Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 88 Release Date

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Previous Chapter Recap

Teenage Mercenary’s 87th chapter takes off precisely where the previous chapter left off. It introduces us to the CEO, Shin Young Ho. He is Yeon Ah’s cousin and has looked after her since her father’s death.

This has become a toxic relationship over time, as he desires to micromanage every move she makes. So it’s reasonable that he’s outraged when he learns that she was already kidnapped once regardless of the security over her. He is especially enraged at the security team for failing to perform their duties. Shin Young Ho is then informed that his cousin, Yeon Ah, has a crush on Ijin.

As a result, he makes every effort to separate them. He wants Yeon Ah to study overseas, but for the first time in her life, she declines. As a result, he has her shadowed in order to document her every action. The next day, the team in charge of Yeon Ah receives a surprise when he orders the security squad to relinquish their duty of protecting Yeon Ah, and a new team will look for her. This surprises the members of the security team, who are clearly opposed to it.

But they can’t object against it as Yeon Ah was kidnapped once in their presence, and here the chapter ends, one thing is for sure Yeon Ah’s cousin must be planning something big that will definitely surprise all of us.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 88 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment is one of the best manhwas out there, with thousands of readers waiting a week only to read one chapter of it, and Mercenary Enrollment chapter 88 release date is expected to be May 8, 2022, according to the source. For more information, check out animesecure on a regular basis.

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More Info About Mercenary Enrollment

Ijin Yu was eight years old when his parents died in an aircraft disaster, abandoning him in a distant nation and forcing him to work as a child mercenary to survive. When he returns to Korea after ten years, he and the rest of his family will have enough of food and housing.

Jin, on the other hand, would quickly find that surviving as a teenager poses entirely new obstacles. Ijin just has one more year of high school left, so he needs to discover new means to go around. So, how long do you suppose he’ll be a high school senior? Will the school, on the other hand, be able to handle him?

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