek vengeance.

Lokheun commits her life to Garyun, the dashing monarch who is determined to right his father’s wrongs, in order to clear her father’s name.

Garyun, who believes Lokheun is a guy, is motivated to transform her into an unrivalled martial artist, and he is ready to do everything in order to achieve his goal even if it means sending her to hell.

10)The Celestial Returned from Hell

The Celestial Returned from Hell

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Supernatural

Length: 79+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around a boy named Yeonseung Choi, one day he was swept into hell(abyss).

He also becomes the first human to become the celestial in human history.

He departs to train in the Abyss in order to prevent other celestials from eating Earth entirely. Will he be able to save Earth, or will he perish at their hands…?

9)Records of the Cold Moon

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Comedy, Adventure

Length: 156 Chp

The epic conflict between Murim Alliance and the Demonic Cult concluded with the death of the Cult’s Lord in battle. Followed by years of peace.

After 13 years of peace, Murim coalition members are called by the headquarters.

In response, Wudong Sect, a Murim Alliance member, is sending Jiseo, their best pupil, as well as the lethargic but formerly promising Soweol

What is the reason behind their assembling, are they preparing for a new war after years of peace?

8)The Stormy Inn

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Slice of life, Historical 

Length: 68+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Zhang Qilin, also known as “The devil” to his enemies, who dominated fights as commander of the Red Dragon Cavalry for 13 years. But now he just wants a simple thing in life: want to live an ordinary life, leaving behind his past.

After leaving the active military, he travels to the dangerous Gold Line Road to purchase The Stormy Inn, which is in desperate need of restoration.

Qilin gathers a motley staff in order to assist him in running the establishment, but with rival inns attempting to destroy him, living an “ordinary life” may prove tougher than winning a war!

7)The Swordmaster’s Son

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Fantasy, Time Travel

Length: 22+ Chp

Written by HwangzePenguin, it started in the year 2022.

The story of the manhwa revolves around Jin Runcandel, the youngest son of the strongest swordsman.

But unlike his relatives, he is a useless fellow, a wry weak son because of which he is kicked out of his clan and dies a meaningless death.

But God gives him a second chance and he got reincarnated.

Now he must utilize his second chance to its fullest and make excellent use of his newfound abilities.

Will Jin now become the world’s most powerful Swordmaster and fulfill his full potential? or will he also waste his second chance? 

6)Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Martial arts

Length: 174+ Chp

Unseong can only witness as his master is cruelly beaten to death after being falsely accused of pursuing banned demonic arts on an ancient planet where martial artists reign supreme.

Regardless of a heroic fight, he fails to slay those guilty and must face his own demise. But fate has other ideas… Instead of dying, he wakes up as a youngster, preparing to be an elite soldier of a diabolical sect.

Unseong now must have to acquire demonic arts and wield power in his final pursuit for vengeance.

5)Father, Unrivaled

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Martial arts, Comedy, Fantasy

Length: 221+ Chp

The incredible journey of one martial artist through parenthood and wars. Gajang Noh is a powerful, diligent, and modest man who values martial arts.

Following the death of his beloved wife, this muscle-for-hire is looking for a simple job that would allow him to be a wonderful dad to his three young children.

He’s even willing to stand guard and fight novice fighters if it means he can come back home peacefully each night.

When a sinister cult begins snatching youngsters from the city, Gajang must become strong and find his true potential.

4)Nano Machine

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 107+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Cheon Yeo-Woon, an orphan from belongs to a Demonic cult.

After being treated with contempt and having his life threatened, he encounters someone he never expected to meet: his descendant from the future, who implants a nanochip in his body.

This event changes his life upside down after the activation of the chip.

And the incredible story of Cheon Yeo-mission Woon to become the best martial artist while avoiding the Demonic Cult has only just begun. 

It is one of the best martial arts manhwa I’ve ever come across so if you also want to read a martial arts manhwa you should definitely read this.

3)The Undefeatable Swordsman

best martial arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial arts

Length: 119+ Chp

The story of the manhwa revolves around Wumoon Song, the son of a lowly innkeeper who always dreamed to become a martial arts master, but it is far from reality as he has a frail body.

Then, one night, an unknown visitor leaves a painting as payment, which captivates Wumoon for reasons he cannot explain.

When Wumoon begins to demonstrate martial arts proficiency he’s never had before, it’s evident that this is no ordinary picture. Thus begins the journey of a forgetful youngster to change his future and become genuinely unbeatable!

2)Legend Of The Northern Blade

best martilal arts manhwa

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Martial arts

Length: 130+ Chp

The heroic warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect struggled for decades to preserve the planet safe from the wicked Silent Night. However, when the sect’s 4th generation leader is implicated in cooperating with the enemy, he is compelled to dismantle the cult and commit suicide in order to protect his son, Moowon.

With no family or allies left, Moowon lives a bleak existence under constant monitoring… until a surprise attack by the Silent Night allows him to flee to the mountains.

Before the strange abduction of a loved one drives him back to the mainland, the young warrior prepares to master the martial tactics of his forefathers. 

At first, you might find this manhwa boring but as you passed the initial chapters and reached the main story, it might become your favorite martial arts manhwa so don’t do the mistake to leave this martial arts manhwa.

1)The Breaker

The breaker

Genre: Action, School life, Martial arts

Length: 70+ Chp

Shi-Woon Yi, an unassuming young student, is central to the plot of this manhwa. His classmates often bully him at school just because he is weaker than them and cannot stand up to them because they are also many and also stronger than him.

He learns his schoolteacher’s fighting technique one day and begs him to coach him to conquer his bullying problem. Being a pupil, on the other hand, would be difficult since he’s not a cheerful individual who accepts anyone as a pupil.

He has his own set of rules for accepting any disciple/student under his wing, and Shi-Woon Yi must now have to pass all of Chun-(English Woo’s Teacher’s) exams if he wishes towards becoming his pupil and learn master martial arts from him in order to teach the bullies a lesson.

Also Checkout: Best school liffe manhwa to read.

With this, I would like to end the list of the best martial arts manhwa. If you think we have forgotten your favorite martial arts manhwa then don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section. Also, share your opinion about our ranking.


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